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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Telling It How It Actually Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

The last thing human consciousness wants or desires to be come aware of is how it actually is, especially if the ideology we are using limits us to certain perspectives and perceptions. This is certainly the case if these perspectives and perceptions make us feel good, in actuality, anything that threatens our limited perspectives and perceptions is usually denounced or critically judged as being negative and even toxic. Not sure where oneness fits within this kind of critical separative perception though!!

Until now, human consciousness has been about telling it how it's not, in-effect creating a reality based on deception, including self-deception. Any new constructive conscious change will entail a consciousness to tell it how it is, this will no doubt entail a consciousness to be honest with itself while sacrificing it's present desires. All changes take one to close doors so other doors may open.

We might ask ourselves, why is dishonesty worsening thus creating more conflict?

For any mind to become aware, especially a mind conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects and spheres, the mind needs to become aware of one to become aware of the other. It's very much inline with closing doors so other doors may open, how can you close a door to something you are not truly aware of? If you are not truly aware of a door and what is behind the door, how can you truly close it? You need to acknowledge the door to be able to understand what is behind the door to know when to close it. Yes, human consciousness collectively is obviously still unable to close the door to deception to open another door to openness and honesty; it's simply not ready to do this on a collective scale.

We might now say that many spiritually aware people are aware of the door to deception and closeness, we now need to consciously move on, evolve.

Within the very present, we are trying to build a reality based on love and light, light simply denotes awareness. Can one truly love and be aware void of acceptances and balance? Considering that a true sense of love can't exist without harmony, which is created from acceptance and balance (moderation), how is creating a reality of love and light void of acceptance and balance true. For starters, how many western minded spiritually aware people accept this reality the way it is?

Acceptance doesn't mean you become apart of what you are accepting, it simply means having an understanding of what you have a comprehension of. Yes, many spiritually aware people comprehend our present reality, but do they truly understand what they have comprehension of? Being that our present reality is based on deception, not many people truly comprehend our present reality, even fewer people understand our reality and even fewer people still accept this kind of reality for what it truly is.

How can you close a door you have no comprehension of therefore any comprehension of when to close the door? Very few of us even comprehend that we are in a reality we can close the door to. The door simply doesn't exist to these people but it exists to a lot of spiritually aware people, however, how many spiritually aware people truly understand the reality behind this kind of door? Considering that many spiritually aware people are trying to create a reality of love and light void of true acceptance, balance and harmony, how truly aware are these people to their present reality? They want to close a door on a reality they have no acceptance or clear understanding of to start with, yes, comprehension but no true understanding in my mind.

Consciousness works in this way, it needs to truly comprehend and understand one kind of consciousness to open a door to another consciousness, in actuality, you can't open a door to another consciousness unless a consciousness truly understands its present consciousness. Comprehending this kind of reality is very different to truly understand this kind of reality, in actuality, any kind of reality. Comprehension is not understanding, compression is simply being aware of something you may or may not understand, especially truly understand. I may comprehend the existence of children, do I understand all these children?

Yes, many of us comprehend the destructive traits of a reality based on deception, but how many of us comprehend and also understand that consciousness is of a cycle of processes. Experiencing a destructive reality is but one of these processes. In truth, this kind of reality is but a very small part of the whole process, a process of experiencing everything we comprehend spiritually through a process. Consciousness is simply of a cycles of processes, being that the cycles of consciousness are of certain processes. What the western mind is presently doing, is discarding certain processes thus trying to break the cycle of evolution. The western mind desires to be of one void of the other.  

Being truthful about this kind of reality, which means being open with what is going on within this kind of reality, is the best thing we can do. Discarding anything as simply being negative is the worse thing we can do in my mind, we are simply being ignorant to everything we don't desire therefore deceptive to ourselves and everybody else. Yes, it feels awful being this honest with ourselves at first. One of the best ways of overcoming these feeling is to desist in looking at everything as simply negative or positive, it simply is what it is, a part of a cycle of processes.

