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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Looking Beyond Zero Point

Written by Mathew Naismith

Firstly, zero point refers to the point of origin of creation, it's a point where everything is created from. This point is timeless and motionless, there is absolutely no motion within this zero point which is likened to the eye of a cyclone.  I also won't make reference to religion or God in this post, I will however explain how important practices like meditation, preying and chanting are. Even though practices like these are not of the zero point itself, while a consciousness is in motion around zero point, to get back to zero point, even now and again, practices like meditation, praying and chanting seem to be necessary

Zero Point =  Timelessness + peace and tranquillity + perfect balance + oneness, Zen + motionlessness + no conditioning

Everything else = time + chaos + imbalance + separatism/duality + motion + conditioning

Motion: This everything else other than zero point is where our present consciousness is conscious of, this is where our consciousness exists at present. Basically, if you look at a cyclone, our consciousness is presently rotating in motion around the eye of the cyclone. Now we might presume that the eye of an actual cyclone (zero point) doesn't create the cyclone itself, this zero point didn't actually create the cyclone part of the storm itself. You could even say that it's the stormy part of the cyclone that created the eye of the cyclone, in a sense this is quite correct.

The point is, a cyclone isn't a cyclone until an eye of the cyclone is apparent, the cyclone can't exist without an eye being present. Notice I stated that the cyclone made the eye of the cyclone apparent, rather than the eye of the cyclone was created from storms. We often presume that motion has to be the creator, this is the fundamental principles of science, a consciousness conditioned by motion. A consciousness conditioned to motion, will primarily perceive through motions, meaning, everything was created by motion.

Look at this way in relation to a cyclone, motion allows a consciousness of motion to observe the eye of the cyclone, the eye of the cyclone has always been present, it's just motion presents this motionless state to us so we can observe it's existence while in a state of motion. What have various spiritual practices and philosophies tried to show us? The eye of the cyclone, zero point of the creation of everything. 

To a lot of us, this zero point has become obscured, like the cloudy storm rotating in motion around the eye of a cyclone. This obscurity was created because we have become the storm part of the cyclone itself thus forgetting that we are also of the eye of the cyclone. Zero point is no longer apparent to us because we have become the storm itself which has obscured zero point from our vision. This obscurity was created by the very things that was supposed to make zero point apparent to us, various spiritual practices and philosophies. Instead of using these practices and philosophies to bring clarity of zero point, we us them as a crutch thus creating further conditioning. It's this conditioning that obscures, like the clouds of a cyclone, our view of zero point. It's this obscurity that stops us from becoming truly aware of zero point.

Let's take another look at what is in motion around the eye of a cyclone, it's stormy, cloudy, rainy and destructive, basically, the stormy part of the cyclone is imbalanced to the rest of it's environment through it's extreme expressions/motions. Just around the rim of the eye is the most destructive part of the cyclone, as we go out from the eye of the cyclone, the winds of the cyclone become less damaging/chaotic.

Distance and Time: It's interesting to note that motion closest to the eye is more destructive, does this mean that any consciousness that is closest to the zero point, oneness Zen, has more of a connection to this zero point? If we were to perceive through motion which equals time and distance, we would perceive the most destructive consciousness's have more of a connection with zero point. This of course isn't the case because the further outwardly we go from the eye of the cyclone, the calmer it is. Consciously speaking, we presume the further away we get from zero point, the less we are connected, within the assumption, we are mistakenly measuring distance when zero point isn't of distance.

The point of zero has no motion therefore no time or distance, this means the perception of time and distance has no relevance at zero point. Just because a more destructive force is nearer to zero point, doesn't make this destructive consciousness more connected or assimilated to zero point, actually quite the opposite.

The winds of the cyclone are not just more destructive nearer to the rim of the eye, they are more condensed, this represents a boxed in consciousness. The further we go out from the eye of the cyclone, the calmer the winds get and  the less dense it is, this represents a less boxed in consciousness, basically, a freer consciousness simular to zero point or the eye of the cyclone.

