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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

In Hope or despair??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indeed, many people today are disheartened, discouraged and/or less hopeful of the future of humanity, humanity, to more and more people, seems to be descending into its own demise, its own end.

It's important not to discount atheists feeling like this, in actuality they can feel just as much if not more disheartenment than anyone else of any other ideology or ism. The atheist dilemma is seeing that ideologies that promise the world or deliverance, deliver very little, in fact deliver quite the opposite. If the ideology of love and light is so powerful void of lifting a finger, why are things noticeably getting worse instead of better in the world? Understanding about a true sense of unconditional love and acceptance myself, that is beyond 3rd dimension aspects, the ideology of love and light should work in this way but its not, quite the opposite is occurring.

One of the fundamental elements a quantum physicist needs to be a good quantum physicist is to be able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. Two particular ideologies come to mind that do this as well, Taoism and Hinduism. To one degree or another, religion gives us a perception beyond 3rd dimensional aspect, the perception of God, void of being just of a 3rd dimensional man that is, is a prime example of this.

It seems that the 3rd dimension is going to hell; there is no hope, only despair!!

The 3rd dimension isn't going to hell, its only man's perception of a 3rd dimension that is going to hell. Is the rest of the 3rd dimensional aspect of the universe going to hell? No, even when the universe has reached the end of its cycle, as everything does that is created and governed by time, 3rd dimensional aspects still exist beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions. Just because there are different dimensions or some perceive, levels of dimensions, doesn't mean one perception of a dimension, a so-called higher dimension, instantly destroys a so-called lower dimension once a consciousness becomes aware of a so-called higher dimension.

Everything exists simultaneously, all at the same time, just because a consciousness has become aware of a more aware consciousness, doesn't mean the less aware consciousness no longer exists, it simply seems to not exist within the presence of a more aware consciousness. I do say seems to not exist for a good reason, the reason being that everything exists in the now, the present, even what was created by time.

To comprehend this you need to first comprehend and then understand beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, this is not easy because we are primarily conditioned to think in 3rd dimensional aspects. Within other dimensions, 3rd dimensions exist without the perceptions of physicality, in actuality 3rd dimensional aspects don't need mass or physical being to exist. Some scientists have concluded that atoms are not of a solid substance, considering it's these atoms that mass are perceived to be created from!!

Once you become wealthy, does this mean poor people no longer exist? So once you become more aware, does this mean a consciousness being less aware no longer exists?  It simply means your own conscious perceptions have become more aware, this doesn't negate all other kinds of awareness; only within your own perceptions can this be so.

Within any dimension, 3rd dimensional aspects can be experienced; it's just that 3rd dimensional aspects are but a part of a reality instead of primarily being most of, if not all of, a reality, a perception. In actuality the more aware a consciousness become, the more everything becomes as one. Just because man's perception of his 3rd dimensional reality is going to hell, doesn't mean that all 3rd dimensional realities are going to hell. Trying to run away from this kind of reality by becoming more aware is simply not going to work, not in reality. Where is the oneness in this?

Are ideologies like love and light supposed to influence man's 3rd dimensional reality?

The main consensuses is that, on a personal level, we are suppose to go onto a 5th dimension, in truth, it's a separation from one level of consciousness from another, from a toxic (negative) vibration to something far more positive.

I can't think of too many truly aware and wise like Jesus, Buddha, Sama Darshanam, Rumi, Confucius, etc, that desired to personally only be aware of a consciousness outside of 3rd dimensional conscious aspects. If one kind of conscious awareness is present within another kind of conscious awareness, the influence of change is meant to be. For example, if a 5th dimensional aspectual consciousness is present within the 3rd dimensional consciousness, the presence of the 5th dimensional consciousness, within the 3rd dimension, is meant to influence 3rd dimensional consciousness.

If you know your human history, you will know that we are playing out the same cycle over and over again; we are simply not evolving from this cycle as I am sure we are meant to do. If we were not meant to, why have a perception of God, giving us a perception outside 3rd dimensional aspects? Why have so many other consciousnesses that exemplified a consciousness outside of 3rd dimensional aspects?

As quantum physics is proving, we are simply not just of 3rd dimensional aspects and we are indeed meant to evolve from this as a collective.

