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Monday, 19 February 2018

Buddha Nature!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Buddha nature actually refers to the truer self, primarily of the self void of the distractions and influences of the ego. The following question was presented to me on this matter.

Has a dog Buddha nature?

Actually P. Ru├ĘGer, a very good and wise question.

We could say that only domesticated pets can become this unconditionally loving, in this case the influence of Buddha nature is influenced by humans.

However, it is well documented that wild animals that have had their lives saved by human's show just as much unconditional love.

This then brings us to the point can animals, domesticated or not, be of Buddha nature.

Buddha Nature: "The terms refer to the notion that the luminous mind of the Buddha is inherently present in every sentient being, and will shine forth when it is cleansed of the defilements, c.q. when the nature of mind is recognised for what it is."

Are animal's sentient beings?

This is questionable: "In Buddhismsentient beings are beings with consciousnesssentience, or in some contexts lifeitself.[1] Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness."

Can animals also attain enlightenment?

To refer to attainment is to also refer to an effort exerted to obtain Buddhahood. It is questionable if animals, unlike human's who have to deal with egotism, have to attain enlightenment to become truly unconditionally loving, actually, it's doubtful.

I myself agree with the following as everything is of consciousness.              

"In Mahayana Buddhism, it is to sentient beings that the Bodhisattva vow of compassion is pledged. Furthermore, and particularly in Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Buddhismall beings (including plant life and even inanimate objects or entities considered "spiritual" or "metaphysical" by conventional Western thought) are or may be considered sentient beings."

Human's need to be enlightened to the facts beyond egotism, animals don't unless influenced to the extent of human egotism.


I also received the following query from another person, "But I can't help but believe that our essential nature will make itself known somehow, to remind us of who we really are." The following was my reply.


Carolyn Field I think it does this Carolyn but we are too much within the influences of the ego to notice them at times.

Are you not aware of your essential nature? This is all it is unless the ego inflates it into something more comprehensible so that the ego can understand what it comprehends in the first place. Basically, to be more than awareness is ego.

In saying this, our egos underestimate a state of pure awareness, a state void of the influences of ego. Such an underestimation decreases the influence a pure state of awareness can have upon us. Our capabilities beyond ego is infinite in nature, there are simply no limitations.

Just to be aware is enough in a universe, a reality, of egotism.

I should also state that wild animal saving the life of other wild animals show a sense of unconditional love, even towards another species of animal.

Having sacred animals like cows or monkeys might seem ludicrous to the western mind but consider this, a show of unconditional love and respect is shown to another species. Does the western mind respect and show unconditional love even to other human beings? The western mind often shows total disrespect to other people's cultures, it's simply not conditioned to respect and express unconditional love towards anything not of its own. This is unless it can materially gain from this of course.

This now brings us to materialism, a state that has no desire or need of ethical or spiritual matters, animals simply don't have this dilemma. Animals don't have the dilemma of material, ethical or spiritual matters, they are totally free of these matters. They are then of course going to be able to express unconditional love a lot easier than most human beings!!

The essential nature basically refers to the fundamental element within all things for example, energy and spirit. Energy is of everything as the spirit is within everything, the truer self or the truer elements of self void of contamination through separation, for only the ego separates everything to quench its desires!! Animals simply don't have these dilemmas to battle with; it's totally unconditional, not just to do with love but everything as a whole without separation. How many spiritually aware people separate unconditional love form unconditional acceptance, especially in regards to our present environment, animals simply don't have these ego created dilemmas!! 

So are animals of Buddha nature, even possibly more of Buddha nature, our essential nature, than most human beings?      

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Big Picture - A Reflection of Perfection

Written by Mathew Naismith

I believe this post is going to be a heavy post to read, it's going to  look into the small and big picture. Small pictures represent realities while the big picture represents these numerous realities as one whole picture. I will also explain why no one can experience a true enlightenment while predominantly experiencing a particular reality.

Also, this posts heading seems to contradict my last post stating that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality, this too will take a bit of explaining, I will however firstly explain what I mean about the small and big picture. 