Being whole doesn't just mean comprehending what we are as a whole, it also means experiencing (understanding) what we are as a whole. The observer comprehends the experiences of the experiencer where's the experiencer understands what the observer comprehends. The observer and the experiencer (participator) makes up the whole, in-effect, the so-called higher and lower self make up the whole. The higher self, the observer, is not whole void of the participator, the so-called lower self, it takes the whole to be whole, not what we desire to be the whole.                        


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Understanding The Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's absolutely mind boggling and daunting to anyone primarily of materialism, scientism  and physicality, that any other reality from this physicality is delusional, especially realities that are non-physical within their representations. The mind for starters cannot exist outside from the human brain, the brain creates the mind, not the mind creates the brain. It's delusional that the mind (consciousness) could create the brain and that the mind (consciousness) can exist outside the physical brain matter however.

Spiritually aware people have a perception of a reality that is not of this physicality, it's the reverse perception of a person who is primarily of the perception of physicality, nothing else could possibly exist but a reality based on physical perceptions. This reverse perception by spiritually aware people is based on the kinds of concepts shown below.   


Extract: A group of international physicists have announced that the concept of a human soul may actually be measurable by quantum physics, and have suggested that the human soul has a quantum state just as real as ‘wave-particle dualism’.    


Extract: This is consistent with a new theory of consciousness being advocated by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff. Penrose and Hameroff a;sp suggest that consciousness is something applied to the brain, not generated by it.


Extract: Yet whatever ideas are put forward, one thorny question remains: How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter? 


The following has no religious undertones, I feel it's stating that everything has a conscious consciousness behind it.   


Non-physicality: This is but a few examples of why spiritually aware people feel that physicality is not the only reality that exists, in actuality, physicality could be but a by-product of these non-physical realities. Just because we are unable to measure non-physical realities using physical means, doesn't make them non-existence, this is where our own intuition and feelings come into it. It all makes sense, to measure anything of a physical reality, you use physical means, to measure or become aware of non-physical realities, you us non-physical means. To a spiritually aware person, their is no question that non-physical realities do indeed exist.  

Now what about these delusional spiritually aware people creating realities based on non-physical realities, it's all about love, peace, meditating, oneness, tranquillity and so on, it's all delusional is it not as they themselves create these realities?

Did we not create our own modern day reality through conscious thought and reasoning to create the physical reality we have today? Why couldn't a non-physical reasoning process create non-physical realities that are just as real, if not more real, than the creation of physical realities?

To a spiritually aware person of peace and love, the physical world around them is anything but peaceful and loving, so to put balance back into their lives, they create realities that are based on these things lacking in the environment around them. This of course gives them a feeling of balance which helps them better cope with the environment around them. It's also psychologically beneficial to balance out an obvious destructive reality with a constructive reality.

Creation: There is of course a question of creation, to a spiritually aware person, everything was created from this non-physical reality/consciousness that has been proven to exist as shown above. It's the brain that was created from a non-physical entities, not the brain that created these non-physical entities that are usually judged as being delusional.

In actuality, spiritually aware people know that all of what is physical, was created from non-physical entities, a consciousness (mind) that has no physical representation of form except in relation to physical realities. Basically, it's physical realities that prove that  non-physical entities and realities do indeed exist, not the other way around, in the existence of physical realities.

It's funny to think, it certainly looks as though the brains mind was created from non-physical means, a consciousness of creation, this means physical realities prove the existence of non-physical entities and realities, a consciousness void of physical form....          

Friday, 23 January 2015

Understanding Each Other Better in Our Own Space

Written by Mathew Naismith

Does understanding ourselves better take us to just understand ourselves as individual or as a collective?  A spiritualist seeking enlightenment tells us we need to be in our own space to understand ourselves, meditative states gives us our own space to become aware of ourselves as we really are not what we presume we are but while in this state of our own space, are we understanding who we are as an individual or as a collective? It is of course always about the collective not the individual.  

When you become connected to your own space, in-depth, acceptance and understanding of the entire collective become automatic, you don’t have to force yourself to be accepting or understanding.  Most of us however don’t have that connectedness especially all the times, without this connectedness we lose our acceptance and understanding quite automatically, this is of course leaves us open to all sorts of misconceptions, the world in conflict is a good example of this.

