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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Outside the 3rd Dimensional Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

G'day everyone.

Yes, I am still alive, it's been very quiet for me on all fronts except for my dreams. I seem to dream all night, I am far more active in my dreams by far. A lot of my dreams are of motion void of form, in actuality, there is presently a lot of movement in energy void of form within my dreams.

We often relate motion to form as all form relies on motion to exist. The reason for this perception is due to ourselves being conditioned to only relate motion to form, in actuality I find that there is more motion void of form than there is motion of form in the whole of existence. Form is simply an abstract notion or impression of the expressions of formless energies, in other words form owes it's existence to formless energy flows, not the other way around.

Everything that man creates is created through form or is expressed through form, a 3rd dimensional aspect. To comprehend the existence, we put everything within a 3D aspect, within this, conditioning ourselves to believe that all motion is of some kind of form, even vibrations become form. As soon as we measure or evaluate anything, we have put it into a 3D aspect, this is simply done this way so our 3rd dimensional mind can comprehend the existence of these motions. Of course if it can't be measured or evaluated, it simply can't exist to the 3rd dimensional mind.

For man to create anything, the mind thinks in 3D, so everything that man creates has a 3rd dimensional aspect to it, all motion simply becomes some kind of form. This is quite natural and normal for a 3rd dimensional mind to perceive like this.

It's seems laughable to suggest that the majority of motion has no form, but only to a mind that can only perceive in 3rd dimensional aspects. As soon as our mind goes outside 3D aspects, the existence of form becomes like a grain of sand on a beach. Indeed, 3rd dimensional aspects seem insignificant. The expression of motion through form is indeed this insignificant in the whole scheme of existence, however, like each individual grain of sand on a beach is significant to the existence of a beach, form, 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, are also significant to the whole scheme of existence!! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Frustrations within Spirituality.

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have dreams now and again of going on a long journey to a final destination but along the way, there a numerous obstacles to cross, at every turn I have yet another obstacle to overcome.  The frustration due to these never ending obstacles is quite tiering in these dreams.  I don’t myself seem to have the same obstacles in my private life to the extent of my dreams but the world itself does, I think this is reflective within my dreams.

I have concerns, like many other people in the world do, especially at present in where the world is going. When my a dreams are full of stationary obstacles, this refers to my private life but when they are full of human obstacles, I don’t see this being of my private life but of the life of the world.  These human obstacles in my dreams are usually of an unbecoming nature of one kind or another; I just kept coming across them at every turn which ended up frustrating me, I couldn’t see myself getting to where I was supposed to be going.

What is stopping the world getting to where it’s supposed to go to where it is going at present?  The thing about being spiritually aware, we can usually sense/feel where our final destination will lead us, what we are going through at present will frustrate us if we are not altogether collective within our inner being.  The world is full of unbecoming people hindering our journey at every point it would seem, there doesn’t seem to be a way out of these most unbecoming obstacles along the way.

Should I have stopped to be in the present within my dreams?  The present wasn’t very becoming in my dreams as the world isn’t at present, is this a good place to stop and be in the present? Actually we really only have the present in our present state but do we stop or continue along our journey no matter what obstacle we come across?

Jesus and Buddha didn’t stop along in their journey to be in the present moment, they continued along their journey no matter what obstacle they came across however this isn’t saying they weren’t in the present moment, it’s just they didn’t stop in the present to make the present moment permanent.  On a collective scale, humans seem to have done this, this is it, so we must deal with it in how it is and the only way we know how to deal with these obstacles is by force, fighting fire with fire which will only stoke the fire more until there is nothing left to stoke it with, at this point the fire will burn itself out before it has a chance to move on.  The obstacles are the fire and we are the fuelers of such fire if we are going to fight fire with fire.

At present we have no other way to deal with such unbecoming obstacles only because we are staying in the present not moving on to the present, moving on will show us how to deal with such obstacles a lot better than what we are at present.  