Small picture = time + controlling ego + separate realities + no actual reflection of perfection, instead, a presumed judged perfection

Big picture = timelessness + ego + linked realities + a reflection of perfection through observing the whole of existence as one

Small Picture

Time: All realities have a sense of time, this however doesn't have to mean a reality is predominantly influenced by time like our own present experienced reality, it means a consciousness within such a reality, can be aware of time within another reality without actually predominately being influenced in a reality of time. In other words, a consciousness can exist within a timeless state and still be aware of realities of time. This is like some people, within this reality, are aware of a timelessness while in a reality predominantly influenced by time.

Controlling Ego: Stating that all realities are of a controlling ego is a big statement to make here, you must realise that not all realities of a controlling ego are like our present reality. You must also realise that not all controlling ego tendencies are destructive, to most spiritually aware people, this seems to be hard to perceive, this is because all we are aware of is the destructive attributes of a controlling ego within this present reality. There are realities of gold and glitter and pure light but for every conscious form to experience and enjoy, this is quite unlike our own reality. The other difference is that this gold and glitter and light didn't take the destruction of a planet and it's living form to produce, it's created from pure energy that had no form in the first place to destroy.

Separate Realities: As I have explained in a previous post, to get a better idea of separate realities, look at these separate realities like a peace of a jig saw that fits within other peaces of the jigsaw puzzle. Each separate part of the jigsaw puzzle represents a reality, they are separate until linked together within the puzzle.

Notice a said linked instead of joined, this is because joined refers to butting one point of reference against another, jigsaws don't work like this, each peace of the jigsaw is linked together, not butted!!

Yes, each and every reality is linked, take notice of where our own reality, our own peace of the jigsaw, is linked within. Our own reality is indeed linked within other realities, this is why we are able to perceive beyond the perceptions of the reality we are presently experiencing. Now imagine expanding out from this one jigsaw peace, in other words becoming aware of other realities, jigsaw peaces, beyond our own. As I often say, this is going beyond normal human perception.      

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the things that explain the existence of everything quite simply for us to understand, as of anything we create, each creation tells us a little more of our whole self. Jigsaw puzzles however, to me, tell us of our whole existence, not just a part of our existence. Jigsaw puzzles quite plainly explain how each reality is linked.  Each peace of the puzzle makes up a big picture that we can become aware of that we are observing. Yes, every form of  consciousness is observing the big picture, we are mostly unaware of this because we are experiencing realities as separate entities, not as one entity!!    

No Perfection: There is no perfection within a singular or multiple realities, only while being aware of observing the big picture can we observe perfection. As a good internet friend of mine stated in reference to my last post, existence itself as a whole is a reflection of perfection. I totally agreed with this even though it seemed to contradict my statement that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality.

One thing to consider here is paradoxes, general thinking and science ignore and disclaim anything to do with paradoxes, however, quantum physics actually incorporates paradoxes within it's evaluations. Quantum physics, to me, is like explaining about a jigsaw puzzles in a more complicated intricate way.

While a consciousness is only aware and accepting of singular or multiple realities, there is no perfection unless a controlling ego states otherwise, for example, my ideology or enlightenment/awakening is the be and end all. This changes when we realise we are also observing the big picture, each reality becomes worthy as they make up the big picture. Could you imagine not placing a peace of the jigsaw puzzle just because we didn't personally like it, in  doing this, you will never observe the big picture in it's whole state. OK, this reality is highly expressive of chaos and destruction but it still makes up the big picture!!

Big Picture

Timelessness and Ego: It is obvious, while observing time therefore realities, there is no true sense of time, only an observed sense of time. You are observing time when observing realities but you are not predominately influenced by time or these numerous realities.

To a number of people, time and these realities are an illusion, only a sense of timelessness exists totally void of ego. In this state you are not even an observer, there is no kind of awareness at all in this state. Look at it in this way, the observer of time and timeliness is the pinnacle, a state of being in time or timelessness is observed from this pinnacle. To me, being in a state of time OR timelessness is in ignorance of the whole state of existence for which we are, of course a controlling ego will state otherwise.        

