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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Extrication From Pain

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yes, there is so much pain in the world today but there is also so much healing going on as well. The antonym to pain is pleasure, of course even this pleasure and particularly pleasure in a lot of circumstances can cause others pain. An example of this is rapists and materialists who can cause a lot of pain to others to gain pleasure themselves; in actuality pleasure for a lot of people comes from the abuse of energy as a whole. However, the emphasis here is not on the opposite or opposing effect of pain but on the healing affect of pain.

Having come from a family unit where abuse, which includes neglect, was apparent at various times, I am aware of what physical and mental pain can cause someone, especially if the pain is not healed. I remember as a child being so terrified at times as you simply didn't know what was going to occur next. Having also sustained a physical injury that was going to get worse as I got older, physical and mental pain was no stranger to me. You would think all I am conditioned to is a world of pain but this is not the case, the reason for this is to do with the healing process, the extrication from pain, which I am primarily conditioned to. In a world of so much pain, any person conditioned to the extrication from pain is vital to the sanity of the world. This is different from a person who only suffers pain or causes other energy forms pain to gain pleasure through other people's pain. In this case these people are primarily of self-pleasure and/or abuse.

So many people ask me how I didn't and don't take pain killers with the physical injury I have. Pain killers are all to do with giving pleasure, in my case pain killers would have most likely made things worse for me in the long run. It is what it is as the world is the way it is, either deal with it and exist in relative comfort or suffer its pain. What would have been the point of me being conditioned to pain? This is the same with mental anguish, why give mental anguish more energy than what it deserves? Simply taking painkillers would be giving my pain more control over me; I instead opted for healing my pain instead.

How many people today want to take a pain killer for the pain in the world today instead of healing the pain? Taking pain killers is in line with trying to escape this reality in some way, usually by judging this reality negative, toxic, simply an illusion and so on. Denouncing this reality in anyway is exactly like taking a painkiller for physical pain, the pain has made you take painkillers therefore pain has you in its control. In actuality we should be healing the pain so pain no longer has control over us in any way. We should opt for healing the pain, in other words become detached from the control and influence of pain altogether.

This is why I so often advocate releasing ourselves from control and not taking control. Taking pain killers is not releasing ourselves from the control of pain but giving pain more control over us, and we wonder why the world is seemingly becoming more painful so that a few others can experience more pleasure!! Deliberately ignoring the negatives in the world to sustain your own personal pleasures is causing other people pain, make no mistake of this.

Yes, taking painkillers is at times needed for the healing process to begin; at no time should these painkillers, whatever they may be, become our primary objective. What often occurs is that painkillers give us pleasure and we often would do anything to retain this pleasure. Try to remember, painkillers are only part of the process to healing, they should never be used just to give us pleasure. How many people today use spirituality for their own personal pleasure, to escape reality, a reality they often critically judge? It's simply primarily of painkillers to give us pleasure from the pain in the world; in actuality taking painkillers in this way is quite transitory.

What people like me do is we don't critically judge our present or past environment by calling it toxic, negative or even an illusion, even though realities like this can create illusions within the reality itself. It is what it is within the present, nothing more, nothing less but of course pain and painkillers state otherwise don't they? It has to be more than what it is so that pain can sustain its control over us and even flourish within such an environment. Yes, by all means take your painkillers but at no time expect the pain to go away if all you want is pleasure from these painkillers. We should be in effect healing the pain if we truly want to detach ourselves from the control of pain.

So what do people like me know about detaching ourselves from the control of pain in the world? To pain that desires to keep controls over us, nothing, as to be expected for it is what it is......... 

Try to make the best of your present environment, not the worse of your present environment!!                             

Monday, 5 October 2015

Healing a World in Disharmony

Written by Mathew Naismith

My wife at present is reading a book titled, Your Hearts Desire. This book is basically about manifesting for your dreams and desires, it also explains that your hearts desires cannot be manifested through a controlling ego.

Desires: One of the scenarios used in the book is to do with how this person wanted to go to a ball but this person had no one to take her. This person was told to visualise being taken to this ball by a particular man. This of course occurred otherwise she couldn't have used this scenario in the book. You might think her desire were fulfilled but it wasn't, her need was fulfilled. To me, a manifested desire is about control but a manifested need is a totally different story.

So what has this got to do with healing a world in disharmony? Plenty, if everyone only manifested for a need, there would be no desire of wars and other conflicts. You might think, if we were being used and abused by a monocracy/bureaucracy, that we would have a need to conflict with such control. The point is, if everyone was living for a need rather than a desire, these controlling forces wouldn't and couldn't exist within such a reality in the first place. Could you imagine a reality not dominated by some kind of monocracy/bureaucracy, we certainly haven't within this reality as a collective experienced this as yet.  

Controlling: You are not being controlling when you are manifesting for a need, on the other hand you are being highly controlling if you only live for desires. In actuality, you are being controlled by a controlling ego if you exist in this way, if you exist entirely by a need, you are not being controlled and controlling, you are just being for a need. In a sense, being controlled by the ego manifests control within our ego self, we then become controlling ourselves.

There is at times a fine line between desire and a need though, the scenario in the book, to me, tells us of a need even though this person desired to be taken to the ball by a particular person. Would not the person who ended taking  her to the ball also desire to date such a women? There was a need that obviously needed to be met through a desire from both parties, in this case, desire was used to fulfil a need, the desire was not in control, the need was. A controlling ego doesn't want to manifest a need, a controlling ego always desires to manifest for a desire, a controlling ego can also trick us to believe we are only living for a need when it's purely of desire. The intentions of a controlling ego is always of desire.  

A controlling desire will always create a destructive reality, this is wholly due to desires always having a need to desire more and more. This isn't the same when existing only for a need, once a need is met, that is it, full stop unless we become desiring. When this occurs, this is when the ego is in control of us which then manifests us to become controlling ourselves.

Intentions: I think we need to get away from intentions altogether, desires are all about intentions but needs aren't. You might think you have to have intentions to put food on the table and a roof over our heads but it isn't, this is a need which takes basic instincts and intuitiveness. What we are basically doing is replacing intentions of desires with basic instinctive needs, in actuality, by living for a need rather than a desire is getting back to our natural selves. It's not natural to desire more and more until we destroy ourselves or others altogether, no other from of life on this planet does this, even a mindless virus doesn't do this intentionally but man often does this through a simple process of desiring!!

