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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Helping Each Other, As a Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I can think of no great wise and aware soul in human history that simply sat within their own safe havens and let things occur around them, in actuality the opposite occurred. I think Buddha and Jesus in the west are prime examples of this, even though Jesus and Buddha are of eastern origin. Look within your own culture honestly and you will see that no great wise and aware soul simply sat in their own safe havens.

Are we waiting for some great saviour to save us again, or, sit within our own safe havens of love, light and positiveness while completely ignoring the obvious? The true wise and aware are not waiting for a saviour or simply sit within their own safe havens to stay positive, they observe what is often deemed negative in a completely different way. People like me don't look at our present environment as being separate to ourselves, or simply negative therefore something to avoid, we see it as simply something like a consciousness lost within its own creation.

Hate groups are formed by participating in the separation of energy, for example, positive from negative, black from white. Within the participation of such separation, hate, ostracising, disdain, etc, are naturally created, however, through the observation of energy a union of energy occurs, not a separation. The reason for this lies in that when one is participating in relation to energy, a desired outcome is proffered. When in observation of energy, even when observing your own participation, you become more honestly truthful in relation to energy. If all you are doing is ignoring the negatives to become positive, this is not a sign of observation but purely of participation in the absence of any true observation, in all honest truth. And in all honesty, participation in the absence of unbiased observation is of desired truths, not honest truths.

So what have we created or manifested sitting within our own personal safe havens today? This is while we are still looking at negatives as something separate to ourselves, and of course something to be ignored and scorned.  Will we ever start learning from our past instead of suffering from it!!

At present, I am unable to blog a post about exposing hate groups. Yes, I can create a blog but the blog is virtually invisible as it is deemed to be hatful. As I don't know when honest truth become disdainful, I don't know when awareness become hatful!!

Now, if you are abused by a hatful group of people, even if it's Nazis, you can't talk about it on the net because it is deemed hatful to Nazis. So if you now want to talk about the atrocities of the Nazis during WWII, it will now have to be deemed to be hatful by the present regime trying to control the whole world. However, this is while the same exact regime, not just allows but supports another well known hate group dominating another people, the Palestinians, they distastefully hate with a vengeance. Imagine for a moment being invaded by a people who notably hate you with a vengeance. Yes, but this is alright as long as we are safe, right!!

So in our safe havens we are manifesting for a better existence, while it is obvious this kind of manifesting is creating a monster. No wise and aware consciousness is going to help another consciousness that has no intentions in helping itself, in truth, quite the opposite, what would be the point?

The great wise and aware of human history have shown us how to interact with energy, either it be negative and positive, black and white, not negative or positive, black or white. What have we chosen to do instead? Manifest a monster, a regime that will control everything we are, in service to its own desires, not to the real needs of the collective.

Make no mistake, like Buddha and Jesus who didn't just sit within their own personal safe havens, you too can be within any environment and stay true to yourself and in complete harmony. Just because you are involved, doesn't mean you become what you are involved in. It has everything to do with the way you interact and use energy. By just sitting their within your own personal love, light and positiveness, is an abuse of energy by manifesting a monster that is simply about its own desires. Of course if these desires coincide with your own, to serve the desires of a few, all the better for you but not the collective.

We are conditioned at present to separate one from the other to serve our own personal desires, but we can also condition ourselves to unite energy as a whole to serve the collective, the choice is indeed ours. No great wise and aware soul will try to help us if we don't start honestly and truthfully helping ourselves. To manifest such a monster is not a sign we are trying to help ourselves, especially when we are completely ignoring the truly wise and aware of our time in how to interact with energy as a whole, not in parts.

So why do people like me try to help the collective, if the truly wise and aware won't help us until we begin to help ourselves?  In relation to wisdom and awareness, people like me are average, in other words probably more of a participator than an observer of energy, which is obviously our choice also.........    

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Bringing About World Peace

Written by Mathew Naismith

Peace always comes at a price, especially world peace.

How many people are at present sitting within their own peace? In a lot of cases to do this takes one to ignore the insurmountable negatives in our present reality. In this case, peace didn't come at a price for the people finding peace in this way but it does for the people suffering from these ignored negatives.

Of course many more of us state that we shouldn't try to change other people's lives journeys, even though each person's journey is connected to numerous other people's journey. The collective human journey is indeed one journey, how did the recent massacre in New Zealand influence so many of us of the collective human consciousness?  

You know why materialist influence is influencing and changing the world, and not for the better for all? Materialists actually treat humans as a collective consciousness; the materialist journey is indeed collective. No one's negative or positive is ignored for the sake of their material wealth and power, in fact this is why they are so wealthy, powerful and influential upon the rest of the world.

Many people of westernised spirituality often think, "My journey or path is separate to everybody else's journey or path", when in all honesty it's not, " so I have no right to influence another person's journey" I don't just have a right to try to influence the people who listen to me; I have a responsibility to the collective consciousness to do so. However, unlike materialists, this kind of influence is not forced upon people, it is simply there when needed. Yes, become noticed but in the absence of force and control, for example, multinationals who are obviously forcing their own journey onto the world, onto the collective consciousness.

I am willing to die or become incarcerated (jailed) for trying to bring about world peace by trying to influence the collective human consciousness. If you are into past lives, reincarnation and souls, this seems to be my soul's journey, to try to influence the collective consciousness, especially away from materialists who force their own journey onto the collective consciousness through control and manipulation. In this life, I am a small fish in the barrel unlike other past lives where I was quite prominent in my influence.

It is vitally important not to separate your own journey or path from the collective journey. You do have a right and even a responsibility to the collective consciousness to influence this collective journey, this collective consciousness, not by force but by honesty and love.

Think on this, did Gandhi sit within he's own peace and do nothing to influence the world? He instead enacted on being the change he wished to see upon the world!!                                         

Monday, 5 February 2018

A Journey to Behold

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel like a charlatan at present. Having posted over two thousand posts on topics like letting go in one sense or another, I still have an attachment to a journey I have no passion to belong to for I have my own journey to follow. I am not talking about a path as in our own personal paths that we follow through the collective human journey; I am talking about a journey that my path has lead me down to.
My family individual paths are following the present human journey, a journey conditioned to one order trying to dominate each path being followed. This means that all paths must follow the present dominating journey or perish, however, my path is leading me down a different journey, a journey where a particular order doesn't dominate all other paths lead.

