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Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Reality of Realities

Written by Mathew Naismith

Within this one specific 3rd dimensional reality, how many realities that are 3rd dimensional experienced? It's insurmountable, now how many realities can be experienced within the whole of existence? It's literally infinite in number; there are no limitations to the realities that can be experienced. This also means that we, even while experiencing a 3rd dimensional reality, can experience other realities that are not 3rd dimensional.

Thích Quảng Đức is a prime example of a 3rd dimensional being, experiencing another reality while still of a 3rd dimensional reality. Thích Quảng Đức was a Buddhist monk who sacrificed himself in 1963 by setting himself alight, this was in protest of the present South Vietnamese regime's harsh treatment of Buddhists at the time. Quảng Đức wasn't the only monk to do this.

It is said that these monks where drugged, going by my own experiences, it is most likely that these monks where not drugged.

It was my misfortune, as such, to experience an ongoing painful chronic disorder from an early age. The tasks I performed through my life did not reflect my physical and mental disorder, in actuality most of the times I seemed normal with no noticeable difference to the average person. The majority of my tasks, probably 95% of my tasks, were conducted without drugs, pain killers. Yes, to a certain extent we can become conditioned to a condition that might seem overwhelming to others, this however does not account for chronic disorders.

It's not that the monks didn't feel anything, this is in accordance with my own experiences. They simply nullified or softened the effects of a chronic disorder or experience. This is done by putting oneself into a different reality; certain psychotic drugs do this as well as something as simple as music.

One other thing, I know I go on about this a bit but for a very good reason, stay away from the perceptions of negatives and positives. What would a dark negative energy source desire you to perceive this kind of energy to be? Demonic, toxic and negative, this kind of perception simply promotes this kind of energy; in actuality these perceptions give this kind of energy more energy, not less. Just simply be....... 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Pure Awareness verses Pure Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

For only the aware will desist in their destructive ways, all else will continue with being destructive, albeit in a different way, a way that makes us feel even more right while being destructive. As light is destructive to dark, positive to negative, the feminine to the masculine, yin to yang in this case, only that of what the ego desires will an ego controlled reality.  

Pure awareness; is a state that is motionless, a state that needs no further motion to become aware, for all motion is of ego. Think on this, why have motion when in a pure aware state? Motion simply depicts a state that is unaware, for all motion is of an unaware state and all motionlessness is of an aware state. The more aware we become void of a controlling ego, the more of this pure motionlessness we become, however, at no time can we become of this pure awareness while of the ego in any sense, all we can do is become aware of this pure state.

Pure awareness (nothingness) = motionlessness + aware

Pure ego (creation) = excessive motion + unaware

It is quite understandable why in Buddhism this state is also referred to as nothingness; there is no motion in this state, there is simply no need of motion. Other ideologies of course have their own explanations for this state.

Pure ego; is a state of excessive motions, you could say this state is the yang to the yin, the yin being of pure awareness or visa-versa. The more of this pure ego we become, the more controlled and controlling we become. Think on this, why would a state of pure awareness desire or even need to control anything?   

This state of pure ego is of an excessive while at the same time excluding all else, for example, this state being of all light with no darkness, all positive with no negatives or all materialism with no spiritualty or abstemiousness. It's basically a state of extremes, of course if this state sounds familiar; it's for a very good reason, we are simply becoming more and more of this pure ego.

Yes, the ego has made many of us believe that we are becoming more of this pure awareness, even while all the signs state otherwise like all the expressions of extremism, for example, being expressed in the world today. All motions or expressions of extremism depict a state of consciousness that is more of pure ego than pure awareness.

Spirituality: Until quite recently I didn't get why spirituality today is more of pure ego than pure awareness. All negatives are avoided and/or ignored or shunned and how many people desire to become totally spiritual or of this pure awareness and so on and so on it goes? The desire to become of one or the other, pure awareness or pure ego, depicts extremism. No person who is truly aware of this pure aware state desires to become of this state; the awareness within itself is all that is needed.

In actuality there is no state; it's simply awareness that can be used to balance out excessive motions, a controlling ego, or not. This pure awareness simply becomes a state so that the ego is able to comprehend pure awareness and fair enough too, it's basically using the ego against itself by taking away the controlling ways of the ego.

Realities: As of the universe, all realities are created from ego as it's all of motion. Now the type of reality that can be created can range from pure ego states of love and light (positive) to pure ego states of hate and dark (negative), of course what is positive or negative to one isn't to another and visa-versa. Realities are simply created by the exclusion of what is undesirable, for example, multinationals exclude negatives within their realities like being financially poor or the inability to control. On the other hand, spiritually aware people exclude negatives like being negative and of anything that is deemed dark by them, however, not all realities are created from excluding one from the other.

The ego in control simply desires an ultimate state, as of all deemed ultimate states, they exclude one or the other, basically, the exclusion of what isn't desired. This simply means the exclusion of yin from the yang or visa-versa. I find this funny when the ego still judges these kinds of states as being of oneness; the controlling ego certainly deludes us. Yes, these ultimate states are of oneness but only of the oneness we desire to be apart of, everything else is excluded.

However, as I stated before, not all realities are of the exclusion of one or the other, the yin from the yang. If everything of this reality was in perfect balance between each other, meaning, if yin and yang were in perfect balance between each other, a state of bliss would reside within the reality. Within this state of no exclusions, there would be no desire of an ultimate reality because a pure state of balance would reside. As there are states of pure awareness and pure ego, there are states of pure balance which create realties of pure bliss. There is simply no desires of an ultimate state within realities that don't exclude one from the other but have everything working in unison, basically, one not trying to control or dominate or destroy the other.

We simply don't need, as opposed to desire, to exclude anything to reach a state of pure bliss; all we need to do is become aware of the controlling ego and this state of pure awareness. Of course once we become aware of the ways of a controlling ego, we naturally become aware of this pure awareness. Pure bliss for all is all to do with being aware instead of unaware while under the control of the ego. Ego simply denotes an unaware state that an aware state of being doesn't want to exclude but simply needs to quell when out of control; this is where wisdom comes into it. Wisdom simply gives us an awareness of an out of control ego and the awareness of how to quell this kind of out of control state of existence.

