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Friday, 11 October 2013


Written by Mathew Naismith

To be a true spiritualist is to be most humbling so at the soul level if we wanted to be most humbling wouldn’t we choose to live a life of a maggot or some other so called lowlier creature than ourselves but the big question here is what defines lowlier at the soul level?  There is nothing higher or lowlier at the soul level, only at the human level do we define/perceive this so do we at the soul level take this human definition of a higher/lower life form into consideration?  I believe we do however at the soul level lowlier or more humbling is defined as something quite different than what we as humans perceive I believe.

We need to look at this through the souls perceptive only, what would be more humbling to the soul, not the human, while taking in the human perception of lower/higher forms, what form would it choose to be, to be more humbling? At the human level we would probably say a maggot or a rat for instance but what if I said, “To be most humbling therefore spiritual was to be human”. What creature is more destructive & egotistical? What this is saying is to be more destructive & egotistical is more humbling at the soul level, however as humans we perceive this quite differently. Being more humbling is to be more spiritual so how can a more egotistical person be more spiritual than a non-egotistical person? To us at the human level of perception we can’t see this but what I am saying is at the soul level it’s quite a different story.  

If you think on this, why would we think that non-egotistical people are more spiritual than egotistical people? Egotism, we think we have to be better or more spiritual than someone who expresses egotism when in fact what I am saying is at the soul level it’s more humbling therefore spiritual to be egotistical than non-egotistical but only when we take in consideration of human perceptiveness. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that other creatures are less spiritual. At the soul level there is no level of superiority, it’s only at the human level we perceive this. To a human perspective it’s more humbling to be a maggot for instance so in fact what we are saying is, at the human level, to live as a maggot is more humbling/spiritual than living as a human being however at the soul level that’s not the case as there are no levels of superiority unless we take on human perceptiveness at the soul level.  

Human perceptiveness comes into being when we choose to live as a human being which allows us to choose, at the soul level, how humbling we are going to be which is defined by human perceptiveness in what being humble means to a human remembering at the soul level, without human perceptiveness, there are no levels so we wouldn’t be able to choose to be more humbling or not. Human perceptiveness gives us definition even at the soul level to what is going to be more humbling or not when in fact there are no levels, this of course includes defining the soul as being at a certain level, the soul itself doesn’t see itself at a level.  So what this is all saying is humbleness at the soul level doesn’t exist but it does at the human level so in fact one form of animal isn’t above another unless we take on the human perspectives of things. So we have defined that humbleness to a human isn’t being spiritually aware at all which says a less non-spiritual egotistical person is more humble therefore spiritual at the soul level because that is the life the soul chose. A true spiritual soul would choose a more egotistical life not a humble more spiritual life but our human perception of life tells us the opposite. Most souls are spiritual so to be more humble it would choose a more egotistical life but a less spiritualistic soul would see being spiritual as being more humble. I should say here, a less spiritual soul is defined by its attachments; a true spiritual soul has no attachments therefore has no preconceptions.