The Roman Empire, the Napoleon Empire and the world order of Adolph Hitler's fascism, are of world orders; the human collective consciousness has been conditioned over thousands of years to the dominance of an order over all individual paths. All paths are to serve the order or perish, this is apparent today as a one world order once again tries to dominate over all other orders and paths lead.

Confucius died disheartened in China because he was unable to influence his countries journey to a great degree, his countries journey was of course following what China was conditioned to on a collective human scale. I would say Jesus was also disappointed at his attempt to influence the collective human consciousness as well, as of anyone with a true sense of love and compassion would for the collective consciousness.

You could say people like this tried to change the collective conscious journey rather than just simply influence the collective human conscious journey. The influence wasn't done in a way that inferred force, deception, lying and brutality under one order, so it wasn't to change the collective journey but to influence it in a way to be more moderate within its order.

A one world order will denounce or, if applicable, totally ignore anything it's proclaimed as being negative, especially if it's of toxic vibrations. It's of course understandable that a one world order will feel that other orders are of bad toxic vibration, these people will literally feel bad vibrations from other orders it sees as a threat or has disdain for.

Do you see where I am coming from in relation to new age spirituality? It's of the same order it's trying to extricate itself from so it denounces anything not of its order as what? Toxic, bad vibrations and so on it goes. Yes, while being of another journey collectively, we will feel that the present journey is negative and even toxic to our new order, the trick is to not treat a break away human collective journey as being an order. As species have evolved from other species over millions of years, I believe a new consciousness will evolve from the present human consciousness, this can't be obtained if we are still of the old order or of any order to be precise.

Yes, it is possible that western perceptions like love and light are of a different path while following the same human collective journey, in actuality this seems to be the case but I don't think it's meant to be.

The more unconditionally loving we become, the more accepting we become, our acceptance should be more unconditional not less. There is simply more conditions in what we don't and do accept, considering that to truly love one must be accepting, being less accepting isn't truly love, it's a desire. Try loving something you don't accept, within this unacceptance there is a huge amount of conditions. How many conditions are their to a world order? This is why there is no true love within a one world order, only desire. Yes, many of us simply desire a new human journey which will only continue us on the present journey unbeknownst to us.

I accept my family's journey as being their journey and not mine; this is the same on a collective human scale, within this I can truly love what I am parting from. Yes, the present human journey feels simply not of my own, should this really mean it's toxic or even negative like a world order? You will find what you truly love hard to detach or extricate yourself from, as it should be if we are truly becoming a part of a new consciousness.

You should love what you are detaching yourself from, this is simply not occurring. You must love it for what it is, not what you desire it to be in accordance with your own order. The journey to behold is simply not of an order, it's far more accepting than that...... 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Unconditional Collective Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me, the following is a very beautiful way to look at life in it's still form which I think unconditional collective love is all about. It's like observing  a single frame of a film or movie picture except you look at the whole film as a still picture, within  this perception, there is no judgment as there is no motion until the film is put into motion.

You see it's this motion that gives us judgement and ego, this is why unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego and this is why personal love can be.

When you observe an unconditional loving mother, what do you see? You see a mother who looks at her children as a still picture instead of a film/picture in motion, as soon as the mother predominantly looks at her children as just a motion picture in motion, they become judgmental towards their children. However, when you observe a truly unconditional loving mother, this isn't the case because the mother observes the whole collective of their child, not just the things her children are doing wrong!!   

Let's look at this in a slightly different way, visualise the whole of the universe as a  movie picture, it's full of motion, it actually never stops moving. Like a picture film, every motion represents a separate frame and when all these separate frames are put into motion, we have a past present and future to judge from. Now visualise this whole picture film as being one frame, not a picture film made up of many separate frames, there is no movement therefore their is no judgment, this is why a true form of unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego.

What this is saying is, to be truly unconditionally collectively loving, one has to look at the whole of one's life as one single frame, not many frames which automatically gives us judgment. Look at the whole movie picture as one frame, within this there is no motion to judge, this perception is what I call a timeless conscious state for there is no motion.

I perceive this is how mothers can be unconditionally loving, they perceive their children as a still picture before seeing their children as a child in motion. No matter what motion the child expresses, they still predominantly see there children as a still picture, therefore, judgment of their children comes second to unconditional love. This is how mothers can love their children no matter what.

You could also look at this as maternal love which is a natural instinct for mothers, this is unless a mother personally loves predominately over and above unconditional love.  

Now why do I say unconditional collective love, why the collective?  

This is interesting, visualise a picture film, it's made up of numerous still pictures called frames, these frames are all separate but only when looked at separately, even when this film is put into motion, every frame is still separate due to a past, present and future perception. You can replay, pause and go forward at any time in this film, therefore the perception it gives us is of  past, present and future events. Now look at this whole picture film as one single picture, sort of like a panoramic photo accept you can observe the whole  motion picture. As soon as you observe this picture in it's whole form, it becomes motionless. It's this motionless state that automatically gives us nothing to judge as their is no past or future, only the present.

Now the collective comes into it because you are now observing the whole motion picture as one whole picture, each frame observed as a whole is a collective, there is no separation of separate frames, there is only one frame, one picture. By being able to observe the whole motion picture in one frame, instantly gives this motion picture it's stillness, it's motionlessness. This is why in this state their is no time.......     

To me, each person represents a motion picture, I can either look at them as a picture in motion or a picture that is motionless, the perception of perceiving this perspective allows me to participate or observe a persons life. This means I can either become a participator in their lives or become an observer of their lives. You can actually do both but this can be tricky at times.

As soon as you perceive a motion picture is in motion, you instantly become a participator, this isn't the same when you just observe without participating. Also by being a participator, you become unaware of the bigger picture, you only see each frame as a separate frame that gives you a past, present and future, again this isn't the same when just observing.

When you observe, you see the whole motion picture but in a motionless state, within this perception, you are able to observe the whole of the motion picture all at the same time, you become aware of all of the whole collective, not just part of the collective we are participating in.

In actuality, unconditional collective love is the observer where's personal love is the participator, you can see how tricky it is when an unconditional loving mother also expresses a personal love towards their children.

It's funny, I so often refer to people like Jesus and Buddha for an example but truly unconditional loving mothers are just as good of an example to us, yes, we can learn a lot from unconditionally loving mothers as much if not more so!!                               