The ego is simply unable to comprehend a true state of awareness for the ego is unable to cope with this kind of awareness. The inability to comprehend is all to do with self-preservation of the ego, what the ego doesn't understand or desire, it will denounce or exclude from it's own awareness. This is natural for the ego to do in a self-preservation mode. An ego in control will also perceive an ultimate state of existence, an existence that can be created, such as our present existence. To a lot of multinationals/materialists, the present reality is an ultimate reality for them. For a lot of spiritually aware people it's love and light or this state of pure awareness or being one with God. The ultimate reality is simply governed by the type of control used by the ego, basically, what the ego excludes to create ultimate realities that are imbalanced.

What is an ultimate reality for one kind of controlling ego isn't for another, this is why pure ego states don't even like to comprehend or are able to comprehend a true balanced state of existence. Even a true balanced state of existence isn't an ultimate reality; it's simply just another form of reality that doesn't exclude one over and above the other. A state of neutrality created, not by force or destroying as in light over dark, but by the invalidation of all opposing forces, a state where extreme expressions are simply unable to exist.

Is a reality created from love and light not also of the invalidation of hate and dark?  No, a reality of love and light is an exclusion of hate and dark, not an invalidation where hate and dark can't exist. How many people of love and light despise (hate) being of anything negative or dark? Also, light is destructive to dark, not a culmination of light and dark working in unison. In a true balanced existence, all works as one for the good of all as a whole without exclusions, a true sense of oneness brought about by being equally of pure awareness as of pure ego.                

Simply become truthfully aware void of the deception of a controlling ego, of course as always, this isn't for everyone. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

A Reality of Chain Reactions

Written by Mathew Naismith

Chain Reaction: At first this seemed like a strange spiritual orientated topic for me to write about, what's chain reactions got to do with spiritual practices?  In actuality it has everything to do with the way we express ourselves as each expression causes some kind of reaction, as soon as we express ourselves, we cause a reaction. This however doesn't mean all our actions and reactions are going to cause a chain reaction, a continuation of an initial action or reaction.

The universe itself was created from a chain reaction of matter and anti-matter coming together, everything existing within this chain reaction is influenced by some sort of chain reaction. The sun was created from a chain reaction and like everything created from a chain reaction has an end of cycle, a temporal existence, this however doesn't mean the consciousness behind these chain reactions are temporal, in actuality this consciousness infinite.

Take Jesus and Buddha for instance, they caused a chain reaction and of course the initial source of this reaction always dies out, in this case, this was Jesus and Buddha who physically died when their cycle finished. The initial reaction within a chain reaction always has a start and end of cycle as does the chain reaction itself, however, the consciousness that created these chain reactions to begin with is infinite as consciousness itself isn't governed by cycles until this consciousness is expressed. In other words it's an expression of a consciousness that creates a chain reaction,  I think this universe is a prime example of this. Man himself creates through the same actions, materialism is a chain reaction and so are wars and conflicts, the reaction between black and white can create a chain reaction.

This is no different to how the universe was created, everything that exists within a chain reaction automatically reacts in the same way no matter how small or large the  reaction is that is being created. What's basically being said here is, you can't manifest for a change unless it's through a chain reaction within a reality created from a chain reaction, this means you can't just sit there and pray, chant or meditate for a change to occur unless this consciousness is expressed, once this consciousness is actually expressed, it naturally starts up a chain reaction.

Consciousness: Now the thing to consider here is the initial consciousness behind each chain reaction, at the moment, many people are talking about and expressing love on the net but how genuine is this love because if it's not genuine, it won't cause a significant chain reaction that will make a substantial long lasting difference. I've been on the bitter end of this love, it's sad as it's not as genuine as it seems at first, it's certainly not in the same league as Jesus or Buddha for example. In this case, it's not going to make much of a difference as these chain reactions only have a short cycle.

The hate in the world has created a huge long lasting chain reaction that has lasted thousands of years, why has it lasted so long?

A consciousness that is genuine, will create a chain reaction that will last and be predominantly influential over all other smaller less genuine chain reactions, the hate in the world has always been genuine, look at what we have done to each other in human history, this hate is genuine and so should be our love if we want it to become predominantly influential especially over hate.

One way to test if your love is genuine is put yourself into a situation that would usually make you feel anything but love towards others. If in this case you are unable to feel any sort of love towards these people, your love is most likely not genuine. Ostracising people is another indication of a non-genuine love, think on this, did Jesus or Buddha ostracise anyone?  I actually don't mind hanging around the people I refer to as unbecoming, they certainly test how genuine  my love is, did Buddha detest the egotistic self therefore ostracise and not face the egotistic self?  He confronted it face on, this is why people like this have caused a significant chain reaction, if we truly want to make a significant difference, we must do the same.

There are realities that are not influenced by chain reactions, yes, these realities are peacefully existing in utter bliss because within a reality not created from chain  reactions there is very little motion. For example, within these realities you don't have to express consciousness of love for love to exist, it's already exists, however, we are not presently existing in such a reality, our reality is purely based on chain reactions so for a significant change to take affect, this change needs to be expressed. The more genuine we are within our expressions, the more these changes will take affect.

Are there universes that weren't created through a chain reaction?

I believe there is, a  universe doesn't have to be of a planetary nature or even existing as something physical, a universe actually denotes a creation of a kind either it be planetary, physical or non-physical or what ever. The universe we are presently experiencing was created by a chain reaction, this means everything within this reality that exists will require a chain reaction to exist within this kind of reality, this isn't the same in realities not created by a chain reaction.  

To me, these universes and realities are alive, they were created by a consciousness for starters, this means each reality and universe has it's own influential persona or character in a sense. Take atheists for example, no form of God's consciousness exists for them, their reality is governed by a certain facade or perspective that doesn't include any form of God, this in turn creates quite a different reality compared to a devout Christian for example.

Personas: Now it might seem lame or ridiculous to say that realities and universes have personas very simular to humans, where did our personas actually come from? Certainly not out of thin air. I am aware that in other existences, not of this universe or reality, conscious forms have a totally different personas than we do within this reality/universe. Let's just look at our own solar system, no planet or orbiting planetary form has the same exact characteristics as other planetary forms, they all have their own personal characteristics which is influenced by the universes creation itself.

I would also say that beings in other galaxies would have a different character to ourselves, this is due to each galaxy and solar system being also influenced by a certain kind of persona or character. This persona then becomes a part of all  living things being created within such a reality.

