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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spirituality-Infancy to Adulthood

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: This is one of my old posts from my original blog. The reason I'm reposing this is because it's still relevant going by the responses I've recently had in relation to my recent posts.   

Introduction: The Spirituality-Infancy to Adulthood is in reference to our whole being of why we, as a collective race of beings, have endured & experienced so much on Earth in this conscious state? I also will discuss the final outcome; a change of consciousness which I predict will give us the answer to why we have endured so?

Why: So why have we endured so much on this Earth? Firstly we need to understand, to have suffered or endured so much is to have gained knowing/experience for our collective humanistic selves to advance further in conscious evolution, in other words we needed to gain experience for our ascension into the next level of consciousness. Our souls needed many different lives, not all bad, to have a clear understanding of our physical being to continue our personal & collective evolutionary path which, believe it or not, serves the collective.

We should remember, we all chose to live multiple lives in this realm, for better or worse, while we experience different living conditions. These lives give our soul the chaotic experience to go onto a better conscious level of understanding; it’s like a growing child, you need to go through trials & tribulations to be able to understand life as you grow up. The same goes with the human race, we are also at our infancy state learning the ropes so we can understand & cope with the big wide world coming up, a new conscious change.

Now this conscious change is supposed to be far less chaotic & more calm & loving so why didn’t we start with this consciousness & forget about our present chaotic consciousness? As I said before, we needed to start somewhere just like we have as individuals growing up from infancy, it’s all the same cycle no matter how small or big it is, it’s still follows a cycle from infancy to adulthood.

OK, let’s look at the universe from it’s infancy from the big bang, it’s always evolving & growing to adult hood until it passes on just like we do as humans, the same is with our holistic state of humanistic being on  Earth, it’s evolving to adult hood from its infancy stage.  

“What is above is below, the same law different consciousness!!”

Let’s look at the evolutional changes from infancy to adult hood to eventual death to infancy again.

Take an individual human being, it starts off being born then goes through puberty to adult hood & eventual death to live again in another body to start the process all over again to the infancy state again, yet another cycle has begun.

Take the universe for another example, from the big bang (infancy) to puberty, the formation of galaxy’s & solar systems to adult hood further growth within each solar system to eventual death of the universe & then it starts all over again I believe.

The same is with evolution of consciousness of the human race; we started off our conscious state as apes to early human to modern human with various degrees of conscious change, this was our infancy stage. Now we are entering our puberty and I believe the next conscious change will be in our adult hood stage then eventual demise of the human race & to infancy stage gain; it’s all a cycle no matter how you look at it.

However the human race doesn’t have to die off altogether, I predict it will change and change dramatically but it’s questionable if it will die off completely. It all comes down to what we label ourselves!!

“Once energy always energy, a change of consciousness doesn’t destroy energy it changes energy!!”

The point is we evolve as humans from infancy to puberty to adulthood to eventual death, the same is with all that is around us, it’s just a cycle of events of evolution & our human consciousness is no different.
Like I have said before in previous posts, the Mayans & other civilizations worked this out long ago that everything works to a cycle & we humans are no different, it’s just a cycle of life.

The Spoilt Brat Dilemma: The problem however is that we, as a collective holistic race, have over stepped our boundaries like a spoilt child would since our early infancy stage. This has made it hard excepting change & adapting from a less chaotic spoilt state to a more semi self-regulating responsible state into the next conscious change, adulthood.  We have made it hard on ourselves because of our rebellious spoilt brat attitude all these centuries like warring, manipulating, greediness, selfishness & being obnoxious to each other, unruly in other words. Doesn’t this sound so much like a spoilt child but that is what we are holistically and collectively.

I believe we are coming out of our infancy stage & entering into the next conscious state into puberty of love & understanding of all, in other words we are becoming more self-aware & responsible before our next conscious change to adulthood. The problem is, as always, some of us never came out of this spoilt state of consciousness and it’s these people who tend to dominate our consciousness.  

One of the biggest problems however is controlling these spoilt brats that like to do the negative things as above, do we allow them to get their own way until we all just perish into oblivion? No of course we don’t, it’s about time that the people entering the puberty stage put their foot down & say no more of this rot. Just by saying to yourself “I want no more of this negative behaviour from the infants” will help.

OK, these infants who we allow to rule us have nasty toys that hurt, this won’t matter to those who are entering or are in the puberty stage individually because of our love & understanding & responsibility to the human race. These people realise that these spoilt brats have got to come out of their infancy stage to puberty otherwise we will no longer evolve any further as a human race.

Now how can we change people who don’t want to go onto puberty? It’s to do with the conscious change, they won’t have a choice as long as there are enough people who want to go into the puberty stage, we have got to want to change to evolve as this will change our entire vibrative frequency to something more positive in puberty. Of course the next holistic conscious puberty change has its own problems as well just like it does in our individualistic human selves but that is another story yet to evolve.