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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Freeing Ourselves From Ourselves

Written by Mathew Naismith

This whole post is dedicated to a discussion between myself and another person of the name of  Eddie Lau. Eddie's been a bit of a mentor to me as I find his perceptions quite different and interesting. Each persons perception, if you are accepting of them, will broaden your own perceptions and awareness, it's certainly worth trying to comprehend other people's perceptions.

This post is about freeing ourselves from our own created bondage, basically, a bondage of delusions, motion of course being the sole creator of delusions and this bondage. The more we react and counteract, the more delusions we will create. Yes, the delusion might be different in accordance with our motions or reactions but they are still delusions as any motion creates delusions. It's certainly worth being aware of this.....

The moment we have the slightest/subtlest intention/effort with whatever spiritual practice, we are not being truly ourselves and the truth can never revealed ourselves.

My Reply
Utterly so +Eddie Lau, intentions are all about control, as you have stated many times, it's a part of the push and pull effect. To pull something in is to push something out, within this, there is an expression of judgement which gives us even more delusions to exist by. For example, white man is more superior, highly educated people are far more wiser and so on it goes.  

To me, it's obvious from where this chaotic destructive reality came from, a never ending expression of push and  pull. This push and pull effect is of course all about control......   

The movements that we do not even realize even the subtlest/slightest. We realize the delusions that we are the moment we are not pushing them away or pulling towards them but simply being with everything we know as one/whole without the slightest/subtlest mental movement at all. We are not together the moment we moved, mentally.

My Reply
Indeed +Eddie Lau, once we are aware off the delusions, we react by pushing these delusions away by trying to pull some kind of enlightenment in. In doing this, we are not aware we are still a part of the delusion because we have intentions, movement.
Once you create movement, you create delusions!!

However, creating delusions is a part of the whole self, it's a part of the process of our whole being but these delusions are only a part of our whole being. The trick is, just be within these delusions while being aware that any motion causes delusions.

It's an observer observing our own participation, it's like being an observer of our own delusions rather than being the delusions themselves. In a sense, you have a timelessness state observing a consciousness in time......The strange thing is, we are all doing this without question.  

We already are enlightenment ourselves but lost in trying to be enlightened not knowing we already truly are ourselves.

My Reply
+Eddie Lau We are lost in a reality of delusions which makes it difficult to see that we are already enlightened. It's basally impossible to truly become aware of our enlightenment in such realities until we become aware of perceptions beyond these realities. The big picture of course gives us this perception and a realisation we are already enlightened.   

I find it amusing how we are chasing our tail, we just need to let go of all control and only then will we realise we were always what we were chasing.  

+Mathew Naismith We are lost because we always look or think there is beyond which indeed there is only what we already are, the within the all we could sense and what we are chasing are only the perceptions/modifications of our memories from the factors of our conditioning when the delusions/prisons were formed from our very movements towards or away from what we already are.

My Reply

+Eddie Lau A beyond exists, as looking beyond human perception, however it doesn't as you stated here. There is no true beyond, only in a delusional state can there be a beyond. For sure, it's indeed worth being aware of this Eddie.

In a delusional state, we are meant to perceive of looking beyond our own motion, our human conditioning, if we didn't, we would only perceive existing in these delusions.
What we need to be aware of is that any motion causes delusions, the trick is, perceive without motion, in other words don't react or counteract motion with more motion.

When we perceive delusions, the first human response is to react to these delusions which causes more motion and delusions. Instead, perceive these delusions but only perceive, become aware,  of these  delusions without a reaction. We need nothing more than being aware but aware without causing motion. Humans are conditioned to cause motion......Recondition ourselves to become aware without motion, without control.  

Indeed, Eddie and myself are creating motion by reacting to each others responses, you could say we are but causing more delusions!!

Just by being aware of what our motions and interactions are causing, lessons the delusions we will create by being simply aware. They don't call it spiritual awareness for no reason, the spiritual means to become aware beyond our present conditioning and awareness is simple, it means being able to perceive beyond our present conditioning.

Eddie is correct however,  there is no true perceiving beyond but for a consciousness that is conditioned to only perceive delusions, such consciousness needs to perceive in looking beyond but without motion. Basically, become aware or an observer without motion or becoming a participator, as soon as we become a participator, what are we doing? We are causing motion and the more we react (participate), the more motion we will create and the more delusions we will create.

For any one interested, I will insert any further interaction between Eddie and myself on this post.  


+Mathew Naismith Perhaps the beyond we are referring to is a complete state of being and any separation from this state is still a delusion. We are the light itself but was separated by the darkness of delusion and vice versa. We are the darkness, light and the delusions ourselves is the state of total completion/completeness.

My Reply
Well stated +Eddie Lau. Indeed, a perception of there being a perception beyond human perception (the delusion) is what I call the observer, a state of existence that observes without participating in any sense, this seems to be our truer state. In this state you can observe yourself participating without actually being a participator. As light and dark can exist within the same space at the same time without interacting with each other, so can we.   

We are the light and the dark as we are of time and timelessness, to us in our present consciousness, this seems like a paradox but it's not or we think paradoxes can't exist. For example, you can't have light and dark in the same space but they are.

Go into a dark space an switch on a light, it's light instead of dark, now switch off the light. Light and dark exist within the same space but we perceive they don't at the same time when they do. Where does the dark go when we switch on a light? No where, it's still there it's that we are no longer aware of it because of the blindness of the light.

There is a perception of separation of an observer and  participator or dark and light but this just isn't so, they certainly coexist as one. You can also get into a state of being an observer without knowing you are also being a participator as many people are unaware we are also observing ourselves.

Indeed Eddie, we are the darkness, light and the delusions within ourselves is a state of total completion/completeness.   


+Mathew Naismith We are the all in one. We are the observer, observing and the observed all together as a whole indeed. No separation at all with boundaries of time and space. Directly ourselves as all.