So is there hope or is hope simply a fantasy, a delusion of circumstance? One must look beyond 3rd dimensional aspects to have hope, if not, only despair will exist for those on the receiving end of man's 3rd dimensional aspectual reality.

Note: These words are my own so please don't take them to heart, they simply reflect my own reflections and experiences.                             

Sunday, 12 November 2017

3rd Dimensional Influences

Written by Mathew Naismith

In recent times, certain dream interpretations of mine have been referring that I am reluctant to change my present way of existing, I am reluctant to break old associations which is retarding my progress.

To break old associations often takes one to change one's own present environment, being that associations often pertain to a particular environment. A good example of this is environments conducive to materialism; often this kind of environment is conducive to materialistic people/associations. This is the same with 3rd dimensions, 3rd dimensions are conducive to certain ways of thinking and perceiving creating a limited consciousness, a consciousness limited to 3rd dimensional aspects.

3rd dimensionally, I have in recent times made some huge environmental changes, in turn changing who I am associating with. Association isn't just pertaining to people, it's probably more pertaining to a particular environment, giving that environments are conducive to certain associations with people. You also associate just as much, if not more, with a particular environment as you do with the people of an environment. Disregarding other people and other simular biological forms to ourselves, how often do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable within a particular environment? Your association isn't just with other simular biological forms; it's also with the environment you are presently experiencing as a whole.

We also often 3rd dimensionally associate association with other forms on a 3rd dimensional level, in turn disregarding our association outside of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Giving that we are predominantly influenced by a 3rd dimension, and that we are often, from birth, conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects, it is quite understandable why we often perceive in this kind of limited fashion.

Now, my dream interpretations refer to me being reluctant to break old associations which are retarding my progress. 3rd dimensionally looking at this, in other words looking at this through a 3rd dimensional conditioned mind, we would perceive that I need to change my environment even more, probably to an environment not predominantly influenced by a 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions.

I look at it this way. Experiencing my present environment, which is 3rd dimensional, is a change from my natural state which seem to be beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions. However, my 3rd dimensional mind sees my change to a 3rd dimension from my natural state as retarding my progress. Having no desire or need to change from my present 3rd dimensional environment, is seen by my 3rd dimensional mind as a retardation.

Only within a 3rd dimension can progression be perceived as everything within a 3rd dimension is measured/judged. Outside a third dimensional aspect, there are no levels because there is nothing to measure as one against the other; everything is perceived as connected and as one no matter how it's expressed, there is simply nothing to progress to. What higher vibrational ego wants to be associated with judged lower vibrational levels within a 3rd dimension? Because the 3rd dimension is based on up and down, back and forth, right and left, in other words measurements based on time aspects, we perceive in levels which is 3rd and 4th dimensional.

The 3rd dimensional mind will now see these dimensions as levels therefore depict and perceive that people like me are speaking of levels. The 3rd dimensional mind sees these levels as being higher or lower than the others, this is why we often make the huge mistake in stating that we are entering or are of a higher vibration or level of existence. It's a mistake to think like this because this perception of levels is 3rd/4th dimensional. It's also 4th dimensional because we are now perceiving there is a higher self, a higher consciousness other than a 3rd dimensional consciousness. In a sense many of us have always perceived like this showing that this reality was never just of 3rd dimensional aspect but a 4th. In saying this, it is obvious that we were dominated and conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions.   

Let's hypothetically say there are twelve dimensions from one to twelve, 3rd and 4th dimensionally we perceive these different conscious existences as levels while within a 3rd/4th dimension. Outside of 3rd/4th dimension there is no perception of levels, only a different conscious experience that is connected to all other conscious experiences, all other existences. There simply is no separation therefore no levels between these consciousnesses, these levels of existences, only a perception of levels while experiencing a 3rd/4th dimension.

As of a lot of what I write, this is going to be very difficult for our 3rd/4th dimensional mind to understand and probably even comprehend. Be patient and understanding of our 3rd/4th dimensional mind, it has a lot of conditioning to overcome to evolve, and yes, we all within a 3rd/4th dimension have a 3rd dimensional mind to deal with.