We might think if we took intentions out of our lives, we wouldn't evolve or even cater for our needs, this isn't the case at all. It's quite amusing how the controlling ego keeps deceiving us in this way, all what would happen is our controlling desires would be replaced by basic instincts and intuitiveness once again. Indeed, our controlling desires have replaced our basic instincts and intuitiveness and we wonder why we live in such a destructive reality. Our natural instincts tell us that it is pointless causing conflict if it has nothing to do with our basic needs.

Yes, it's difficult for a lot of people to perceive the possibility of existing without any intentions what so ever, this is all to do with a controlling ego that only wants to serve it's own desires. Can we imagine existing in a reality totally void of  intentions? To me it's obvious intentions would be replaced by our basic instincts and intuitiveness, this of course would create quite a different more passive reality in my mind. Of course a controlling ego doesn't desire this as it would no longer be able to fulfil it's never ending desires. I also think a mind controlled by an ego is incapable of perceiving a world totality void of intentions, such a mind couldn't possibly imagine such an existence, in actuality, a controlling ego wouldn't desire to imagine this in the first place.

A controlling ego hell bent on feeding it's desires cannot perceive a world not in conflict and disharmony in some way, however, a lot of spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people can. Because a controlling ego is unable to perceive such an existence, it naturally manifests a world of conflict and disharmony. Yes, I did say natural because it is natural for a mind controlled by ego to create/manifest such a world.

Are spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people wasting their time trying to bring about a more harmoniously loving world? Not at all, what these people are doing is showing that we can indeed live in quite a different world than what we have manifested. We are showing that a harmoniously loving reality, void of any kind of controlling ego, can indeed and does exist.  It's hard to imagine a magical world like this but they do indeed exist.      

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pain Reality - The Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've been nagged in the last 18 hrs with, "You need to write about pain and how the reality we exist in defines the physical and mental pain we will experience". In other words pain is defined by the reality we are experiencing, in certain realities pain just can't exist, this is due to compassion by the collective within a reality. Pain within these realities is dealt with before pain even gets to a painful stage, this is quite the opposite within this reality, actually, many people live off of people in pain and sickness in this reality, this isn't so in other realities.

Pain isn't a part of or even a necessary part of all realities, actually, very few realities are painful in any sense, this reality is an exception.

Synchronicity: I had a good internet friend of mine post the following on a Google community.


We all have compassion within us. 
If a tear comes to your eyes or you feel the pain when you suffer, or see others  suffering, human or animal that is compassion you are feeling.

Do not be afraid to show your compassion.

Do not be afraid to feel and to acknowledge your feelings.
This world and the humanity needs our compassion much more than ever before.
Let your tears flow and accept what you are feeling.

Your heart begins to open much more with feelings of compassion and your capacity to care for another increases even more.

You also feel a connection towards everything and everyone as your heart blossoms like the Lotus that rises from the depths of the muddy pool.

My first reply was as follow.

Awareness and compassion go hand in hand, one can't exist without the other.

This was agreed upon by other commentator's, I then followed up with a more comprehensive reply as below. 

It's funny to think a lot of people who are not compassionate are only this way because of an unawareness, for example, would multinationals use and abuse other energy forms if they were truly aware?  Would a child molester abuse children?

The funny thing about child molesters is, a lot of them were also molested as children. They are aware of what they are doing but only to a certain extent, pain usually hinders us becoming aware beyond the pain experienced making us unaware.

Multinationals unawareness comes from opulence, they desire and it's this desire that makes them unaware. Two quite different scenarios creating the same dilemma, unawareness therefore  unfeeling. I could be incorrect with this but I got a feeling not.  

To my surprise I received the following reply.

I am a survivor of child molestation. And I definitely would never harm any child. We are also, as survivors much more likely to be raped repeatedly again, to become homeless, to struggle with substance abuse or dependence issues, to have PTSD, and many other long-lasting issues directly connected to our molestation as a child. Bad example. Your words hit me personally, raw and vulnerable. My situations and circumstances have made me so much more loving, compassionate and giving to children, and especially to children who are living in poverty, or starved for attention themselves. Awareness is key. Check your statistics. And don't make general assumptions. Yet again, Awareness is key. Thank you

I replied with the following.

Assumptions, you are assuming yourself I wasn't abused, I also worked with paedophiles as well in the welfare arena. I didn't say all the people who were abused in this way turned out to be abusers themselves but I do know a great number of them do. So many become un-compassionate because of the pain, I know this to be fact KL.

I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my fifty two years, I'm not assuming anything, I know by actual experiences and working in the welfare arena.   

Pain can and does make people unaware, it made you quite unaware of me did it not, you assumed because you were unaware? See my point about pain and how it can make people unaware, it blinds people to the truth KL? Abusing yourself is still abuse KL!!

You and I were the lucky one's, I helped many out in the disability field in particular by using my own life experiences. Some people use the pain to assist others through compassion, many others use the pain to cause more pain, this is a fact of life KL, have you abused yourself? It's still abuse KL.......  

I should also state I stated the following.

"The funny thing about child molesters is, a lot of them were also molested as children".

This is saying a lot of child molesters have been abused themselves, this isn't stating that all child molesters become molesters themselves or become un-compassionate.

Pain most often leads to an unawareness or ignorance, what kind of reality are we existing in?

This is funny, I was going to write a post about pain and  how the reality we live in creates pain when it doesn't have too. It's the reality we accept that automatically creates the pain and ignorance. In certain other kinds of realities this doesn't exist, this is due to everyone being compassionate, this of course takes the collective to be aware. It all makes sense but it takes the collective to over come the pain through compassion especially of oneself to become aware.

You need to be aware to become compassionate but you also need compassion to become aware in certain circumstances!!

I think this person had to misconstrue what I actually stated within my second reply to get me to write about the connection between pain and realities, I wasn't going to write this post, this was until I received their reply. It's funny how we a prompted at times.

Pain can indeed influence us to make misconceptions and misjudgements of others and life circumstances,  this of course adds more pain to the reality we are experiencing, however, is it the reality that causes the pain or is it the pain that creates  realities of pain to begin with?

Painless realities: We exist in a universe that is extreme within it's motions, the universe itself is expanding out at a phenomenal (extraordinary) rate, it's also very highly active within it's star systems, there is very little that exists in the universe that is motionless. When we look at realities that are more compassionate, there is one huge difference, they exist in a reality that is less about motion. This doesn't mean they are not within a universe like this one, what this means is they are aware that these universes can influence us to become overly expressive of motions, in other words become extreme within our motions, pain is just one of these extreme motional expressions.

