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Friday, 8 August 2014

Irresponsible Spiritual Site Owners

Written by Mathew Naismith

I didn’t really want to write about this but going by what’s synchronously happening at the moment to me, it looks like I am meant too.

I have come across a number of spiritually based sites that are owned by people, who at most, wear their emotions on their sleeves. These sites attract a lot of people who are vulnerable, mainly due to past traumas; these people do not deserve to be further traumatised by the owners of these spiritually based sites.  These owners of these sites should be more responsible so why at times do they show such lack of care and irresponsibility?

What is happening when we wear our emotions on our sleeves? This over emotion display usually denotes a controlling ego tendency, when you become connected to the inner essence of oneself, this wearing of our emotions on our sleeves is no longer expressed for the main reason the ego is no longer in control.  

Because I was working with disabled people, I was trained to leave my own emotional problems at home, never bring them to work as you are more often than not dealing with people who are traumatised in some way.  It would seem a number of spiritual site owners don’t do this and in fact at times voice their own traumas quite often on these sites.  Sorry but to me this is totally irresponsible for these site owners to do this and shows an obvious lack of spiritual knowledge and experience.

Recently I was on a site that a joke I told was taken completely out of context, it was an obvious joke. The owner was in hospital so their ex-partner took over running the site; I made a joke about keeping an eye on the ex-partner on behalf of the owner while the owner was away.  I ended the joke genuinely expressing my empathy for the owner of the site in relation to their medical condition; the reaction I received was an immediate expulsion by the actual owner of the site with no explanation to why.  At no time did I have any problems with other people on this site, actually I made numerous friends, I didn’t always agree with them as they didn’t with me but there was no animosity especially on my part. This of course happens to a lot of people on sites like this but it shouldn’t in my mind.

I was quite at ease on this site called spiritual ladies, that changed it’s name to spiritual self, but this wasn’t due to the owner of the site but the other members of this site.  It’s a real shame losing touch with so many new friends because site owners can’t control their own egos.  Spiritual site owners in particular should be aware of how the controlling ego controls our emotions to the extent that we wear our emotions on our sleeves.  I’ve just chalked this up to but another experience that hopefully will make me a much wiser and aware person in the future, it was meant to happen obviously!! 

I should also mention about a dream I had last night that I couldn’t find what it related too until I read my emails to morning.

I was trying to find an address in this town I have never visited before; I kept getting lost even after asking for directions from various town people.

As I walked around this town, I noticed my dress was noticeably different to the people in this town as I wore clothing of colour and style different to the people in this town.  I was continually hassled by people who seemed like hoodlums in my dream because of my different appearance.   I never ended up finding the address I was looking for in this town.

I thought I would also share my response to a person who showed concern after reading this post. 

Cendy Hutchinson More concern because these people are traumatizing other people who are already traumatized. If I had a problem with rejection over something so menial I wouldn't be good right now. I've witnessed this in other people on such sites as this.

I suppose you could call it a motherly instinct, I was quite protective of my disabled clients when working in the disability field, I seem to be carrying this through to my involvement on spiritual sites.

I'm just concerned for others as I'm fine with this kind of behavior, it's inherent to a chaotic existence however I should never accept this as normal behavior.