To a lot of people who don't perceive that realities and universes are a living conscious form, this is going to be hard to except that solar systems, galaxies and universes, have a kind of persona or character that every living conscious thing created under these influences also enact out, this is inevitable. If it's not seen as being alive in some way, how can it have a persona or a character of it's own!! However, once we perceive that everything is alive in some way, as it's all created by a consciousness anyway, it's easy to see that the universe has it's own persona and that each galaxy and solar system and even planet has it's own derivative character.

When you take other universes into consideration here, it's easy to see that each universe/reality has it's own persona or character and that conscious forms created within these realities also take on a form of this character in some way.

The reality we are  presently experiencing has been brought about by a chain reaction, this gives this reality/universe it's own persona/character which then influences all conscious forms created within this particular persona/character. Basically what I am saying is, our personas are derivatives of  the universes/realities persona which then creates our own unique realities and personas based on chain reactions.        

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Choosing Your Own Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an awkward post to write, actually, I wasn't going to write it, it's going to be too ambiguous for a number of people, meaning, for anyone religiously following a certain ideology, my explanations are going to seem like a joke to them. This is all to do with explaining the different aspects of things like God, ego, soul, for example. In most ideologies, these things only have one meaning, one explanation, all other explanations are irrelevant and wrong, I will however hopefully show this isn't correct, all ideologies have their own truths which in turn creates a certain reality.

Which ideology speaks the utter truth: over and above all other realities, is Buddhism correct over and above Christianity or visa-versa? Is Islam correct over and above Buddhism or visa-versa? Who actually defines what ideology is more correct over and above all other ideologies? This is an important question to answer because the answer to this question isn't ambiguous at all, actually, the answer is quite unambiguous, meaning, the answer to this question is quite obvious.

At present we have religious extremists expressing themselves in a very extreme way, this is wholly do to these people believing their ideologies are the be and end all above all other ideologies. 

What is the driving force behind these extreme reactions, what makes them extreme within their ideology? 

Most people will just look at the ideology itself, in this case, this makes all the people who follow such ideologies, that can be expressed in an extreme way, extremists in some way. This analogy would also make all Christians extremist as well, especially when  considering the religious Dark Ages. Does the actions of Christian extremists in the Dark Ages infer that all Christians today are extremists?  Of course not. Extremism hasn't anything to do with the ideology itself, its to do with the implementation of such ideologies by certain people religiously following an ideology.

If we are religiously following an ideology of one kind, what human trait are we actually expressing to an extreme? Following any ideology religiously is defined as an extreme reaction going by dictionary definitions. The only human trait that can create extremism in any way is egotism as opposed to ego.

So the answer to the question, who actually defines what ideology is more correct is egotism, not the ideology itself. Yes, an ideology can be written in an egotistical way but it's the way a person reacts to this ideology that can cause it to become extreme. I don't know of too many ideologies that aren't written in an egotistical way, God definitely exists, God defiantly doesn't exist. You even have ideologies that state that all other ideologies that have a believe in God and/or soul, are beliefs brought about by delusions, in other words these ideologies are delusional, this is a quite a broad statement to make. This kind of statement says to me that such statement like this are highly influenced by egotism themselves. What other human trait, other than egotism, would state such a statement? 

I've seen people fixated to a certain ideology use science to explain why God and souls don't exist, however, I've also seen people following a different ideology use relevant science that explains that God and the soul do exist, which one again is more correct over another? Egotism will always state my ideology is more correct no matter what.

The point is, no ideology is perfectly correct, however, no ideology is incorrect either, the truth is defined in what reality we presently reside in. Does God defiantly exist? Most definitely but only in certain realities.

The Infinite Consciousness: There is supposed to be over 8 million realities within this one physical reality, only egotism can state, categorically, which one is more correct over and above all other ideologies. I do find it quite amusing that some ideologies state that all ego expressions are an illusion, but in stating so, have themselves not expressed a form of egotism!!

Consciousness itself is extremely diverse and infinite within it's expression, it ever changing as human history quite plainly shows, which ideology is always correct above all other ideologies?  Once again egotism will say my ideology is always correct but what does a consciousness, not influenced by egotism, actually say?  

All ideologies have merit within their own realities, if you want to create a certain reality for yourself,  follow a certain ideology as it's these ideologies that create a particular reality, in other words each ideology creates it's own reality. For example, Buddhism creates a certain reality as does Christianity, Islam and even materialism, is one reality more correct over and above another reality? Egotism once again will say it is within it's own ideology, it's own reality.

Consciousness itself isn't defined by egotism nor ego, it has not fixed to defined  boundaries, it's infinite within all it's expressions either it be of egotism, ego or a state of being egoless.

Materialism; expresses a state of egotism and creates relative realities according to the ideology being expressed.

Religions like Christianity; mostly expresses ego and  creates relative realities according to the ideology being expressed.

Religions like Buddhism; creates a state mostly void of the ego and creates relative realities according to the ideology being expressed. One might judge, "To express materialism is less worthy than to express Buddhism for example, one is more of a delusion than another". The only part of the humans self that will make this statement is egotism. 

Consciousness is that vast and infinite within it's expressions and non-expressions, there are no true delusion, the only delusion there is, is only knowing that we are only of one of these realities. We are not just egotism or ego nor egoless, we are all of what is.

In all, is it wrong to just choose one reality to exist by? I will answer this with another question, is it wrong in being physically human? Experiencing being human is experiencing one reality, this isn't wrong no matter what way we express ourselves, we can however express ourselves to the point of being highly destructive though, even this isn't wrong. When we look at our destructiveness only through this reality, destruction is wrong, however, this view changes when we realise we are all of what is, there is no right or wrong, just different expressions of consciousness that a wise collective consciousness would change to something more constructive I feel. 

It matters not what reality you choose to experience, what does matter is how destructive our fixation to a reality can become when expressed to an extreme.                           

Friday, 10 July 2015

The Science of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As the heading states, this post is more to do with the science of consciousness rather than the spiritual aspect of consciousness, this post also goes on from where my last post, Going Beyond Human Perceptions, left off. It matters not if we are talking about the science of everything or the spiritual aspect of everything, it’s still awareness building, and most importantly, it’s still in relation to consciousness no matter what.

