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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Connection - Peace and Philosophy

Written by Mathew Naismith

Not many people can relate peace to philosophy, what is so peaceful with philosophical debates and seemingly endless questioning?

Self-Discovery: First of all, we know that philosophers like Socrates, Rumi, Confucius, Buddha, were constructive towards peace through better understanding of their environment and self-discovery, but do we also know that Jesus was also a philosopher, actually, everyone is a philosopher in their own right. In saying this, not all philosophers are constructive towards peace and better understanding, only philosophers who use wisdom as a base to their philosophy, rather than just knowledge/intelligence, are constructive towards peace.

I don't know of any philosopher who immediately used wisdom as their base for their philosophical views to start with, this only occurred when in self-discovery through interaction within their environment which gave them a better understanding of their environment. Is it wise not to try to understand your environment and other peoples environment? This is why many of these great philosophers, went out into their own and other people's environment, it's this interaction that seems to have given them wisdom.

This interaction with the environment as a whole, wasn't what actually in the end gave them a true sense of wisdom, it gave them a better insight to the external environment which gave them a sense of wisdom but not true wisdom. As of always, it was their inner self-discovery that gave them a true sense of wisdom, as soon as these people went inward into oneself, it was within this that gave them a true sense of wisdom. Basically as always, the answers are within, the external world is only a guide but it's a guide if used correctly. Incorrectly used, it's a deterrent and a creator of anything but peace.

Inner Peace: No philosopher who is onto self-discovery, fixates themself to a certain philosophical view or a certain type of philosophy being the be an end all. Any true philosopher will instruct you to find your own self-discovery, only in this will you find lasting inner peace.

In regards to Confucius and Socrates, these philosophers didn't truly find this inner peace in the end, this was due to failing to influence their environment enough to make any great difference within their own lifetime, only in the years following their demise did this occur. Finding this inner peace isn't the be and end all, if the environment you are in is in chaos, inner peace becomes but an ephemeral pleasure to be experienced, nothing more. As of any great philosopher, they want to encourage the world towards a better way of existing, sadly enough this isn't always accomplished within one lifetime.

I have the understanding that Jesus died in inner peace, knowing that he will make a difference in people's lives in a huge way for a lot of people, sadly, his teachings were corrupted and misused in various ways. Jesus for starters never wanted to be worshiped!!

Infinite Consciousness: No true philosopher will fixate themselves to any kind of ideological view or philosophical practice, this is because wisdom is infinite therefore so is consciousness as it's forever evolving. You see, philosophy isn't an exact science because, as any true philosopher knows, nothing stays the same and that not everything seems as it is even when proven to be so. Strangely, general science, like many religious practices, is fixated to certain perceptions and perspective, in saying this, other forms of science today seem to be breaking down these limitations.  

The main difference between general science and philosophy, is science is based on finite concepts of knowledge and intelligence, however, true philosophy is based on infinite concepts of wisdom. Knowledge gives us the intelligence to perceive their is nothing but a physical reality, wisdom on the other hand tells us there is more than physical realities, this is because wisdom is infinite, there are no limitations with the expressions of wisdom.  Knowledge relies on the five sense, wisdom relies on all senses, used in balance, each will enhance the other. You can see why human consciousness void of wisdom is limited and is limiting it's own consciousness. A limited consciousness is a consciousness of  ignorance, of cause as always, only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy itself, there is no peace to be found in this.

As of always, any true philosopher will attract a huge amount of ridicule, of course such expressions of ridicule states one is on the right path to a true sense of peace. You see, it's not the philosophy that upsets people, it's people's own reaction to philosophy that upsets themselves. Very few people on Earth like to truly look within themselves, this is exactly what philosophy does, within this, we will find true inner peace, remembering, all the answers are within as always.