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Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Magnificence of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

These are the kinds of posts I don't mind writing and not just because we judged them as being positive, what's most important to me is they bring different perspectives to the fore. The different perspective in this case is to do with the many various expressions of consciousness. Consciousness is infinite within it's expression, it is indeed by all rights magnificent within all of it's expressions. This post is no different in that it's one of numerous expressions that is neither right or wrong, it's but another expression of this consciousness which gives us a different perceptive of this consciousness, our own consciousness.

Different Expressions of Consciousness: In my last post I wrote about evil intent, this is but one of many expressions of this consciousness that many of us would judge as being one thing or another, in other words wrong or right, positive or negative. The controlling ego thrives on this kind of perspective that everything has to have a right and wrong, this is in accordance with our own expressions of consciousness, our own perspectives.

Recently same sex marriage have been on the agenda again, people can't help loving someone even of the same sex, has anyone in the world got the right to tell another person who and who they can't love?  This is a very good point, is it not also a good point when people can't help loving more than one person at a time, who has the right to tell anyone they can't love more than one partner at any given time. But all what's on the agenda is same sex marriage, this is one expression of consciousness excluding and even ignoring another expression of consciousness with the same dilemma, you are not allowed to marry who you want to love.

Again we are judging what is a right and wrong way to express this consciousness, this is brought about by only being accepting of our own expression of consciousness which mostly exclude any other expression of consciousness. This is usually in accordance with our ideologies, again, each ideology is but one of numerous expressions of consciousness, one isn't right or right, worthy or unworthy, they are just different expressions of the same consciousness.

Oneness: Now this is interesting, each expression of consciousness is an expressions of the same consciousness, the exact same consciousness no matter how different this consciousness is expressed. This is the oneness, to me it's not some halleluiah realm or state of consciousness above all other expressions of consciousness, this is due to no matter what we express, or even don't express, it's still consciousness, this oneness.

 Another good point to be aware of is, you might think that to have consciousness you need motion, consciousness is created by motion but not all of consciousness moves or vibrates. The funny thing is, the more aware you become, the less you react (move),  so the more aware you become the less you vibrate, this infers a true oneness state has no motion to it. When I say consciousness is created by motion, I mean it creates a consciousness that reacts to itself, all motion was created by consciousness but this motion of consciousness creates an endless stream of reactions, an infinite expressions of consciousness.

You might still think this oneness state has to have motion, it has to vibrate to exist, this is due to everything that exists has to vibrate but it's interesting what causes this vibration to start with. Observation, as soon as we observe, we cause a vibration through the act of observing, however, once we stop being the observer to interact with such vibrating (motion) consciousness, we create numerous expressions of this one consciousness from initially being the observer.

Non-interactive State: Now go the other way from an observing point of view, in other words instead of interacting from the observer point of view and becoming interactive with consciousness, go the other way, what do we have, what state of consciousness are we talking about, is it interactive or non-interactive?  It of course has to be non-interactive, this means consciousness can also be non-interactive from an observing point of view.

How do you observe non-interaction,  a consciousness that has no motion what so ever?

The point is you can't observe a non-interactive consciousness, this seems to infer that consciousness doesn't exist within this non-interactive states, only through observing interactive expressions of consciousness can consciousness exist. This isn't true however, to me this is due to a non-interactive state being of absolute awareness without being the observer. Think on this, why would an absolute aware consciousness want to observe itself when it's already totally aware without observing itself and in the process interacting with numerous expressions of itself? At this non-interactive state, observing itself has no purpose as it's already fully aware of itself.

This is what so magnificent about this one consciousness, it can be non-interactive, it can also be the observer and it can be interactive with it's numerous expressions of itself simultaneously in the very present, the magnificence of this consciousness is astounding. This magnificence is exemplified a thousand times when you consider we are talking about the same exact consciousness no matter how it expresses or doesn't express itself.   

Connection: I'm going to touch on a few more thing here. Now I said in my last post that by just laughing I dispelled what we deem as entities with evil intent, this sounds ridiculous until you realise how magnificently this consciousness works. Entities with deemed evil intent exist in a highly interactive expression of consciousness, this infers that such expressive states of consciousness are unaware especially in relation to a non-interactive state of consciousness. Everyone can at anytime connect to this non-interactive totally aware state of consciousness, this is due to the fact we are after all only talking about one consciousness here, there is no reason why you can't access/connect to your own consciousness unless you are unaware of how this one consciousness works, how your own consciousness works in other words.

I would also like to once again touch on the difference between observing the different expressions of  consciousness to judging different expressions of  consciousness. Voicing an observation relates to not judging a wrong or right, worthy or unworthy, however, judgement always refers to a wrong or right, worthy or unworthy, it's worth being aware of this.

I still to this day express numerous expressions of consciousness at any given time, this means I don't judge expressing egotistically controlled straits as any less or more worthy or wrong than an expression of consciousness not controlled by the ego. Is it wrong to be egotistically controlled than a non-egotistically controlled state?  A lot of people would say yes but all you are doing in this is being aware of one part of this one consciousness. Like with this one consciousness itself for which you are, you can be non-interactive, the observer or interactive simultaneously, once you realise this you can connect to any part of this consciousness at any given time within the present moment, the choice is yours. You can only do this if you don't judge what is right and what is wrong, once you judge a right and wrong way to express consciousness, you lose the connection.