Mentality of consciousness: In my last post, I stated that this universe has a mentality that can and does influence us, to do this, such energy sources has to be alive in some way and conscious of it’s own existence. Is a lump of rock or a gas cloud, for example, able to know of it’s own existence?  Even though rocks and gas clouds are a part of consciousness itself, such energy forms are unable to comprehend their own existence, this is the same with human beings, we are unable to comprehend anything else beyond our own perceptions. Even though we are conscious of our own existence, we are not conscious of any other existence not of our perceptions and understanding.

Psychologically, such limited perceptions gives us a certain kind of mentality, this in turn creates the reality that is inline with such mentalities. This is why rocks are unable to express a certain mentality unlike human beings, they can be influenced by a  consciousness but they can’t express such consciousness. This is basically due to rocks being unable to become aware of itself and anything else around it, self awareness make us more expressive of the mentality that is influencing us. Take expressing egotism for an example, egotism is brought about by a certain kind of mentality, usually a mentality that that can be aware or unaware of it’s destructiveness. Once you become influenced by such a mentality, you become less aware of other perceptions which gives egotism it’s destructiveness. If you are unaware of other perceptions, either deliberately or not, you are going to destroy or hurt what you are unaware of, again this is natural law within such universes/realities.

Now if the universe is made up out of rocks and gas clouds, for example, how can such a universe be expressive of any  kind of mentality, they are unable to know of their own existence are they not?

True, but what I am saying is a consciousness behind the creation of the universe is aware of it’s own existence through it’s own expressions of itself, in other words the universe, and everything the universe creates, is but an expression of consciousness. This is important to understand because if it’s conscious and expressive of it’s own existence, as of anything conscious in this way, it’s expressive of  some kind of mentality.

Expressing conscious: Man cannot manipulate any other consciousness that is more aware of itself than man is, he can however manipulate and express his kind of mentality upon any other consciousness equal or less aware of it’s own self, this is why scientists, for example,  are able to manipulate other energy sources. Scientists are now looking at creating a universe, on a small scale of course, such a universe will react according to the mentality creating it, this is very much like the universe we exist in ourselves.

 Because the universe we exist in is violent, does this mean the consciousness that created such a universe is violent?

We need to consider other universes that weren’t created and act as violent as our own universe to answer this question. These passive universes were also created from the same exact consciousness, the big difference has to do with the mentality of a consciousness creating such universes, not the consciousness itself as a whole.

This consciousness is expressive of all of what it is, this includes expressing a mentality that can be destructive, we actually exist in a very egotistical universe, it’s always forcing it’s own expressions onto everything else around it, at times quite violently. Now imagine a passive universe, a passive universe would obviously, to me, create passive life forms, this would in turn create such beauty, within it’s love and understanding, we can only imagine, in other words these life forms would be quite overwhelmingly beautiful to us. To us however beauty or being beautiful relates to egotism, we paint and dress ourselves up to look beautiful so we could quite easily perceive such a passive existence would be highly egotistical, this however isn’t the case.

These beings, within such passive realities, express beauty without trying, they actually don’t even really try to express such beauty, this comes naturally, this is all due to the passive universes mentality they are influenced by.  We on the other hand are influenced by a more aggressive mentality, this however doesn’t mean such expressive mentalities are less unworthy, it just means we are expressive of consciousness in a certain way. Within our kind of universe, we need to be expressive of beauty as much as we can, yes it’s egotistical but it’s going with the natural laws of such universes. There are however universes/realities that don’t even try to express such beauty,  these realities are primarily influenced by a mentality that is highly destructive, much more destructive than our own universes mentality.

Does this again mean consciousness itself (God) is destructive within it’s own mentality? Yes and no, take how Buddha repelled the influences from destructive mentalities and became enlightened in the process, each universe/reality has it’s influences that we can or not give into. A less aware consciousness is going to go along with such mentalities, the less aware a consciousness is, the more it is able to be influenced by these destructive mentalities. You could say each universe/reality is a test, you are going to fail these tests if you are unaware, but if you are aware, you are obviously going to pass such tests, we too, as humans, express the same laws. What is above is certainly below in one sense or another.

You could say consciousness itself wrote out these tests by creating universes for example, however, these tests are not expressed until we participate in such tests, in other words these tests are not expressed until we express them as individual parts of consciousness itself. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of such expressions until it expresses itself in individual forms, some individual parts of itself are aware, other not so aware. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of anything beyond it’s own awareness, this means consciousness itself cannot express any kind of destruction, however, more ignorant parts of this consciousness can, this is why we try to become one with this consciousness, this can only occur however if we pass all these tests at the soul level. The beautiful thing about this, it’s happening on quite a large scale, more and more of us are passing such tests at the soul level, a more passive existence is but a stones throw away for a lot of us.  

Again, please don’t take what I have written here as gospel, it’s purely my perspective, nothing else…….            

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vibrational Energy Flows

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bugger, I wanted to add Sal C’s reply but this would make this post a little too long. This post was brought about by my interactions with Sal C so you can blame Sal C for what I wrote here, only joking J.  

Actually your reply Sal C is just a slightly different perception than what I have of what reality is, am I right, are either of us right???

In a human perspective it's real because we think this is all we are. As we become aware we realise it's not all we are, does this make our existence in this reality an illusion?  Yes and no.  In a human perspective, because we have now become aware of a much greater aware part of ourselves, this is what we want to be in totality, to me it’s psychologically based, we want to psychologically believe we are this more wondrous and aware self, full stop, however I believe there is another reason why we perceive that realities are illusions.  

The simplest way I can put this is that this pure consciousness in it’s total motionless state dreams, in turn we and realities are only a process of this dream state, this goes along with what is above is also blow, this makes perfect sense to me.  

There is a problem with this, I don’t believe our own dream states are an illusion, no there not real as such but there not illusions either, many of my dreams are telling or teaching me something. You could in this case look at dreams from this pure consciousness as doing the same, dreams are trying to tell this conciseness something  about itself and if it’s about itself is it a true illusion?

There is something else to consider, to me everything is energy, to exist this energy vibrates and the more this energy vibrated the more it creates, we and realities are a process of this vibrations of energy, the less we vibrate within ourselves the more in tune we are with this pure awareness. People have totally disappeared because they changed their vibrations that much they no longer resonated with realities like this one.  You could say they became a higher vibration through vibrating less, the disappearance of the Mayans are a prime example of this. There are also people out there that can disappear and appear at will just by changing their vibrational energy flow, this is also how healers heal, through vibrations.