For further studies/reading on this subject, I think the following is a good read, I ironically came across the following while writing this post.      

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Perceiving Beyond 3rd Dimensional Aspects

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything we create and experience in a 3rd dimensional reality, is created by 3rd dimensional aspects. 3rd dimensional aspects give us perceptions purely based on a 3rd dimensional views, basically speaking, 3rd dimensional realities only give perceptions that can only be of the small picture as opposed to the bigger picture. The bigger picture being perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. To get a better perspective of this I will use love as an example.

The small picture of love is to feel love for a person we are emotionally attached to, the bigger picture to this is to feel love for a number of people we are attached to. At this point we are still feeling love in a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is because our love only spans so far, it's limited to the people we are attached to. Now what about unconditional love, is this not of the bigger picture, a perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

This is how difficult it is to unconditionally love in a 3rd dimensional reality. Try truly unconditionally loving anyone you deem as unbecoming or has bad vibrations. As soon as you have deemed them as unbecoming in anyway, you have conditions on your love. Try to now unconditionally love the most deemed grotesque person who ever walked this planet. To be honest, no one of 3rd dimensional perceptions can unconditionally love. Yes, we can unconditionally love the people we choose to love but we can't love unconditionally the people we have no attachments to or likeness to, this is because 3rd dimensional perceptions are limited to only being able to observe or become aware of what is of the small picture.

Let's say that a 3rd dimensional being is able to unconditionally love, does this make this love of the bigger picture, perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

I will answer this with a simple no. Our usual perception of unconditional love always has some kind of condition to them, for example, they have to be human to start with. Think on this, how many of us has a true sense of unconditional love for this planet and all it's inhabitants? Look at the state of this planet, this isn't unconditional love, humans have utterly abused this planet and all it's life forms, this is because human love is limited to the small picture.

How many people are noticeably upset what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, what about the pilfering of oil and gas from Syria. I haven't noticed one self-proclaimed unconditionally loving person noticeably speak out about what is occurring to people in the world that are not likened to them. The usual reason for this is to do with distancing themselves from judged negative vibrations. How many spiritually aware people have deliberately distanced themselves from what they have judged as negative? These people are only interested in the small picture, they can only perceive the small picture, basically, perceive love in a small way.

What is the big picture in relation to a true sense of unconditional love?

Put it in your mind to love the most deemed horrid person in the history of mankind, like you would someone you were emotionally attached to, now a thousand times this many times over. While experiencing and participating in a reality based on 3rd dimensional aspects, no human could honestly state they truly unconditionally love. Could you maternally love without conditions? Unconditional love is likened to maternal love but collectively as a whole without conditions or bias what so ever.

The big picture is that unconditional love is not limited to certain aspects because there is no aspects, especially 3rd dimensional aspects that are limited by it's own created aspects        or perspectives. The 3rd dimension is all about aspects, up down, right left, back and forth, which creates a black and white mentality, for example, right = black , left = white.

A true sense of unconditional love isn't determined by a black and white mentality, it's not determined by anything and it's this absence of  a determined aspect, that makes unconditional love what it is, unconditional under all circumstances. Unconditional love in relation to maternal love, isn't determined by a black and white mentality like a mother loving her children that they themselves gave birth to, there is no aspects, this kind of unconditional maternal love isn't determined by birth because their are no conditions, no limitations of love.

I know there is going to be a number of people who will still strongly state they unconditionally love. Imagine that a person you don't know, comes into your home and molests your children that you maternally love, be honest, your love for such a person is obviously going to have it's limitations. A truly unconditionally loving person would truly love without bias (limitations). While still experiencing and participating in a 3rd dimensional reality, no consciousness is able to truly unconditionally love.

Don't get me wrong here, unconditional love can indeed be experienced and even expressed in a 3rd dimensional reality but only as an abstract, basically, existing only in the mind while separated from embodiment. There is no true concrete representation of unconditional love, only an abstract feeling of unconditional love, however, this abstract feeling of unconditional love might not seem to be a big deal but it is, especially when felt in a 3rd dimensional reality. It's a big deal because 3rd dimensional realities are not conducive to a true expression of unconditional love for numerous reason as already stated in this post. If you are able to even glimpse or feel this unconditional love in a true sense, it is a big deal, it means you are connected in some way to your embodiment, our true self.  