This pain is going to influence us in how aware we become, it will also hinder us to become wise, meaning, motionless within our expressions. You might think how can we be compassionate without expressing ourselves?  In these realities of less motion, therefore expressions, you don't have to express this compassion because it just there all the times. This is like pain for us within this reality, it's just there all the times,  within these realities of less motion, compassion is just there all the times without having to express it. In other words it's 24/7 compassion instead of 24/7 pain like within this reality.

What I am saying is pain is a part of this reality, it's one of the main influences of this reality, however, if we put ourselves in a different reality of less motion, we would no longer exist in a reality influenced by pain.

I will give you a good example of this. I've been in chronic pain since I was six years old, as I get older, my condition is worsening but I still don't take pain killers even though the pain at times becomes acute (chronic). The pain still influences me but I don't allow it to dictate to me to any great extent, it's amazing what I can and have accomplished with a chronic injury. When I'm within a motionless reality, like being in my own space, I can accomplish amazing physical feats, this is all due to being in a reality not predominantly influenced by pain. Once I come out of this reality back into this reality of motions,  pain starts to influence me more, this isn't because I'm in pain, it's because I am no longer in a relatively motionless free reality.

To me without a doubt, pain of any kind will keep us ignorant and un-compassionate, it will also influence us to make misjudgements towards others and the circumstances we come across. Pain will also hinder us to become wise, this is because pain is all about emotional expressions of motions where's wisdom is quite the opposite. Under a reality influenced by wisdom, compassion exist without any motion what so ever, there is no motion because you have nothing to react to or against.

I should also say, desire is another motion that can't exist within a reality influenced by wisdom, this is due to desire and pain being extreme within their motions.

The healing process is simple, become less expressive of motions.

Supplement: This is going to sound strange to a lot of people, I don't mind being in pain in a reality of motion because I accept that is what this reality is about, it's about motion that can be influential towards expressions of pain and desire. The thing is, this reality isn't of pain itself, it's only about motions and it can be about extreme motions. We have used motions within this reality to create pain and desire, what would happen if we learnt to use motions in a more constructive way? This of course takes wisdom and learning to become less of these motions especially extreme motions.

Something to also ponder about. You might think spiritualist in India are about control, and yes control is a motion, but their not, they about finding their truer selves, in other words being of their immortal (motionless) self rather than just being of their mortal (motional) self.  They are also about letting go of motions (control) not gaining more control!!

Pain period needs to be faced face on, it doesn't need for us to stick our heads in the sand and ignore slavery and child abuse for example, this kind of action only endorses this kind of  pain. Pain needs to be talked about otherwise it's just going to keep manifesting like it has.

Why is love healing?  Simple, it's an expression that needs very little motion, pain and desire on the other hand need a lot of motion, and of course the more motion we give them, the more destructive they become.

Facing the pain with love, as Tanuja and Michael do, works because it lessons the motions of pain. Compassion also works because this too lessons the motions of pain.

I'm sorry Tanuja for disrupting your important post by facing pain face on, I have a lot of compassion in facing the pain in the world. The worse thing we can do is stick our heads in the sand and not talk about this pain.

Pain to me is just a motion, it doesn't really have a label, this is because as soon as we give it a label, we give it more motion. Pain is just another motion that often needs compassion and love to neutralise.    

The funny thing about using love and compassion to neutralise motion, is the more of motion love an compassion become, the more they are of lust and desire. It's wise to know this because the more love and compassion are expressed through motion, the less they will neutralise motions. This makes sense because you can't neutralise motions with more motions, to actually neutralise motions needs less motions not more motions. It's actually wise to express love and compassion with as little motion as possible.

Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't physically help others because it's only going to add to the motions, all this means is to try not to act in counteraction, in other words help others by just showing simple compassion without trying to counteract other motions like starvation or homelessness for example. Don't react to a situation in counteraction to another motion, just show simple love and compassion, Yes, simple love and compassion are expressions but their subtle expressions because their not trying to counteract another motion with more motions. Any healing/neutralising of painful motions takes less motions, not more motions!! 

The following link is in reference to Tanuja's post on this Google community about compassion. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Healing Through Immortality

Written by Mathew Naismith

The healing process: Healing through immortality actually has nothing to do with a healing process, as such, it’s to do with a realization that adjusts the mortal self in accordance with what is being realised, this of course to our mortal self is healing. Once we adjust to this realisation, this in turn automatically adjusts what mortal conditioning has accrued.

This can be tricky, we have so many mortal conditions to be healed from the mind to the body and even to the soul itself, where do we start?

First of all, you must realise that you don’t actually start anywhere, this is due to there being no starting or ending point of your immortal self, remembering, your immortal self isn’t governed by time. It’s actually this time that accrues conditions that need healing, why continue to use time to rid ourselves of what has been accrued when it’s this time, this mortal state of consciousness, that has given us these conditions in the first place?

Time = mortal existence + added conditions + healing needed
Timelessness = immortal existence + no conditions + no healing needed

The realisation is all to do with realising your immortal self and that the mortal self will accrued conditions in accordance with our unawareness of our immortal self. Yes, all our conditions are due to an unawareness, it’s as simple as that, or is it?

To a consciousness that is predominantly conditioned to mortal existence, being aware isn’t going to be simple to do, how is a consciousness unconditioned to  immortal existence going to comprehend this  immortal existence?  So in turn, we continue to use mortal healing processes to heal ourselves, this kind of healing process of course isn’t sustainable, this is all due to using the same existence that is the cause of the conditions in the first place, time (mortal existence).

Many posts ago I wrote about perceiving past time into timelessness, which denotes our immortal self, if there’s no time, there is no mortality, an ending of a consciousness. This is all due to there being no starting or ending point of existence, if there I no starting or ending point, how would a condition that needs healing exist in the first place?  The thing is it wouldn’t and this is the point in the realisation of  immortal existence. Mortal existence isn’t actually normal because it’s rarely experienced by consciousness itself, in other words mortality isn’t our usual state of consciousness, it’s an anomaly from our usual state of existence, this however in my mind doesn’t make it an illusion, just an expression of consciousness itself.

We are basically deluded in thinking mortal existence is who we are and that mortal existence is our normal state of consciousness, this mentality will of course accrued insurmountable conditions that need healing. I do myself find it strange though that we use what is causing our condition in the first place in the healing process, again this of course isn’t going to be sustainable. This would be like taking rat poison to rid ourselves of toxic arsenic poisoning, this action will of course kill us in the end. I suppose once we are dead, we have healed the condition but isn’t there a better way to rid ourselves of these condition in the first place? 