The answer is to not stay in the present but just be in the present while the present is present. If in my dreams I tried to tackle these people, I would be living the present instead of moving on from the present. The funny thing is, if a showed a lot of love towards these people, these people wouldn’t have become an obstacle or as much as an obstacle.  Can we carry this through to the collective world? Showing distain only creates more friction, distain is only feeding the fire more however, if we showed love and understating towards these obstacles, is this feeding the fire?  We are no longer feeding the fire but extinguishing such a fire while we move on within our journey as a collective.

Would it make a difference showing love and understanding towards radicles (obstacles), wouldn’t they then just tread all over us? Yes to a point but it’s a lot better than continually living in the present and feeding the fire which will burn out eventually leaving us where?  

We can’t avoid these obstacles but we can certainly learn to deal with them a lot better by continuing along our journey as a collective, once we learn to deal with these obstacles a lot better, they will no longer be an obstacle.  

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dreams of Criminal Intent

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out that this post is referring to dreams when we are asleep, not of desiring to be a criminal in our conscious state of awareness.  

Recently I have been having dreams of criminal activity of some kind in my dreams, either I’m a criminal and/or others around are.  This criminal activity always has some form of accumulation of wealth being carried out; I’m usually the one who is carrying the bag, so to speak, at some time in my dream.  You would think this would have to be a really bad insight which relates directly to me, in a way it is but not in the way you would first think!!

Being involved with the accumulation of wealth by me relates to me having fixations to material gain, and the criminal activity relates to an incorrect course of action by me.  Boy this sounds awfully bad, it doesn’t say much about my character does it? The funny thing is it’s not actually referring to my character but the way I am treading my path, so does this mean I have a desire to go out and indulge in criminal activity to obtain wealth of some kind?

No of course not, what it does mean is I’m still fixated to the material world and I am being told, through my dreams, this isn’t the way I should be going. Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in gaining more wealth as I have what I need, most likely more than I need, so what does the accumulation of wealth in my dreams mean?  It just means I’m too fixated on the material world and that I need to focus more on being who I am and doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I also crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in good repair, which is an ached bridge, a very good omen. A brand new building was being opened up to the public, buildings usually represents our life achievements or our present state of consciousness, our present mentality either it be constructive or destructive.  So taking into consideration of other aspects of the dream, the dream isn’t stating anything really bad but a direction in the way I should go.

This direction I am being persuaded to go takes one to drop all expectations of material wealth and especially gain, it’s telling me to rely totally on the universal forces around me at present.  This means I am to hold no value on the material world as this will corrupt the rest of my journey; this is depicted in my dreams by the criminal intent in such dreams. This seams easy to do but it’s not.

When I don’t judge materialism as being positive or negative, it is hard for my human self (ego) to let go of such materialism, why drop something which I don’t deem as being necessarily bad or good? This is the dilemma, my ego doesn’t see a negative or a positive in a materialistic life style, it does however see it’s destructive tendencies but is destruction judged as being negative or positive by my ego?  Again no, my ego has actually created a paradox for itself, it’s a riddle, if destruction isn’t judged as being negative or even positive, is there a problem with a materialistic life style even though this kind of life style can be destructive but not always necessarily destructive?

The point is, is a materialistic life style constructive? A controlling ego would say yes but my ego says no, materialism doesn’t have to be destructive but is it constructive? A house is of materialism which protects us and our family from the elements; this is an example of constructive materialism so my ego isn’t correct either.  It’s a continuing paradox brought on by any form of ego expressionism.

So how do we dispel such a paradox? It would seem, going by the interpretation of my dream, I must stop listening to the ego period either it be controlling or not, this is represented by the criminal activity within my dreams.  I must in my dreams drop all intentions of becoming involved in any kind of accumulation of wealth within my dreams.  The accumulation of any kind of wealth within my dreams says that I value materialistic life styles; the criminal intent is saying this isn’t right for you to be this accepting of something that is known to be destructive.  