The separation from embodiment is in relation to the mind experiencing a sensation of  separation from it's true whole self, anything other than this whole self, is an abstract creation. It's within this separation that a consciousness creates limitations, not just in relation to unconditional love but everything within it's entirety. Being able to perceive this is perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects.......                 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

3rd Dimension And It's Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I created the following image format just recently, this format of course makes it difficult for my  readers from various other countries to translate, I have therefore decided to share this image in a written document format. I am also going to elaborate on what is stated here.

The lab or laboratory refers to the 3rd dimension, this universe, and the experiment itself refers to the consciousness used within the lab. This however isn't referring that we are being experimented on by a so called higher consciousness, it means we have become apart of the experiment itself to the extent of becoming primarily of 3rd dimensional consciousness. All this means is we have become so involved and attached to the 3rd dimension, that we have forgotten the consciousness that created the lab in the first place.             

Nothing within a 3rd dimension has been created from a 3rd dimensional consciousness. All of what is of the 3rd dimension, was created from other dimension, this is because the 3rd dimension is limited to a certain consciousness.

The 3rd dimension is like a science experiment conducted in a lab, the 3rd dimension is the lab while the experiment itself represents the consciousness used in relation to the lab.

The 3rd dimensional lab determines what is discovered and created from these discoveries but the consciousness used is of other dimensions, albeit in a limited way in accordance with the 3rd dimensional lab.

This is not easy to properly comprehend for various reasons, one being the primary use of 3rd dimensional consciousness. The lab might be 3rd dimensional but the consciousness isn't, not unless the consciousness used is limited to the lab itself.

~Mathew G~


This is certainly a different way to look at our existence, there is however no right or wrong way of perceiving our existence for consciousness itself is unlimited, only created consciousness's like 3rd dimensional consciousness is limited. This limitation of course gives us a different perception of an existence as each limitation does, however, because we are conditioned to a consciousness of the 3rd dimension, that is how we perceive, any other perception beyond these limitations is usually incomprehensible to us.

The following is a good thing to be aware of. I'm usually accused of being argumentative in dissuasions, the reason lies entirely on how many ways I can perceive one perspective, basically people like me tend to have a reasonable answer for almost anything, this infuriates people who are unable to perceive in the same way. A good example of this is, anyone who can only primarily perceive through 3rd dimensional consciousness, will of course perceive discussions as an arguments when in discussion with a person who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness. Arguments of course being primarily of 3rd dimensional perspectives. If you are able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, you will most likely find it difficult to discus anything remotely insightful and in-depth with anyone who primarily perceives in 3rd dimensional perspectives. It's wise to keep the discussion content to a 3rd dimensional aspect. I'm obviously not very wise, this is obvious!! :)

There is also a reversal or a calibration when conducting in a discussion with people who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional limitations as yourself, each giving a different view/perception of a singular perspective. Now this is interesting, I have had numerous discussions with Eastern minded people, only on one occasion did the discussion, to some extent, get to an argumentative stage. At no times was I personally attacked or called names when in total disagreement. I however have personally experienced that Western minded people are the opposite, even when the discussion isn't an argument, they call the discussion an argument or cause it to be an argument.

The question is, are Eastern minded people conditioned to think beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness more than Western minded people? It would seem that Eastern teachings teach about a consciousness beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, where's western thinking seems to be based more on 3rd dimensional consciousness.  This assumption isn't just based on Western minded people turning a discussion into an argument, even when their is no argument to begin with, this assumption is also based on various spiritual teachings of Eastern cultures. There is also a very good reason why so many Western spiritually aware people most often turn to Eastern philosophy and spiritual practices, yoga is a  good example and so is meditation to start with.

You will also find a lot of the ancient Western philosophies and practises were more based on other dimensional consciousness's than the 3rd dimension, this is by no mistake. The laboratory (3rd dimension) didn't dictate the consciousness being used within this 3rd dimensional laboratory in ancient times, consciousness's from various dimension were utilised. In the West, we now primarily use 3rd dimensional consciousness within this laboratory, this of course limits our perspectives and the various perceptions of these perspectives to 3rd dimensional aspects. Sadly, the East is also being influenced by 3rd dimensional consciousness which is primarily of the finite, not the infinite.

