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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Question of Truth

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was in a discussion with someone recently in relation to various subjects; they were talking about absolute truth, the truth above all other truths, they had themselves convinced they knew and conversed absolute truth. Of course being this absolute within ones convictions, it’s impossible to point out any other truths not in agreement with theirs.  The question is, can we know the absolute truth while existing in time?

Time represents fragmented consciousness which in turn represents fragmented truths, how can anyone possibly acquire absolute truth with in a fragmented consciousness of fragmented truths?  This might not totally seem impossible, if someone made themselves aware enough, they would eventually know the absolute truth. This to me is an impossibility for the main reason, once we become that aware, our vibrations would change that much we could no longer exit in such a reality of time. We would in turn un-fragment consciousness which would send us into a state of un-fragmented consciousness, a state of timelessness.  However we can, at times, actually enter into this state through meditation or through other spiritual practices.

Are we making the mistake of searching for the truth as opposed to just becoming aware?  Truth to us would seem to give us awareness but does it?  How can searching for the truth within a fragmented consciousness of time give us absolute truth?  

Being aware firstly makes us aware of existing in a fragmented consciousness, searching for the truth doesn’t give us this awareness for the main reason truth is fragmented within a fragmented consciousness.  Searching for truth within a fragmented consciousness isn’t going to give us absolute truth but fragmented truths.

Awareness also makes us aware that there is a conscious state that isn’t fragmented but whole.  This allows us to use this whole non-fragmented consciousness to make us even more aware.  This occurs because we have entered into a state of non-fragmented truths; it’s a truth that is whole and not fragmented.

Time quite automatically gives us a fragmented consciousness, everything within time is born and dies at different times, everything is separate and fragmented from all other conscious energy flows and sources.  This doesn’t occur in timelessness, consciousness is whole and nothing truly is born or dies within this whole consciousness because no part of consciousness is separated, it’s whole (one).

In my mind should we be searching for the truth as opposed to just becoming more aware? No, awareness gives us truth; truth only gives us half-truths, in a sense, lies.  It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves of these fragmented truths as being absolute truths in a fragmented consciousness. If we were aware in the first place of existing in a fragments consciousness of fragmented truths, we wouldn’t make this mistake in the first place.

Is it possible for anyone to totally speak of absolute truth while connected to a state of non-fragmented consciousness?  You would think why not, if anyone is connected to this non-fragmented consciousness why couldn’t they totally speak of absolute truth?  It makes sense; they are no longer connected to a consciousness that is fragmented but to a non-fragmented consciousness, the consciousness of the creative source.  

In the case of anyone being this connected to the creative sources consciousness, if they are still existing in time, they are still only partially speaking of absolute truth, this certainly includes people like me and even yogis and gurus.  The reason for this again is, they couldn’t possibly still exist in time, a fragmented consciousness, for the main reason they are un-fragmenting consciousness within a fragmented conscious state of existence.  One quite automatically cancels out the other, look at how time has cancelled out non-fragmented consciousness within time, this also occurs when in a state of timelessness.

So we exist in a fragmented consciousness, so no matter how much we search for the absolute truth we are not going to find it, is this what I’m stating here? Yes however, by becoming aware, like a lot of spiritually aware people are doing, we are becoming reconnected to this non-fragmented consciousness which assists us to balance out our existence. This is done by no longer living by half-truths of a fragmented consciousness but partials truths of a non-fragmented consciousness.  

Time is of ignorance because it’s of a fragmented consciousness, only in ignorance can we destroy but in timelessness or the timelessness of God’s consciousness we can’t destroy because we are no longer ignorant and the less ignorant we become the less destructive we will be.  Teaching ourselves to become more constructive has everything to do with becoming more aware and the less in searching we become of the absolute truth within time.