It's quite amazing how motion has us conditioned to perceive, we just don't perceive in time, we also perceive in distance. This perception based on motion, makes us believe the closer we are to zero point, the more of the zero point we become when it's quite the opposite.                       
Limitlessness: Consciousness is meant to go out from zero point, it's not meant to be restricted or limited in any sense. The further out a consciousness goes out from this zero point, the less limited a consciousness becomes. We might then think that zero point is limited within a certain space like an eye of a cyclone. Again, space represents distance and time therefore limitations, zero point is not limited to any kind of motion/space. Also, does not the eye of the cyclone move around while having a clear view within it's observations? Zero point is the same but on a massive scale, also, because zero point is not of motion, it's able to observe everything that is obscured by motion. The eye of the cyclone just shows a consciousness in motion that zero point exists. Nature is very clever, it has all the answers but we are not listening.

It's also wise to be aware that everything is always of zero point no matter how much of motion it becomes. While in certain states of consciousness, I have met entities that freaked out being linked to zero point in any sense. As conscious forms are in physical form to staying unaware to this connection with zero point, the same is with non-physical forms as well it would seem, if not more so in certain incidences. It would be like the motional part of a cyclone trying to dislodge itself from the eye of the cyclone and still call itself a cyclone. Without the eye of the cyclone, it's not a cyclone, the same is with everything. Without zero point their would be no existence, no motion, time, space and so on, period. 

Chain Reaction: It's quite understandable that any consciousness that becomes fixated to motion, that this consciousness will deny the existence of zero point when zero point represents the motionless part of everything. When a consciousness becomes fixated to any kind of motion, it looks upon motionlessness as an opposing opposite and reacts accordingly. People like myself are a prime example of this, I'm seen as a threat to motion and dealt with accordingly but of course this isn't true, in actuality it's quite the opposite. Any misuse of motion will cause motion to destroy itself, you can destroy motion with excessive expressions of motion. Throughout human history we have had this balance between motion and motionlessness, zero point and motion. Many teachings were about this zero point to one degree or another, take away this connection completely and replace it with motion in it's entirety, all this will cause is a chain reaction.

The strange thing is, after the chain reaction and the destruction of motion as it is, everything would revert back to zero point. To get a good idea of this, imagine this ever expanding universe being sucked back in on itself, there is an actual theory on this being very possible. Everything of motion reverts back to zero point, this however doesn't have to be the case. Any motion that balances itself out with zero point, is able to exist for eternity, it's these imbalances that destroys motion, not people like me. All what people like me try to do, is bring back balance within motion. In all however, if a consciousness of motion wants to destroy itself through excessive motion, so be it, what will be will be but it doesn't have to be that way!! 

In motion, we are meant to use various processes to keep us connected and as balanced as we can to zero point, excessive use of motion, either it be spiritual or material, can and will, in my mind, cause a reaction that will destroy motion as it is. We indeed have a choice and as usual, no choice is wrong or right over the other, they are just journeys we can choose to go on or not as a collective......

Note: Please don't take anything I have stated here as gospel or of absolute truth.         

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Further Reflection on Chain Reaction Realities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I always appreciate queries upon what I write, it most often shines light on where there was darkness, at times this also makes me see a lot clearer as well. We need each other to shine this light, we certainly can't do this on our own as the following clearly shows. The following was in relation to my post on chain reaction.     

I feel chain reactions is the wrong term. Do you not think it’s more like a TV screen the things on the screen move but in reality they go no-where…the pixels change to give the illusion of movement. We live in what seems to be cause and effect universe i.e. we have motion as does the world around us giving us a view that is linear. one step in front of the other but again that’s not to say things that vibrate at a higher frequency can’t exist within our universe. For instance if our life was 2d the 3d would need to exist in order for my 2d universe to exist

I don't think chain reaction is the wrong term to define this universe/reality, it is however certainly the wrong term to use regarding other universes and realities of motion not of a chain reaction. Not all movement is an indication of a chain reaction, we can't say the same in regards to this universe I feel.

