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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Focusing on Our Purpose

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote the following for an IONS site but had a feeling to blog and share this more.

"There is a purpose to all that is, what that is has different and varied interpretations but no matter what the interpretation of what purpose that is there is still a purpose. One should always focus on the purpose itself, not on the interpretation of the purpose."

I wrote this when I was invited to a private Google community, at the point this came into my head, we were talking about friends but it relates to many different spheres of life I believe.  

I believe one of the spheres or concepts this covers is science and spirituality, the interpretation relates to the reasoning and logics used and if we are too focused on the interpretation being used, we just might miss the purpose........

Both science and spiritually aware people can and do miss this purpose because they are too focused on the interpretation of such purpose instead of on the purpose itself. Dogma is an ugly thing in any ideological principle.

Interpreting in this case relates to our concepts or ideological principles we use in everyday life, through interpreting, we are supposed to become more aware but because we become so fixated to our own ideologies what we became aware of is limited. I believe once we start to interpret our purpose we become dogmatic to some extent at least, however on the other hand, if we only focused on the purpose instead of the interpretation of such purpose, becoming dogmatic wouldn’t become an issue.

To me dogmatism doesn’t belong in any concept or ideological principles.