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Saturday, 10 August 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across the following on FaceBook which lead me to do more research on this.

My Reply: A desired truth is one thing as a desired truth is easily ignored. Honest truth is another thing, most unacceptable by quite a number of people. This is the same with being too positive or only focusing on what is positive, to you. Extensive research has found that being overly focused on being positive can work in reverse, is the very popular love concept at present the same?

So many be and end alls when consciousness itself is of unlimited potentiality and variables. 

I am not sure when honest truths, as opposed to desired truths, become disdainful to so many. The conditioning to desired truths over and above honest truth is evident, sadly enough.

As I have never been a person about taking control, rather releasing myself from control, I have never been a fan of mindfulness, especially the western version of mindfulness.


Extract: But as I pointed out in my recent blog post, these benefits don’t seem to have translated into society-level benefits. On the contrary, data about various social phenomena consistently indicate that on the whole, we are behaving more mindlessly (and often with serious negative consequences) than we used to.

“When meditators embrace judgment-free awareness and acceptance, their reality-monitoring accuracy may be impaired, increasing their susceptibility to false memories.”

“Some people use mindfulness strategies to avoid critical thinking tasks. I’ve worked with clients who, instead of rationally thinking through a career challenge or ethical dilemma, prefer to disconnect from their challenges and retreat into a meditative mindset.”

As I have previously stated, I have never been comfortable with mindfulness, not the way it is often practiced and used or abused in western society today. I simply release myself from control altogether which of course isn't for everyone.