Let’s look at how people like Jesus healed, all they do is touch someone or even connect themselves in someway without touching them to heal these conditions, to a mortal thinking person, this healing process would seem totally absurd and rightfully so, if we can’t comprehend something, how could it exist?  To people like Jesus, this kind of healing process indeed existed only because they comprehended (became aware of) their own immortal existence.

Yes, it can take time to condition ourselves to comprehending immortal existence, only because we are conditioned to think we are predominantly mortal. It’s wise to read up on anything that tells us about our immortality, this will start the reconditioning process of knowing we are truly immortal.

The soul: Yes, the soul can also accrue conditions that need healing, this of course seems daunting to the mortal thinking self, “we need to heal our human selves and our soul, it’s too much”, the usual question is, “where do I start?” Again, you don’t start anywhere, a soon as you have done this, you have started a healing process that accrued these conditions in the first place. Just become aware of  immortal existence, you might say this is a starting point but it’s not, it’s just an awareness nothing more. What you need to do is forget about starting and ending points to begin with, become aware of your immortal self. Again it comes down to simple awareness.

Human self = time + mortal existence
The soul = time and timelessness + mortal and immortal existence
Spirit = timelessness + immortal existence

The soul is indeed unique, it’s a balance of  time and timeliness, mortal and immortal existence until it’s predominately governed by mortal or immortal existence. When the soul is governed by mortal existence, it can accrue conditions that need healing, this isn’t the same when the soul is predominately governed by the spirit itself (consciousness itself), this is due to the spirit not accruing conditions that need to be healed.

The strange thing about the soul is it’s not governed by boundaries like mortal existence is until the soul becomes governed by time. The soul has a starting point but not in the same sense as mortal existences do, the soul has always existed as pure consciousness but it’s not until it expresses this consciousness does it have a starting point of origin. You might think that if the soul has a starting point, the soul has to have an ending point as well, this isn’t the case but can be the case, this depends on if the soul is governed by mortal or immortal existence (time or timelessness). I did say the soul was unique.

I actually came across souls that were very disruptive and destructive on a couple of occasions, their whole being was influenced by mortality, only through this mortality were they able to be so disruptive and destructive, this was all due to mortal  thinking consciousnesses existing in a reality of mortal existence. They themselves were aware of their own mortality, for once they became aware of immortal existence, their own existence would cease to exist even at the soul level. They didn’t take too kindly to me, I was too aware of immortal existence. 

Mortal existence exists only because of the existence of mortal existences, if we were to all become the spirit itself, all mortal existence would cease to exist. This is were the soul gives the spirit balance and an existence to were this spirit can express it’s own consciousness in it’s various ways.

You can at the human level wise your soul to it’s own immortality thus giving back a soul it’s balance, once you obtain a balance between mortal and immortal existences, you will find you won’t need to be healed. I’m not actually doing this myself, only because I don’t judge or mind being also expressive of an imbalance which accrues conditions that need to be healed. The funny thing is, the majority of people existing in this mortal existence are doing the same, they are just not aware of this at the human level, trust me, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

It is however noticeable that a lot of people want to change this existence to a more constructive existence, void of these accrued conditions. To me, becoming aware of your immortal self is a good start, however, do try to stay away from healing processes that incorporate using healing processes that use mortal conditioning, this would be like a dog chasing it’s tail. 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Healing Effortlessly

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are numerous ways to heal individually and collectively, this is primarily due to living in time because time gives us numerous or even infinite possibilities in all of what we do. Some of these healing processes take a lot of effort and some of them don’t, so which way should we heal personally and collectively?

Personally we should go with what we are comfortable with; it’s no good going with a healing process we don’t resonate with, this could be anything from healing through active and/or passive intentions, as the link directly below explains about, or we could use a healing process that incorporates no intentions, this is accomplished through purely living and thinking in the now, the present moment.      

Extract: Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Yet using your intentions to assist your healing is not promoted in the western medical system. Why is this important aspect of healing overlooked and what can you do about it?

Healing collectively is somewhat trickier; we can’t use any healing processes that other people don’t resonate with, this is obvious in the way other people in the world shun spiritualistic practices for a more scientific way of healing and of course visa-versa.  There seems to be no way to heal the collective collectively or is there?

Let’s look at why we need to heal ourselves, what has caused us to have intentions to heal ourselves and why do we need to be healed in the first place?

What creates everything in time? Intentions, suns are in my mind intentionally created to give life, this is due to the sun also being of consciousness and any consciousness in time can have intentions and most often does have intentions.  Look at what man has created; it was all created through intentions, OK pollution isn’t intentional but the process of an intention can create pollution.  Nothing can be created without intentions either directly or indirectly.  

Everything we have intentions to heal ourselves from has been created through intentions. People can become overweight when they eat too much takeaway food, this might not be intentional by the profiteers but the profiteers do have an intention to become wealthier, overweight people are a by-product  through such intentions. We then need to intentionally heal ourselves from being overweight brought about by intentions, everything we need to heal ourselves from has been created from intentions either directly or indirectly. 

Collectively it’s the same dilemma, someone has intentions to force their own beliefs on to other nations and to obtain peace, another intention is enforced to go to war with such people, action reaction time and time again as human history quite plainly demonstrates.  How do we heal the collective from this, it’s seemingly an insurmountable dilemma?

First of all become aware of what is causing us to have a need to be healed in the first place and then act on this.  It’s seemingly going to take an insurmountable effort to curb our intentions, how is a non-intentional thinking process going to be effortless?

How many well-known spiritually aware people are teaching us about living just in the now? Living in the now is all about this present moment without any reflection of a past or future, to have intentions you certainly need a future and past otherwise you cannot be of intentions. Having intentions has nothing to do with living and being in the now, intentions are all to do with time, however, living and being in the now is of timelessness, there is no true past or future.  Take away the past and future; you take away anything needing to be healed because there are no intentions to cause something to be healed!! 

It takes little effort to live and be in the now, all it takes is to drop your intention which is all about a past and future, all this takes is to think differently, instead of thinking in time, we are now thinking in timelessness.  To a person who can only think in time, this is going to seemingly take a lot of effort but it doesn’t once you realise you truly are eternal. This doesn’t just take being aware of being eternal but knowing you are eternal. Being aware that intentions are only of time also helps in this process; we are indeed timeless sources of conscious eternal energy.