This overall seems to be saying that I must become wholly constructive by accepting my release of such acceptance of destructiveness; basically it’s telling me it’s time to move on, it’s time for all of us to move on in our acceptance of destructiveness especially of our destructive mentalities and to relay on the natural forces surrounding us……We are indeed the people’s servants!!     

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Mystery of Spirituality and light

Written by Mathew Naismith

Dreams: It is said by many, we live within a dream so does this make our actual dreams something else and are our actual dreams we have when we fall asleep more to do with reality than our awaken state? This of course couldn’t be because a lot of our dreams are too farfetched to be real. What if I still said they are just as real as our awaken state, you would think I would have to be loony to believe this or at least delusional.

In my last post I wrote about light, everything is of the light no matter how dark or destructive it seems to us and what makes it dark and destructive is time which fragments consciousness into different vibratory frequencies which give us different forms of darkness and/or light.  Unlike our awoken state we are capable of anything within our dreams like breathing while under water or walking through fire without getting burnt; surly I couldn’t be saying these things are real because they too are of the light!!

Let’s look at something else. A lot of people today are also saying nothing is actually physical, there is no physicality but they also say it’s all an illusion which I don’t agree on. All it is to me is a different reality. Why do all realties have to assimilate with our perception of reality and if it doesn’t it has to be an illusion? Disregarding if it’s an illusion or not, the physical world we know to be real might not seem to be all it seems to us. If we take into consideration that nothing is actually what it seems either it be in our dreams or physical reality, what is more real and physical, dreams or what we call reality? 

At the moment we have looked at everything being of light and physical realties like this reality are not as physical as first thought, both concepts seem to coincide which each other’s, now let’s look at dreams again. Dreams don’t seem to be as unreal or imaginary as first thought nor do they seem that different to our awaken state of consciousness but are they real? We can’t breathe underwater nor can we walk through fire without being burnt in our awoken state without assistance so it stands to reason we shouldn’t be able to do this in any real reality so dreams have to be noted as being unreal or imaginative!!

What if I now said walking through fire without assistance and not being burnt in any way is as real as walking through the fire and being burnt? Both realities are true only because both take a different perception in what we are aware of at any given time. Do I believe Jesus walked on water and turned water into wine? Yes, for the main reason that everything is created from a light energy source, consciousness itself. We look at fire being what it is because that is what we have been taught to expect of fire, we soon learnt it burns while growing up. Fire, like everything else around us, is created from minute light particles (consciousness) which are very much alive. Fire is produced by the particles of light changing vibratory rate so it will seem hot and burn us if we get too close to the flames. The burning effect of fire is expected so of course it’s going to burn us.  Because we expect this are we just manifesting the effects of the fire and everything else of this reality and if this reality is just a manifestation of our thoughts it must be all an illusion!!

Well it might seem that way. We are talking about an intelligent living conscious source here in these minute particles of light, it’s not something that is in itself delusional, everything it creates is real in one sense or another.  We must remember here, we are also made up of numerous light particles which react to other forms of light particles vibrating at different frequencies. When we walk through a fire in an awaken state we are one form of light particles vibrating at a different frequency to the fire which is made up of different light particles vibrating at different frequencies. This is just one lot of light particles, being us, reacting to another lot of light particles, being the fire. Dreams on the other hand don’t have to be influenced by the same laws of time, the only reason they are is because we imagine ourselves in an awoken state of consciousness while dreaming.  

In our awaken state of consciousness, we see fire instead of light particles but what if we truly believed that fire and everything else was made up of an infinite amount of light particles? We would find ourselves in a matrix of just light particles with no difference in vibratory rate. It’s the vibratory rate of light particles that give it it’s form like with fire & water for instance. Fire would no longer burn and water would no longer drown us because everything would all be within the same matrix. 

These living intelligent light particles want to take form of some kind, they don’t want to just see themselves as one thing but everything they are of which is everything we/they could imagine, this is true awareness and oneness.  This is the main reason I don’t desire to ascend to my original state of being, being just light particles. The more we imagine the more we are at one so in actual fact there is no illusion but the illusion of illusions!!    