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Darkness of Man’s Soul and the Light Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

This isn’t altogether a dark post, actually there is a fair amount of light, more light than darkness within the visionary insights  I’ve been receiving in the last 24 hrs. Yes, this post is about obvious visions I have been receiving recently, it’s to do with a sickly colourless man sitting on a bench in a dingy dark corner of a room, imagine a dungeon except……

When I stand in the doorway of this room, I first see a sickly looking man, ill in some way because he’s skin looks grey and he is slightly stooped.  In every vision, it’s a different man but a man who is obviously experiencing  a dark existence all the same.

When I tried to approach this man to help him, I found myself being drawn towards his existence which was quite dark compared to mine, I backed off towards the doorway again, there was no way I was going to draw him away from his existence on my own. While backing off towards the doorway, I noticed a bright light to the left side of the room, this light was in full view of this man, he was not tempted at any time to walk into this light. “What will tempt this man to walk into the light out of his obvious dark existence?”    

While standing in the doorway, a beautiful person gleaming with love appeared, without hesitating, the man began to move towards us.

I got a huge feeling that the man  represents the mind of man, in other words the soul of man as a collective, this doesn’t portray a very good view of man. The feeling I received from this man wasn’t good, the first word that comes to mind is distortion, a disfigurement of man’s soul through his own choice, except man is quite unaware of this disfigurement, it’s as if this kind of existence is normal and natural.

In a sense, this kind of existence is normal, it’s normal for consciousness’s that knows no better. It was funny that the bright light, in full view of this man, wasn’t enticing him, it was a warm glowing bright light but it wasn’t comforting to this man at all, actually it seemed more as a threat to him and his existence. This seemed to keep him in his existence,  it’s as if the light was opposing man and not trying to help him from his obvious dark existence.

The bright light seemed to represent the goodness in the world, it would seem these people of the light are most useful to this dark existence in various ways. It was quite understandable why this man was not going to go into the light, why be abused when you can be the abuser? No wonder this man seemed so sickly to me to the point of being feeble, darkness always needs the light to draw it’s strength from. 

Now what about the person who was gleaming with love, what would they represent?

A collective for starters, I was unable to help this man on my own but as soon as another person appeared, everything changed, the man began to move towards us. At this point, the man was sucked into the light within the room, he too became the love within the world.

It is obviously going to take a huge amount of energy to change man’s ways, to entice him away from his dark existence. This huge amount of energy seems to me to be the collective good, working together, to change man’s ways. It’s a huge amount of energy because it’s representative of the collective, not individuals. The individual good was represented by the light within the room, even though this light was of love and goodness, it wasn’t a collective, “united we stand , divided we fall”, this is an appropriate quote here.

This light within  the room also didn’t seem to be enlightening to the man, probably this has more to do with the light not working together as a collective than to do with awareness. To me all light represents awareness, this is very much the same in switching on the light in a dark room, it’s enlightening. The light within this room, where the man was sitting, was all about awareness but not a collective awareness, the collective awareness to me was represented by two people standing in the doorway working together to help this man.

What I feel entice this man to move from his present dark existence was enlightenment, an awareness to there being a much better existence than what he is conditioned too. The light within this room wasn’t doing this, this was due to the man’s dark existence abusing this light to feed this man’s dark existence. You will not be enticed to become the thing you are abusing no matter how good the thing is you are abusing.  It’s obviously going to take a collective to change man’s ways without a doubt.  

I’ve never had visionary insights quite like this before, it’s a good thing actually, it shows we are evolving, in other words we are collectively becoming more aware. I know why I wrote the previous post now.       

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Healing Effortlessly

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are numerous ways to heal individually and collectively, this is primarily due to living in time because time gives us numerous or even infinite possibilities in all of what we do. Some of these healing processes take a lot of effort and some of them don’t, so which way should we heal personally and collectively?

Personally we should go with what we are comfortable with; it’s no good going with a healing process we don’t resonate with, this could be anything from healing through active and/or passive intentions, as the link directly below explains about, or we could use a healing process that incorporates no intentions, this is accomplished through purely living and thinking in the now, the present moment.      

Extract: Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Yet using your intentions to assist your healing is not promoted in the western medical system. Why is this important aspect of healing overlooked and what can you do about it?

Healing collectively is somewhat trickier; we can’t use any healing processes that other people don’t resonate with, this is obvious in the way other people in the world shun spiritualistic practices for a more scientific way of healing and of course visa-versa.  There seems to be no way to heal the collective collectively or is there?

Let’s look at why we need to heal ourselves, what has caused us to have intentions to heal ourselves and why do we need to be healed in the first place?

What creates everything in time? Intentions, suns are in my mind intentionally created to give life, this is due to the sun also being of consciousness and any consciousness in time can have intentions and most often does have intentions.  Look at what man has created; it was all created through intentions, OK pollution isn’t intentional but the process of an intention can create pollution.  Nothing can be created without intentions either directly or indirectly.  

Everything we have intentions to heal ourselves from has been created through intentions. People can become overweight when they eat too much takeaway food, this might not be intentional by the profiteers but the profiteers do have an intention to become wealthier, overweight people are a by-product  through such intentions. We then need to intentionally heal ourselves from being overweight brought about by intentions, everything we need to heal ourselves from has been created from intentions either directly or indirectly. 

Collectively it’s the same dilemma, someone has intentions to force their own beliefs on to other nations and to obtain peace, another intention is enforced to go to war with such people, action reaction time and time again as human history quite plainly demonstrates.  How do we heal the collective from this, it’s seemingly an insurmountable dilemma?

First of all become aware of what is causing us to have a need to be healed in the first place and then act on this.  It’s seemingly going to take an insurmountable effort to curb our intentions, how is a non-intentional thinking process going to be effortless?

How many well-known spiritually aware people are teaching us about living just in the now? Living in the now is all about this present moment without any reflection of a past or future, to have intentions you certainly need a future and past otherwise you cannot be of intentions. Having intentions has nothing to do with living and being in the now, intentions are all to do with time, however, living and being in the now is of timelessness, there is no true past or future.  Take away the past and future; you take away anything needing to be healed because there are no intentions to cause something to be healed!! 

It takes little effort to live and be in the now, all it takes is to drop your intention which is all about a past and future, all this takes is to think differently, instead of thinking in time, we are now thinking in timelessness.  To a person who can only think in time, this is going to seemingly take a lot of effort but it doesn’t once you realise you truly are eternal. This doesn’t just take being aware of being eternal but knowing you are eternal. Being aware that intentions are only of time also helps in this process; we are indeed timeless sources of conscious eternal energy.

