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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Kundalini Energy-An Awakening to Plants

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've never written anything like this before, a brainless plants are more in tune with  Kundalini energy than any living thing with a brain, the bigger the brain, the less of this energy living things become it would seem. I can't however take full credit for this post as this post was inspired by other people in a discussion about how plants are also living breathing feeling entities.

This might seem ridiculous until we look at what Kundalini energy is referring to. It's referring to a state of enlightened mindlessness, in other words this state doesn't come from the mind but the spirit of all things, in our case it comes from the base of the spine not from the mind. 

I posted the following on Facebook, the responses I received were quite inspiring and interesting.      

I had an utterly horrifying ascension symptom a few years ago, I could actually hear a tree that has been cut down creaming in pain, it took a number of days for the tree to actually die.

Yes, plants are also living breathing feeling entities, most of us forget this because we can't actually hear or feel their pain like with the animals we slaughter. I have my own vegetable garden, as soon as I harvest a vegetable by pulling it out by the roots or picking them, they literally scream. We even butcher them while they are still alive.

It takes a lot longer for a plant species to die than it does an animal once it's harvested.

So how feeling could a tree be?

I had a farmer tell me of a time he got one of his farm workers to put his ear up to a tree, as soon as the farmer raised an axe to strike the tree, the farm worker could hear the tree literally suck in. Do trees feel and feel fear? It's obvious they do.

When a bulldozer is ripping through a forest, the screaming is unbearable, these plants we think are far less feeling than animals, know what is going to happen to them before the bulldozer starts slaughtering them, and yes it is a slaughter but a very slow slaughter that takes days not minutes or seconds.

The best way around this is to be thankful to the things we slaughter to feed our hunger for energy. Don't be just sympathetic to the animals we slaughter, be thankful for everything we slaughter, it makes a huge difference to them and to us.

It's interesting to know that plants are more intuitive than most humans, they obviously feel what is going to occur before it happens, no other living form with a physical brain is this intuitive. This is until the physical brain plays second fiddle, meaning, the physical brain no longer is predominate over and above other expressions of energy.

Has our physical brain disconnected us to our natural energy flows? Well, not exactly, we are not disconnected but we have become more unaware of other energies that we are a part of it would seem, this is due to the brain/ego telling us how intelligent it is and how unintelligent everything else is. The strange thing is, the more intelligent we think we are, the more destructive we seem to be getting!!

There is no other more giving and humble living thing than plants other than Gaia itself, plants have supplied us with all our energy needs, fire, houses, fossil fuels, beauty, food, and so forth. What other living thing with a brain has given so much of it's energy so other energy forms can exist? It's interesting when you ask the right questions, questions that a controlling ego avoids asking!!

Am I  saying plants are more in tune with it's natural energies than humans, they are obviously more intuitive and connected to Kundalini energy flows than humans? Absolutely without question, once you begin to observe the spirit of all things, it becomes apparent mindless plants are just as much of this spirit than any living thing with a brain. We need to stop focusing on the brain, instead focus on the energy that is in all things seemingly living or not, within this focus, all you will observe is one energy flow of all things including a rock. A rock seems dead and lifeless but it's not, every atom within a rock is vibrating only because of this energy that is hidden from the perception of the brain/ego. All what a highly intelligent brain sees is an atom vibrating, it doesn't see what's actually behind these vibrating atoms, it only sees what it wants to see or is able to see!! 

Now I'm not saying that plants and even rocks are emotionally driven like humans for instance, our emotions are driven by our physical minds which seemingly make us more feeling than any other living thing but this isn't true. What the mind does is make us feel differently to other living and non-living forms, however, when you observe the spirit within all things, you realise everything feels and is feeling but in their own way. Can a rock feel for instance? Yes, but in quite a different way to humans.

The difference between humans and plants and rocks is emotions, yes, it's obvious plants can feel fear but not like human do, rocks on other hand seem to be totally fearless. The difference is to do with humbleness, for example, the more humble a person becomes, the less fearful they are, plants and rocks are far more humbling than humans.

I know, it's hard enough perceiving plants are more in tune and humbling than humans but rocks!!

This perspective is very hard to perceive only because we are not aware and observant of the spirit within all things, try not to separate everything within it's category, instead observe the spirit within all things and your perception will instantly change into a far more aware and observant perspective.