The way I look at it is we are this pure consciousness but this consciousness is also energy, everything is energy including you and I and everything to do with realties, this in my view doesn’t truly make everything of realities an illusion. Yes the energy flow changes vibration, for example, being born and dying is a change of this energy flow, just because this energy flow changes it’s vibrations does this change make everything of realities an illusion?

To me no because no matter what this energy changes into it’s still energy, yes it’s vibrating at a different rate but it’s still none the less energy.
Let’s look at this in another way, you burn a tree, does this then make the tree an illusion because you changed it’s energy flow to another vibrational rate?  

What is accruing is we can become delusional in thinking this is all we are or thinking this pure motionless consciousness is all we are, we seem to be in my mind replacing one delusion with another as we become aware but this is only my perspective, don’t take this seriously.

There is also another perspective to consider which a lot of people acknowledge, this pure consciousness is nothingness, it isn’t energy it isn’t consciousness it’s nothingness, however,  this view/concept isn’t in line with the saying, “What is above is also below”, this is important because most other view/concept fall in line with what is above is also below.  How can you produce energy and consciousness out of nothingness?

Why I believe some of us perceive this pure consciousness is actually nothingness is because it is very motionless, in this state it’s as if, to a human, it is nothingness. I think taking on this view is due to ourselves perceiving from a highly vibrative state of vibratory flow to a seemingly totally motionless state that doesn’t seemingly vibrate.  Now if we looked at this from this pure consciousness to a highly vibrative state such as realities, would we perceive this pure consciousness as being nothingness?  I don’t think we would, because we can only perceive through a high vibratory flow rate, anything with a much lower vibration like this pure awareness is going to seem psychologically totally still, nothingness.   

To me everything was created through vibrations and the faster these energy vibrations are vibrating, the more they create, for example you and I and this reality in my mind were created form energy vibrations vibrating at a higher rate.  Take healing for an example; healers heal through vibrations by changing the energy flow of the vibrational rate of what is being healed.  

Vibration denote energy, is this saying that this pure consciousness energy flow isn’t very powerful through not vibrating at a higher rate?  Yes and no, it’s not really that powerful until it vibrates at a higher rate, you and I and this reality are prime examples of this power or greatness, this is why I think psychologically we  get hooked on power .  The strange thing is, this pure consciousness or pure energy isn’t that powerful within itself but through us and this reality it is. 

This is why I believe true spiritualists let go of all intentions of power or otherwise, it brings them closer to this pure seemingly totally motionless energy flow, pure consciousness or awareness.  To me all this pure consciousness or awareness is, is energy either vibrating at an extremely low rate or a high rate or something in between, it’s still energy, this is why I don’t think you and I and this reality are an illusion it’s all energy no matter what it changes into. We just can't perceive ourselves as just being conscious  energy no matter what creation we take on.   

Please don’t take what I have stated as being absolute, how would anything vibrating at such a high rate perceive anything, to any extent, that is vibrating at a very low rate such as this pure consciousness?  We in this state of a high vibrational rate can only presume/speculate.      

Friday, 7 November 2014

Realities of Time, an Illusion or Not?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I didn’t really want to touch on this subject again however, recent discussions with others on this subject has impelled me to write about this subject once again. First of all it matters not to me if it’s real or not, all I am doing is living in the present moment, if at times this reality feels real so be it and if not so be it.  

If we just consider the present moment, this reality has to be an illusion because there is only the present moment; there is no time in the present moment because it’s only about the present with no past or future.   The other thing to consider however  is, no matter what we are experiencing or expressing it’s still of this timeless consciousness, it might be only parts of this consciousness that we are expressing at any moment in time but it’s still a part of this consciousness, this means this reality can’t be a true illusion. To be a true illusion this illusion would have to be no part of us, it would have to be something we have no connectedness too, this is not the case within time because everything of time is a part of us because it’s still a part of this timeless consciousness.

This timeless consciousness represents a whole consciousness, it is not fragmented or separated in any way to itself, it’s whole. Time on the other hand, our present reality, is of a fragmented consciousness, it’s certainly not whole, this means we cannot express consciousness in a whole way, we can only express this timeless whole consciousness in parts within time. The question is, does this make this reality or any reality of time an illusion?  It certainly does to a certain extent, it is never who we are as a whole, a whole consciousness however it’s still in parts of this timeless whole consciousness therefore realties of time can never be a true illusion. If I cut off my hand from my whole self is that hand no longer my hand, it’s an illusion because it’s no longer a part of me. If I reconnected the hand to my arm again, does this make the hand no longer an illusion because it’s again a physical part of me? The point is the hand is always a part of you; it’s never not a part of you so it can never be an illusion even after once severed from your whole body!!  

So when you separate one part of a whole consciousness, does this make this part of a whole consciousness an illusion? Not to the whole conscious self like the hand to the whole human physical self isn’t an illusion once severed however, if the severed hand thought this is all I am that would be an illusion.  

So what are we doing when we judged realities of time an illusion, are we judging as the hand or are we judging as the whole self, the whole conscious self? We are of course only judging as the severed hand and not the whole self, this is where I think we are misperceiving when we judged time is just an illusion, we are judging from the severed hand point of view not from the whole self.   

If the hand is no longer aware of it’s whole self, it will think this is all I am when it’s not, this is the illusion. We are actually no different to the severed hand because of our disconnectedness to the whole consciousness of timelessness.  The illusion again is thinking this is all I am. Now let’s look at this through the eyes of the whole self, just because parts of my whole self is being expressed in time this doesn’t mean it’s no longer a part of me therefore an illusion.  

We are obviously still looking at our whole self through the eyes of the severed hand otherwise we wouldn’t and couldn’t judge time as being just an illusion.

I had a recent vision of my whole conscious self within timelessness looking through a window observing my fragmented self in time, there is nothing unusual about this however, my fragmented conscious self within time was also observing my whole self within it’s timeless conscious state. For me this was an unusual vision.

Even though I was being the observer from both time and timeless states of consciousness, there was no separation except for the glass window. The glass window represented the separation of consciousness’s of time and timelessness that was all; they were still connected especially through the observation of each other.  Neither one nor the other seemed like an illusion to me.