No matter what awakening and enlightenment you experience in any reality, such experiences will be influenced by the reality or realities we are influenced by, again, only a controlling ego would state otherwise!! Any consciousness that is unaware of being an observer, is unable to experience true enlightenment, also, any true enlightenment will imminently take you out of your present reality, either it be physical or otherwise. Unless we want to be physically and mentally taken our of a reality, the only enlightenment experienced is an awakening, an awareness, to being an observer. To me, this is more of a precious gift than becoming truly enlightened.....

Linked Realities and Reflection of Perfection: As I have explained, linked realities are like a jigsaw puzzle, each reality in interconnected with other peaces of the jigsaw to make up the big picture. There is no sense of separation in this state, there is  but, in a human way, a sense of perfection represented by oneness, this oneness to us becomes a reflection of perfection. See how each reality influences our perceptions!!

Some people try to explain the whole of our existence through quantum physics, I instead use the humble jigsaw puzzle to explain how everything is interconnected and as one, I just hope I explained myself well enough for you to comprehend.     

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Liberating Ourselves from Inner Turmoil

Written by Mathew Naismith

The cause of turmoil: First of all we need to become aware of these turmoils before we can liberate ourselves form them, this isn’t easy mostly because of where our main focus is on most of the times. Focus is the key here, but to focus, one must know what they need to focus on in the first place, this seems so simple to do but it’s not, this is due to factors that are hidden from our main focus.

For an enlightened person to be in turmoil, this would take them to be unaware for only in ignorance can turmoil exist in one’s life, actually all our dilemmas and tumultuous experiences can only be experienced through being unaware, for example, would we still be warring if we were truly aware, would we be able to express destructive traits period?  No, this is due to, “for only in ignorance can we destroy”.  We now know what to focus on here, our unawareness which brings on the turmoil in one’s life, however,  we still don’t exactly know what kind of unawareness that is bringing on the turmoil in our lives, this indeed can be tricky.

Is man, as a whole, aware that all tumultuous expressions in the world are brought about by ignorance?  We are still warring and bickering which is brought about by our differences in our  ideologies and belief systems. You have to wonder how aware are these ideologies and belief systems, that we are still warring over, made us!!  The thing is, these ideologies and belief systems are only as aware as the people who are following them, any ideology or belief system that endorses (creates) turmoil in anyway, would have to be ignored by people who are more aware because these people are showing how unaware they are through creating turmoil of any kind. Anything that creates turmoil period is unaware, however , this doesn’t mean when one expresses an ideology that upsets others, that such an ideology is being expressed through ignorance, it could also be that the people who are upset by such expressions are unaware within there own ideological beliefs.

This might sound strange, but it matters not which ideological belief systems is causing the turmoil, it’s that the turmoil exists in the first place through being unaware. Could a person into oneness be expressive within there oneness to an atheist and not create some kind of turmoil, on the other hand, could an atheist express their ideological beliefs to a person into oneness without creating some kind of turmoil?  This is why it matters not to which ideological belief system is causing the turmoil, if any ideological belief system is expressed in ignorance, turmoil will always be created. Could a truly enlightened atheist create turmoil?  The answer of cause is no, no one who is this aware would be able to create turmoil, only in our unawareness can turmoil exist. It just shows you how unaware humans are, as a whole, today, we are still creating chaos in the world which creates a lot of turmoil for a lot of people.

The point is, you only have to be aware that turmoil can only exist through being unaware, if we were to point the finger at certain ideological belief systems, we would only create more turmoil in the process. A truly aware person wouldn’t point the finger at any one thing being at fault even though they are aware that certain ideological beliefs are creating the turmoil, if they were to do so, they would be adding to the turmoil.