Once you drop intentions and only live and be within the now, this very healing process of living and being in the now will become quite effortless individually and collectively.   

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Merry Christmas to the Whole Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I hope everyone of the entire collective has a fantabulous season and new year ahead, wishing peace, love and understanding to all of the collective no matter what we have done throughout the year.  It’s very important for the individual to not judge the collective or individuals of the collective too harshly, it’s not easy living in ignorance so show a little understanding and patience for the whole collective’s sake.  

Our own personal happiness is vital for our wellbeing, sit back and enjoy the season but please consider what other parts of the collective are going through in the now, even if it’s for a brief moment of your time.

Being spiritually aware, we can sit back in our positive thoughts and expressions and just live in the now, if we are lucky that is, lucky enough not to be suffering under the influence of ignorance, so many people of the collective don’t have this much luck in the world so be grateful that you are not influenced by such destructive ignorance.  

It’s also a time to be grateful, to be grateful of all those of the collective who have suffered and are suffering in the now for us to be able to live without such destructive ignorance. We should remember, while living in our awareness in the now, other people of the collective living in the now are not so fortunate, living in the now for them is quite daunting to say the least.  

We need to be aware that living in the now for a lot of peolpe at any time isn’t full of awareness, love and harmony, it’s full of ignorance, hate and discord and we need to remember this is also a part of the collective. None of us can be of total awareness, love and harmony if any part of the collective is still living in ignorance.  

Yes we are indeed lucky to be aware so please give a thought to those of the collective that are not as lucky as we.

I will finish off this post with what is going to seem, to a lot of people, like a strange gesture by me towards another, I gave a gift of my time and certain consumables to a multi-millionaire, the look on his face was quite astounding. I look at it this way, is a person living in opulence ignorance any less needy than anyone living in a poverty influenced ignorance? Not to me, my awareness doesn’t judge who is needier and who isn’t, it just sees a need that needs to be met in the present moment without judgement. We are all living in ignorance of one kind or another. I don’t look at a multi-millionaire any less in need of my awareness than anyone else. I should also state I do indeed also give my time and consumables to less financially influential people of the collective, no one in the collective is judged to be of any less importance than another no matter what their stature is. I realised I gave a lot to this millionaire, more than my time and consumables; it was written all over he’s face.  

Friday, 19 September 2014

Yogis and the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yogis in this instance is also in reference to shamans, sages, soothsayers or anybody who is focused on our true essence self and not on human perceptions and desires.  These people have a gift to be able to go beyond human perceptions and desires and the longer they live like this, the more connected they become to our true essence self, our inner self or God’s consciousness.  

This might seem far fetch but many of us are yogis in the sense. I was recently reading the article in the below link and in one part of this article, it said this world/plain/reality was  full of yogi type people, in other words they were people who were well connected to the true essence of the self, where did these people go? Actually they didn’t go anywhere, they are still right here in this plain living in ignorance to one extent or another of themselves. Many people on Earth are reincarnated from these yogis and once a yogi always a yogi. So how come we are not all practicing yogis?  This is due to human perceptions and desires and a wanting, at the soul level, to become enlightened at the collective level.  

By the way, the following link is certainly worth following up.  

Once we become enlightened at the individual level, I feel we have chosen at the soul level to become enlightened at the collective level which is somewhat a lot more trickier. The main reason for this is it will take a lot longer and the longer it takes, the more of a chance we will entirely give in to human perceptions and desires like Buddha and Jesus could have.  To help us understand what we are doing at the soul level, we need to perceive Buddha and Jesus as being a collective, a reprehensive of the human collective. Now try to understand the trials and tribulation they had to go through to become enlightened, the traumas they needed to experience, now look at the human collective, is what this collective going through any different?  Actually it’s no different, we are at the collective level all seeking enlightenment through the same trials and tribulation that people like Buddha and Jesus experienced.

I’m probably going to be hung for this. There is a drawback to this, we can fail in becoming enlightened at the collective level just like Jesus and Buddha could have so why do this? Well in actual fact we don’t have to do this, if one person has become truly enlightened in this plain, this consciousness, we all have, we really don’t have to take such a risk at the human level and continue to suffer as we do. At the soul level, we have chosen to become enlightened as a collective which will take a huge effort to get through to an enlightened state, we actually don’t have to go through with this if there is a chance that we might not make it. Not making it to enlightenment at the human level will be devastating to the human species as it would have been to Buddha or Jesus but is it a risk we need to take? People like Buddha and Jesus have already done this for us; we don’t have to try to become enlightened at the collective level.  

So how come we are not all enlightened?  We all are it’s just we are unaware of this. The reason for this is again, we have chosen at the soul level to become enlightened as a collective species, to become enlightened at the collective level, we need to go back to being ignorant of our truer selves just like Buddha and Jesus were to start with, they had some idea of their entitlement at the soul level but not to the same extent at the human level.  What I am saying is the collective consciousness has become ignorant of itself to become enlightened as a collective physical species and that we don’t really have to become enlightened in this way. So what other way is there?

Focus on people like Buddha and Jesus (yogis) however don’t idolise them, focus on their mentality, on the way they focused on our truer essence selves without hindrance from human perceptions and desires.  To do this you don’t have to be actually with them or in direct contact with them in any way, just focus on what they focused on mentally and become focused on this. If it makes one feel better, focus on a living yogis but never idolise them. Like when I lived a life in ancient Egyptian time, we were in direct contact with what most Egyptian people thought of as God’s but we never idolised them as such and we became enlightened through our contact with them.  The reason we don’t idolise them is all we would be doing is idolising ourselves, this kind of action of course is egotistical and egotism only enhances our ignorance.  

Please don’t take this seriously, it’s just from a perception I have had recently but it’s certainly worth mentioning.  

Monday, 8 September 2014

Frustrations within Spirituality.

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have dreams now and again of going on a long journey to a final destination but along the way, there a numerous obstacles to cross, at every turn I have yet another obstacle to overcome.  The frustration due to these never ending obstacles is quite tiering in these dreams.  I don’t myself seem to have the same obstacles in my private life to the extent of my dreams but the world itself does, I think this is reflective within my dreams.