This way of looking at our existence has nothing to do with absolute truths, it does however have something to do with perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, this is all. To me, it's wise to be aware of the consciousness we use in our experimentations in a 3rd dimensional laboratory/reality.      

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Breaching 3rd Dimensional Boundaries

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find this quite hilarious, everything that man has created comes from anything but a 3rd dimensional expression, you can't physically see, hear, smell, touch or taste consciousness until it's expressed. Our 3rd dimensional five senses are unable to detect conscious thinking until it's expressed in physical form, the only reason we know it exists is because most of our thinking is in 3D.

It's strange to think that we have become attached to a 3rd dimensional reality that our five senses are unable to detect until expressed, everything within our 3rd dimensional reality is reliant on our five senses that tells us if something exists or not.

Now conscious thinking can imagine a living breathing pink flying elephant and a bridge spanning a river, we however  know that the pink flying elephant doesn't exist and that the bridge could exist. We have consciously 3rd dimensionally visualised the bridge and the elephant, the only difference is, is the bridge can be detected by our five senses but it's impossible for the five senses to detect the elephant. We have mentally visualised in 3D both the elephant and the bridge existing but only the bridge exists only because of our five senses. The strange thing is, our five senses that tell us if something exists or not, is totally reliant on a consciousness our five senses are unable to detect, in actuality, our five senses just wouldn't exist if it wasn't for consciousness which is undetectable to our five senses until physically expressed!!

Another thing to consider is, our 3rd dimensional five senses can't exist without consciousness but consciousness can exist without these five senses. Our five senses didn't create consciousness but you would think they did, all what our five senses do is detect the existence of something but only in a 3rd dimensional perspective. Can a pink flying elephant then exist in a dimension not hindered by 3rd dimensional boundaries?  Most definitely in my mind only because I perceive beyond 3rd dimensional boundaries.

I find it funny how our five senses have tricked us to think nothing can exist without these five senses, the strange thing is, our five senses are not infallible, they are known within the science community to deceive us at times. For example, the way we perceive colours isn't true, our eyes have tricked us to perceive colours in the way we do, also, most often is thunder mistaken for a truck and so on. Even when we are able to use all our five senses to detect the existence of something, our five senses can still trick us. When our consciousness becomes mentally unbalanced, our five senses often deceives us.

I find it so strange that we have totally relied on these five senses, that are only of a 3rd dimensional perception, to tell us what exists and what doesn't exist. Our five senses even tell us that consciousness was created from our five senses, I find this totally incredible and of course totally unbelievable. 

Now the big question is, are we unbalanced as this is why the five senses are able to deceive us so often? 

Being predominantly influenced by 3rd dimensional perceptions is a sign of an imbalance to me, a true balance would be something like a balance of 3rd dimensional perceptions coupled with a perception that is totally intangible, in other words a perception purely based on the nonphysical aspects of existence. At the moment, our 3rd dimensional perception has a problem with the intangible aspects of existence. The 3rd dimensional ego just can't handle sharing it's perceptions with an intangible perception, so it once again deceives us and tells us this intangible existence just doesn't exist in accordance with the five senses.

I think what has accrued is that we have change the non-physical spiritual aspects to something more physical, to something more recognisable within a reality based on 3rd dimensional perceptions. As soon as we did this,  this is when our own consciousness became imbalanced. It's advisable not to change a nonphysical aspect into a 3rd dimensional perception but that is what I think we have done, we should have tried to stay aware of the spiritual aspects of our existence without also turning this nonphysical aspect into something more physical.

The problem is, once we become too conditioned to 3rd dimensional perceptions, every other nonphysical perception becomes non-existing for us, so what do we do, we change this nonphysical non-3rd dimensional perception into something more recognisable, we change it into a 3rd dimensional perceptions. Once we do this however, we become too much of  physical perceptions and not enough of other nonphysical perceptions, it's quite obvious this is going to cause an imbalance.

