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Friday, 16 March 2018

We Know Not What We Do

Written by Mathew Naismith

These kinds of things simply come to me without exerting any effort; it's simple because there is no effort involved. I think the people who experience this as well will know exactly what I mean; it flows because you are going with the flow.

I don't always go with the flow; this is because I accept that being a part of a reality like ours, going against the flow is a part of this reality. However as of always, balance between going with the flow and against it is always a wise thing to do; everything in moderation no matter how good or right it feels.

The whole self = Our natural flow

Part of the whole self, our present reality = A flow that goes against the natural flow

A thing to consider here, is going against the flow of a reality that goes against the natural flow going against the flow of that reality? Yes, this reality is a tiny part of who we are as a whole, the whole self is of a natural flow, are not realities that are of going against this natural flow also of this natural flow?

How we think is one is against the other; if it's against the natural flow, it's in opposition to the flow. In the whole scheme of existence, there is no opposition as it's all a part of the same natural flow no matter how small that flow might be. Our present reality is a small part of the natural flow even when going against the natural flow of life. Is a fish swimming against the flow of water; not of the natural flow of the life of the water; when the fish goes against the flow of water? Are we not the fish within the water, within a particular reality like the fish!!

We simply don't think like the fish, we think more like a rock when going against the flow, in opposition to the flow. Instead of allowing ourselves to go with the flow, we are like a rock trying to swim like a fish in opposition the flow when acting/thinking like a rock. It's unnatural for a rock to go against the flow like this; we have simply forgotten we are the fish when swimming against the flow, not the rock.

The rock is in opposition when going against the flow, the fish isn't, which reality do we want to experience, the fish or the rocks reality? If it's the fish, we can go agonist the flow without being in opposition to the flow, if the rock, we must go with the flow at all times otherwise we are in opposition to the natural flow.

What occurred recently is I experienced a glimpse of what we are doing to ourselves. By being the rock while in opposition to its environment, mainly because we desire control of this environment to feed our desires, we have become the rock in opposition to the natural flow of life. A rock going against its environment will be destructive and disruptive to its environment; the natural flow of life, what the rock going against the flow isn't aware of is it's simply hurting itself immensely by doing so.

Being the rock in opposition to its own environment is going to lead to what it's always lead to, its own destruction. Of course any energy source in opposition to its own environment causing its own demise is a part of the natural flow of life also. If we are going to continually act like a rock going against the flow, we will naturally cause our own demise, however, if we choose to be a rock going with the flow or become the fish instead, we will be naturally going with the flow of life.

I chose to be the fish swimming against the flow at times, other people have chosen to be a rock going with the flow and many more people have chosen to be the rock in opposition to the flow. No matter what we choose to be it's all a part of the natural flow of life, it's just everything we choose to be has its own journey to ride out. Yes, the outcome of each journey is different but it still finishes up being a part of the natural flow of life no matter what journey we choose to follow.

It simply came to me, if we really knew what we do, we simply wouldn't do it; we simply wouldn't be the rock in opposition to the natural flow of life. How aware is the rock to its environment compared to the fish? We simply need stop being the rock in opposition, stop thinking in opposition like positive and negative being in opposition to each other all the times for only a rock in opposition to the flow can think like this.

Is a fish going against the flow judging the water negative while swimming against it?  Only a rock going in opposition to the flow could think like this.......

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Living in the Quietness of Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is sort of going on from my last post titled Inspiring Confirmative Video as this lovely published video depicted quite a contrasting existence between being in time to being in timelessness. Allowing time to influence us without the awareness of timelessness has indeed given us the illusion that this is all we are however I don’t believe time itself is an illusion for the main reason nothing can be created in timelessness. There is no starting or ending point of creation so we wouldn’t be able to even experience illusions as illusions also need to be created.

So what are we talking about here in relation to illusions, what are illusions of time? Visualise consciousness within it’s totality, a rock for instance, now for example visualise human beings being a grain of sand within this colossal consciousness (rock). Every grain of sand within this consciousness (rock) is a minute part of consciousness within time because time fragments consciousness by breaking up the rock into individual pieces so each grain of rock/sand is able to experience it’s own consciousness. Time gives us the illusion that the rock is fragmented into individual parts but in timelessness it’s still a rock within it’s totality.

Spiritual awareness gives a more collective view of ourselves, we are now a larger part of consciousness/of the rock than we were before becoming spiritually aware & the more aware we become the bigger the grain of sand or portion of the rock/consciousness we become. It’s important here not to think of consciousness as being physical in form in anyway; we are after all just a vibrative mass. We are made up of a collective mass of vibrational frequencies that is all!! If we can perceive ourselves not being just this crude matter but an intertwined mass of vibrational frequencies understanding what is being portrayed here will be a lot easier.

As explained in older posts of mine, different vibrative frequencies are able to influence other vibrational frequencies like with cancer for instance. Cancer influences our own vibrative frequencies causing a disruption to our own frequencies. Each cancer has it’s own vibrative signature which of course is going to affect a different part of our body because each portion of our body is vibrating at a different frequency which gives it it’s form. This is a very good reason why we have always looked at vibrations to help us heal like with praying, chanting, herbs, meditating & even using musical instruments & now modern science is looking at vibrational frequencies in the healing process. In physical form we are always influenced by other vibrative frequencies around us no matter what, consciousness itself is no different when fragmented within time. By becoming spiritually aware we are forming together & influencing a greater mass of vibrative frequencies, we are becoming less individualised by fusing parts of the rock/consciousness back together again.

This is normally achieved through realising we are immortal first of all which means we are not just of time & of this fragmented rock/consciousness but of something immortal & of timelessness but most of all we are the collective consciousness itself within it’s totality.  Within this collective consciousness lies serine quietness mainly because there are no conflicting vibrational frequencies influencing each other to be something different to what they are for the main reason the rock is whole again within it’s totality even though the rock is built upon with different frequencies like our human body. The rock itself has no other rock/consciousness to influence or be influenced by thus pure serine quietness befalls upon the rock/the consciousness of man. This is pure unadulterated oneness brought on by living in the quietness of timelessness.