I have concerns, like many other people in the world do, especially at present in where the world is going. When my a dreams are full of stationary obstacles, this refers to my private life but when they are full of human obstacles, I don’t see this being of my private life but of the life of the world.  These human obstacles in my dreams are usually of an unbecoming nature of one kind or another; I just kept coming across them at every turn which ended up frustrating me, I couldn’t see myself getting to where I was supposed to be going.

What is stopping the world getting to where it’s supposed to go to where it is going at present?  The thing about being spiritually aware, we can usually sense/feel where our final destination will lead us, what we are going through at present will frustrate us if we are not altogether collective within our inner being.  The world is full of unbecoming people hindering our journey at every point it would seem, there doesn’t seem to be a way out of these most unbecoming obstacles along the way.

Should I have stopped to be in the present within my dreams?  The present wasn’t very becoming in my dreams as the world isn’t at present, is this a good place to stop and be in the present? Actually we really only have the present in our present state but do we stop or continue along our journey no matter what obstacle we come across?

Jesus and Buddha didn’t stop along in their journey to be in the present moment, they continued along their journey no matter what obstacle they came across however this isn’t saying they weren’t in the present moment, it’s just they didn’t stop in the present to make the present moment permanent.  On a collective scale, humans seem to have done this, this is it, so we must deal with it in how it is and the only way we know how to deal with these obstacles is by force, fighting fire with fire which will only stoke the fire more until there is nothing left to stoke it with, at this point the fire will burn itself out before it has a chance to move on.  The obstacles are the fire and we are the fuelers of such fire if we are going to fight fire with fire.

At present we have no other way to deal with such unbecoming obstacles only because we are staying in the present not moving on to the present, moving on will show us how to deal with such obstacles a lot better than what we are at present.  

The answer is to not stay in the present but just be in the present while the present is present. If in my dreams I tried to tackle these people, I would be living the present instead of moving on from the present. The funny thing is, if a showed a lot of love towards these people, these people wouldn’t have become an obstacle or as much as an obstacle.  Can we carry this through to the collective world? Showing distain only creates more friction, distain is only feeding the fire more however, if we showed love and understating towards these obstacles, is this feeding the fire?  We are no longer feeding the fire but extinguishing such a fire while we move on within our journey as a collective.

Would it make a difference showing love and understanding towards radicles (obstacles), wouldn’t they then just tread all over us? Yes to a point but it’s a lot better than continually living in the present and feeding the fire which will burn out eventually leaving us where?  

We can’t avoid these obstacles but we can certainly learn to deal with them a lot better by continuing along our journey as a collective, once we learn to deal with these obstacles a lot better, they will no longer be an obstacle.  

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Collective Psychological Illness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have touched on this topic about the collective being mentally ill before in past posts but my recent post titled, Saviours and Prophets, our Psycho Therapists, has brought this up again.  I can’t insert these replies to my last post into this post as they are way too big for a single post.  I also don’t like cutting other people’s replies down to fit within one of my posts so instead I have only used portions of my replies with additional material.

Our great psychotherapist teachers of the past, like Jesus and Buddha for example, saw an obvious illness that needed attention within the human race, what if we listened to Jesus or Buddha for example, all our problems we have now wouldn’t have occurred I believe.   It might be a strange way of looking at it but to me they are indeed our psychotherapist teachers, it is obvious they tried to influence the way we were thinking to save ourselves from ourselves!!

Because we didn’t listen to such teachers, we have become even more mentally ill at the collective level, today human depravation shows this quite clearly.  I feel a lot of empathy for the collective because it doesn’t realise how ill it is, mental illness can be like living in hell but at the same time not knowing how ill we really are while living in this hell. Yes it’s a strange way in looking at the collective at the human level but to me it’s obvious that the collective is psychologically ill and if left, like any psychologically ill individual, all hell will break loose obviously and obviously that is what has happened.

I see the collective as an individual and by doing so can see it’s illnesses like it’s fixation to the ego for example, any such fixation will of course cause problems in any individual.  How am I actually looking at these fixations? Addiction, obsession, complex, paranoia, neurosis, psychosis and so on can all have a detrimental effect on our psyche individually and collectively. All these symptoms are of a fixation of one kind or another, so how do we fix such illnesses?    

Firstly what I find so strange is we don’t collectively see the collective as an individual that needs psychotherapy to help it cease such degenerative behaviour.  We are so much into separateness, which is driven by the ego; we are blinded by such ego. The ego just doesn’t allow us to see how individual the collective is at the psychological level.  Once we start to look at the collective as one individual we then can see it as one mind and once we do this we are then able to use psychotherapy to fix our illnesses at the collective level.

We already have the tools to fix such illnesses at the collective level, religion, meditating, praying, chanting, singing and so on are tools that we can use effectively to heal our mental illnesses at the collective level.  There is problem in using these tools however, a problem we have produced ourselves as of any of our problems are, we allow the ego to influence the way we use these tools.

Another tool we can use is political ideological principles like communism for example, communism, as a whole, is supposed to dissipate ego human tendencies but again this hasn’t worked because once again ideological principles like this were influenced by the ego in some way.  Actually we can use any ideological principle that will dissipate our illnesses.  The point is, could we give the learning skills of an actual psychotherapist to a mentally ill patient and expect the patient to heal themselves?  No of course not but basically this is what is happening at the collective level, we have these tools but because we are ill we can’t of course heal ourselves.

So does this mean we can’t help ourselves individually and collectively? Not exactly, if we are aware of our own mental illnesses, at the individual and collective level, this will help us to resolve our illnesses.  If we are aware of our illnesses, these tools will assist us but if were not aware of our illnesses, we haven’t got a chance in helping ourselves obviously.

We might not have an actual Jesus or Buddha for an example to help us with our therapy but we do have people in the world who are aware of our illnesses at the collective level who aren’t as ill as the rest of us are but of course as always we need to be aware of this!!   

Friday, 11 July 2014

Overcoming a Collective Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

In psychology, when someone goes through a traumatic time, they can either hang onto such traumas or they can get over these traumas and get on with life without such traumas playing any further part in one’s life, it would seem collectively we haven’t done this especially for western thinking people!!

One of the replies I received from my last post titled, Spirituality v Psychology/Science?, brought up an interesting  supposition about how modern age mentality is polarized which lead me to make my own suppositions as follow.  

In truly ancient times, science and religion were one. Our modern, polarized mindset has created this false duality.

An interesting way in looking at it Lew.

I think this polarized mindset has come about through ego when science, after the dark ages, found it's own mindset that wasn't going to be influenced by dark age mentality.

