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Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Neutral Ground - A True Sense of Bliss

Written By Mathew Naismith

Once again, this post isn't going to be for everyone, only for consciousness's that perceive and comprehend a consciousness of neutrality, a consciousness that exists of the understanding of being neutral to all things. This means a comprehension and an existence of neutrality over and above opposing forces like love and hate, good and bad, negative and positive. Yes I know, love isn't supposed to be the opposite to hate, why then is the hate in the world creating more love in the world? As usual, love is in reaction to hate, in other words, hate creates love as love creates hate, now imagine a neutral zone, a consciousness of neutrality instead of reaction!!

This is how consciousness works, one creates the other and yes, it's all but only a creation from a source, meaning, everything other than the source itself, is a creation, the universe is a prime example of this. What has then been created within this universe? Love and hate, good and bad, negative and positive, it's been created by and within one source. The universe has created a consciousness of opposing factions and every other consciousness within this consciousness, is influenced by these same opposing factions. So what does this mean? It means any consciousness created by this opposing factional consciousness, will be influenced by opposing factions, therefore, will keep on creating a never ending stream of opposing factions. Another good example of this is angels and demons, they themselves are created by the other, there is nothing neutral within this kind of existence, in other words, there is no true sense of balance.

This is why I have stated in previous posts that human consciousness is limited, it's limited by it's own created opposing factions. How many people are able to perceive the true sense of conscious neutrality? There is always demons and angels, good and bad, negative and positive. Don't get me wrong here, there is absolutely nothing wrong in existing like this, all I am always trying to portray is there is another way to exist/be void of any creation of these opposing factions.

The reason I am using the word faction is obvious, 'I'm good and your bad, I hate and you love, I am positive and you are negative, I am spiritual in essence and you are physical in essence", these are the factions we have put ourselves in. Basically, we put ourselves in    dissenting groups to separate ourselves from something else, in turn creating the opposite of what we have dissent for. It's basically a rollercoaster game, one action or energy flow is naturally creating the other and yes it's a natural process within a consciousness of biases, partialities and separatism. This is what human consciousness is made of but it's not who we truly are.

In actuality, we are and have always been neutral, it's that we, within a particular consciousness, become predominantly influenced by a consciousness of biases, partialities and separatism, in turn, what we create from such a consciousness is more of the same biases, partialities and separatism, the more influenced we are by this kind of consciousness, the more extremes we will naturally create.

Now imagine an existence totally void of these factions, a reality primarily built upon neutrality of all consciousness's, basically, a reality created from and influenced by a true sense of balance. We are basically talking about a reality of pure utter bliss here, however, don't be too hard on yourself, we are supposed to react and create biases, partialities and separatism, in other words opposing factions, this is the natural process of this kind of  consciousness, and yes, we are even supposed to create extreme factions from this. However, if we are really interested in finding bliss, you won't find it in an opposing faction, yes, within a life time you might but all opposing factions create a reaction and usually a counter-reaction. A true sense of love would not keep creating and recreating an opposing faction within and through it's own actions.

It's not easy finding neutral ground in a consciousness that is primarily of anything but of neutral perception, I am not myself of this neutral ground but I am aware of this neutral ground and what it takes to become of this neutral ground. Try taking away all opposing factions in your life, hate and love being two of them, it's not easy because we are wanting to be influenced by a consciousness of opposing factions. Basically, we are conditioned to opposing factions.

Imagine a reality of utter pure bliss, now how many of us would think that love would be a predominate influence within such a reality? It's not, because hate doesn't exist, in actuality, love and hate become as one as of everything does. Because we exist within a love/hate reality, to find true bliss, we perceive we need copious amounts of love. Love denotes bliss to us, this is quite a normal reaction for any consciousness influenced by the kind of consciousness we are influenced by. How many people don't want to imagine a reality void of hate? How many people want to imagine a reality void of love? It's not that we can't imagine such a thing, we just don't want to imagine such a thing, this is the truth of it....

Hating for some people is bliss to them, loving to other people is bliss to them, which one represents a true sense of bliss, and more importantly, to whom?

Because we are of one faction, our faction is right when in actuality neither faction represents a true sense of bliss as the other creates the opposite to itself and always will. A true sense of bliss isn't something that has to be created and created by love or hate. Love and hate are themselves created perceptions of consciousness, this means anything created from such a consciousness, is going to be just another created perception. A true sense of bliss is neutrality of all things, of all of consciousness. We might then perceive this bliss has to have created an opposite but it didn't, this bliss wasn't created, it's a state of neutrality with no opposites, only created conscious perceptions create an opposite, this bliss isn't perception, it's an actual state of just being.

To us within a destructive reality, this neutral ground is going to be perceived of being of utter love, it's utter bliss therefore has to be primarily created from love, this is a normal reaction to any consciousness experiencing opposing extremes. There is nothing wrong with this perception, however, try not to use this neutral ground as in opposition to what we are presently experiencing, all you will create and recreate is a counter-reaction, human history shows us this time and time again.

