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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Honest Exposure

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” 
John Lennon

For those who love both the truth and friends, piety (righteousness) requires us to honour the truth first.
- Aristotle

Is being positive in the absence or ignorance of negativity or a state where one confronts negativity for what it truly is honestly? In all honesty, being positive isn't of the absence of negative, it is the honest realisation of what negativity truly portrays. If I was to witness a child being molested, to stay positive, would I ignore this negative or see the violation of a child as being vile. Of course words today like vile are also a negative these days, when they simply clearly state an honest evaluation or observation. How much of the world today is being violated just because we want to be positive therefore ignore these negative violations?  It is obvious world peace isn't come by doing this.

I recently joined a social network group called Youme. This social network site seemed plausible and attractive to uninhibited socials interactions, where open minded free thinking honesty can be implemented and expressed.  After endorsing Youme as of open minded free thinking honest social network site, I found out, quite accidentally through an altercation with another moderator and the owner of Youme, that this was far from the truth. I of course had to undo my endorsement of Youme to the same extent I endorsed Youme in the first place.              

I posted a post on FaceBook in relation to this and one of the responses I received was as follow with my reply to this response. This site is wholly run and controlled by atheists, and a like, of extreme atheistic doctrines it would seem. The bias related to atheism was too evident especially from the owner of the site. Atheists simply don't have to be this uncivil but too many on the net are sadly enough. Even after I asked mysefl to be removed from this site and deleting the owner of the site as a friend on FaceBook, they harassed me a number of times after this. No professional social network site owner would harass people under these circumstances like this would they?          

At least you know where to send your energy now Matthew. There are lots of us here who respect and value your thoughts.

My Reply
I very much appreciate this Heather, I adore the way you think too. I did deserve what I got from them, in a sense, as I ended up exposing them for what they are, not what they portray themselves to be. The reaction I received showed me how close to the bone (truth) I got in relation to their real intentions and character. I hope for other people's sake I have exposed this social network group for what it truly is. And I was silly enough to endorse this group.

The funny thing is, if I was as badly behaved as they are trying to now say I was, why wasn't I removed straight away? When you consider that I was not well liked by many of the moderators and admin, and that I posted a post about atheist beliefs, why wasn't I removed straight away? Because I didn't actually break any site rules, I simply exposed them for what they truly are. Actually, they really exposed themselves. If I didn't cut so close to the bone (truth) psychically, they simply wouldn't have reacted as they did, they would have laughed it off and told me to grow up or something.

If someone told me that I was the vilest person in the world, I would simply smile and say to myself, "You have no idea what you are talking about." Now, say this to a person who is vile, the reaction would be completely different as these people on youme clearly showed me. As you know being a policewoman, people's reactions tell a thousand words, they have no idea of this. I didn't state vile in my reply to them but I did state indecent.

All I did was to confront an obvious violation. I have no regrets in how I confronted and exposed this violation but I am apologetic in what this exposer of violation actually exposed. It seemed I exposed something far deeper than I expected on a personal level, this was not my intentions. It is difficult in how our own violations go, at times to the core of our subconscious, but we must be honest with ourselves if we want to influence the world away from being conditioned to violating other people and other nations.