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Monday, 1 December 2014

Learning to Live within Our Present Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a simple reply to my last post, “Pacifying the Chaos within Our Lives”, it made a very good point, it certainly isn’t easy giving up self-empowerment and control blindly but I will explain why giving up such attachments doesn’t have to be done blindly.

Giving away "personal" power blindly can be PAINFUL . . .

My reply
Yes indeed that's the point, you can't expect yourself or anyone else to blindly give up any kind of self-empowerment and control, if we do it's going to be seemingly difficult.

However, I find it easier realising what my actions and reactions are going to create, the more I react the more chaos I'm going to create. The only thing that off shoots this is our self-empowerment and that is why we self-empower ourselves, this in turn however only creates even more chaos through our reactions. It's easier to do but what it creates only makes things harder in the long run and not just for the human race either.

We have been self-empowering ourselves for thousands of years which has produced what we have today, total chaos and destruction. The only other way we could destroy this planet any better than we are now is to white light the whole planet.

If we realise what we are recreating time and time again, chaos, through our endless reactions, are we truly blindly giving up empowerment? Where not because we are now aware of what our actions and reactions are continually causing. Within being aware of this you are not blindly giving up anything, you are quite aware in what you are giving up, a never ending stream of chaos and destruction.  If we are unaware of what our reactions are causing, yes we would be blindly giving up self-empowerment but were not once we become aware of what less reaction actually gives us.

Self-empowerment and control at the human level is a must only if we desire to control the environment we are living in instead of just living with the environment we are living in.  Because I don’t really like writing, I must be self-empowering myself to write when in fact all I am doing is going with the flow of what comes to me, I am living within the environment I am presently in not against it, this is my path. This is the same with anyone who has long term trauma, we can live and work with this or we can work against this thus creating more chaos and trauma not less. Just taking painkillers or drinking alcohol for example seems like the easy path to follow but the harder path is much more rewarding mainly because it’s not of a destructive chaos.   

Do I have a choice to follow this path or not? Yes, the other path is to take control of the path I am on and create it to my own liking, this is self-empowerment.  Once we have changed this path to what we desire through self-empowerment and control, is this path still a part of the natural environment?  It’s no longer a natural part of the environment but it’s a lot easier to walk on but what is this unnatural path creating? It’s creating chaos because it’s a reaction to what was a natural part of the environment, nature, our original true path before we changed it through our empowerment and control. What have humans always done through their self-empowering?  Created a perfect world of chaos and destruction because it seemed like an easier way to go, an easier path to follow once we changed such paths through our own self-empowerment.  

Don’t be conned, we don’t need to be self-empowered and controlling to find peace and tranquillity actually it’s quite the opposite, just live with the environment we are living in, in the  present  moment without push and pull, cause and effect.  This isn’t easy but it’s a lot better than creating a never ending stream of destructive chaos.