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Friday, 31 May 2019

Learning from Our Ignorance

Written by Mathew Naismith

Should we berate or hold our own selves to account, to the negatives, we have expressed in the past? This can be anything from saying the wrong thing that hurt other people, to not being loving enough and even showing disdain through judgement of other people. To be truly positive, or as I say constructive, the answer is too obvious, no, so why do so many people berate and even critically judge the present reality as being negative or even toxic?

To learn from our human ignorance, should we not learn from the past and present reality instead of continually suffer from it? To critically judge anything negative is to suffer from what we should instead be learning from. If I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to someone, is it constructive or positive to berate myself thus suffering from my own ignorance, this is instead of learning from my ignorance?

Once you start learning from ignorance/suffering, either that be indivisibly or collectively, it is impossible to judge this ignorance/suffering as being negative and especially toxic. So why are so many more people expressive of negatives and even toxic expressions in westernised spirituality today? Separation, a separation from what the individual or a group, as opposed to a collective, have deemed negative. As soon as someone expresses this that or the other is negative, especially toxic, I know within myself that they are still suffering from what they should in fact be learning from. In all honesty, anyone truly so-called positive/constructive person can be within any environment and still remain constructively expressional in the absence of any perceived negatives.

So what so many call positive and even spiritual today or of love and light, is of the ignorance of any judged negative or toxic environment, this is while being focused on separating ourselves from judged negatives and toxic environments!! In all honesty to oneself, we, ourselves, create what is negative and of a toxic environment when we persist in suffering from what we should in fact be learning from.

What is of the present is of the past, in that the past is still of the present. If we learnt from the past instead of suffering from the past, there is no way we could critically judged the past, which is of the present still, negative and especially of a toxic environment. The past is still of our present reality because we still haven't learnt to learn from our past, we still call the past that created the present reality negative and even toxic!! Is this in all honesty being constructive/positive? We even call being in the absence of negatives and toxic environments being spiritual, all else not spiritual!! A truly aware soul in the first place has nothing to be in the absence of to be constructive or spiritual to start with.

The question is now, should we stay within an environment that seemingly will always suffer from an environment instead of learning from an environment? 

I have personally extracted myself from certain kinds of environments, to assist in environments that wants to learn instead of suffer from an environment. Also, once you have learnt from an environment, move on to another environment even if the environment seems negative to you. In all honesty, if it seems negative to you, you have something to learn from it.

A consciousness that doesn't learn from their environment isn't negative or toxic, just ignorant or unaware of how to learn from an environment, a consciousness simply lost within its own creation........                                 

Monday, 20 May 2019

For Only Our Ego's Suffer

Written by Mathew Naismith

What if I stated that if we were all enlightened beings, not one of us would think twice of experiencing this reality again no matter what our experiences were!! In all honesty, the ego in control would refute this to the bitter end, why? What doesn't serve the control the ego desires to obtain and retain over it's self and its environment, will be dismissed or deemed a negative one must stay away from to gain or retain control. Of course an ego that isn't about obtaining and retaining control is a different matter.

How many of us deem spiritual, physical and mental peek proficiency as an ultimate state of being? What if I stated that being spiritual doesn't mean one is enlightened!! Being spiritual is simply the acknowledgment of a non-material existence from the acknowledgment of a material existence. In truth, Buddha experienced his enlightenment while at he's lowest level of physical and mental proficiency as of many who have become enlightened. Through this enlightenment, one then realises that a balance between the non-material and the material world is a far wiser way to exist, however, to realise this one must first suffer.

In truth, the only part of us suffering is the ego, of course there is also a difference between suffering from the egos suffering and learning from the egos suffering. Enlightenment simply comes from learning from the egos suffering. Enlightenment is simply all about letting go of the ego, especially of the controlling ways of the ego. The more our egos suffer, the more our egos were in control. Yes, this means that everyone's ego will suffer differently, of course on top of this, some ego's will still suffer from it's own suffering through the unwillingness by the ego to let go of it's control. The ego in this case will suffer to the bitter end and quite expectantly in the views of the enlightened.

I should point out that the first line of my post, "What if I stated that if we were all enlightened beings, not one of us would think twice of experiencing this reality again no matter what our experiences were!!", is of my own recollection and awareness. What you become aware of in the absence of a controlling ego is quite amazing. Of course what you become aware of in the absence of an ego altogether would be totally amazing to say the least.