So should we all become connected or reconnected to our own space allowing us to accept and understand the collective as a whole a lot better? This obviously at this stage isn’t going to happen, yes it would nice but it’s just not going to happen so what other avenue do we actually have?

I have friends who are religious, agnostic, atheistic, spiritually aware and so on, we get together  quite peacefully annually for a barbecue (B-B-Q) and this is accomplished without having to learn to be in one’s own space.  Trust me; we have huge opposing concepts and beliefs between us, how do all these people with various views come together peacefully?  We accept and understand each other having their own space, we are actually in our own space without imposing on other people’s space which allows us to become accepting and understanding.  Sure it comes up that we have opposing views but we realise everyone has to have their own space. Does it matter who really believes in what?

Sure a lot of my friends think I’m wacky but I don’t take offence to this and this is vitally important, don’t take someone else’s perception as a personal attack. What usually brings this on is the dogmatic views we have about our own concepts and beliefs being the be and end all.

Recently I have been in conversation with two hard line atheists, there concepts and non-beliefs are the be and end all, they will not accept or have a wanting to understand anything beyond these concepts and the belief they have no belief’s!!  It is said that atheism is becoming another religion but not just another religion a hard line religion, thank God not all atheists are like this. The thing is I understand and accept their views because I have taken the time to understand that they need their own space, what I won’t do is accept these people coming into other people’s space which they often do. It comes down to being allowed to be in our own space without infringing on other people’s space and teaching our own be an end all concepts and belief’s. 

I don’t care who it is, I take the time to understand other people’s space, yes the space that some of these people are in isn’t going to propel them along in the same way as a spiritualist, but it is their own space not ours.

The reason I think it’s important to understand other people space is acceptance, once we understand that  everyone must have their own space, we become more accepting and giving. Having your own space is being on you own path, having your own path to follow.  Yes we are all on the same journey together but we are indeed using different paths.

Why are we using different paths, wouldn’t it be better to use the same path?  As individual entities it makes more sense to be on the same path altogether, we would understand each other a lot better and in turn become less conflictive but what would this one whole consciousness be learning about itself by doing this?  We are one source of energy, the collective; it’s this whole collective on different paths learning or expressing itself, in a sense you could say we are all serving God, this one super consciousness.  How often do we learn from others while on our own path in our own space while respecting other people space?  It’s like being on the same road together going the same way but using different parts of the road, each part of the road gives us a different experience.

I don’t judge one person’s path or space being any less worthy or important than another; they all tell us something about this super consciousness, this allows us to know ourselves better through each other’s space.  Is it important to understand each other’s space? I think so, mainly because we are on the same journey together.

My last post was a little confusing for a number of people so I’m going to take this opportunity to explain myself a little better so you can understand my path, our journey, a lot better.

Vibrations; I don’t judge a higher or lower vibrations as being less worthy than the another, to me it’s not about levels but about how little or more a vibrational energy flow  is vibrating at. Describing this super consciousness (God) as a low vibrations was in reference to it’s motionless state, to me it produces very little vibrations mainly because it’ not interacting with itself in this timeless state until this super consciousness interacts with itself in time. To me we are one source of energy interacting with itself in time which causes a high level of vibrational activity. 

High vibrations = realities + time + the expression of this super consciousness   

Low vibrations = timelessness + no interaction or intentions + super consciousness

Now what was also confusing was it seemed I was saying that this super consciousness wasn’t really pure, it was tainted by the interactions of this consciousness in time.  This was due because I stated that everything within a timeless state has always existed, including time, therefore this tainting this pure super consciousness.

To me this super consciousness is everything of time and timelessness, there is no separation, everything is as one, this of course infers this super consciousness is tainted by it’s own expression of itself in time and if time has always existed, this would infer timelessness is tainted by this expression as well?  It’s quite understandable to get this impression but that’s not the case, not within timelessness.

Look at this timelessness, this motionless energy source, as a blueprint, in it’s blue print form, it has no interactions however it does have intentions at this stage because the blue print is reprehensive of time without being actually in time. This blue print has always existed but only as a blue print until expressed or created through realities like this one in time. Time is allowing this blue print to become created, to become real instead of just a blue print, this reality and you and I were created from this blueprint.  What is above is also below. A house isn’t a house until it’s created from a blue print, realities and ourselves aren’t human until this reality and humans are created from a blueprint. 

