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Monday, 4 January 2016

The Big Picture - A Reflection of Perfection

Written by Mathew Naismith

I believe this post is going to be a heavy post to read, it's going to  look into the small and big picture. Small pictures represent realities while the big picture represents these numerous realities as one whole picture. I will also explain why no one can experience a true enlightenment while predominantly experiencing a particular reality.

Also, this posts heading seems to contradict my last post stating that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality, this too will take a bit of explaining, I will however firstly explain what I mean about the small and big picture. 

Small picture = time + controlling ego + separate realities + no actual reflection of perfection, instead, a presumed judged perfection

Big picture = timelessness + ego + linked realities + a reflection of perfection through observing the whole of existence as one

Small Picture

Time: All realities have a sense of time, this however doesn't have to mean a reality is predominantly influenced by time like our own present experienced reality, it means a consciousness within such a reality, can be aware of time within another reality without actually predominately being influenced in a reality of time. In other words, a consciousness can exist within a timeless state and still be aware of realities of time. This is like some people, within this reality, are aware of a timelessness while in a reality predominantly influenced by time.

Controlling Ego: Stating that all realities are of a controlling ego is a big statement to make here, you must realise that not all realities of a controlling ego are like our present reality. You must also realise that not all controlling ego tendencies are destructive, to most spiritually aware people, this seems to be hard to perceive, this is because all we are aware of is the destructive attributes of a controlling ego within this present reality. There are realities of gold and glitter and pure light but for every conscious form to experience and enjoy, this is quite unlike our own reality. The other difference is that this gold and glitter and light didn't take the destruction of a planet and it's living form to produce, it's created from pure energy that had no form in the first place to destroy.

Separate Realities: As I have explained in a previous post, to get a better idea of separate realities, look at these separate realities like a peace of a jig saw that fits within other peaces of the jigsaw puzzle. Each separate part of the jigsaw puzzle represents a reality, they are separate until linked together within the puzzle.

Notice a said linked instead of joined, this is because joined refers to butting one point of reference against another, jigsaws don't work like this, each peace of the jigsaw is linked together, not butted!!

Yes, each and every reality is linked, take notice of where our own reality, our own peace of the jigsaw, is linked within. Our own reality is indeed linked within other realities, this is why we are able to perceive beyond the perceptions of the reality we are presently experiencing. Now imagine expanding out from this one jigsaw peace, in other words becoming aware of other realities, jigsaw peaces, beyond our own. As I often say, this is going beyond normal human perception.      

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the things that explain the existence of everything quite simply for us to understand, as of anything we create, each creation tells us a little more of our whole self. Jigsaw puzzles however, to me, tell us of our whole existence, not just a part of our existence. Jigsaw puzzles quite plainly explain how each reality is linked.  Each peace of the puzzle makes up a big picture that we can become aware of that we are observing. Yes, every form of  consciousness is observing the big picture, we are mostly unaware of this because we are experiencing realities as separate entities, not as one entity!!    

No Perfection: There is no perfection within a singular or multiple realities, only while being aware of observing the big picture can we observe perfection. As a good internet friend of mine stated in reference to my last post, existence itself as a whole is a reflection of perfection. I totally agreed with this even though it seemed to contradict my statement that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality.

One thing to consider here is paradoxes, general thinking and science ignore and disclaim anything to do with paradoxes, however, quantum physics actually incorporates paradoxes within it's evaluations. Quantum physics, to me, is like explaining about a jigsaw puzzles in a more complicated intricate way.

While a consciousness is only aware and accepting of singular or multiple realities, there is no perfection unless a controlling ego states otherwise, for example, my ideology or enlightenment/awakening is the be and end all. This changes when we realise we are also observing the big picture, each reality becomes worthy as they make up the big picture. Could you imagine not placing a peace of the jigsaw puzzle just because we didn't personally like it, in  doing this, you will never observe the big picture in it's whole state. OK, this reality is highly expressive of chaos and destruction but it still makes up the big picture!!

Big Picture

Timelessness and Ego: It is obvious, while observing time therefore realities, there is no true sense of time, only an observed sense of time. You are observing time when observing realities but you are not predominately influenced by time or these numerous realities.

To a number of people, time and these realities are an illusion, only a sense of timelessness exists totally void of ego. In this state you are not even an observer, there is no kind of awareness at all in this state. Look at it in this way, the observer of time and timeliness is the pinnacle, a state of being in time or timelessness is observed from this pinnacle. To me, being in a state of time OR timelessness is in ignorance of the whole state of existence for which we are, of course a controlling ego will state otherwise.        

No matter what awakening and enlightenment you experience in any reality, such experiences will be influenced by the reality or realities we are influenced by, again, only a controlling ego would state otherwise!! Any consciousness that is unaware of being an observer, is unable to experience true enlightenment, also, any true enlightenment will imminently take you out of your present reality, either it be physical or otherwise. Unless we want to be physically and mentally taken our of a reality, the only enlightenment experienced is an awakening, an awareness, to being an observer. To me, this is more of a precious gift than becoming truly enlightened.....

Linked Realities and Reflection of Perfection: As I have explained, linked realities are like a jigsaw puzzle, each reality in interconnected with other peaces of the jigsaw to make up the big picture. There is no sense of separation in this state, there is  but, in a human way, a sense of perfection represented by oneness, this oneness to us becomes a reflection of perfection. See how each reality influences our perceptions!!

Some people try to explain the whole of our existence through quantum physics, I instead use the humble jigsaw puzzle to explain how everything is interconnected and as one, I just hope I explained myself well enough for you to comprehend.     