Religion in Europe wanted full control over and above all other ideological principles and if they couldn't take control they eradicated such principles. Sadly enough I think a number of science minded people would like to do the same to religious principles today. The old Dark Age mentality is still there sadly enough.

The strange thing is, during around the time of the Dark Ages in Europe, Muslims were more into the sciences than ever, go figure!!

Forgetting about Dark Age mentality, science of one kind or another has always been a part of our lives and most of these science ideological principles were conducted under a religion of some kind.

I could be wrong but I think the Dark Age mentality has assisted in this polarizing mindset giving us a false duality.  It’s funny how we have allowed one mindset within the whole of human history to influence us in such away.  Psychologically, we have collectively allowed one moment in the time of the collective to influence our whole mentality which is no different to how a person going through a traumatic time will react to such trauma in one’s life.  It would seem the Dark Age mentality is a trauma we haven’t collectively overcome yet as a collective, go figure!!

When conversing with Eastern minded people, they don’t seem to have this trauma or mindset to overcome but this seems different for western minded people, this trauma from the Dark Ages is still with them it would seem.

Just an observation by me that might or might not be correct. 

Yes, Mathew, let's hope the old mind-set will wither. A quick peek at the world shows polarity's alive & well, but it's served so poorly for so long!

It's a collective trauma a lot of us don't seem to be able to get over sadly enough......


Each of us, by one person at a time by choosing to do so, can be a sail breaking the wind for others behind us. 

Supplement: I do need to make a correction here in relation to eastern minded people not being traumatised by Dark Age mentality. I think a lot that went on during the Dark Ages has traumatised the Middle Eastern people and still influences their actions today but this assertion only comes from my own personal observation/awareness, it’s not by no means necessarily factual.  

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Karma v Living in the Present

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think most of us realise we can’t live in the past but can we just live in the present without learning form the past? Recently I came across a post about being in the present, the thing that struck me is it said about the past being obsolete, once we learn to live in the present does this make the past obsolete?  The following was my reply…..

There is a cliché to this, if we can’t learn from the past how are we going to learn in the present, we will make the same mistakes over and over again which human history shows quite plainly.

The only reason we have a past is to learn from it, what would be the point in having a past otherwise!! I do believe however not all realities have a past or future, life’s always conducted to the present moment, that is not the case for us however. I don’t believe we are at that point in being able to live just for the present, we are getting slightly ahead of ourselves I believe. Yes I believe we are collectively entering into this phase but we must be aware in not getting ahead of ourselves. Again if we can’t learn from the past it is obvious we are not going to learn from the present, this is karmic, we can’t avoid this karma, karma is there for us to learn from.

We are getting ahead of ourselves in many areas  which is actually a good sign we are entering into this new phase of only living for the present, however we must beware we are getting ahead of ourselves  otherwise we will never get to only living for  the present, it will always be at arm’s length.

To me it would seem we haven’t learnt from our past collectively so how can we go onto the next phase of our conscious development at the soul level to living in the present?  It would seem to me we can’t mainly because we haven’t collectively payed our karmic debt, this is obvious due to the fact we haven’t still learnt everything from our past. We are still making the same mistakes so we still have a karmic debt to pay and the only way to pay this debt is to learn from our past.  This is very much in line with our own karma; we can’t go on unless we have learnt from our past lives. 

Can we then live in the present while learning from the past? Yes I believe so.  Learning from the past is different to living in the past though, learning from the past is karmic but living in the past is living old karmic debts that are already payed.  So how can you tell the difference between karma that’s already payed to karma that isn’t?  Are we still using the same destructive mentality than we did a thousand years ago collectively? In a lot of ways no but in other ways yes, warring is a good example of this and so is slavery and so on. Actually we have boosted a number of old destructive mentalities so really at the collective level we still have a fair amount of karma to pay before we go on collectively to the next phase of human spiritual development.   Yes we can seemingly achieve the next phase of living in the present but this is only at the personal level, none of us are about the personal but the collective and I do say seemingly because living personally in the present is transitory.  Anything that is personal is transitory because the next life you live you will be right back to paying the collective karmic debt again. If you keep living in this personal transitory state from life to life, you haven’t assisted the collective to pay it’s debts and if you haven’t helped in this how is your own karmic debt payed?

All we really need to do is be aware of the collective karmic debt and do our best to clear this debt.  We also need to remember, we have all helped to create this collective karmic debt in our past lives, past life recall is a good way to clear this debt personally, so the past isn’t obsolete after all until we pay our debts personally and collectively. You could say by clearing our own personal debt we are assisting in the collective debt, to me that would be correct in my assumptions however living personally in the present while thinking the past is obsolete isn’t the way to go because we still haven’t paid our collective debt.  

As long as there is a collective debt to pay, personally living just in the present isn’t going to help the collective at all and will only help prolong this karmic debt paying.  Try not to ever think while living in the present the past is obsolete, it’s not as long as there is a karmic debt to pay personally and collectively.  True spirituality has never been about the personal self, it’s has always been about the collective, the collective self.  

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Infinite Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all what is infinite wisdom, what is meant by when we say infinite wisdom? From the Cambridge dictionary; used to show that you do not understand why someone has done something and that you think it was a stupid action:
In action: The authorities, in their infinite wisdom, decided to close the advice centre.

Well I’m actually not meaning it exactly in this sense, what I do mean is that wisdom is limitless and eternal so what wisdom could be this limitless and eternal?  Some people would say God or the source of all creation and others would say someone who is very knowledgeable especially about most of everything that there is to know about however in my mind neither is exactly true.

Because spirituality is about the collective as a whole, how would we define what is or who is of infinite wisdom and who isn’t? You can’t actually do that without fragmenting the collective and once you have fragmented the collective you are no longer spiritually talking about the collective as a whole because of it’s fragmentation.  We could say God is the representative of infinite wisdom but what about the rest of consciousness. By stipulating God is the infinite wisdom of everything within existence, are we still talking about the collective as a whole? No not really because we don’t see ourselves of being of that infinite wisdom, that is wholly and solely of God’s domain however by doing this we are no longer talking about the collective as a whole.  The same would be if we were talking about people who are highly knowledgeable; we are still fragmenting the collective. So how do we get away from fragmenting the collective and still pinpoint what is meant by being infinitely wise and in whom is this infinite wisdom referring too?