Once you drop intentions and only live and be within the now, this very healing process of living and being in the now will become quite effortless individually and collectively.   

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Healing Ourselves through Being Unintentional

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was a little bit surprised of the reaction my last post received; I didn’t think this post would be well received at all mainly because we are taught from birth to have intentions. Life itself, without human influence, is about intentions; it’s about surviving under the influence of the physical elements surrounding us and when we add man to this equation, these intentions boomed which in turn created even more chaos in the physical world.  Life itself is about chaos because it’s always about intentions however the difference now is we seem to live wholly by intentions which in turn creates even more chaos. 

Politics is driven by intentions and so is religion as is of science, it’s all driven by intentions to do one thing or another usually in reaction to something else which creates a never ending action reaction effect, this of course in turn creates even more chaos and in my mind we certainly don’t need any more of that.  The thing I’m becoming aware of now is more people are moving away from anything that creates an intention either it be knowingly or unknowingly, I truly didn’t know this within myself until recently.  I was only moving away from people and situations that live by intentions. At first I thought I was just moving away from destructive influences that were always trying to influence my vibrational signature, trying to influence me in a destructive way.  I wanted to become more constructive within my mentality; this isn’t easy when around people who have a destructive mentality. This was obviously an intention; I was reacting to a situation that no longer served me.

The truth is I was adding to an already existing chaos when I was trying to move away from this chaos, this added to the chaos that was created through my intentions. Yes I felt better within myself but I felt I still wasn’t there, I was aware that the chaos was still present  around me and could at any time within my weakness come back into my life.

Being aware of my own intentions gives me a different perspective; I am no longer trying to rid myself of chaos and even intentions but to just become aware of my intentions and what they create, within this awareness we automatically dispel any intentional reaction.  This of course can only work if we truly want to let go of our intentions in the first place.

The less intentional we become the better the healing process is, this is because intentional acts are always in reaction to something else, by pushing something away, like chaos for instance, we are causing a reaction that now needs to be healed.   

We could say by pushing the chaos in our lives away we are healing; this is still an intentional act which can cause a reaction (chaos).  By becoming unintentional, we automatically heal because we are not reacting to a situation or another person, the healing process isn’t an intentional healing but a healing that is brought on by being unintentional without an action reaction effect.  

I now smile at people who express intentions consistently, they are not aware of what their own interactions are creating and adding to. I still express intentional reactions but I am now very aware of what these intentions create, my intentions have certainly dropped off quite significantly thus taking away the bite of the chaos surrounding me within this physical world, I no longer have an intention to rid myself of chaos because the chaos surrounding me is far less prevalent through being unintentional.

You could say this post is intentional however it wasn’t mainly because I didn’t really intend to write it, it was an unintentional act. This post was brought about by an interaction with others in relation to my last post so it has to be intentional would it not because it’s a reaction?  In my last post I mentioned about being unintentional and still being able to be interactive with others without intentions, this is a good example of this.

I did not intend to react, this quite automatically came to be however I did react to previous reactions by writing this post in reaction, this would have to be an intention by me would it not?

Two people are having an argument, one person quite automatically hits the other quite unintentionally which has now added to the chaos, is not my reaction in producing this post the something, it’s an intention even though it wasn’t written intentionally?

Being unintentional within my actions came quit automatically even though it’s a reaction, the reaction was automatic and not intentionally induced, in other words I went naturally with the flow of things.  Are two people having an argument to start with unintentional and natural? No one enters into an argument unintentionally even at times this might seem to be the case and no one unintentionally hits another person, the actions are in direct reaction to a circumstance, there is nothing truly automatic about a situation like this.

The more unintentional we become to more automatically things will occur around us without having such intentions of such things happening to us. This is very much like the synchronistic moments of time people can experience, everything just comes together in synchronicity, being unintentional has a similar affect, our needs just occur without an intention.          

Monday, 8 December 2014

Healing Through Vibrations

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve written about vibrations on numerous occasions in the past, my first blog was primarily about vibrations and how everything in existence vibrates.  This is important to know especially in relation to healing, not just in relation to healing the human body and mind, but the healing of ourselves as a collective.  We are however becoming once again aware of how vibrations can heal mainly through science studies and from people who have gone through actual experiences of healing through vibrations.

Now to a sceptic this is all hoogly-boogly stuff, how can an invisible energy source heal an energy source of physical matter and at times without any physical contact?  It’s very simple, everything in existence vibrates so will obviously be receptive to other vibrations.  Let’s look at cancer, how does cancer come into existence where there was no cancer? This of course happens when we come into contact with other energy sources that our already existing dormant cancer cells react too but how does this reaction cause cancer?

It’s one element coming into contact with another element, a toxic element coming in physical contact with dormant cancer cells which causes the cancer cell to react and grow, but this is due to a chemical or some kind of biological reaction, it has nothing to do with vibrations!!

This toxic element only exists as it does because it vibrates at a certain vibrational signature; it has a certain vibrational pattern unique to other vibrational patterns of other elements. When this toxic vibrational element comes into contact with another element vibrating at a different rate of vibration, it changes the vibrational signature of the cancer cell giving the cancer cell quite a different vibratory signature than what it had in the first place giving us cancer of some kind.  This is very much like when two people come together who instantly don’t like each other, what they will produce is a different vibrational signature that is unique  but quite harmful. 

What has this to do with the collective?  I look at chaos as being a cancer which is created through various vibrations affecting other vibrations, in other words a toxic element affecting a non-toxic element which produces a cancer which in this case creates a form of chaos of one kind or another.  Now if all of what exists vibrates, why can’t we rid our cancer through using other vibrations to change the vibrational signature of the cancer back to a less destructive vibrational signature?  If the cancer was created by the interactions of two elements with a different vibratory signature, why can’t we again use another vibratory signature to rid ourselves of such harmful vibrations (cancers)?  There is of course no reason and that is why so many healing techniques work, they all work on the vibrational signature of another harmful vibrational signature, in this case cancer.  

This of course means that conservative modern day medicine works in the same way; they change the vibratory frequencies of other vibrational signatures, this is true, however this can only usually be accomplished through actual physical contact.  Conservative modern day medicine needs this physical contact to work, this is due to our perception, if it’s going to work we need physical contact of some kind.  What if we changed this perception to perceiving from we need physical contact for a healing process to work to perceiving that we don’t need physical contact for the healing process to work?  It is all to do with the way we perceive, if we think we can only heal through physical contact of some kind that is the only way we will heal.

