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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Existence of Circumstance

Written by Mathew Naismith

How often do circumstances in life determine an outcome or an existence? For an example, the Rothschild's are supposed to be worth 500 trillion giving them a false demigod status. The offspring (children) of this family will be immediately influenced by this demigod status; this is the circumstance they are born into. It's the same with everything in life, our lives are all determined by circumstance and it's these circumstances in life that create the existence we will experience.

Imagine if the Earth stopped spinning just through circumstance or there was no demigod status in existence to start with, our existence would be quite different than it is now. Of course a demigod always tries to create their own circumstances, often creating detrimental circumstances for other people and the environment in the mean time.

We might then look at, for example, the Rothschild's in a negative sense. This label of negativity, in my mind, is not warranted simply due to circumstance.

The circumstance of greed, wealth, power and control has been around since the dawn of man, it is a circumstance of this status quo that creates an existence like this, in turn creating false demigods. Human consciousness is simply conditioned to this kind of status quo; it knows no other way to exist. Even when a more balanced and constructive way of existence is portrayed or exemplified, who really wants to go outside of their comfort zone and take a risk at another way of existing?

Once a spiritually aware person creates a comfort zone, do they desire to go outside this comfort zone? No, then why is it expected for other people within their own comfort zone to go outside of their created zone? One must lead by example; otherwise it's simply an example of a possibility, not a reality!!

Do we, through simple circumstance, judge as we please everything within our environment either negative or positive? This of course is usually done by being in judgment in relation to ourselves, to our own created comfort zone.

The kind of mentality I am portraying here isn't easy to comprehend to start with, so how can you understand something you can't even comprehend? You don't unless circumstances allow you to. My own circumstances in life have created the kind of mentality I am expressing today. Nothing created by circumstance can be labelled either negative or positive, to do so would be of a false demigod status where judgment of negatives and positives give us control over circumstance.