In saying all this, human consciousness will persist in perceiving one or the other, this is because human consciousness is limited to a perception of one or the other as it's unable, or more likely, unwilling to perceive in a more neutral way. If that is the way it's meant to be, so be it, however, if you are willing to go beyond the perceptions of human consciousness, you will find this neutral ground that is pure utter bliss. Yes, within a reality as we are presently experiencing, this can feel like a true sense of love, this too is a natural occurrence that we must be aware that we can misuse in counter-action.

Its' wise to stay balanced within one's emotions, for emotions are but a creation of our perceptions.....Mathew G  

In saying this, do I stay balanced, no as that too is my choice but I am aware of my choices, are you........?    

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pure Bliss-Pure Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

"The purity of the world is defined by it's own purity within it's own actions"......Mathew

Definition of purity; Being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material, it also means, the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil. The word extraneous is an interesting word to use for the definition of purity, extraneous defines an outside source, meaning, to be pure is to be unmixed with outside sources and influences, in other words it's pure in substance without any extreme influences.

It's important here to not just look at language as something of the mind, therefore, purely of the thinking process of man. Many languages have evolved through spiritual processes and/or a perception beyond human perception, in other words language was created from an inner knowing. Modern day languages are however more about human perceptions but were initially influenced by perceptions beyond human perceptions, at times you can still see this inner knowing through modern day languages.

It is by no mistake I often refer, to what many of us have deemed God's consciousness, as pure consciousness/pure wisdom, this is because it's pure balance, meaning it's of neither one or the other especially to an extreme. This also means there is no extremes of dark or light, positive or negative, bad or good, in other words the absence of judgment period. Pure balance is the absence of judgment because it has no extremes to judge, there are no true opposites so what is there to judge?

It's by no mistake that many of us are trying to learn to live without judgement, this is due to balance being void of judgment, this also means God's consciousness is without judgement.

Now if this God's consciousness is without judgment, it is also void of extremes, this includes light or darkness, this indicates that this God's consciousness isn't of light but of pure balance. Most often we have depicted a God figure in opposition to the devil, the devil of course being representative of darkness in opposition to God's light. I wouldn't myself put this God's consciousness of pure balance in opposition to anything, this is wholly due to this God's consciousness being of pure balance. If this God's consciousness is only of light, it's not of balance therefore it's of judgment, this infers that God's consciousness is of man's consciousness, they are one of the same but there not, this is wholly due to man's consciousness not being of this pure balance.

Pure Consciousness; means a consciousness that is not of judgement for it's this judgment that unbalances a consciousness, a consciousness without judgments is therefore balanced by the lack of judgment. This lack of judgment takes a consciousness to perceive that there is no light or dark, good or bad, except in a reality of motion. As soon as a consciousness is primarily influenced by motion, it becomes judgemental in accordance with the motions being expressed. The more expressive a consciousness becomes, the more judgment a consciousness expresses. Pure consciousness on the other hand is the absence of extraneous influences, the absence of judgement in other words.

Don't get me wrong, this pure consciousness isn't actually pure within itself, it's pure because it's of pure balance, pure bliss. If God's consciousness was to be pure within itself, an opposite would have to also have been created, once you create an opposite, you create judgement. To me this would make this so called pure consciousness impure in my mind, there is nothing pure about judgement but there is of balance.

Wisdom: I also often refer to this God's consciousness as pure wisdom, this is by no a mistake, this is due to this God's consciousness being an observer rather than a participator. It's very difficult being an observer of your own participation, it's of course not impossible either.

It's also wise not to judge a difference as opposed to only observing a difference, this is due to judgment being of motion, however, observing on the other hand takes very little motion.

When we quieten the mind through meditation for example, we most often feel blissful, this is wholly due to lack of motion believe it or not, and yes, we can reflect this blissfulness onto the rest of the world. Basically what we are doing here is influencing the world with pure blissful consciousness, a consciousness void of the motions of judgment. We have in this circumstance replaced  a motion of judgment with a far more motionless expression through the simple process of observing. We would indeed become a lot less destructive through observing more. At the moment, we are judging what is or isn't worthy to ourselves, learning to observe more will make us far less destructive.

Balance: Lacking the knowledge of evil also to me means lacking the knowledge of good, this however doesn't mean being ignorant to evil or good, what this means is lacking the desire to create good or evil which is of course what creates judgement. Knowledge comes about through a desire or a need, there is no desire or need within a pure balanced consciousness!! This is due to this pure balanced consciousness not being of knowledge or intelligence but pure wisdom, this is wholly due that you can't acquire wisdom, you become wisdom basically through balance.

Balance of course takes a consciousness to let go, to let go of control therefore motion, yes, it takes a consciousness to become more motionless. So many people are saying that the Mayan prophecy didn't come true but it did, for example, how many more people are meditating these days? A lot more people, what are we doing when mediating? We are learning to become less of motional expressions and learning to become motionless more often, this is a tiny example of the conscious shift the Mayans talked about. 

The conscious shift is of course a shift towards this pure consciousness. The awareness of judgment these days is also an indication of this shift, this conscious change occurred but we just haven't learnt to observe it yet. To observe takes balance, this is indeed occurring according to my own observations.  

One more thing, you might think to have pure balance there would have to be an opposite, this isn't the case due to this pure balance not being of motions, you can only create an opposite through motion!!