We are trying to look through the window through this fragmented consciousness of time and observing our whole self thus judged time as being just of an illusion like the severed hand. What we haven’t learnt to do yet , at the same present moment, is observe ourselves from this non-fragmented consciousness of timelessness, in other words we are only looking at ourselves through one side of the window when there are two sides of the window to look and observe ourselves through. If this whole consciousness only existed within timelessness, we wouldn’t have a window but to me this window obviously does exist between this timeless state of consciousness and this consciousness of time.  The window doesn’t stop us from connecting or observing because through observing we connect.  We were never really disconnected but only through our non-observation of consciousness within time and timelessness because no matter what consciousness becomes it’s still consciousness. 

Appendage: It would seem I need to express this differently, I will use the expression higher and lower self instead of consciousness of timelessness and time. The higher self is represented by the whole body and the lower self is represented by the severed hand, the severed hand being of ignorance to it’s higher self until it becomes aware of the higher self.   

Higher self = the whole body + awareness + timeless consciousness
Lower self = the severed hand + ignorance + consciousness of time

The lower self is the hand which has been severed from the main whole body, this is represented by the human species consciousness which is usually ignorant to it’s higher self. When we only perceive through the hand, the lower self, the lower self thinks this is all I am, this is my whole self  until it becomes aware of it’s higher self, this is where the perception of the illusion comes into it. At this stage we are only looking at the higher self through the lower self’s awareness, the severed hand.  

Now let’s look at this through the perspective of the higher self. The higher self is aware of our lower consciousness self which is represented by the severed hand, is this lower consciousness, like the severed hand, no longer a part of this whole consciousness because it’s fragmented or separated from the higher conscious self?  As the severed hand is to us, the lower consciousness is still a part of this higher consciousness, at the higher consciousness level the higher consciousness doesn’t perceive the lower consciousness as being an illusion but the lower consciousness does once it becomes aware of it’s higher self.  In my mind we really should be aware of this.

The present moment is in relation to timelessness, a consciousness of timelessness, how do we relate the present moment in a consciousness of time?  The concept of the present moment doesn’t work in time because time is about a past and future and not just about the present moment.  All of a sudden we have become aware of our higher self and realised that there is indeed a consciousness of just the present moment without a past or future, this is the consciousness of timelessness, our higher selves.  At this stage we are still just perceiving through our lower consciousness thus we have perceived that this higher self is our true selves which brings us to the conclusion that the lower self must be just an illusion. 

Now the concept of the present moment doesn’t work in time so what we have done is judge that time must be an illusion for it to work, this concept is totally disregarding that all consciousness is connected and is one of the same no matter how fragmented the consciousness is especially in time, it’s still consciousness no matter how fragmented it becomes.  Now the higher self knows that the present moment only works in a consciousness of timelessness, our higher state of consciousness, it doesn’t judged one part of consciousness as being an illusion because it’s fragmented through time.  The lower also self needs to believe it’s an illusion because it’s of this higher self, this to me sounds slightly ego controlled.  The higher self on the other hand accepts it too is of a lower consciousness; it doesn’t have to egoistically believe that a more ignorant consciousness is an illusion. 

We have now become aware of our higher selves, what I believe we need to do now is perceive through this higher self as well as the lower conscious self without judging the lower or higher self as being of a lesser value than the other, the higher self doesn’t judge this way at all, this is why I don’t like explaining myself by using higher and lower explanations.  There is no true higher or lower consciousness; one consciousness is just of time and the other of timelessness.   

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Reality Creators

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think by now we realise we have all created this reality what it is today, if not in this life time certainly in past life times, we are all creators of realties personally and collectively so what does this reality tell us about ourselves?   We are certainly fixated on one human trait, the ego and because the ego wants to be all there is we look no further to what it would be like if we used different human traits to build upon a reality like love and acceptance for example. Could you imagine what this reality would be like if we built this reality upon love and understanding? I think a lot of us can these days that is why I feel we are feeling out of sorts with this reality built primarily on the ego.

Extract: You are a part of the great Consciousness. You are a god-fragment who has deliberately forgotten your wholeness so that your adventures can be real. The day you live this truth and take conscious control of your thoughts is the day you declare your freedom and begin your mastery of life.

This is going to be pretty hard for a lot of people to perceive but there are realties that have life forms but no suns, we perceive life forms need the energy of the sun to create life but what are suns other than hot burning gases? The suns in our reality is a high intensity energy forms, it’s the aggressive reaction of the thermonuclear reaction of the sun that creates life in this reality. It’s aggressive so what is this aggressive behaviour going to create? It is of course going to create aggressive behaviour in whatever it creates.  Going by science, the human race and everything else was created by this aggressive behaviour, the big bang, so that means we are going to be naturally aggressive. Well actually no, we know that the ego is a primary producer of aggression in ourselves, what if we used love and acceptance, instead of the ego, as our primary creator of this reality!!

We are actually not of this reality but creators of this reality, yes this species is but where not.  I feel we come from other realties that weren’t created by such aggressive action reaction.  How could life exist without suns? The sun is a thermonuclear energy form however it’s still just energy which is hard for science minded people to just see, energy is energy no matter how an energy form was formed.  The sun that gives human life form only shows how intense this energy is, forget how it was formed and reacts, just look at how intense this energy is. Now take this energy and spread it right over a reality instead of being in a singular intense form like our sun, what do we have?

We have a once aggressive intense energy form spread right over the whole of a reality, we no longer have singular intense aggressive forms creating life but an energy form that is a lot more passive  creating a passive reality of life forms. Everything becomes light.

Now let’s reverse this effect, collect this passive energy into an intense form, what’s going to occur? The big bang and the creation of universes and their suns. Yes this energy has been spread out over a reality but in a more intense form.

It’s all energy but it’s how we use that energy that counts. This is the same in our own reality on Earth, the ego is highly intense form of energy and it would seem any energy formed in an intense way is going to be aggressive spreading out all over this reality. Now what if we used this same energy in a more accepting loving way and spread this all over this reality, what would be the difference? The difference would be like being in realities without suns; it would be highly passive and far less dominated by the controlling ego.