To a lot of people it seems quite loony that I perceive our whole existence as an apparition, including all of what man has created himself. The point is, everything that man himself has created, was created from something that is nonphysical in the first place, consciousness. Now this consciousness that man has created everything from is imagined as a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is very much like a ghostly apparition, it's not physical but it does have a 3rd dimensional aspect to it. This actually helps me stay aware of my own spirit, and the spirit of all things, which isn't of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Yes, I could put wings or horns on this aspect to make it more recognisable to my 3rd dimensional conditioning but it's quite unnecessary for me to do that, however, at times I do loose myself within 3rd dimensional conditioning, so seeing everything as an apparition certainly helps me keep a balanced perception.

Once we give spiritually too much of a 3rd dimensional aspect, we become more unaware of our nonphysical non-3rd dimensional aspects of ourselves, we become seemingly disconnected to the spirit of all things.   

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Life's an Apparition

Written by Mathew Naismith

Apparition is usually used in reference to ghostly figures, spirits or even souls, in this case, an apparition is a life like image of a 3rd dimensional physical aspect. Also in this case, an apparition has an appearance of a 3rd dimensional physical aspect without actually being of a solid form. It's very much like thought, we most often imagine a physical form or creation expressing itself as if it was already physically created and alive. Our dreams are another good example of these kinds of apparitions
which at times feel very much alive, even after we have awoken from a life like dream.

The trick with apportions is they take on a 3rd dimensional appearance without actually being of a true 3rd dimensional solid form. To me, apparitions are like our dreams and imaginations, I don't actually separate apparitions from our dreams and imaginations, to me they all represent an expression  of consciousness of some kind. Because I also believe all of creation was created from a consciousness, all of creation can also appear as an apparition. This is like what I have called a blue print plan or what is known to some people as a holograph image of 3rd dimensional solid form. What is being said here is that the apparition of all creation came before  actual physical creation occurred, this is very much like an invention, it takes form in the imagination before it's created in solid form. Basically, when an apportion takes on a solid form, it becomes denser and more solid.

Is this solid form who we truly are? If the expression of solid form created apparitions, yes, 3rd dimensional realities are who we are but I truly don't think this is the case. How would solid form create an apportion to start? Solid form doesn't even create our roads and houses, this is purely imagined by a consciousness before hand, solid form is therefore only an expression of consciousness, this also means the 3rd dimension is also only an expression of consciousness!!

What are houses and roads built from? Plans, these houses and roads are not in physical from until expressed, plans are basically an apparition of what is going to be created, they are not in solid form but they are of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Like an apparition, they are not yet expressed as something solid but they are not unsolid either as they are of  thought depicted as a plan.

In a sense, everything we create in a 3rd dimensional reality comes from apparitions,  it's something we can see on a plan but it's not something we can physically detect with our five sense until it's created in solid form. Yes, by looking at a plan we can imagine it but we can't as yet physically detect it before it's created. In actuality, ghostly apparitions are more alive and physically existing than everything we create in a 3rd dimensional reality, you have got to wonder then how real 3rd dimensional realities are!!!

Nothing we create can be seen like we see ghostly apparition, everything we create within a 3rd dimension has to be imagined and planed to one extent or another to come to fruition without actually seeing it as an apparition. This is basically inferring that 3rd dimensional realities are less real than ghostly apparitions, no wonder we perceive realities like this as an illusion!! 

In actuality, 3rd dimensions are real but they are obviously less real than apparitions. We are an apparition before we are of solid form but this doesn't mean when we express this apparition in a denser form this is when all 3rd dimensional expressions become an illusion, it just means consciousness is being expressed in a denser form, that is all.

Everything that is existing is an apparition, all what an apparition is though is  an expression of consciousness itself. Some people also call this an illusion which means all expressions of this consciousness is an illusion, the only true self is consciousness itself void of expression. I don't myself go a long with this, in a sense, all expressions are an expression of the lesser self of consciousness itself, it's basically different parts of consciousness itself expressing some form of consciousness or another.

Is a consciousness more whole not expressing itself than when it expresses itself? Some people would say yes, so when a consciousness expresses itself, this is when it becomes an illusion, I don't think so myself.

In the 3rd dimension, we are not whole until we express ourselves, is this the same with a consciousness that doesn't express itself in another dimension?  Again I don't think so, being whole actually means being expressive and non-expressive of consciousness, not one or the other. The illusion/delusion is, if we think we are only whole if we are either expressive or non-expressive of consciousness itself.