Pure timelessness consciousness = no interactions + no intentions except in blueprint form + very low (slow) vibrations

Time = creation + realities +interactions and intentions + no blueprint + high (fast) vibrations

I should point out that we can exist in a pure timeless state without a blueprint to follow; this to me would be a state of one with God or the source.   

This super consciousness in timelessness isn’t tainted because this blue print isn’t being expressed until it’s expressed in time as a creation through realities like this one in time.  I also don’t judge anything being tainted or not, is being tainted somehow less worthy than not being tainted?  In a human perspective most definitely but not is spiritual perspective, not to me.  This would be like saying this path (space) is more worthy than other paths; I try to be aware of such judgment.  

No one is truly tainted, we are always of this super consciousness in it’s timeless state but in time we are also expressive and any expression or intentions are going to cause us to be destructive, this means the more expressive we are the higher the vibrations and the more destructive we will become. We can however express what we like from these blue prints, like any plan, they are a diagrams showing what we can create but not necessarily have to create, we have alternatives.  You could say this super consciousness is leaving it all up to us in what we create from these blueprints.

I should point out that I’m not saying this super consciousness has actual blueprints as such; I only used blueprints because we can relate to creating from blueprints a lot better.  It is written but we have a choice of what lines (paths) we want to read (follow), it’s important to accept an understand this as of everything.    

This is my path, my space and it’s worthy.  

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Seeing Past our Limited Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Because of our various belief systems we take on we tend to have a hard time perceiving & understanding past our perceptions or conscious understandings which is fair enough because how is anyone supposed to perceive past what they consciously don’t understands, however in this lies limitations. Recently on a forum site it came up that science is limited, I replied science is only limited by our thought process, if we think it’s limited it will be limited like anything else. Consciousness is unlimited & for ever changing & science is a part of this collective consciousness so how can science be limited as it is forever changing as well?

Science like any other belief or conception is limited by its understanding, that is the only limitation they have which is brought on by our limiting thought process but what if we didn’t have to understand to perceive consciousness beyond our understanding? To understand anything we have to have a perception of what we are about to understand first which gives us our perceived conscious understanding , it’s our perception in the first place that gives us something more to understand & it’s this perception that also gives us what we are going to understand & in the way we are going to understand.  For an example some atheist can’t or won’t understand faith because they perceive it as being blind, they can’t see past their conceptions in the first place to be able to understand how faith works & someone who is religious can’t see how a God can’t exist. In both cases it is impossible to see past their conception/belief, this is what’s limiting not what we can’t or won’t understand or even perceive beyond our conscious understanding.

What I am saying here is one doesn’t need to understand to perceive & in actual fact one needs to perceive first to understand, it’s our perception that is limiting which makes our understanding limited, just because we don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s limited as it’s only limiting within our perception not within the collective consciousness I believe. What are we able to perceive within our imagination? This is how unlimited the collective consciousness is, are our dreams limited? They are only limited like our imagination to what we perceive not what actually is or can be. How many of us understand our dreams but it doesn’t stop us remembering them thus perceiving them? Well in actual fact it does seem that way. A lot of us don’t remember our dreams because we don’t understand them because they are too farfetched however this again is brought on by our limitation to what can be, we just can’t perceive such things happening in the first place therefore our understanding of such things can’t exist thus we don’t remember our dreams, conscious life is no different.

The collective consciousness has no limitation because it has no set beliefs or concepts to limit it, science is limited because it’s only perceives within in its understanding, if it has no understanding it can’t perceive beyond what it understands at any given time. If we looked back a thousand years ago could have scientists perceived what modern day science was going to be all about? It could only perceive in what it understood at that time but if scientists of them days allowed themselves to perceive firstly before they had an understanding things could have been quite different & in actual fact at times this did happen in the science & religious/spiritual fields, how could seers see what they did without an understanding of what they were seeing & how did miraculous inventions & discoveries appear out of seemingly nowhere? It all comes down to what we perceive or imagine, not everything needs to be understood first because in this lies limitations which is what a lot of scientists are doing today limiting themselves to understanding first instead of being able to perceive & imagine before one has an understanding in what they are perceiving & imagining.  