Anyone interested in stargates might find the following interesting. How could anything use the sun as a stargate, they would burn up?  All what energy is is vibrations; once you change your own vibration to the same intensity of a sun it is impossible to become fried chicken, or in our case fried humans. Once you become light itself nothing can harm you physically, mentally and spiritually.   

Please don’t take anything that is written here as gospel, I’m just trying to perceive past the shadows of this reality. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Faultless Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Fault Finding: First we should ask, what would a faultless reality be like? This of course depends on one’s own perspective; to a spiritually aware person it would have to be a reality full of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance however to a materialist for example what we have right now is perfect as it has all the right ingredients to manifest materialism for our desires.  Materialism isn’t of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance, it’s more self-serving & needs none of these attributes that spiritually aware people try to obtain so is a materialistic reality faulty to a spiritually aware person?

The answer of course is a big fat yes however if we asked, let’s say, a spiritualists as opposed to a spiritually aware person from India, what would their answer be if asked,” is this reality faulty’?  You most probably won’t get a direct answer but an answer like this, “If you perceive it to be faulty then it’s faulty”, so what is this answer actually portraying? By the act of seeing a fault in the first place we are inadvertently manifesting the said fault into existence & by persisting with this fault finding we are enhancing such manifestations most of the times unbeknownst to us.  Spirituality isn’t the only form of existence that does this, materialism works in the same way.  

Materialism is all about fault finding, how else can we improve on materialistic objects & the way we sell these materialistic objects to people if it wasn’t for fault finding but what does fault finding portray?  Pure & simple judgment however if materialism is all about judgement what is spirituality portraying when it finds faults like with this reality for example? Judgment of course even after we have convinced ourselves we are no longer in judgement. To improve on anything judgement is first needed so if spiritually aware people like myself see that we can improve on this reality what are we doing? Judging of course, we just don’t seem to be able to get away from judgment but that’s not quite true.  An actual spiritualist doesn’t first of all see a fault with this reality so therefore no judgement has been made so what do they see? First of all true spirituality is about acceptance, it’s pointless becoming spiritually aware without being accepting straight up otherwise you will most probably be chasing your tail around for some time.  To a true spiritualist there can be only a difference at most because a true spiritualist is foremost accepting of any circumstance they find themselves in & this is why acceptance is so important straight up.

Need & Desire: So does this all mean we just sit back & let it all happen & do nothing? No, this is why we have human form to make changes & be non-accepting therefore judgmental & fault finding on the things we need, not desire, to change.  The big difference between a materialist & a spiritually aware person should be one is of desire the other of need & it’s the difference between these two that makes the difference here in regard to judgement & fault finding.  A true spiritually aware person will have a need to amend our ways however spiritually aware people must be aware of the difference between need & desire here as to desire to amend our ways can be far more destructive & disruptive & more about  being judgemental  instead of just being in judgment.

Let’s go back to a spiritually aware person being non-accepting so they may help amend our ways, does a true spiritualist look down at this kind of behaviour?  To a true spiritualist it is also accepted to be non-accepting even of themselves at times displaying non-acceptance, they accept that this non-acceptance is human & we are human so of course we will all portray such human tendencies as being non-accepting however once again it is wiser & more spiritual to be accepting than to judge.  This brings us back to the dilemma, to do anything one must be in judgement to act however this also comes back to making judgement on a need compared to a desire.  It is far more desirable for a spiritually aware person to make judgement on a need & the need in this case for a spiritually aware person is to amend our ways & allow the Earth & ourselves collectively as a species to heal however we must realise we are still in judgement otherwise we wouldn’t lift a finger without judgement but judgement for our need not desire.

Faultless Reality:  To me there are no faultless realities because there are no realities with faults to start with. An average spiritually aware person will see faults like with the ego for example or the chaos & mayhem that is going on in the world because to a spiritually aware person this is disruptive to their newly found feelings of oneness, enlightenment, unconditional love, acceptance & the big one, contentment for without contentment you really can’t truly attain any of the other experiences mentioned here.   If we are not content we can’t obtain these attributes mentioned so spiritually aware people find themselves in a materialistic reality that is quite disruptive to them so they judge this reality as being faulty in some way but what are we really doing here, is this of a need or is it of desire?  

It would seem like a need but before I answer this question we should ask here, why do we feel discontent when becoming spiritually aware? It’s mainly because of the disruptions to our spiritual lives but it goes much deeper than that.  What we do is compare this reality to our newly found realties because we do, while becoming aware, find ourselves experiencing different realities & some of them are far less chaotic than ours. Now we can see desire come into the picture here. We desire to keep feeling good & positive as opposed to what this reality is mainly because we have found faults in it in comparison to our newly found realities.  This isn’t a need but a desire, if we are at all discontent it is of desire but if we are content it’s of a need obviously.

Using myself as an example; I have had a chronic disability since I was six years old, I am now fifty years old & with this chronic injury comes never ending chronic pain. I do to this day I can’t see any faults within this reality at the spiritual level & my disability is only the tip of the iceberg in what I have experienced throughout my life. I should also mention here I don’t take pain killers of any kind so how do I cope so well? I just don’t see a fault just an experience that is different to most people. I did mention I don’t see faults at the spiritual level so does this mean I see faults at the human level? Most definitely however it’s more about fault finding as a need than a desire most of the times however  I love expressing my human self so yes I do at times judge through my desires but I do notice the discord in this as opposed to my judging through a need these days.

This reality is one big WOW for me, I wish I could do this feeling justice & explain it better but WOW will have to do. How could I feel this about such a disruptive & destructive reality?  We spiritually aware people keep focusing on the disruptive & destructive parts of this reality but it’s much much more than that. Every conceivable emotion & experience can be encountered here; this is not a common thing in realities. I don’t just feel disruptiveness & destructiveness but all of what we are able to experience in this reality when I get the big WOW feeling all at the same time; it’s a very special reality believe it or not.   So should we all be this content with this reality the way it is? Not on your nelly (life) because that is what makes this reality such a big WOW, we see a fault & then we see a need as opposed to a desire to change it however non-spiritually aware people will display more of a desire than a need which adds to the flow of things within this reality. Trust me this is a very special reality indeed so in all to me it’s a faultless reality. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Age Spirituality (NAS) to the Rescue

Written by Mathew Naismith

I awoke to morning & thought about writing up about how we all are attached to one thing or another which keeps us all grounded to realties like this one for without these attachments we couldn’t be here & then I thought indifferent to writing this thought up. While going through my emails I came across an email redirecting me to a hub about soul retrievers which of course I have never heard of before. While reading this hub I got the funny idea that soul retrieving was about helping souls after the demise of the human vessel self by showing them how to become detached from any attachments that might be holding them back from going on.  Obviously synchronism played a part here for it was all I needed to wright my to morning thoughts down.  The related link is directly below.   