The same mentality creates wars, we need physical contact to change the way certain people are so we do this through war, war is all about changing other people’s vibrations in one way or another. This is like one element affecting another elements vibrational signature to create a cancer.  What if we perceived that to change any other vibrational signature we didn’t need physical contact, we of course certainly wouldn’t have the chaos we have today.  It would seem physical contact can indeed create chaos (cancer) where it wasn’t before.

Now let’s look at what a lot of spiritually aware people are trying to do, they are trying to change their own vibrational signature to something far more constructive, most of this is done without physical contact.  At the moment most spiritually aware people are using physical means to express such constructive vibrations to each other, this of course can at times cause chaos, this is to be expected.  I do eventually believe we won’t need any physical means to express such healing vibrations in the future. I believe this will come about by us changing our perception to, to heal we must do this physically to healing totally without physical contact.  This of course does away with chaos which produces even more toxic elements. By perceiving from physical healing to the non-physical healing we will indeed cut out the effects of chaos (cancer) upon us, this in turn will allow us to stay healed personally and collectively.          

Extract: When Barbara Ann Brennan first began to take seriously the energy fields she saw around the human body, she was employed by NASA as an astrophysicist. Since leaving to pursue her vision, Brennan has almost singlehandedly brought energy healing into the realm of rigorous science. That her focus is also deeply spiritual attests to the growing knowledge in our world that the two -- science and spirituality -- can no longer productively be separated.

The following interview was conducted by Roger Windsor, editor of Spectrum magazine, and originally appeared in that publication. The Spirit of Ma'at is reprinting it here by permission of Spectrum and Dr. Brennan.

Extract: No matter how many high-tech cures modern medicine brings us, alternative evangelists will always argue loudly that the true secrets of well-being lie in esoteric notions such as ‘healing frequencies’, magnets and astrological alignments.
The latest example of this is a book by Matthew Silverstone, a successful London businessman. He became fascinated by alternative medicine after seeing his 19-year-old son recover from a bout of chronic fatigue syndrome so severe that he did not even have the energy to talk to people.
Despite being a tough-minded businessman, Silverstone believes the cure was brought about by an alternative healer who recommended therapies such as feeling the energy given off by trees.

Extract: Experiments with Sound Have Led to Some Startling Revelations
An interesting thing happens when recordings of people speaking are speeded up and slowed down. If these recordings are doubled in speed three times (raising the pitch by three octaves), human speech patterns sound remarkably like birds chirping, When raised in speed by eight octaves, these recordings sound just like crickets chirping. Slowed down from normal speed by three octaves they sound like dolphins and at eight octaves slowed down, sound like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
It is interesting that recordings from the human voice should sound like nature sounds. What happens if we take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like birds chirping. Bird sounds slowed down sound like dolphins, and dolphin sounds slowed down sound like people singing.
The famous Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, would have been pleased - this seems to fall directly in line with his theory of the "collective unconscious." A level of the unconscious mind deeper than our personal unconscious shared by us all, populated with universal archetypal images ("primordially recognizable" images, just as these sounds seem to be "primordially recognizable" sounds). The collective unconscious in this sense would be access to my larger body/mind, the planetary level of my collective unconscious, which knows how to "grow" a planetary ecosystem of which my personal body is just a part. It is almost as if the whole universe is one organic being with many parts all designed from variations of the same blueprint.

Now is any of this going to be accepted from people who financially gain from physical healing? The medical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, these people are not going to give this up lightly so will do anything to deny such claims of non-physical vibrational healing.  Pull the dummy out of a child’s mouth and see what happens quite instantaneously, taking away any fixated attachment like a dummy or monies away from these people is going to cause these people to react; they will do anything to disclaim such healing process to the bitter end which again is to be expected.  The same goes for anyone fixated to,” for it to work and exist it has to be of the physical otherwise it can’t possibly be plausible”, they will do anything to deny such claims no matter how many scientists and science studies prove, non-physical vibrational healing does indeed work  to at least some extent.

It’s really up to use in how we perceive, if we perceive we can only heal through physical means, that is exactly what we will only be able to do but if we perceive healing through non-physical means, we will of course see that through healing through physical means actually causes the chaos (cancer) we are trying to heal ourselves of.  Within this process all we are doing is feeding the ego and our appetite for physical wealth.  In my mind to rid ourselves of this cancer called chaos, all we need to do is perceive in a totally different way, a non-physical way, the way we truly are. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Advanced Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to sound awfully delusional to a lot of people; it will also sadly offend people fixated to set ideological principles. Offending people isn’t my aim, as usual, but I must write down what comes to me and if this offends a lot of people, I’m sorry but I can’t truly help that.  I certainly don’t write for self-gratification or for a popularity award, what must be must be.

This kind of healing process I’m about to discuss here is quite different to what I wrote about recently in relation to healing with light, in the process I’m about to discuss, there is no light. What we heal with is all to do with natural states of existence, when we envision (?) a joint being inflamed for example; we see the joint inflamed not of light.  Everything becomes transparent, you can literally see right into the joint.  I should also state, at this point in this life I don’t practice in such healing processes mainly because this kind of process takes a lot of focus. To focus this much one needs to drop any fixation that will hinder such healing processes, I’m not willing to do that in this life at present as I will explain latter on in this post.

Why did I insert a question mark (?) after the word envision?  This is one of the interesting parts of this kind of healing process, you don’t actually visualise in this process as such as you do when healing through visualising light. What you do is see is the part of the body that needs to be healed, as it is at present, and then you focus on this part of the body that is being healed in it’s naturel form, you don’t actually visualise this natural form. What you are basically doing is reminding the body what it’s natural form is, within this the healing process begins.

Another way to explain this is through a healing process that is proven to actually work. My wife practices in what is called an EMMETT technique where you switch the muscles back on after they have been switched off after a trauma of some kind. What this process is doing is reminding the muscle what it was like when it was switched on.  This advanced healing process I’m talking about here works along the same principles however, once this healing process has been perfected, you can literally see within anyone’s body. The body literally become transparent, this isn’t visualised, you can literally see within people’s bodies.

After this healing process has been perfected, you can actually perform surgery without breaking the skin; this seems utterly ridiculous doesn’t it!!  I should state her that surgery is only needed when a foreign body has entered the body, all other healing is accomplished through reminding the body area you are working on what it was like in it’s natural form.  