We do the same within ourselves, I see this happening so often with people becoming spiritual aware, the ego is at fault or a certain ideology are at fault, yes, certain ways an ideology is being used can cause turmoil, however, all we are doing is adding to the turmoil that already exists if we lay fault, in other words judge, when it’s the ignorance within how any ideology is being used that creates such turmoil.
Turmoil, awareness building: Actually it’s a good thing to go through turmoil, only as long as we are aware that all turmoil can only be created through ignorance especially our own ignorance. Going through turmoil in this case is awareness building, you become aware of your own inner turmoil which makes you aware of your own unawareness,  it’s obviously constructive to be aware of our own unawareness.

This is the point, we miss this because we are usually fully focused on our own awareness, not on our unawareness, can we then say that we are truly aware if we are not also aware of our own unawareness?  Being aware of what causes turmoil in our lives is to me obviously worth being aware of.

It’s interesting what brought this post to bare, it’s an inner turmoil I have been battling with for most of my life, I love my human expressions ,but to become truly one,  I need to humanly become more aware, this however would change the way I express myself. The thing is, if  I don’t judged my human expressions as being less unworthy than being at one, why become more humanly aware? True oneness isn’t about being in one state of awareness above all else, it’s about accepting all expressions of conciseness as worthy, in other words all states of consciousness are seen as equal either it be of oneness or otherwise. Could you imagine stating that white people are more worthy than black people, this is what we would be saying if one state of consciousness is more worthy than another within  it’s expression in my mind.

True enlightenment; is a combination of awareness and a state of oneness, not one over and above the other. True, awareness brings forth one’s enlightenment but this doesn’t make awareness more worthy than a state of oneness, actually, the act of becoming aware tells us how unaware we are in the first place, this is because once you are in a oneness state, there is nothing more to become aware of, however, in an unaware state, you have a lot to become aware of. Sadly enough, this awareness becomes our main focus which takes away the oneness within awareness itself, in other words awareness just becomes knowledge, nothing more. 

Yes, to become aware one has to know what they are unaware of, so at this point we are focused on our unawareness , this is until we use this awareness as knowledge. Once this awareness is defined and used as knowledge, we are then mainly focused on what we know, not what we don't know. Enlightenment isn't about knowledge or the use of knowledge, it's about an understanding and acceptance that everything is one no matter how it's being expressed. Knowledge actually separates everything where's an enlightened awareness brings everything together.     

Think on this, why would consciousness itself, within it’s fully enlightened state, choose to become unenlightened, unaware of itself in it’s various forms if being unaware is unworthy?  Yes, being unaware creates turmoil and the less aware we are the more turmoil we create, human history shows this quite clearly however, once we can express all of what consciousness is, without any part of it being any less worthy to express than another, is a good indication of being in a true oneness state. Oneness is only brought on by awareness if we don’t think this awareness is just of knowledge , in other words use awareness just to gain knowledge. True awareness is also about being unaware as well through only this unawareness can all of consciousness be expressed and accepted as one.    

A true enlightened  state is like unconditional love, nothing is more or less worthy to love no matter how it’s expressed. The way humans perceive awareness to me seems way off the mark, this kind of perceptions has nothing to do with a true oneness state, with this perception, you can see why many white people today still see black people as being less worthy.

Become aware of what creates the inner turmoil but also become aware of the way we use and focus our awareness,  is it just for higher knowledge or is it for true oneness? There is a difference, one creates even more turmoil, the other less. Become aware but appreciate your unawareness with the same passion and worthiness. Becoming aware isn’t about using awareness to gain knowledge, it’s about being aware and accepting all of what is no matter how it’s expressed. This acceptance becomes easy once you get away from the human perception of black and white, oneness non-oneness, aware and unaware. The way humans perceive oneness is black and white, it’s not a true expression of oneness until we accept all expressions of consciousness itself.  

I thought I would add something to this post that I think important to be aware of, everything around us tells us exactly who we are. Consider how many nationalities there are and how many languages are spoken, this tells us how vast and varied consciousness is, if we can't accept each other, how are we going to accept ourselves as a whole, as this one consciousness, it's the same thing. Each culture represents an expression of consciousness itself , all the answers are right in front of our face but we can't see them or don't want to see them. If we think one part of an expression of consciousness is better than another, all we will see is what we have judged as being better. Its' worth being aware of this.                      