Before we answer this question, what first of all makes one wise, is it knowledge and experience? In a human sense knowledge and experience would define wisdom, what about in a divine sense, would this be the same? Actually I don’t think so because I don’t believe infinite wisdom is of time therefor wisdom doesn’t come about through knowledge and experience because knowledge and experience are of time, time creates knowledge and experiences. Knowledge and experience just can’t exist without time to gain such knowledge and experience.  

So if it’s not knowledge and experience that creates wisdom what could it be? The only thing left is the divine but infinite wisdom can’t be just of the divine because again we are fragmenting the collective; there is no collective as a whole in this so what else could  infinite wisdom be referring too? Yes the divine isn’t of time but we are still fragmenting the collective whole.

The infinite wisdom is obviously referring to the whole collective which means you and me as well. How could this be when most of us are noticeably not of this infinite wisdom?  Ah but we are, we are just ignorant or unaware of such things that is why anyone who is more knowledgeable than we would seem to us to be infinite in their wisdom.  If we are all of this infinite wisdom how come we don’t show it?

There are two reasons for this, one is we think infinite wisdom comes through knowledge and experience and two we are just unaware of our prominence of being infinitely wise, it is actually our divine right, in other words it’s natural to us.  Because we only think in time, all wisdom has to come from knowledge and experiences and of course some of it does however infinite wisdom isn’t of time as is of the divine. The problem is we just don’t see ourselves as divine beings so we interact with each other in less than a divine way which is how we created a chaotic reality I feel.  

It seems so funny to me we can’t see ourselves as divine beings living unaware of our infinite divine wisdom, if we actually accepted this at the collective level to be true, this reality would change quite dramatically for the betterment of all. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spiritual Neutralities

Written by Mathew Naismith

When we look upon this chaotic reality most of us want something quite the opposite especially if you are spiritually aware and/or an empath. The reason for this is due to our awareness and the more aware one is the more chaotic vibrations we will feel and/or the more we will want to feel good. This I feel is the reason most of us want something quite the opposite of chaos, hate and destruction.

There is a problem with this however, action reaction, this is Isaac Newton’s third law. You’re probably thinking what has physics got to do with spirituality!! As above, so below, this is universal law. For an example, if you create a heaven a reverse effect occurs so you get hell, love and hate and so on all work on the same principles.  Like yin a yang, one can’t exist or create without the other, hell creates hate and chaos where’s heaven creates love and harmony.  The more extreme these opposites become the more daunting it is for us because we are the meat between the sandwich, in other words we are somewhere between these two extremes being pulled and tugged by both extreme opposites.  

The answer of course would be to choose one or the other like love and harmony over hate and chaos, heaven over hell, however there is a problem with this I believe, we are still creating an opposite which comes back to action reaction.  This also goes in line with cause and effect; you create a heaven for yourself but inadvertently create a hell for others.  

We can create a heaven on Earth however where in the universe are we also creating a hell for other living entities? We can’t keep ignoring the cause and effect, action reaction for our own benefit, we must start thinking collectively!! Yes I know it’s hard to not think selfishly in this way, the rest of the universe will take care of itself but it doesn’t work that way I feel, we must start considering the whole of the collective.  This is of course if we want to stop creating such extreme opposites especially as a collective race of beings.

When I talk about opposites like heaven and hell or hate and love I’m not talking about how we perceive these opposites to be but how the collective sees them.  It is impossible for any of us to imagine hell or heaven through the collective consciousness, all we can do is imagine these opposites at the human level of conscious understanding.  This is saying, by neutralising our existence we will feel like we are in heaven mainly because of our long lasting chaotic existence, we don’t really have to create a collective conscious kind of heaven, most people wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle this kind of heaven anyway.   

What do I mean by neutralising our existence?  Rid ourselves of extremes, cease desiring love over and above hate for example or visa-versa because all we are obviously doing is creating more of the opposite, action reaction, cause and effect!! The trick is to be aware that there is no difference between love and hate, heaven and hell however there obviously is so this is impossible to accomplish.

In who’s perception is there a difference between love and hate for example? At the human level of understanding there is a difference however at the collective conscious level of understanding I believe there isn’t.  Hang on; I gave the assumption earlier that through the collective consciousness hell and heaven are so extreme we couldn’t possibly imagine them to be so extreme, now I’m saying at the collective level of understanding there are no differences/opposites, this doesn’t make sense!!

The collective is of the whole collective so if a certain collective race of beings is seeing opposing extremes that is what the collective consciousness sees but this consciousness also sees there are no differences as well.  This is because there are beings and/or other energy life sources that also live in a neutralised existence.  

I wrote about time and timelessness and how they coexist in the same consciousness, time and timelessness are extreme opposites to each other however the reason they can coexist within the same consciousness is because of the consciousness they exist in.  In our present consciousness only time seems to exist however when you shift into a different conscious state of awareness our perception changes somewhat to what that consciousness is conscious about. We are only conscious to time so we have an opposite which is timelessness, what if we neutralised this consciousness based on time to a consciousness between time and timelessness, neither one nor the other!!

What if we did the same with heaven and hell, neutralised them by bringing them together as one in a conscious state that sees no opposing differences. To me this would be real heaven; I believe there are beings that live within this neutralised conscious existence mainly because they live within a neutralised conscious existence they created.  Heaven and an opposing reaction hell have nothing on a fully neutralised existence.  When in heaven you always know there is an opposing hell however in a neutralised conscious existence there is no fear of such opposites, fear totally become null and void.  Yes you know there are heavens and hells in other conscious states of awareness however these extremes have no chance in becoming a part or affecting your neutralised conscious existence once you become truly consciously neutralised.  This is done by automatically neutralising anything that comes within your field of effect, your own neutralised consciousness.  I did this for a very short period of time years ago strangely enough but didn’t realise it until now.  

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Balanced Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem utterly ridiculous to a lot of people because I’m going to say we already live within a balanced existence but because of our own personal desires and aspirations we can’t see this.

Again it has come up about self-manifesting for one’s own individual desire recently and how we can manipulate consciousness to fulfil our own personal desires.  We must think here, how many different desires would be manifested and how many of these manifested desires from different people would clash with other people’s manifested desires?  

Another point is if all of us wanted to become wealthy, who is going to collect the rubbish or treat our sewerage? How about if we all manifested ourselves being fit and able, how many health workers jobs and security will this effect?  Let’s say a person desires to be a health worker but to be a health worker other people need to be sick in some way but on the other hand everyone desires to be totally fit and able. Can you see the clash between manifested desires? You could say a sick person is selflessly helping a health worker to manifest their own desire and the health worker in turn is helping the sick become well again, helping the sick person in their desire to become well again.  