How can anyone perform surgery without breaking the skin or traumatise the body any further in anyway?  Again this EMMETT technique works in a similar manner, it causes as little trauma as possible within it’s healing process, but we are not talking about actual surgery here are we?  In one sense no but in another sense yes. What has an actual surgeon achieved after a successful surgery?  It reminded the body what it was like before the said physical trauma became apparent or felt by the said person. What has an EMMET practitioner achieved after a successful treatment?  The same exact thing however, this advanced healing process I’m discussing here goes beyond physicality altogether.  

Now this seems totally absurd, how can anyone heal anybody’s body without this kind of action being physical in any sense?  The part of the body you are working on is no longer in a physical form; it takes on a transparent form without being of a physical form.  You can literally insert your hand into this area of the body that is no longer physical without causing any physical trauma, but surly we are only visualising that the part of the body in question isn’t physical?  No, there is no visualisation occurring at all.  Think of the movie Matrix, this is very similar, there is no actual physical form once one learns to focus enough, this is why we can heal and even perform surgery without causing any further trauma to the physical body and more importantly the mind.

So why can’t anyone we know heal like this? Principles, we can only think in time not in timelessness so all our principles are fixated to time. Thinking in timelessness is important with this kind of advanced healing process; you need to go beyond the bounds of time to heal in this way.  All of what is physical is based on time so we think we need to use various principles of time to heal what is of time, physicality, but that isn’t the case at all. We need to go beyond the principles of time to understand and accept any principles beyond time to become proficient at this kind of healing process. This is exactly why I call this an advanced healing process, you need to drop any principles of time that are going to hinder such participation in such advanced practices, this means dropping any hindering  principles of time from science to religion.  

You might say this isn’t easy to do, as soon as you state such a thing it becomes instantly hard. The only reason it’s difficult to drop such principles of time is we are fixated to these principles of time; we really don’t want to let them go. As soon as we say it’s too hard to do, we have confirmed how fixated we are to anything of time.  To break away from this fixation, we need to realise that nothing actually dies or is reborn from death, the demise of anything doesn’t actually exist, it’s an illusion brought about by the principles of time.  Physically we are born and eventually we die, this is fact but only of time, when we die we don’t actually die but transform into another energy source, but the people and things we love eventually become non-existent. No they don’t, actually when we so call die we are more alive than we are in a physical state of existence unless we are, after our demise, still fixated to the principles time in some way.  

Why when we die from pain related trauma we don’t feel pain in the afterlife?  Pain doesn’t exist, pain can only exist in time, it’s created by the principles of time so when you go beyond the principles of time you don’t cause any more trauma.  So is this saying all pain and trauma in this physical life of time is an illusion?  Not exactly, a lot of people make the mistake in my mind of just judging realties of time illusions nothing more, it’s actually not that simple.  What we experience in time we are actually experiencing but only in time, when we take in consideration of the whole of existence, very little of this existence is of time and physicality.  Most of what exists is actually of timelessness; time isn’t a normal occurrence or is even a normal state of existence for us, this however in my mind doesn’t make anything of time an illusion. The illusion is everything of time isn’t all we are or who we truly are but it is a part of who we are otherwise we couldn’t experience anything of time itself, in other words we can’t experience anything that isn’t a part of us in some way.  

So is pain and trauma a part of us? Again we couldn’t experience anything of time unless it was a part of us but it’s a very tiny part of us however in time we have made it all we are, this is the illusion.

So let’s get back to why I’m not focused enough to heal in this advanced way I speak of, first let us ask another question, why aren’t any of us this focused to heal to this extent?  For exactly the same reason, we are fixated to one or more principles of time which hinder us becoming this focused.  Because time is a very tiny part of our whole existence, none of us obviously want to let go of these principles of time even though we perceive we are in trauma. It would need a huge amount of trauma to let go of such fixation of time and even then it’s probably doubtful we would let go completely.  We are experiencing time and everything of time has to offer, we just don’t want to let go of this otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Everyone who is here, existing in time, wanted to be here, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here otherwise.

The funny thing is, we have created everything that is of time through our principles and perceptions of time; we can always change what is occurring in time by changing our principles which in turn changes our perceptions.  We don’t have to be destructive; actually we can be quite healing if we wanted too. This would mean giving up certain principles of time that interfere with such healing processes, are we willing to do that? It would seem not at this point, trust me, we all realise, at the inner level,  how exceptional it is to experience time itself in any form, we just don’t want to end this experience but we don’t have too.  We allow the ego to influence us to make such decisions, to continue existing in time; all we have to do is become healers instead of destroyers and still keep the ego at the same time. The ego can be very constructive, it’s just we haven’t learnt to use it in this way as yet but we can if we drop some of our fixations of time.  

As for me, I’m becoming more aware of myself that isn’t of time and influenced by the ego, the process of letting go of my fixation of time for me has certainly begun; this post is a good indication of that.             

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point out, I’m not a healer as such in this life, this is indicated by my own mentality which is fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life to some extent like most people. In my life in ancient Egypt though, it would seem I didn’t have this problem, this made me a very proficient healer.  Once anyone stops being this fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life, anyone at this stage can become a healer. Actually once this occurs, everyone automatically becomes a healer in some sense.

Instead of racking my brain in determining and judging what is negative and what is positive, I just kept the mind quiet by focusing on constructive thinking. It was a simple learnt thought pattern that gave me a constructive mentality instead of a destructive mentality. Not realising this or being aware of this, today most of us are conditioned to a destructive mentality, this is bread into us and can be quite hard to shake off, rid ourselves of such a mentality.  This is due to being also conditioned at the subconscious level.

How do we get around this? Study our dreams and meditate. Meditation and dream interpreting can bring forth the subconscious making the subconscious conscious to our conscious selves, in other words we become aware of our inner subconscious thoughts. Yes this can be spooky at first but one away around this is to visualise the subconscious as a bright light, a bright healing light instead of something negative as opposed to positive.   

Now, we can mistaken the white bright light of life energy forces for the white bright lights of healing for they are both of a white bright light.  To me the difference is as follow.

The white bright light of life energy forces = no indication of the light being of heat or cold and it should be of a soft bright white light.

The white bright lights of healing = this is usually of a warm light to a very warm light and it’s not a soft light, it’s a bright piercing light.