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spirituality and the Big Picture

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all I need to define what I perceive as the big picture to start with, what is the big picture? The big picture, as opposed to the small picture, is looking at the whole of existence holistically without humanly perceiving through human perception only. If you could imagine looking at an empty frame upon a wall with the wall outside of this frame obscured, what frame is making us more aware of what the mural, a big frame or a small frame? The answer of course is the big frame which gives us a bigger picture of the mural.

When I was in my teens, I was trained to look at the big picture and yes it does take training or reprogramming of the mind to see the big picture from the small picture. Because most humans, from birth, are conditioned to only look at the small picture that is all they will see. To see the big picture we need to be reprogramed first then from there become aware of this bigger picture. This reprogramming entails us to learn to stop obscuring this bigger picture with what we have been conditioned too which is only being aware of the smaller picture.  This might seem easy but it’s not.

You can’t ask the psyche to instantly accept becoming more aware of the mural, which in this case is represented by the whole of physical & nonphysical existence holistically, the psyche isn’t going to respond straight off without some sort of trauma. When a bigger picture is presented, most people just go into denial mainly because of the psychological dilemma brought on by realising there is more to what they have been conditioned too all this time. This conditioning is quite difficult for a lot of people to overcome plus they usually can’t see the benefits of being aware of more than they need to be aware of, this is where spiritual awareness can assist in overcoming these mental traumas I believe.

This brings us to the small picture, what brings about this conditioning to only becoming aware of the small picture?  To put it simply, human ideologies, belief systems & concepts which entail anything from religion to the science, yes I’m also into science/psychology but I realise the short falls of the concepts of science/psychology. These concepts, brought about by science/psychology, are hindered by being able to only become aware of part of the mural painted on the wall while looking through a small frame upon this wall instead of a larger frame.  In other words, science/psychology, & certain religions & so forth, can only make us aware of part of existence as a whole as does a small fame on a mural wall does.  This is caused by these ideologies, belief systems & concepts which are limited by human conscious understanding; anything else beyond this understanding is met with a brick wall (blatant ignorance) usually.

So is this saying these ideologies, belief systems & concepts influenced by religion, science/psychology and so forth, are irrelevant in being able to see the big picture? Not at all, actually they can enhance the size of the frame we are looking through thus enabling us to become more aware of the mural on the wall which in this case is represented by existence as a whole.  Imagine for a moment that this mural upon the wall represents existence as a, which includes being able to reason religiously, scientifically & psychologically. The problem with these ideologies, belief systems & concepts is we have become fixated to them thus preventing us becoming aware of anything more than they show us.  To break this fixation we need to acknowledge that there is more than looking at existence as a whole through a small frame of mind of human ideologies, belief systems & concepts.  

You should be able to see why now we need to experience & understand life in every way possible, giving us a much bigger frame to look upon existence as a whole. We can then look upon the mural on the wall and become more aware of what this mural is all about holistically.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Feeling Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The feeling of timelessness, as you could imagine, is a feeling of oneness, freedom, love, immortality & so forth. When we feel unconditional love what we are doing is feeling timelessness itself, we have begun to detach from time into timelessness which of course is going to give us different thoughts & understandings, we are not going to reason on the same level as we did while attached to time/mortality. Don’t expect too many people to understand you once you start to become detached from time for the main reason of the differences between the reasoning processes. In this state of timelessness you don’t just reason differently from people attached to time but reason far less mainly because our reasoning processes have changed to incorporate more of the bigger picture.

In time we have separate parts of consciousness ambling about usually not knowing where they fit in like a jigsaw puzzle & even if they do fit in we still don’t see the bigger picture only what we fit into.  In timelessness this bigger picture is visible & complete only because we can see the cover of the box that the jigsaw came in. In time we seem to need to reason more because of the fragmented picture plus because we can’t see the big picture our reasoning & understanding is going to be somewhat different than if we were reasoning in timelessness, it is really timeless thoughts that I am talking about here.

At this point in writing this post I had to look for poems on the net to do with timeless thoughts.

I also came across a blog that seemed familiar in some way & of course it was. In my early times when I first used the net just over two & a half years ago I came across this same bloke. I was impressed with he’s work back then as I am now.    

If we looked at the whole jigsaw we can see these pieces on their own or in clumps ambling & scuttling about sometimes in desperation in finding their place usually settling with other pieces that fit together but aren’t still a part of the rest of the jigsaw or bigger picture.  How many jobs have we had through life that we actually fitted into & felt I’m a part of the bigger picture? This is still only a small portion of the bigger picture we are still seeing even if we do fit in.  Man himself is only a part of the of the jigsaw (bigger picture), what about the rest of creation in time, how do we fit within this without changing the picture itself to suite our perception of what the bigger picture is portraying? We don’t fit in because all we are doing is seeing the smaller picture (jigsaw), even if man in his entirety could somehow fit in with all the other pieces of man it’s still only the smaller picture we are seeing. This is where timelessness comes into it, you can’t but help see the bigger picture that is on the cover of the box that the jigsaw came in & by doing this one can see what the bigger picture is supposed to look like.  Is this saying our perception of the jigsaw is wrong in some way? No it’s not even though our perception of the jigsaw is somewhat fragmented. Will the species of man ever find themselves within the bigger picture? If man keeps trying to control everything & keeps changing the smaller picture to suite himself he will never be a part of the bigger picture & so what if he doesn’t, does it really matter!! Even though man is fragmented within he’s smaller part of the picture he’s still a part of the bigger picture but like a jigsaw these pieces just don’t fit within the rest of the jigsaw (bigger picture) & that won’t change unless he starts to think outside of time into timelessness.