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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let the Children Play

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got the most strangest message this morning, “Let the children play”, the children is in reference to ourselves, the human race, so what does this mean, let the children play? The feeling I get hasn’t got to do with the human self as such but the inner child, let the inner child come out and play.

We have strangulated the inner child so much we have forgotten how to express such inner feelings and thoughts; this I feel is mainly due to allowing ourselves, as adults, to be drawn into the destructive traits of the ego like judgment and ridicule. Yes, children judge and ridicule each other more than ever but I’m talking about the inner child who has no such judgment to contend with.  Children of course will always pick up on what adults do unless they allow the inner child to come out and play.    

The following I found to be very well illustrated in how to bring forth the inner child within.

In the situation I’m in, if I didn’t allow this inner child out to play, my relationship with my wife would be in dire straits. Allowing the inner child to play can indeed assist in keeping relationships together, my wife and I so often act like children at times, pushing and shoving each other in public for example or whistling each other as you would a dog, “ come on girl, you can do it” and so on. Yes most people would take offence to this only because they have no idea how to allow the inner child out to play, we can indeed take life too seriously as adults.  

I’m also lucky that I have certain friends who are the same, they get out there and make utter fools of themselves but they are indeed enjoying life living as the inner child, sadly enough most of these people are female, blokes try too hard to be real blokes (macho) instead of just allowing it all to just hang out, in other words allowing the inner child out to play.

The inner child also has more in relation to non-duality than duality; there is no or little judgment within the inner child, I feel this allows us to be more connected to the collective, take away judgment and what do you have? It’s not duality; once you take judgment out of the equation, you really no longer have duality especially in its present form under the influence of judgment.   

The inner child also assists us in intuition and synchronicity, this is due to the inner child not taking life too seriously by not allowing attachments as fixation to rule our whole lives, once this occurs we strangulate the inner child again. Any kind of fixation will hinder our intuition, this is like a child going through a traumatic experience, it can indeed hinder a child’s fun loving openness hindering any intuition and synchronicity that could occur in one’s life.

So in all bringing forth the inner child out to play has huge benefits, not doing so can have disastrous effects upon our existence individually and collectively. It’s interesting getting such messages, it’s a sign to move on from our present mentality I feel.