Each life force gives off a different soft glow of light, this depends on their mental and/or physical condition, some are bright some are dull within the intensity of their glow. This also depends on how well someone is connected to Gaia and/or the inner self.
The bright light of healing also varies in intensity depending in what condition of what needs to be healed, for example, if a joint is highly inflamed the healer will sense and possibly visualise a lot of heat and bright light.  When a joint isn’t as inflamed, the light density will be dimmer and you want notice as much heat either. This will also occur during the healing process, you know when you are healing when the heat isn’t as intensive as before and the light has dimmed. Eventually, if the healing process has been successful, you won't sense any heat or visualise or feel any light, at this stage you have successfully brought everything back into it’s natural order, the way it’s supposed to be.

Also in my case, I visualise hearing an electrical bussing sound when the light is intensive but as the light becomes duller, this electrical buzzing sound becomes less and less until there is no sound at all. When I say the light becomes duller I mean it becomes more of a glow than a bright piercing light, this is where we can confuse the light of life forces with healing light. One way to tell is through the heat signature of the healing process of the light, you will always sense heat when healing where the light of a life force doesn’t exude heat or cold, it’s just a comfortable comforting soft bright glow.

When we visualise the Earth, when not in a healing mode, the light from Earth is a soft bright white glow of light with no heat or cold sensed, at times however we will sense a heat signature and maybe a bright piercing light, this is an indication of what needs to be healed.  With a constructive mentality you can see how easy it is to get the light of life forces confused with the light of healing, everything is of light but not everything is of heat or sound.  To me there is no heat/cold or sound in relation to the life force of things, there is no action reaction, push and pull within this light itself until we start reacting in life. As soon as we start reacting, that is when the healing glow of light begins to appear but only if we have a constructive mentality. A destructive mentality separates this light into dark and light, negative and positive.  Instead of healing with light, we are healing with dark; this explains why we are still in conflict with each other and of Gaia (nature).   

There is only light, yes this light varies in intensity in life but it’s still light no matter what. When we are healing, we are actually using the light of the life force to heal but for this life force to heal, it needs to be intensified which gives off a sense of heat. Yes it’s the same light but it’s advisable to become aware of the difference when the light of the life force is intensified for healing purposes. The reason for being aware of this is, to heal properly, one must be aware of the heat difference and light intensity from the light of the light force; if you’re not aware of this the healing process might not work or work proficiently. It all just comes down to being aware.

I should point out, this is only what I visualise and experience, this doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone else’s visualisations and experiences in relation to healing.      

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Way to Healing -Visualising

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more about how I heal or more to the point, how I use to heal when I was living a life in ancient Egypt.  In my present life, I don’t heal to any great extent but I can still visualise, to some extent, where the light is in the body, yes I did say light. No matter what it is, I don’t see it as a dark or damaged mass, the area in question just glows with white light.

This has everything to do with our mentality, not if we are positive or not. A positive person can still visualise a dark mass however a person with a constructive mentality will only see a bright white glow.  So what’s the difference between a positive thinking person and a person who is constructive within their mentality?

They are very simular however to be positive there has to be a negative, you can’t have one without the other, so to be positive you would have to judge yourself as not being negative, in doing this you have just judged negativity as being bad in some way.  A constructive mentality doesn’t work this way, it doesn’t need an opposite like destructiveness to exist, constructive thinking is just constructive thinking.  

Let’s take Hitler for example, he was very positive especially at first during his reign, I wouldn’t call Hitler a very constructive person however in his early days of he’s reign, he was very constructive to his people but not to other people he deemed not of his own.  Hitler was a very positive person but very destructive. A person with a constructive mentality wouldn’t have even thought of being this destructively positive.   

Constructiveness is obvious, you are not destroying anything or hurting anyone, positive thinking on the other hand isn’t this obvious as the example above shows.  Positiveness also takes action to formulate where’s constructiveness actually takes less action, the less you act the more constructive you are and the more active you are the more destructive you become.  Because positiveness takes action to formulate, it can be quite destructive as Hitler quite clearly showed.  

This also goes along with the push and pull effect, the more we push away the more we are pulling in, a never ending expression of action reaction, cause and effect. Positive thinking tells us to take action away from anything we judge as being negative, a constructive mentality doesn’t take any action as the less action we take the more constructive we become.  

What happens when we take less action? For one we don’t get a reaction and two we are under far less stress therefore think a lot less which quietens the mind. It’s this quietened mind that helps us to heal.

Anyone with a constructive mentality can heal but not everyone who is positive can heal!!

We have been conditioned to take positive action as opposed to being conditioned to be constructive without action, this kind of conditioning is very hard for us to let go of and this is why we have been so destructive.  Does a constructive mentality mean we don’t take action, so when others are in trouble we don’t do anything to help?  

No, it means we take constructive action in consideration of anything we might destroy within such actions. We need to realise the more action we take the more destructive we can become. Feeding the poor for example isn’t going to help the situation unless we take less action to help them help themselves; they need to learn to help themselves.  

This is all a part of the healing process, there is no negative to heal as there is no dark mass to heal so we take less action to heal not more action. The way we have been conditioned tells us to take more action which is causing even more reaction, more destructiveness.   I find it really funny how we have become conditioned in this way which keeps our mentality ignorant of any other way to exist. 

The best way I know to heal is to visualise people’s light spots not dark spots and the world itself is no different. In relation to the Middle East, a positive person will see dark spots and take positive action but a person with a constructive mentality will only see these, what positive people have judged as dark spots, light spots. These dark spots become balls of bright light. Actually a lot of spiritually aware people who think they are positive thinkers are actually people who have a constructive mentality, they are not true positive thinkers because true positive thinkers can be quite destructive.  A true positive thinker also thinks a lot, usually too much to truly heal anything.  Yes positive thinking can make a constructive difference but it’s usually only a band aide effect, it usually doesn’t last long enough to make a real difference; actually in certain circumstances it can make things worse in the long run.

How can we learn to heal through a constructive mentality?  First of all drop the positive thinking and become purely constructive, feel constructive in every core of your being. Secondly, look at people and visualise their light spots/masses, if you visualise a dark mass you are not quite constructive within your mentality. The same goes with the world around us, visualise the Middle East, if you visualise dark spots you again are not quite constructive within your mentality.  I should point out anyone can become a healer, one just needs to be aware.  

It is easy to get positive thinking mixed up with constructiveness, they at first seem to go hand in hand, the main difference is, one takes action to formulate and the other takes far less action, one takes more thought,  the other far less thought. One should ask, which one is more truly of the spiritual and of the inner self?