Try walking through fire or breathing in water in a dream knowing it doesn’t have to be what it seems, this will reprogram your mind to be more accepting of what everything around us is made of,  minute living intelligent light particles!!  

Monday, 30 December 2013

Releasing Control to Liberate Oneself

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is another little discussion I thought I would share with you on SB; it’s about a person who keeps dreaming of lifting up but feels quite uncomfortable in doing so. It would seem that we need to take more control so we don’t feel this way but actually I feel we need to release any control we have to soar up freely without feeling uncomfortable about it.


I had another one of these "dreams" the other night. This time I just went up and tolerated the "lifting up" feeling although, again, I didn't like the feeling. Does anyone know whatr it means when you have these frequently? It seems I didn't have them for a while and am having them again. Someone mentioned something in my life that I may not be content about---and right now there is something going on that is kind of beyond my control and I am praying for the best of outcomes. There are some things that are topsy turvy and have been for several months. I guess this might have something to do with the dreams, but not OBE's?

G'day Amy1022

Controls a nasty little critter, recently I wrote up about the controlling ego, any control relates to the ego trying to take or keep control. The ego makes us feel inadequate if we don't have control, the little blighter.

Try telling yourself numerous times at any time that you don't have to take or be in control, see your arms spread a part from each other in front of you while you are saying I'm letting go of control because I don't need to control.

Spirituality isn't about control even at the human level it might seem that way, it's about awareness & the more aware we become the more control we seem to have; it's just becoming aware & has nothing to do with control I believe.

If you are able, while having this dream, think about releasing any control, it's extremely liberating however if you are unable to do this in your dream just do like I said before, tell yourself that you don't have to be in control. The nasty little critter of our controlling ego is trying to tell us to keep &/or take more control, just let it go.  Actually just saying I’m letting go a number of times while visualizing your arm letting go of nothing in particular should do the trick for you, your dreams should change after a while hopefully.

Note: It is important when visualising your arms letting go of control not to visualise anything in particular because this will detract from the effects of such visualisation. Our emotions & ego can make us focus on the things that are not necessarily what is causing us grief at the time.



Saturday, 15 June 2013

For the Enjoyment of Life a Spiritual Journey

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post was inspired by a person going by the user name of ShuanM865, the following link is what inspired me to right the following.

Seriousness: I have had many moments when I will smile or laugh at myself & at first I didn’t know why, I soon found out I was taking life way too seriously. We are brought up to take life seriously for if we don’t we will probably end up out on the streets or even worse. This type of existence is very hard to evade unless we live as a recluse or hermit or at least on the streets, we are forced to make money to survive so how is one able to be there true selves in this existence & enjoy life for what it is instead of for what it isn’t?

What it isn’t is serious unless we want to play out a serious dramatic life which is obvious most of us did others wise we wouldn’t be here.  Life is about enjoying ourselves even when going through adversities the only problem is the reason we don’t enjoy ourselves through adversities is we have allowed ourselves to become entrapped by taking life too seriously all the time.  What life is, is a game or a joke which is what I feel when I laugh at myself out of the blue, I know at that point I’m taking life too seriously. Like with everything balance is the key, a balance between taking life too seriously & not seriously enough so how does one accomplish this?

First of all don’t fear fearing, embrace fear but before we do this we must realise who we truly are which is a very powerful being especially when we have our guides by our sides. Many times have I been saved by my guides when asleep & awake, in a conscious & subconscious state so in fact we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 

Learning Through Our Dreams: In my dreams I will go into the dark looking for whatever is in there without fear or little fear & in actual fact I don’t mind fearing because I embrace it & enjoy it for what it is which is nothing serious just a feeling.  We must keep remembering in our dreams we are what makes our dreams if we wish to be frightened that’s what we will be & if we fear fearing we will be frightened of anything within the dark but also the light if it’s something that is unpleasant in some way.  We are so often told to rid ourselves of fear but when fear comes knocking on our door again we fear it again however by embracing fear we actually control fear & whatever is giving us fear.  

