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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Heaven for the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

Why has a divine light, such as our souls, chosen to be in a seemingly hell like reality? There are of course many answers for this depending on what ideology we follow but the point is all our souls chose to be here to experience whatever comes otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Physical realities have always been a turmoil-ish place to live, even before man surfaced upon this Earth there were earthquakes, volcanos, fires, ice ages & so forth to contend with so life, to begin with, has a lot to contend with & this is without human intervention. The big question is, have humans made things better?

Action-Reaction: We have had centuries of war but we have also had centuries of religious & spiritual groups trying to envision peace, harmony & love over as many centauries than we have been warring with each other, has this envisioning worked?  No so why would it work now? There are as many people per populous who have in the past wanted & worked for peace, harmony & love than there is now believe it or not so no it doesn’t look like it works. We are basically using the same old spiritual teachings with the same old emotions urging us to bring on this peace, harmony & love into our lives. We are still trying to run away from something to something better. Is this act by seeing a problem in the first place & responding to this by running away from it or denouncing it in some way actually helping to manifest more of what we are trying to escape from? Any vibrative action will cause a reaction somewhere somehow, action-reaction.

It didn’t seem to matter how we envision peace, harmony & love we still get a reaction of our initial action which can be anything, we just don’t have control over the reaction when we act against anything unbecoming to us like warring for instance or of anything to do with the ego. Is this because we are reacting which causes another reaction? This is like a snow ball effect, are we any less at war in the world even with the threat of mass inhalation? Action causes reaction which causes another reaction & so on. In actual fact it would seem we are more at war than ever & if it wasn’t for the threat of mass inhalation we would probably be more at war than any other time in human history. So after all these centuries of envisioning peace, harmony & love it still hasn’t worked.

If we as spiritually aware people see therefore judged that there is a problem within ourselves & others isn’t this acknowledging there is a problem & the more we envision there being a problem like the ego  & associated judgment won’t we manifest what we are trying to escape from, action reaction? Of course we will manifest more of what we are trying to escape from, so what’s the answer? Don’t react for starters by not seeing a problem, only see a difference. Within seeing a difference only we will then become more accepting because that’s what true spiritualism is all about, acceptance!! So what difference are we looking for to do with the ego for instance instead of a problem or flaw within ourselves & everybody else? Look at the ego as being only a different part of ourselves not something that seems like a flaw.  

Heaven for the Soul: A lot of humans look at life in the reality as being hellish but the soul looks upon this reality more like heaven because only in realities like this one can the soul be expressive of every part of itself. Imagine at the human level what it would be like not being able to be expressive of your whole self in any way?  The soul is very emotional & like us at the human level it has a need to be expressive of these emotions, it’s just at the human level we see faults & flaws which causes conflicts. What causes wars usually, seeing a fault or a flaw in others in some way, what are spiritually aware people doing, seeing faults & flaws like anything to do with the ego for instance in themselves & everybody else. No wonder envisioning peace, harmony & love hasn’t worked, we are still seeing faults & flaws instead of just differences within ourselves & everybody else.   

Friday, 7 June 2013

Heaven of Attachments

Written by Mathew Naismith

We have all heard about heaven with its pearly white gates greeting the deceased but instead of pearly white gates we get white illuminating light which beckon us in so to quote shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams “is this heaven”? By the way I never believed in heaven but!!

So what is heaven, it’s obviously not pearly white gates sitting on white fluffy clouds? Again a quote from Field of Dreams “it’s where dreams come true” so what are these dreams, are they what we didn’t or couldn’t accomplish in our past life or are they of attachments from our recent past life? I will answer this latter but before I do I will cover a few more related areas first.

When we experience a lot of hate & anguish do we stay around after dying? Most of the times not unless we hate ourselves & wish to hurt those who hurt us but do we stay around when we have loved & loved a lot or had a most fulfilling life in some other way? Most of us do because we wish to not leave this life, in other words we are still attached to this life we so enjoyed.  Love is a very strong motivation in keeping us here after our demise not just the love of people but the love of anything & yes even the love of killing as love in any form is one of our most powerful emotions we humanly have. So where do people who have done a lot of wrong to others go, to hell?  Well again it’s not the hell we have been told about like brim stone & fire in actual fact very strong negativity or evilness is of the dark & cold not light & warmth because it sucks energy not give it. Hell is where we stay in limbo waiting for our next calling, it’s not a bad place it’s just nothingness where’s this place we call heaven is something quite different.

If we have no attachments to our recent last life we move on to the place of limbo however if we still have attachments we go to this place we call heaven. Heaven of attachments is what I call heaven because that is exactly what it is; this is a place that we meet our passed loved ones where we were once close too, or more correctly said, still close too. In this place we are still in away playing out our physical lives with the people most dear to us until called upon, this is different to deceased people staying in the physical reality they once lived in & still do.

After we pass on we have three ways to go or three quite different realities to continue our existence in, heaven, limbo or stay in the physical reality we are no longer physical in while usually helping out those we love, notice I didn’t say loved as in pass tense!! However in doing this we could be causing our loved ones still physically existing grief especially if they are picking up on us.

So in all the reality heaven is where dreams are made if one wished to stay connected or attached & reunite with some of their relies & friends who have passed on before us, it is a place of dreams & total peaceful harmony, this is why we call this reality or this kind of afterlife heaven which is fair enough by me.