As I ponder about my aimless life wonderings with no intentions or expectations, I realise I am drifting upon a water so clear that my reflection depicts the environment I am adrift upon. In the absence negatives and positives, good and bad, right and wrong, the waters I am adrift upon are so clear.....Mathew G

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Passion of the Eastern Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

William Shakespeare's, "To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;"

A Western minds dramatisation of life; to go on suffering or to cease the suffering by death or to cause death onto what is causing the suffering, in actuality it's the same thing. To abandon life and human existence for a better existence is the death of suffering; of course it is well known to the Eastern mind we cause our own suffering. To commit suicide or to cause the death to what is causing the suffering is the same thing. So to desire to create a better existence than an existence of suffering is suicidal; for one has to cause death onto one's own dramatisation of suffering, we would in fact kill a part of ourselves off. Is this the answer?

The answer to the Western mind is to separate itself from what it no longer desires to be a part of, to separate itself from the undesired for the desired. The desired is to suffer no more, even though to stop suffering one has to commit suicide, to cause death to what is causing the suffering which is ourselves. In a reality of variable polarities, we have a choice to either suffer with these variables, thus focus on suffering, or to let these variables pass without attaching ourselves to the suffering they may or may not create. To be, or not to be!!

So how does this help the people who are really suffering, the victims of war and civilian depravation? As I have done myself, you stop focusing on the suffering of variables for the only part of us that is able to suffer is the ego. The more the ego is in control, the more suffering we will suffer with thus creating a world that is destructive onto itself and chaotic within  it's environment. Yes, our environment, in actuality the universe itself, can be destructive and chaotic but as of ourselves it can also be constructive and passive.

I came across something recently I found interesting, the first part is my reply to what I found so interesting. A heavenly state of being is simply a state where the ego has no control; even in an existence of opposing variables this state is accessible to us.   

Very well articulated. It's not easy for the Western mind to comprehend what is written here sunday ivy. 

The reason for this is the lack of control as the Western mind in all of us desires control. To control takes the abuse of energy, be it physical and/or mental. What will be will be is not acceptable to the Western mind in any of us. 

Is it a wonderful life no matter what goes on? It is what it is as man is no more destructive or chaotic than the natural environment can be, however, we can also be as constructive and passive as the natural environment can be as well, the choice is ours. 

The Western mind in all of us needs more of this, in my mind anyway.


Persistent Motivation Comes from the Longing and Pursuit of a Wonderful Life

(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

What promotes everyone to live day by day?

It is the Tathaga (nature) which has been the designed program ever since LIFE was originally created during the beginning of creation. For each LIFE, whether they like it or not, must run around in circles to survive for several decades after being born, and this is not controllable by anyone. As people, we must run around solving the problems of eating, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, sickness, and death, although these are reluctant choices which lead to tragic lives.

These are reluctant and tragic lives within the realms of necessity. If people cannot escape from the bondages of the realms of necessity, then no matter how they may live, trouble, pain, worry, anxiety, and fear will follow them forever. Life will rise and fall, set in sorrow and joy, and bloom and fade like flowers, until one reincarnation of LIFE is finished and a new one begins anew.

Coming back to the original point, after several years, many decades, or even centuries, these are the reincarnations of the realm of necessity. If we do not escape from the bondage of the realm of necessity and enter into the realm of freedom, then whatever we do and however glorious a state we can reach, everything is as futile and transitory as passing clouds. Nothing is worthy of being pursued or owned.

Although the road leading forward is tortuous, it is only by targeting an eternal direction and goal and by walking firmly towards it, that we can ever hope to walk out of the realm of necessity, out of the rises and falls, and out of the reincarnations of life, that we might taste and enjoy the scenery and joys along the road.

Everything we pursue and own in the human world will eventually melt into emptiness or burst like bubbles. They are absolutely illusions and dreams. If everything in the human world eventually disappears, then what is worthy of being pursued? What is worthy of being owned? What is worthy of being strived for by consuming the energy of LIFE?

Either swim with the tide and do not care about truth or falsehood, sincerity or deception, beauty or ugliness, kindness or cruelty, good or evil, or what is yours or mine, because everything will disappear into silence when one eventually disappears from the world; or move forward, firmly toward the realm of freedom which exceeds this human world, and exceeds space and time.

Where is the realm of freedom? Where is the way leading to the realm of freedom?

The human world is not the realm of freedom because our bodies push us to run for survival. The realm of freedom is heaven, and the ultimate realm of freedom is the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

The road leading to the realm of freedom is the longing and pursuit of a wonderful life, and this is the source of persistent motivation.

What are wonderful lives?