In our dreams we need to practice this, go into the darkness realising nothing can hurt you as it’s only the fear itself than can hurt you however don’t go into the dark with an aggressive &/or destructive attitude as this will rebound on you very quickly.  Go into the darkness to enjoy what is in there & after a while of doing this you will find that the darkness won’t be as dark as it was when you feared it, when you embrace the dark you embrace fear & yes conquer it if that is your desire.   

Now for me I have more trouble in the light of my dreams because I’m taking life too seriously still by exacerbating my daily traumas, I don’t fear fear or the dark anymore but I do take my daily traumas too seriously which is a part of a game I’m playing in other words I’m acting out my chosen role in life.  This is a different fear which is of the light & yes in my dreams I have feared the light for the main reason I usually hide in the dark away from people of the light which is represented by my daily traumas, I’m in fact hiding from my known visible traumas however this is what I have chosen to do to date. So how do we get rid of our daily traumas? Do exactly the same as we did with the dark & related fear, embrace it or accept it for what it truly is a joke, something that we don’t have to take seriously because we are all very powerful beings as we are the ones in control not anything else especially fear unless we desire it so.  

We can have a lot of fun in our dreams once we embrace fear, the dark, light & our daily traumas instead of looking at them in distain because distain breeds more fear.  Another way of breaking down fear is approaching fearful animals in our dreams like sharks & snakes for instance, look at them not as a dangerous animal in fear but as just another spiritual energy form & realise  we are the ones who have the power. Dreams are a very good way to break down any fears we might have through life. One other thing with dreams is if we don’t like an outcome of a said dream change the outcome after awakening to a more favourable outcome, this works all the time, you can even do the same through everyday life, imagine a different outcome.

Once we embrace & take control of fear in our dreams the skies the limit even to the extent of astral traveling all we need to remember is we are very powerful beings in our own right & with our guides by our sides, which everyone has, we are invincible & eventually this will filter out into our daily lives which will help us conquer our daily traumas.  The biggest trick is don’t take life overly seriously in this lies fear, we are all meant to be enjoying life believe it or not, not just fear it!!

Shades of Grey:  Earlier on in the year I experienced a state of consciousness that I saw everything as shades of grey with no form this also included dead space as it too was represented by shades of grey so what is this conscious state of shades of grey?   I’m only presuming it was a reality not just of no time& space but from wince everything was created from as the shades of grey represented no opposing polarities thus no conflicts of any sort & no ego tendencies. Not noticing any form within this state because of everything was as one as it was all somehow integrated as one also gave me the idea this is where everything evolved from, nothing at all was opposing anything else as it was all moulded as one which I refer to as pure consciousness.

So is this pure consciousness truly shades of grey? No, the shades of grey we identify with while in this state of consciousness are there just for us to identify with otherwise, especially as humans, we wouldn’t comprehend the existence of such consciousness as we needed something to relate too but something that wasn’t one nor the other or opposing but as one with a slight difference however none the less as one in unison. This brings up something I read about some years ago about a man who was propelled into a reality to be told certain things about life itself. He was on a beach with the surf rolling back & forth under a sun lit sky, he was told this isn’t where you are but we needed you to be in a place you relate too otherwise you wouldn’t comprehend what is happening & miss the messages we are about to tell you. I can’t remember the messages he was told to relay back to us but to comprehend anything he needed a place he could relate too which is similar to being in a conscious state of just shades of grey as it’s still something we relate too.  Why the difference to a beach & just seeing shades of grey? Conscious awareness, the more aware one becomes the less definition everything one has or opposing polarities one will see, this is brought on by seeing everything as one.

In this reality we see so much opposing forms like black & white yin & yang/male & female & so forth, they are all opposing because that is the way we like it or wanted it to be otherwise it would be as it’s all a part of the game/joke that we have all created for ourselves to experience different holistic & individual realities & what a game/joke it is. This is funny, we shouldn’t take games or jokes seriously but we take life seriously, you have just got to wonder!!