Our conscious understanding is limited by our perception which is brought on by our beliefs/concepts, once we realise this the skies the limit or I should say in this case while referring to the collective consciousness the sky is unlimited by what we perceive/imagine, the more limiting we are in our perception the less consciously aware we will be & the more non-limiting we are in our perception/imagination the more consciously aware we will be, it all stands to reason. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Unconditional Love/Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think most of us know what unconditional love is all about, it’s to basically love without question or judgement & oneness is to accept all without question & judgment, this is very easy to understand but is it easy to act out & are we all able to act it out? Of course if we have an understanding of unconditional love & oneness & find ourselves in various conscious states experiencing this it must be easy to act out even to the most unaware person but is it? Fist one has to be unconditionally understanding of the totality of everything then one would have to be unconditionally accepting of the totality of everything however here comes the easy part, I believe once you have true unconditional understanding & acceptance of the totality of all unconditional love comes automatically without effort.

When we consider true unconditional love on its own it seems very simple because all one has to do is be unconditionally loving without question or judgment but it takes a lot more than that to be truly unconditionally loving & in fact it takes many lessons through various dimensions & consciousness’s to obtain true unconditional love.

Let me put it this way, how many of us now can unconditionally love a person who is torturing & sexually molesting a child especially your own child to death? I know I couldn’t, the only ones that could would be the ones who are unconditionally accepting of such heinous crimes, it’s not so easy to be unconditionally accepting to start with. To reach any form of unconditional love one has to be firstly unconditionally understanding & then unconditionally accepting but to reach true oneness one would have to be unconditionally understanding & accepting of the totality of all which in human form would be virtually impossible this is why we have got various dimensions to go through to teach us such unconditional values at the soul level.  For one to be truly unconditionally loving & at one with the totality of all one’s soul would have had to come from the 12th dimension which is believed to be one with God or the creative consciousness.

Now the person unconditionally accepting of heinous crimes seems to have more of a chance of becoming unconditionally loving because they are already unconditionally understanding & accepting of heinous crimes however do they understand & accept all as in showing true unconditional love to  victims of such heinous crimes? The answer of course is no so they have no chance in becoming unconditionally loving & at one in their present form however people like me who are unaccepting of there acceptance haven’t got a chance either.

It is important to know that you can’t have unconditional love without oneness otherwise how would one be aware that they are unconditionally loving without oneness because oneness represents the totality of all, non-accepting of anything isn’t of oneness so this would mean  unconditional love is totally unobtainable unless we are all accepting & of course to be all accepting one also would have to understand what they are being accepting of & this is why it takes so long for a soul to reach this point of true unconditional love & oneness, it certainly couldn’t be reached in one or two life times. So is taking on any concept of unconditionally loving pointless in realities like this one because it’s impossible to obtain? What is learning here is your soul through the experiences the human vessel goes through, to even notice of trying to be unconditionally loving is a huge learning curve for your soul & it will take this on board so no it’s not pointless at all. What is pointless is expecting to obtain this in one life time. By just acknowledging & experiencing certain conscious states of unconditional love & oneness is the start of understanding what unconditional  means at the soul level & from this will come, eventually, unconditional acceptance & then totality of unconditional love of the totality of all which is true oneness.

What is going on is we are continually thinking in human form & playing this out as if this is the main part of who we are but it’s not, what is important & who we are truly is our souls. What we really need to do to make it easier on ourselves in reaching this unconditional love & oneness state of consciousness in human form is think of yourself of being the soul not human; see yourself as just a human vessel showing your soul, your true self, to the light. This will make understanding & accepting a lot easier for your human vessel to teach your soul what unconditional actually means so how does it do that? Once you recognise your truer self as being the soul & not this human vessel you start to become detached from a lot of attachments & fixated attachments, becoming detached just means you’re letting go of taught practices that are holding you back in finding true unconditional love & oneness eventually, in other words it’s the human vessels attachments that is making it hard for us to reach our final goal, have faith & just let go.