Friday, 19 September 2014

Yogis and the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yogis in this instance is also in reference to shamans, sages, soothsayers or anybody who is focused on our true essence self and not on human perceptions and desires.  These people have a gift to be able to go beyond human perceptions and desires and the longer they live like this, the more connected they become to our true essence self, our inner self or God’s consciousness.  

This might seem far fetch but many of us are yogis in the sense. I was recently reading the article in the below link and in one part of this article, it said this world/plain/reality was  full of yogi type people, in other words they were people who were well connected to the true essence of the self, where did these people go? Actually they didn’t go anywhere, they are still right here in this plain living in ignorance to one extent or another of themselves. Many people on Earth are reincarnated from these yogis and once a yogi always a yogi. So how come we are not all practicing yogis?  This is due to human perceptions and desires and a wanting, at the soul level, to become enlightened at the collective level.  

By the way, the following link is certainly worth following up.  

Once we become enlightened at the individual level, I feel we have chosen at the soul level to become enlightened at the collective level which is somewhat a lot more trickier. The main reason for this is it will take a lot longer and the longer it takes, the more of a chance we will entirely give in to human perceptions and desires like Buddha and Jesus could have.  To help us understand what we are doing at the soul level, we need to perceive Buddha and Jesus as being a collective, a reprehensive of the human collective. Now try to understand the trials and tribulation they had to go through to become enlightened, the traumas they needed to experience, now look at the human collective, is what this collective going through any different?  Actually it’s no different, we are at the collective level all seeking enlightenment through the same trials and tribulation that people like Buddha and Jesus experienced.

I’m probably going to be hung for this. There is a drawback to this, we can fail in becoming enlightened at the collective level just like Jesus and Buddha could have so why do this? Well in actual fact we don’t have to do this, if one person has become truly enlightened in this plain, this consciousness, we all have, we really don’t have to take such a risk at the human level and continue to suffer as we do. At the soul level, we have chosen to become enlightened as a collective which will take a huge effort to get through to an enlightened state, we actually don’t have to go through with this if there is a chance that we might not make it. Not making it to enlightenment at the human level will be devastating to the human species as it would have been to Buddha or Jesus but is it a risk we need to take? People like Buddha and Jesus have already done this for us; we don’t have to try to become enlightened at the collective level.  

So how come we are not all enlightened?  We all are it’s just we are unaware of this. The reason for this is again, we have chosen at the soul level to become enlightened as a collective species, to become enlightened at the collective level, we need to go back to being ignorant of our truer selves just like Buddha and Jesus were to start with, they had some idea of their entitlement at the soul level but not to the same extent at the human level.  What I am saying is the collective consciousness has become ignorant of itself to become enlightened as a collective physical species and that we don’t really have to become enlightened in this way. So what other way is there?

Focus on people like Buddha and Jesus (yogis) however don’t idolise them, focus on their mentality, on the way they focused on our truer essence selves without hindrance from human perceptions and desires.  To do this you don’t have to be actually with them or in direct contact with them in any way, just focus on what they focused on mentally and become focused on this. If it makes one feel better, focus on a living yogis but never idolise them. Like when I lived a life in ancient Egyptian time, we were in direct contact with what most Egyptian people thought of as God’s but we never idolised them as such and we became enlightened through our contact with them.  The reason we don’t idolise them is all we would be doing is idolising ourselves, this kind of action of course is egotistical and egotism only enhances our ignorance.  

Please don’t take this seriously, it’s just from a perception I have had recently but it’s certainly worth mentioning.  

Monday, 18 November 2013

Spirituality-Inquiry v Silence

Written by Mathew Naismith

Amended: I have inserted additional supplements to this post in bold letters to better describe the difference between inquiries for our desires & inquiring for our needs, I will also give a real life example of inquiring for our needs. Also at the end of the post I will add another additional supplement pertaining to our hidden ego tendances.  This is the problem of trying to keep the posts short which I won’t try to do in the future; I will just let it flow.