What is happening today? We are manifesting for our own desires today which is causing clashes with other manifestations like in the Ukraine for instance. What about hydraulic fracturing which is but another manifestation which clashes with other manifestations obviously.      

This is all due to individual manifestations but what about the manifestation of the collective? I believe we already live within the manifestation of the collective however we are not thinking about the collective when we manifest for our own desires.

Individual manifestations collectively make a collective so what is wrong in manipulating this consciousness even more for our own personal desires as opposed to the collective desire?  

We are all going to want to be fit and able and wealthy, no doubt, this is a collective manifestation but quite a different collective manifestation to what we have today.  In this new collective manifestation, if a person individually desires to want to be a health worker there not going to be able to manifest such a desire, other manifested desires are going to swart such desires.  Is this balance and of one’s own free will?

You could say there would be no need for health workers because everyone would be fit and able in this new collective manifested desired world but what if one wanted to manifest such an individual desire as a health worker, they couldn’t because they are dictated by other people’s manifested desires.

At the moment we can manifest what we desire or don’t desire, to a point, but under this new collective manifestation we want be able to choose our own individual desires as we will. We will also have a garbage and sewage problem.

What we have now is a balance between one desire to another, a wealthier person relying on a not so wealthy person to keep our existence sanitary.  What about wars, what is so balanced about wars? War is an indication of an imbalance of egos, this goes with all conflicts. War/conflicts are a clash of different manifested opposing desires which bring a lot of unbalance to the collective. Our own furthering awareness will one day negate conflicts all together without us forcefully manifesting such desires.

The point is, we all have our own personal desired manifestation which gives us our present collective manifestation which isn’t all good but isn’t all bad either, it’s balanced.  If we interfere with this balance to the extent everyone can individually desire what they want, that balance will be gone and quite a different chaotic world will arise I believe.  

Of course our egos want us all to be healthy and well even though other people will suffer for such wanted desires. A garbage collector and a sewerage treatment worker have their place to serve the collective as does multinationals, to selflessly collectively manifest for  our own individual desires over and above the collective is highly egotistical remembering war/conflicts are a manifestation of the ego.  We must be wise in how we manipulate this consciousness!!  The best way is to go with the flow not against it no matter what our ego tries to tell us and we also need to always keep the collective in mind when manifesting for our own desires.  

I’m quite at home and content when I sit within my own quietness which takes any control that the ego has over me away, I just don’t desire more over and above others especially on the backs of others.   

Monday, 3 March 2014

Our Own Story Lived

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going on from my last couple of posts to do with living our own story or path. We obviously all have our own story we want to live or are living by, each story is unique, no two stories are exactly alike mainly because of the influences of other people living out their story directly around us. This doesn’t or shouldn’t stop us from living out our own story, yes we are influenced but others around us however we still have our own story to live. If we want to allow other stories to influence our own story that is up to us as a whole however we must remember we are all living in a greater story!!  It’s like a story within a much larger story; these much larger stories do & can influence us against our will changing our story, war is a good example & so is consumerist materialism. These are stories that are more collective therefore more influential than our own individual story.

Living our own story doesn’t seem collective but what makes up a collective? What makes up a collective is smaller stories so everyone who is living in their own story is being collective within a larger story. At the moment we are talking about war or consumerist materialism being the larger collective story here, what about becoming spiritually aware, is it not collective to be as one as well and what gives us oneness? It’s a collective condition of multiple stories under one story; in this case we have replaced the larger story of war or consumerist materialism with oneness however we are still being influenced by war & consumerist materialism but to a far lesser extent, they are no longer the main influential story we live under.  

We can take on the main story as being our own, many people do this. A soldier becomes a soldier because of having to have armed forces & a multinational becomes a multinational because of consumers consuming material goods.  Without individuals living out their own story & being coaxed into the main story the main collective story wouldn’t exist. It takes many individual stories to make a collective, you can’t have true oneness if one story or person wanted to become at one. I think oneness only exists because of a collective, if you don’t have a collective you don’t have true oneness. Because everything is consciousness, either it be of a God or an intelligent energy source, it takes a conscious collective consciousness to create things like war & oneness.

What creates a religion, it’s not one person just living out their own story separate to every other conscious source, it’s a collective coming together to be influenced by one story.  There are so many stories we can live under either it be by choice or not, the real question is now, are any of these stories wrong for us to become influenced by? Is it wrong to believe in a God as opposed to an intelligent conscious source or to join in a collective like religion or consumerist materialism?  The collective that it creates itself isn’t wrong but we must realise it can do harm onto others or force other to join under a collective story that they don’t want to be influenced by. We do have a choice in what story we live by however sometimes in making that choice we do have to suffer.

We all at one stage or another feel non-accepting of other people’s individual & collective stories like the many different religions out there for example. As soon as we become non-accepting we have allowed these other stories to influence us like for example a lot of people don’t like the word God. As soon as we have reacted to this word & what it means we have become influenced by it.   God, to a lot of spiritually aware people these days, doesn’t mean a white bearded man or even a higher supreme being but a consciousness that is more aware than our own individual or even collective conscious selves.  Yes a lot of non-religious people have a problem with religion & the belief in a God. The problem is that religion &/or the belief in a God hasn’t proven itself to be reliable or even ethical in the past, religion & the belief in a God in itself has done a lot of harm right throughout history but of course it’s done a lot of good as well.

I use to have a problem with religion & the belief in a supreme God myself but I don’t anymore for the main reason I have accepted other people’s stories that they wish to live under, as soon as I push my story onto others I have become what religion has done at times in human history.  We must allow others to think for themselves & live by any story they wish. Accepting others people’s stories doesn’t mean we are going to live by their story nor does it mean we should allow them to hurt us in anyway through living their story, what acceptance does is to disallow any influence of these stories we don’t want to live by to influence us period. Like I said, as soon as we respond by disliking someone else’s story we have allowed that story to influence us.

So many spiritually aware people these days have a problem with the word God or anything relating to religion period, this is allowing these stories we don’t accept to influence us.  Once we accept that others have a right to live by their own stories, like we do, these stories have very little effect on our own stories lived.  This is sort of like reverse psychology funny enough!!!