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Sunday, 18 May 2014

An Open Mind of It Just Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had quite long & in-depth conversation with a bloke of the name of Pier about realities being an illusion or not.  I was so impressed in the way he handled me because I can be quite obnoxious within my views mainly because I also use philosophy & modern day psychology to look at a particular subject more openly/objectively. This infuriates most people but not Pier which I take my hat off too. To me it takes intelligence not to indulge in unintelligent personal criticisms when in disagreement with others.  

It is infuriating when you came across a person who questions your personal beliefs, concepts & ideologies to the degree that you then start questioning your own beliefs.  The human mind, when it fixates itself to certain beliefs, can become rigid within these beliefs not accepting any other possibility. When this belief is question the mind reacts to defend our belief but when we are coaxed to questioning these beliefs ourselves all hell breaks loose within the psyche. This of course is quite understandable especially if we are fixated to this belief.

Pier was quite amazing, he seemed to have a fixation on a belief but within he’s actions he showed he was also interested in hearing my view on the subject of realities. If Pier at any time resorted to unintelligent personal criticism I would have known Pier wasn’t at all interested in what I had to say.

So what do I perceive as an unintelligent personal criticism? Actually it’s not name calling as in pointing out if someone is obviously lying or deceiving for example but if I lowered myself to obscurely call other people inappropriate names, that to me is unintelligent personal criticism.  It’s also unintelligent to me to indirectly criticize others when in disagreement, either say it how it is or don’t say it at all!!

The problem I see with beliefs, concepts & ideologies is they are governed by our present conscious understanding, how could anything be set in concrete (be the utter truth) when our conscious understanding is obviously limited by our present perception. The mind cannot comprehend anything beyond what the mind can psychologically cope with.  Once the mind goes over this fresh hold it becomes flawed within it’s reasoning process.  Anything that is obviously beyond this point can’t be set in concrete.

Why are so many scientists introverts? If they psychologically stay within their own reasoning process they are fine but when they go beyond this point they begin to psychologically falter & at times produce delusions.  I actually personally know someone exactly like this.  Of course not all scientists are like this, it depends on what their fixations are and how fixated they are to a certain reasoning process.  No reasoning process is flawless as all reasoning processes are fixated to a certain reasoning process; religion is another example of this obvious fixation in some cases.

Can any of us truly say, without a doubt, that God does or doesn’t exist, thoughtlessness is better than thought; realities do or don’t exist and so on, should any of us be that affirmative & call what we believe in to be absolute truth when we are obviously limited by our conscious understanding to what is absolutely true?  There are many people who are affirmative about these things but spirituality to me is about awareness and we should be aware that our conscious understanding is limited by what we are aware of. This means we can only perceive to what we only want to be aware of or are unable to perceive past our conscious understanding.  In one consciousness the world was flat now it’s round, flight was impossible now it’s common practice & so on. When we knew the world was flat or flight was impossible we couldn’t perceive past this fixation to a certain conscious understanding, today it’s no different in my mind.

I believe the best thing to do is try to keep an open mind and anything we can’t possibly understand and perceive without a doubt……….train your mind to accepting it just is!!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Being Aware Spiritually Certainly Has It’s Pluses

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is an extract from a discussion separate to the normal discussion about spirituality but ended up being spiritually orientated due to the way we react when we feel violated in some way. Being aware spiritually certainly has it’s pluses.  

Anything that disrupts the balance in your life becomes a spiritual matter in that we are forced to work on restoring faith in people, seeking forgiveness, peace & harmony in life ...
As mentioned above, an alarm system is a good investment - costly though if you cannot afford the service ...
I had my jewelry & many other valuables stolen by both sides of our family during my husband's funerary week ...
I pray alot & cope w/my anger as best I can; its helpful ...
At this point, I live with it ok - maybe once a year a reminder sparks a flame I have to deal with at the moment ...
I see this as one of those learning lessons that will be w/me for the rest of my life, so I will have to make peace w/it during the course of my life ...
Only time will tell when it will be resolved ...
Peace be w/you ...

Family can test us out to the max. I recently had a brother of mine wrong my wife & I after we helped him after his separation, he even coaxed me into lying for him at one stage which I'm so dead against.

What I do is accept my anger & obvious hurt, it's human nature to feel like this, however I also try to become aware of action reaction, push & pull. Is there a purpose to reacting angrily & hurtfully to such actions? I don’t usually see a purpose other than to make myself miserable.

My wife & I have a saying, “it just is what it is when it is, it just is”. We feel hurt & anger when done wrong too but because we accept it as being (it just is) we are no longer adding to the action reaction, push & pull effect, to the best of our ability.

Try not to judge their actions & your reactions too harshly which is easier said than done, try to remember it just is & you will find you won’t be suckered into a reaction that isn’t doing you any good what so ever.

Much Blessings Zinga