They are states of no death, no pain and sorrow, no worry and fear, no trouble and misfortune, and no fighting and deprivation, but there is always joy, happiness, sunny life like beautiful springs, eternally green mountains and clear rivers, and one has the freedom to do whatever they want to do forever. What is fortunate is that we have found the way that directs us forward to the realm of freedom in which a broad, beautiful world is already waiting for us. The question is how can we reach it? Can we keep going? Did we delay too much on the road, feel powerless like sighing before the sea, and get pulled back into the realm of necessity because of sluggishness?

So many people have fallen down because they lost, do you still have the motivation to move ahead?

As long as you strive for and pursue the good life continuously, you will have persistent motivation, and can overcome all difficulties and finally reach the destination. But if your pursuit and longing are reduced or stopped, then you will stay in the same place and miss your opportunity to enjoy a truly beautiful life.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spirituality is for the Suffering

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got a rather abrupt & what I thought was a presumptuous reply from my last post, the quickening of consciousness.  Replies like this from the unfaithful & unaware is expected however when I received this reply I had an urge to right up about this for two reasons. One, presuming that spiritually aware people haven’t been abused or have suffered traumatising injuries is very presumptuous; this is very common from non-believers.  Two, spirituality is about releasing this suffering either it be of personal or collective suffering.


Try telling this to a woman who's had acid thrown in her face for 'dishonouring' her family. Or a child who's been sexually abused. I'm sure they feel really connected to the 'grid' too. So tired of New Age nonsense.

My reply

I'm one of those abused people you talk about here. Crying over spilt milk isn't going to solve anything, trust me. 

Are you one of these abused people?  What happens to a bloke who has had both he’s legs amputated, he can either give up or he can get on with it. I'm getting on with it.

You picked the wrong person to say this too, it’s sad you have no idea what you are talking about however expected from people who are quite unaware obviously.  

Yes I can see how spiritually aware people who talk about love acceptance all the times can seem to others who have had a rough time of it a little ignorant and delusional, this is to be expected however one should never presume before one knows the truth. There are many people who have found solace in spirituality who have gone through the most horrendous times. Yes, spirituality isn’t for everyone but it is there when needed for a lot of people all over the world.  

I can understand non-believers anger towards people who turn these negative into positives in some way, it does sound delusional and ignorant when we are flying high and others are suffering so but what they don’t realise no one really has to suffer more than they have to.  Non-believers just can’t see how helpful and soothing spirituality can be after any trauma once understood correctly.   

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ego Gone Troppo

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite controversial exchange between myself & two others so don’t read on if you have a problem with controversy however this did bring out a few good points in reference to how our own perception is ignorant of other people’s own perception. In true spiritual consciousness there is no right or wrongs however there is a right & wrong within our own personal perceptions.  If we choose to not mix with certain aggressive people we have made judgement & upon this judgement we have our own perception, it’s quite interesting!!  

G'day frequencytuner

I will tell you why you are wrong within your own personal definition of suffering.

For one, whose definition are you defining suffering? Everyone physiologically has their own definition of suffering. before I go on I better tell you I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my 50 yrs, I even had a job in charge of my section without attaining a higher education, that alone should tell you something. The reason I'm telling you this is to inform you I know what I am talking about just in case you think you’re conversing with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.

This is a true story; there was a young girl who was given a mobile phone from her parents, she absolutely loved it, One day it was stolen the next day she committed suicide. According to your definition of suffering she didn't suffer & this is but the tip of the iceberg. You are obviously measuring & defining suffering physically, mental suffering is much much worse & in fact can induce &/or create physical suffering. This young girl suffered just as much than a starving child in a 3rd world country.

Pain is optional, is it!! Try telling that to a male nurse who split their spine down the middle or someone who can't afford pain killers or someone in the 3rd world countries. Let's look at a soldier on their own with their leg blown off & again this is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see ignorance causing pain to a small number of people but I see uncontrolled knowledge causing much prolonged pain to thousands at a time, the two atomic bombs is a good example of this & again this is but the tip of the iceberg, consumerist materialism is hurting countless others.

I’ve counteracted everything you have said which says what? Suffering is brought on by our own definition or perception, obviously.

Reply Dusty

Re: "I will tell you why you are wrong...."

Statements such as these are truly questionable at best.

They pretend to remove all traces of the subjective experience which in fact embodies all judgment of right and wrong.

If the commenter intention might have been to say, "I will tell you where I BELIEVE you are wrong".
We all must offer for the belief of other's point of view. But this comment makes the assertion of knowing that which is right, in some absolute sense.

Is this not "ego?"

My reply

This is funny, I've obviously upset Dusty a number of times so he's ego is trying any way it can to trip me up, try putting 2+2 together without precise definition & you will end up with a totally incorrect answer.