New Age Spirituality (NAS): I shouldn’t just make reference to just new age spirituality but I will in this case however it can be of any new age thought in any ideological belief system new or old that anyone wants to follow or is following at present. In actual fact a lot of NAS isn’t new age at all but new to most westerners so I will refer to it as new seen as I’m a westerner myself.  

NAS is about new age thought (NAT), thinking beyond our attachments which of course can take us into different conscious reality states.  We are conceived by attachments, born into attachments & are raised up with attachments so you could say this whole reality we are presently in is of & about attachments so what is the point of being in a reality of attachments when all what most spiritually aware people are trying to do is escape or change this reality of attachments to something of lesser attachments?   Any fixated attachment either it be in the physical or non-physical world can be destructive &/or disruptive, NAS & related NAT give us a chance in balancing out this one sided affair turning it hopefully into a more balanced reality of attachments however it won’t change it completely to a totally non-attachments reality & neither should we try either as this also would cause the demise of this reality.  

Realities of attachments are of realities of time & space & have their place & use mainly for our souls to grow & experience the collective consciousness’s knowing I believe so trying to change realities like this one to non-attachments totally will have a detrimental effect not just physically but at the soul level as well.  NA spiritualists are here to give balance to a realm in trouble not replace it with something else but we are going to ascend into a much better reality so why be fearful of the demise of such a destructive & disruptive reality? Other than the reason mentioned before, yes we will ascend however not all of us want to ascend so destroying this reality/world is very humanly selfish plus believe it or not we will want to return after finding out about what this reality was really all about which can only come from further conscious awareness at the soul level which is obtained from realities like this one, a cliché you could say.

This whole reality is all about attachments & our unattached souls came here to learn about itself & the collective consciousness through different attachments/experiences & yes at times fixated attachments like we are going through now but the problem is when to become detached before we destroy this reality that has served us so well.  Many of us have become so attached to this reality that it’s become a fixation that has overridden our common & sixth sense so in comes the NAS with their NAT to the rescue however we too must balance out the NAT with common & sixth sense as well because it’s so easy for a human being to be overwhelmed by the NAT & lose all sense especially while experiencing so many chaotic extremes & this is where psychology can come to our rescue if we are truly open minded enough.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why We Are Here??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wasn’t going to turn this post on another spiritual forum site into another post but I have just become aware why we all see our purpose in realities like this one so differently so I feel it’s important for me to relay this on. The following response of mine is in relation to why we are here not saying it answers it but producing yet another possibility of why we are here which a lot of my blog relates too. This post is in reference to my previous post titled Soul connection & religion.

G’day Schwanke

Most people denote religion to being just of faith which is usually connected to church doctrines of one kind or another however religion can also denote to being of logic not just faith as a scientist will have certain theories they will follow which is a religion or creed for them to follow usually right through their lives.

Certain eastern based religions teach free will & I can’t see them dying in the near future however like western based religion it will have to change with the time or new consciousness as everything does in realities of time & space I believe. While living in realities of time & space boundaries are always set to guide us however realities of no time & space have no such set boundaries, there is no need. I think what is happening now is we are trying to replace time & space with no time & space, in my mind that is not what we came here to do.  I think what we are supposed to be doing is assimilating no time & space within time & space only to give it balance again however of course I could be wrong.
By the sounds of it this is where we differ greatly, I feel our souls need time & space to experience our knowing which is infinite because time & space will always renew itself however it would seem you think we are here to just connect with the source ( true love) thus change this reality into another reality of no time & space.  We were all created from light, yes some souls will decide to reunite with the light, the source, after ones soul has a certain understanding & awareness but I think most souls will decide to keep on experiencing the knowing for this expands the sources conscious awareness of itself even further, you could say that all souls are serving God however we too are that God (consciousness).

What I think what has happened here is certain people have experienced certain states of consciousness to a point where they have formulated a conclusion to what is happening without going further thus we only have the understanding of being here to become what we were in the first place light/love, I feel there is much much more to it than that Schwanke.   


Thinking With the Cycle Not Against It: We need to think past the 3rd dimension or previous consciousness as nothing stays the same including knowledge & wisdom in realties of never ending cycles which are realities of no time & space, if we don’t start thinking past this point or last point I should say we are either going to change this reality into a reality of no time & space while becoming one with the source again or we are going to continue on a life of fixated attachments which will end sooner or later in catastrophe. I feel quite strongly we haven’t come to do either but serve thy lord so to speak which is in turn serving ourselves.

I’ve written in previous posts about the soul being of more important than the human vessel self & that we should focus on the soul more to bring balance however the soul has no real precedence on the creative source so what our souls are doing is serving the source (God). The problem with knowing that we are serving the lord (source) we are focusing on the lord primarily not our soul, yes some will say by serving the lord that we are in fact serving our souls but the problem with this is we are putting one above the other by idolising one above the other, where is the oneness in this? We are of the source itself so in fact we are serving ourselves through the soul & human vessel & the reason the soul & human vessel are just as important as the source itself is the human self & the soul are teacher of the source like the human vessel is the teacher of the soul, nothing has less importance or precedence than the other.  

By focusing on the soul we are bringing balance again because the soul is of both realities of time & space & realities of no time & space, if we focus on either the human self or the source we are actually not bringing balance to this reality but unbalancing it even more. The old teaching especially eastern teachings taught us balance for the main reason they had the understanding of balance within this reality, tilting to the extreme either way would give us unbalance & turn this world into something else usually something unbecoming, consumerist materialism is a good example of this & so were the dark ages as both these ideologies gave us an unbalanced world.  So old teachings are still relevant then!!! Yes & no because they too like anything in a cycle of time & space are forever changing so they too must take on change, go with the flow not against it for in this comes true awareness!! 

 “The soul is the key to balance I believe”…Love Mathew