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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coping Better with Natural Life Cycles

Written by Mathew Naismith

A natural life cycle; is in reference to numerological and astrological aspects of one’s life, what we are born into that reflects and influences our thoughts and actions. This is an individual scale of influence, collectively we are also influenced by these cycles on a collective scale. Take the Mayan calendar for an example, such calendars talk about cycles of influence on a massive collective scale, for example, we are now entering into a period that is more influenced by the feminine rather than the masculine, in other words we are going to be more predominantly influenced by the famine self. This doesn’t mean we are not going to express the masculine, it just means we are going to be more expressive of  the feminine self within this cycle.

The masculine cycle to me was about being expressive of the ego and everything of the ego, this meant also being in a cycle that is conductive to egotism. The feminine cycle is also about the ego but on a different scale of things. We are going to learn more in how to express the ego without being overly and predominately expressive of egotism. This means we are going to now learn how to express the ego more femininely instead of masculinely, in other words the expression of the ego is going to be far more passive.

Like any cycle if we were more aware, this cycle, that was predominately influenced by the masculine, could have been expressed in a more passive way, we could have made these experiences of such cycles a lot less chaotic, it really didn’t need to be as chaotic to the extent we expressed it. Yes, we were going to express egotism, this was always going to be apart of this cycle, but, we didn’t have to express this cycle to the extent we did. This cycle was naturally influenced by the masculine which allows us to experience, especially at the soul level, various aspects of egotism, we however didn’t need to be so masculinely expressive.

Spiritual awareness; is also to me about being aware of certain expressions without actually having to physically express such expressions, if we were aware, we could have expressed egotism without the such physical affects. This actually occurred, many spiritually aware people, and spiritualists, experienced such egotism through their awareness without actually being physically expressive of such traits. Buddha is a very good example of this, he made himself aware without giving in and expressing such traits, this state is of course called an enlightened experience.

But in all we obviously chose, at the soul level, to be as expressive as we were of the masculine to the extent of expressing egotism physically to it’s maximum. Of course if we were more aware, we would have known that we didn’t have to empress the masculine to the extent we did, instead we deliberately stayed unaware so we could be as expressive of such traits as we were.

You look back to what these spiritual people tried to teach us, you can see that they were trying to teach us to be aware of these traits without having to be as physically expressive as we were of such traits. We were made aware but we lacked the wisdom to carry out these instructions, in other words we chose to allow such cycles to influence us to the maximum physical effect.

Such extreme expressions do however have a purpose, we are now aware of how each cycle can influence us to the extreme making such experiences quite unnecessarily chaotic. If we were aware, to the extent of knowing we didn’t have to be so physically expressive of such traits, we needn’t have had to experience the associated chaos from such a cycle as we did. However, because we kept ourselves unaware, these extreme expressions became a necessity, we are now aware of how each cycle influences us and how we can lesson the affects of such cycles by just being aware. All we have done is express consciousness to the extreme.  

We are at a stage we need to become aware, this cycle we are entering into will assist us in this but only if we detach ourselves from the last cycle. It’s not easy for the ego to let go of egotism, after all it’s the only expression the ego knows how to express. The ego really doesn’t want to know of any other expression as a child doesn’t want to know of the hardships and tribulations of adulthood, after all, a child should be expressive of just being a child. The thing is, we are no longer children on a collective scale, we need to grow up and accept the next cycle as each cycle is awareness building.  Can a life cycle of a human being stay a child, stay within the cycle of a child?  The natural progression through human cycles is inevitable, we too on a collective scale need to be aware that collectively we are also governed by cycles, we need to be aware that we need to accept each cycle as it comes along as we do while going through each human cycle. To me, I see the collective cycle working in the same way as our human cycles, we need to learn to embrace each and every cycle as it comes along.