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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spirituality-Uneasiness Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

A lot of spiritually aware & connected people are feeling an uneasiness, is it due to the way this reality is going or is it to do with our transition from one form of existing to another or is it both? I will endeavour to answer this question, let’s first however look at this reality, is there something wrong with it? Well no there can’t be because there is no true right or wrong when looking from timelessness into time, what is is the creation of time of what time has created, that’s all, however while living within time there is a wrong & right & that is what we judge by, time created judgement to judge anything of time by.  So there isn’t anything wrong or right about this reality unless we judge accordingly!!

Now let’s look at our transition from one form of existing to another, is this what’s causing us this uneasiness at times? This again comes back to time because there is no judgement within timelessness because time created judgment, not timelessness, so this transition from one form of existence to another can’t be blamed or judged to giving us this uneasiness we sometimes feel so it comes down to both.  Again it comes down to judging it as both which again is only of time. In timelessness there is no judgement so in fact nothing is really making us feel uneasy so what are we feeling? We are feeling the attachments to time even when we think we are of timelessness, these feelings are telling us we still have attachments to time. Having attachments to time isn’t judged either as being lowly or unbecoming in some way, it’s just of times creation remembering I believe time itself has always existed as explained in previous posts.

So the conclusion/theory is the reason we feel an uneasiness at times is because of all the above which is all of times creation, time has created our uneasiness for without time there would be nothing to feel uneasy about. How about if we just let go of our attachments to time, would this stop this feeling of uneasiness at times? It is obvious it would but do most of us really want or desire to do that?

Once we bring in desire or a wanting what does that pertain too? The ego of course so to desire to be of timelessness is of the ego, a wanting to be more aware is of the ego so no matter what we do in time it is of the ego. It is actually more egotistical to desire to be of timelessness than it is to be in a chaotic existence. If we looked at this in a human way what existence would you choose, one that is beneficial to us or one that isn’t beneficial to us. The ego will always choose what is going to be more beneficial which includes a desire to be of timelessness.  

This brings us back to the question, do most of us want to become detached from the attachments of time & the answer is no because it would seem most people are not truly egotistically driven even though they can be egotistical in time. Is this wanting to be of time driven by the ego because once we are truly of timelessness the ego no longer exists, the ego fears becoming null & void? We really should be asking is it more egotistical to be at one with all & all powerful than to be individually egotistical? The ego only looks at being more than what it is, it sees itself in timelessness as the be & end all even though it doesn’t exist, the ego still exists in the ego mind even once in timelessness because it’s the one. Yes in timelessness the ego doesn’t exist but the ego still thinks it does mainly because the ego can only reason to the extent of time. The ego is very restricted by it’s fixations to time however if one was of timelessness there is no such fixations.  The paradox is one can’t be one without time, when in timelessness there is no one but a oneness with all so one can’t be one within timelessness!! As soon as we see ourselves or become aware of being one or as individuals we are of the ego & as soon as we do this we are of the creation of time. Desiring to be at one with all is of the ego & the more we desire to escape from time the more egotistical we are; it’s one of the many traps of the ego I believe.   

Acceptance of what is which includes the acceptance of being non-accepting at times as well will alleviate a lot of this uneasiness remembering everything is of consciousness not just what we desire to be. This won’t alleviate all our uneasiness however, what is happening is a lot of us are picking up on what this reality is going to be like one day I believe not necessarily what it should be like. Many people are saying it should be like this that or the other, the emotions of time depicts what it’s going to be like so the more we think this reality should be like this that or the other the more we are creating an opposition which of course denotes conflicts.  This reality isn’t supposed to be a certain way but anyway the emotions of time make it. The awareness of our own immortality/timelessness will allow a creation of time to be created without conflict, our ignorance of timelessness has created within time what we have today which of course helps creates some of our uneasiness.

My best advice is just let it flow through you & try not to imagine or expect this reality or yourself to be a certain way, just go with the flow of things without opposition. In my last post I said the cover box of the jigsaw puzzle (bigger picture) is what the bigger picture should look like when not fragmented however one shouldn’t perceive what this bigger picture is until one can see it within it’s entirety otherwise it will stay fragmented. So is this saying we shouldn’t imagine fairies flying around us for example? We can imagine what we like within our own dimension because it is another dimension, what happens is we initiate dimensional link ups to other dimensions without interfering with this reality. While doing this we shouldn’t expect at any time this reality being one thing or another for the reason how many of us perceives a different reality to others? This is one reason this reality is fragmented I believe, we all have our own idea of what this reality should be like & this is where thinking in timelessness comes into it. There are no expectations or judgement within timelessness, what will be will be; it’s all accepted even when we are unaccepting.