It’s funny how one kind of topic keeps coming up around the same time, it must have something to do with that synchronicity thing again!! The topic in question is inquiry, is or should spirituality be based on inquiry? Well I don’t think it should be but many spiritually aware people think otherwise including a science minded bloke on a Noetic site I’ve recently been conversing with  so are people like myself wrong especially if you think, if we are not inquiring we must be of blind faith & is it blind faith not to inquire? We must also think here there is no right or wrong in spirituality because spirituality isn’t about judgment so any form of life/ideology one chooses to live by is just another form of existence.
I had a bloke say to me about this subject that Jesus made inquiries, how else is one to know about oneself? Inquiries are by far not the only way to gain awareness & wisdom, sitting within one’s silence is another way.  It’s all to do with sitting within your own quietness, Jesus didn’t need to inquire about anything once he started sitting within his own quietness, everything he needed to know just came to him. Ask yourself, how often does this happen in our lives? It’s happened to me a number of times, I would have spiritual experiences out of the blue without inquiry but once I started asking question the experience desisted.  Once you fall within your own quietness there is no need to make any further inquiry, what is needed just comes to one within this quietness/silence however if we desire to know more we cease within our quietness. A need denotes silence but a desire denotes noise, spirituality in my mind isn’t about noise but silence.  Needs also usually denote control of the ego because we are only spiritually feeding our needs however desires are a different kettle of fish. To desire is to inquire to feed our controlling ego. Don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with feeding the ego through our desires it’s just another way to exist that’s all however it’s not really what I would call spiritually minded.  Yes we can become spiritually aware through this process but it’s the long road around in my mind because you’re not always expressing yourself spiritually, spirituality shouldn’t be about any sort of desires I believe.

Let’s look at this another way, what do spiritualist in India do to become enlightened? They sit within their own silence for hours, days & even years on end to attain this enlightenment/awareness, this sounds like they are inquiring but there not. At first they inquire but it’s only for a very short moment in their lives, once they have fallen within their own quietness only then are they able to know & understand to help them reach enlightenment. This also has a lot to do with suffering as well because within this suffering one will accept all that will come before thee for ever after.  Spirituality isn’t or shouldn’t be about desire but about the acceptance of all & only through the acceptance of all is one able to find true enlightenment; we are in fact talking about a need here not a desire.  “The need to suffer in silence to attain true enlightenment”. 

I would also like to enumerate here that one can also inquire for a need as opposed to inquiring for a desire however there is a fine line here. One must beware of the difference between a desire that is controlled by the controlling ego or a need which isn’t controlled by the ego. To give a better understanding of this I will use a real life example.

I was helping out a lass from Cambodia in various ways, I should mention here it was all above board, anyway she wanted to fit in over here in Australia so she tried to become a Christian. After a few months she came up to me baffled about the ideological concepts of Christianity, she wasn’t happy with it at all so I suggested she stick with what she was comfortable with which was Buddhism. I gave her a book about Buddhism so she could make further inquiries to what she wanted.

In this case it wasn’t an inquiry of desire but a need which wasn’t controlled by the controlling ego. Let’s look at the same scenario but in reverse which is driven by desire not a need. Having a desire to fit in, this lass would have kept making inquiries into Christianity until she herself psychologically accepted these ideological concepts that she was obviously not comfortable with in the first place. This is a desire to fit in which is controlled by the controlling ego. She is to this day quite happy with her choice in not egotistically fitting in.        

However all we are doing is talking about the individual self, what about the collective self, does it too have to suffer, not only suffer in silence but suffer the consequences of the controlling, very noisy, ego to attain enlightenment collectively?  What is above is also below; yes of course the collective has to suffer as the individual self does.  There is also another matter to consider here, why would a soul keep choosing to live within a harsh environment for no reason? We must remember here it’s never about the human vessel but the soul; we are living for the soul soles purpose in reality not our own individual selves. 