Now we might think, how can we be expressive and non-expressive of consciousness at the same time and be whole? You were never non-expressive of consciousness, however, you were never not expressive of consciousness either. It's handy not to look at this in a 3rd dimensional way, it's either got to be one or the other, you can't be non-expressive and expressive of consciousness at the same time. It's handy to drop this 3rd dimensional perception to truly understand  this. The point is time, we exist in time and timelessness at the same time, it's just the realities of time obscure our existence within timelessness. If we think we are only expressing consciousness in time, this is an illusion in my mind.

3rd dimensional perception might also influence us to think there is separation between time and timelessness, a separation between an expression of consciousness and a non-expression of consciousness which creates an illusion and a non-illusion. I couldn't think of anything more that represents separation than a perception of a non-illusion and an illusion. The point is, we are never just non-expressional nor expressional of consciousness, we are and have always been of both aspects, the illusion is thinking we are only of one or the other aspect in my mind.

Apparitions are the same, apparitions are of neither one or the other, they are not just of a conscious aspect or a physical aspect, they are however a depiction of both aspects. I think in the 3rd dimension we underestimate the importance of apparitions in our daily lives, they are indeed very significant in more than one way.     

Friday, 30 August 2013

3rd Dimensional Fear Still Prevalent

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is by no means an easy feat to rid ourselves of 3rd dimensional fear based attachments; this also includes attachments of desires & attachments to inhibition. When we think of attachments we think of what we desire but attachments are also of the things we have inhibition about as well like fear based emotions towards anything we find disdainful.

In this post I will focus on fear of anything to do with the ego including fearing to express oneself egotistically or judgmentally as it’s all based on fear.  Being involved with many forums I've noticed many spiritually aware people won’t comment on something they specifically disagree with, is this fearing of being of the ego in any way? It’s obvious it is & the less we comment on what we deem as incorrect the more fear this denotes that we have about displaying the ego in any form so is this any different to 3rd dimensional fear based religions & other spiritual practices? It’s still all based on 3rd dimensional beliefs which are based on fear so really we haven’t really come very far within this new consciousness that we are supposed to be thinking differently in as opposed to 3rd dimensional modes of thought.

There is a very apt quote by Albert Einstein that goes like this, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. How would one indeed be able to see a problem within the problem itself, one would have to look outside the square which is a different level of consciousness which is outside the 3rd dimension & is hard to do when we have attachments/inhibition like with the ego for instance.

Everything is of the universal consciousness which of course includes all of the horrors as well, this means we are actually one entity (oneness) now anyone who is afraid of expressing the ego in any way can’t believe we are one because they claim we are being judgmental to others but there is no others there is only one entity so when we seemingly judge others we are actually judging ourselves as one entity which is good not bad.  By judging ourselves as one entity we are actually making ourselves more aware of who we are, this is like joining the dots, once the dots have been joined the big picture is displayed but one in the first place needs to judge in where to join these dots to start with, looking at each other in judgement is the same in my mind. We also seem to, with 3rd dimensional thinking, look at judgment in relating to making judgment on the things we disagree on but it is also judgment to agree as well, it’s all to do with ego no matter what we do & think so how do we think outside of this 3rd dimensional thinking process? Don’t just think you are one entity know you are one entity.

There is a huge difference in just thinking we are one entity to actually knowing we are one entity & this is the key in letting go of any attachments of the ego & not disdainfully fighting off the ego like so many seem to be doing & being fearful of displaying such ego tendencies. This of course comes down to accepting all is of who we are  even if we don’t like it egotistically, what part of the ego would want to be associated with horrors but horrors are also a part of the universal conscious, this one entity. Once we really realise who we are the ego automatically dissipates as if it never existed, we don’t have to force it by demonising & showing distain towards the ego & other parts of the universal consciousness but realise we are really one entity & then & only then will we let go of our 3rd dimensional fears. This isn’t of course saying you can’t display the ego even after knowing you are one entity it's just saying we are more aware of who we are when displaying such ego tendencies so sit back & enjoy the ride to further awareness of ourselves as one entity.