“I will tell you why you are wrong within your own personal definition of suffering. “ This isn’t even the full sum however if we separate or totally remove one part of the sum we won’t get a true correct answer. This is dirty tactic to say the least & it seems to be common practice with some people sadly enough. Pointing out a particular point is OK but as long as you don’t put all the emphasis on this like Dusty has once again done here.

The whole sum was referring to an obvious wrong or incorrect evaluation based on our own perception without adding up all the numbers; we can’t dictate what everyone is thinking or feeling by our own evaluative perception, this denotes only one part of the sum!!

I call a spade a spade & yes like I have always stated I’m not afraid of expressing the ego, there are no true right or wrongs collectively in spirituality including expressing or even being controlled by the ego.

As I have also stated a number of times, there is a big difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego, very few people who are controlled by the ego don’t realise they are controlled by the ego. I realise the controlling factors of the ego so it’s unlikely I am being controlled by the ego but there is still a small possibility of this. Awareness itself dilutes any effect a controlling ego has on a person; no one wants to be totally controlled if they can help it especially of their mind & this is why spiritually aware people meditate for example which helps dilute the controlling factors of the ego.

Yes I have psychosocial methods learnt through being involved in the welfare arena; I either use aggressive methods or passive methods & at times one after the other always for the benefit of my client. What I noticed from a lot of higher educated people than me is they will use these methods immorally & unethically which is quite obvious on this site however I have always used these methods for the benefit of all & never intentionally for my own benefit.

My adversaries should be able to get something out of this to use against me, their egos couldn’t help themselves!! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Reality Void of Suffering

Written by Mathew Naismith

To most of us it would be utterly impossible to create a reality void of suffering, that is our first mistake because nothing is actually impossible. We should ask ourselves here, what really creates suffering?  Most of us would mention numerous physical & mental causes which seem to have no end but that isn’t really the case at all.  What actually makes us feel we are suffering?  Perception believe it or not for example if everyone in the world couldn’t perceive suffering would we be suffering?  Believe it or not we wouldn’t be.  Are we truly suffering if it’s only a perception/presumption?

 Let’s look at this in a different judgmental way; a child in the west has their Xbox taken from them, are they truly suffering if we compare them to a 3rd world child in hunger? The answer is of course no but they perceive they are now let’s compare this reality to a much more chaotic reality, are we suffering? The answer of course is no. We presume too much because we don’t sit within our quietness enough. Suffering is only in our perception of suffering no matter what we are going through, this concept of course will be quite hard for most people to swallow mainly because our controlling egos tells us otherwise.  

What has the controlling ego got to do with seeing others suffer? What are we doing when we see others suffer? We are actually judging someone else’s suffering compared to ours otherwise you would perceive anyone suffering believe it or not. We should ask ourselves here, what does judgment denote & the answer of course is usually a controlling ego however judgement doesn’t always denote a controlling ego either.  

So making judgement & comparing oneself to someone else who is suffering is this denoting the ego being in control? Yes, for the main reason we see ourselves better off. It’s funny how the controlling ego is so well disguised at times which I have called in past posts the hidden ego.  It is extremely hard for an emotional human being not to allow this to happen, I still today make such judgement however I am now aware of it.  

There is another problem in perceiving suffering, when we perceive such suffering we are actually unintentionally manifesting what we see as suffering, the more suffering we see/feel the more suffering we will perceive & inadvertently create.   Our whole reality is created by our perception, at the moment we are focused on the perception of desires we live for/of desires which supports the current system of existence, consumerist materialism.  If we had no perception of our desires there is no way consumerist materialism could exist & that alone would create quite a different reality to what we have today.   

Using myself as an example again;  I’ve endured a chronic injury since I was 6 yrs old, I am now 50 yrs old & yes this chronic injury also came with chronic pain.  I’ve noticed the only time I am suffering  is when the controlling ego comes into play, I will see other able people & compare them to me & all of a sudden I am suffering , as soon as I make such judgement I’m suffering however when I’m not in judgement I’m not suffering. To an able body person I am suffering but to me I’m not when I’m not in judgement, funny that isn’t it!! This all comes down to perception that can be & most usually is controlled by the controlling ego; it’s the controlling ego that gives us suffering.  It’s extremely hard not to see others less fortunate people as suffering but like I said this is denoting the ego being in control & we know how destructive the ego in control can be.  All we need to do is be aware of the controlling factors of the ego & yes we can create a reality totally void of any suffering if we want to perceive so!!