This brings us back to blind faith, if were not inquiring all of what we know through silence, our own quietness, is built up on blind faith obviously?  Anyone who has experienced what silence can bring knows it’s not of blind faith however it is understandable anyone who is not of their own silence would look at any awareness/knowing gained from silence being of blind faith.  Anything not detectable by any of the five senses is usually deemed as being of faith only but what are the five senses controlled by?  The controlling ego of course however one can control theses ego tendencies brought to us by the five senses by just taking control of the ego instead of the ego taking control of us. All we need to do is be aware of the controlling factors of the ego & yes it is that simple because all it takes is awareness & the ego will become dysfunctional in its controlling factors quite automatically.

If this or any one of my posts or in fact anyone’s post has upset you in some way you must look within you to why you are feeling this way not look at other people’s perceptions as being wrong in some way. In my case, concerning this post, some people might be offended by me relating the ego to desires, why are you offended by this? It wouldn’t be you don’t want to be seen expressing a lowly human trait like the ego in anyway is it or is it just by expressing anything deemed lowly or unacceptable makes one less spiritual.  If you think on this, what is controlling these thoughts of being a lesser person if we express a lesser valued human trait even when they do help us on our spiritual path?  Interesting isn’t it but don’t worry about not seeing how the hidden ego fools us because it took me years to realise this!!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

To Become an Enlightened Soul or Not

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem quite off the cuff for possibly most people in that it’s not going to make any sense or have any plausibility in being the case in reference to some souls preferring to stay ignorant & unenlightened for eternity.  We assume that all souls want to be enlightened or are going to become enlightened & at one with all at one time, why do all souls need or even desire this? We talk about ascension but if a soul’s will is to not ascend isn’t that their free will to do so?

I’m actually going to talk about souls that are enlightened to one extent or another but either want to stay ignorant of their own enlightenment at the soul level, which usually takes being unbecoming in some way like an entity with evil intent, or stay ignorant of their enlightenment just at the physical level, either way that is their free will to do so.

For a soul to stay ignorant of itself at the soul level while in physical form usually only takes being in physical form with all its fixations & attachments however at times the souls enlightenment comes through so the soul needs to become more unbecoming to cover up such occurrences. There are spiritualists in India who actually lash out at people physically mauling them, these aren’t just spiritually aware people but actual spiritualists who have devoted their lives to spirituality but have the urge to lash out for similar reasons as mentioned above however all they are doing is basically taking a break from their daily lives just like we take a break from our jobs & have a cuppa. Why do we all assume that all souls desire or have a will to ascend, what does ascend pertain to? Climb, rise, sour to new heights, does this sound a little egotistical?  However until one’s soul is enlightened in some way we will want to ascend in some way, we are actually using the constructive (positive) side of the ego to ascend or better ourselves at the human & soul level.

This brings us to souls who don’t wish to know of their own enlightenment. Just like at the physical level the soul needs to become unbecoming even to itself but at the soul level this takes a lot more effort therefore one’s soul needs to become a lot more unbecoming than at the physical level. I’ve come across a number of these souls while becoming spiritually aware & yes they frightening for the soul purpose of covering up their own enlightenment & to have a bit of fun believe it or not. There were a few occasions that they were playing games with me; I would eventually catch onto this & just laugh at them even though they were still quite frightening to me. When you become in the knowing all you can do is laugh &/or cry.  

So am I saying these unbecoming & frightening entities & souls are souls that are enlightened to one extent or another? Yes most definitely, why am I so definite? Recently I had the chance to see these souls while in their frightening states, we bonded not because I’m unbecoming myself or anywhere near as unbecoming as them but I could feel a connection of mateship if you like. It’s as if the inner core of their souls spoke to me in a calming manner of their own knowing of their own enlightenment which of course their trying to avoid. Why again does every soul have a desire to become at one & enlightened? The truth is it doesn’t however the glitch is for a soul to know this they first have to become enlightened & once some souls are enlightened all they want to do is become unenlightened again. Yes this is of the ego but so is ascending to enlightenment, they don’t have an obvious problem in expressing the ego in any way & in actual fact the more they express the ego the less enlightened they feel.  Does this seem like it relates to a lot of what’s been going on in this reality!!!!