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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time Travel through God’s Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I refer to God’s consciousness or the sources consciousness as time and timelessness states of consciousness however, time travelling physically takes us to be in tune with the sources consciousness, this is what I refer to as a timeless state of consciousness. In this timeless consciousness there are no interactions of energy because all energies within this timeless state become in tune with each other.

I believe to successfully physically time travel, we need to be within this timeless consciousness and to do this we need to become more aware of what time and timelessness actually represent, other than the perception of being just a measurement. I do believe we do indeed all time travel while meditating or dreaming/OBE’s.  

The following is yet another interaction of energy sources creating or recreating an idea once lost through other energy interactions ignorant to anything beyond a certain concept or a belief system.  I find Jeff interesting, I hope you do too.        

Jeff’s Reply
You may find the following book about Iarga interesting. The printed version has gotten expensive but there's a Kindle version also.

For me this book answers questions that philosophers have wondered about for thousands of years.

It's been a long time since I read it but I think they tell how time is a consequence of the vibration of the atomic field. Inside of a black hole the gravitational forces are so intense that the atoms cannot vibrate. As a result time does not exist inside of a black hole.

I myself cannot really perceive of an environment where time does not exist. But apparently it is true.

Albert Einstein understood all of this. And the things Einstein said were pretty weird. But his theories have in many cases been shown to be true by actual experimentation.

Those Iargans said they were able to travel back in time and witness the Big Bang or 'Super Flash' as they call it. They say this was a very dramatic thing to witness.

To observe the Big Bang implies the viewer was watching from an environment where time does not exist. That's the spirit world I think.

The Iargans said that when people today see flying saucers those are sometimes (not always) our ancestors from Atlantis travelling through time.

That Iarga book is very strange. It doesn't talk about alien abductions or things like that. It talks about religion and the bible among other subjects.

There's also the legend about the Philadelphia Experiment where the government apparently created a time machine. They ran into a few snags however.

The DVD shown below is a low budget production but the people who appear on this DVD claim they participated in the Philadelphia Experiment.

You may like Joseph Farrell's books if you're willing to let your imagination run wild. I like Farrell's research but it's his conclusions that I have some problems with.

The idea of physically travelling through time raises many strange and paradoxical questions.

Ufo...Contact from Planet Iarga
[Hardcover June 1, 1982]
by Stefen Denaerde (Author), Wendelle C. Stevens (Author)

The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility Time Travel and Mind Control - The Shocking Truth
Al Bielek (Actor), Preston Nichols (Actor), Rated: NR (Not Rated) Format: DVD

Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory
[Paperback March 15, 2008]
by Joseph P. Farrell   (Author)

The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology
[Paperback August 12, 2003]
by Nick Cook (Author)

My Reply
You are certainly full of interesting info Jeff.

You and I are on opposite sides of the coin in regards to knowledge and subsequent awareness. I was repeatedly told not to read too much therefore lack human knowledge however; people like yourself fill in these gaps.

As people like me are a must, people like you are also a must; people who study human knowledge with an open mind are a huge asset.

Trying to time travel in physical form takes a form to change their vibration without destroying or deforming such forms, this is the biggest problem we have. How do you get the whole body and mind to change vibrations in the exact same sequence to be able to physically time travel?

A good example of this was the Mayans I believe, they physically time travelled, they didn't go back or go forward in time but physically transformed into another dimension, this was a big deal. How did they do this without destroying or deforming their own forms in the process?

They were lucky enough to have a certain very aware being appear that showed them how to successfully physically time travel. You basically have to become one or in tune with the vibrations of timelessness to do this, this timeless state of consciousness allows any form to appear anywhere in time or into another dimension of time. Take meditation or dreams/OBE’s for example, how often can we find ourselves in another dimension or time within this dimension? This happens more than we know, yes this is only happening spiritually/mentally not physically but it shows we can indeed all time travel and most often do.  

I believe to be able to physically time travel we need to become aware of what time and timelessness actually represent, they actually have nothing to do with measuring or the lack of measuring, I believe time and timelessness are all about an energy source reacting or not reacting to itself.   

This is only my perspective on this without human knowledge to back up my claims however, it’s interesting that I have such perspectives, there just might be something in it. At times I do channel a lot; it just flows through me at times however I can and do at times misinterpret such channellings.