Just because consciousness is expressed doesn't mean all expressions of consciousness are an illusion. even though we can be deluded in thinking this is all we are.

Everything has always existed because consciousness before it's expressed is in a timeless state, therefore, there is no starting or ending point of creation or expression, so yes, 2D and 3D have therefore always existed.

I'm kind of confused at what it is you are trying to portray with the term chain reaction. Your statement about Buddha and Jesus ending there cycle when they physically died for instance. I'm not very religious but are not both characters the ones that ascended while physical breaking the cycle of death.

They didn't actually break the cycle of death, their physical selves still died because the physical self is determined by a cycle of time.

The conscious self is a different matter, it's not determined by cycles of time and have always existed. 

Also after reading your article I’m not sure of your point either are you trying to suggest, we have other realities outside of this one if so is that not a given?

It's not a given to a lot of people who are only aware of their own reality, you and I know but many others don't or don't want to. 

It's also not a given stating that all universes and realities have their own influences, their own persona, that influences all conscious form created within these universes and realities. 

I’m not clear on what it is you are trying to provide clarity on? Can you maybe condense what it is you are trying to get across?

What I am trying to say is, we are experiencing a reality based on a chain reaction, not all realities and universes are created in this way. We also can't cause a change to occur unless it's within the defines of the reality we are experiencing, meaning, every change we try to implement within this chain reaction reality, also needs to be carried out as a chain reaction. This means any implemented change needs to be expressed as chain reaction otherwise it won't work within  this kind of reality.

I certainly appreciate your queries Damon, queries most always shed light on where there was darkness. 

This quite interesting conversation with Damon is continuing, I seem to like having conversations with people who perceive beyond 3rd dimensional conditioning. Its this conditioning that we need to be aware of if we want to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional conditioning or any set conditioning for that matter. It's quite understandable why some people are unable to perceive beyond their present conditioning, nothing can exist beyond a 3rd dimensional perception. It's unimaginable for these people to imagine any other perception even after some kind of evidence has been presented to them, they will do everything to disclaim such evidence, this is quite understandable. Could you imagine a devout Christian perceiving an atheistic reality beyond their own conditioning, beyond their own reality? There is absolutely no God's consciousness period, this wouldn't be easy to perceive by a devout Christian.

3rd dimensional realities based on chain reactions is but another conditioning, once we are only able to perceive in 3rd dimensional views, this is all we will perceive.

Now it's hard for anyone to perceive that a living breathing physical form is able to travel through space and time, as soon as a living  breathing form leaves the Earths atmosphere, it simply ceases to live and breath. However, once you perceive beyond 3rd dimensional conditioning, you start to perceive in a different reality, with this perception you then begin to perceive through different realities other than of 3rd dimension I believe.

Time and Space: What is time and space? To anyone conditioned to only perceive in 3rd dimension, time and  space are physical phenomena's, this perception of time and space will enact on anything within time and space. This means no living breathing physical form is able to venture in outer space unprotected without becoming deceased.

However, anyone conditioned to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions, will perceive that time and space are not just physical phenomena's, they are also of a type of apparition, a reality of consciousness void of physical phenomena's. In other words time and space can also be purely perceived as a consciousness without the effects of physical phenomena's. In this state, all physical form is able to travel through time and space.

Apparitions: In my early years, I had numerous encounter with ghostly apparitions that could overcome the restrictions of physical boundaries and float through walls and ceilings, however there is something else to consider here, physical forms can also go through these ghostly apparitions. Because we can only perceive that time and space are of a physical phenomena, we are unable to travel through time and space unprotected from the elements, what if we perceived that time and space were also of a non-physical nature!! This is hard to perceive only because we are conditioned to predominantly perceive through 3rd dimensional aspects.

Everything within this reality/universe evolves around  a 3rd dimensional chain reaction, therefore, every other aspect of this reality has to evolve around the same perspectives. This isn't the only thing that occurs however, even within the same space and time. Time and space are also of a consciousness, it's like an apparition, a non-physical aspect of time and space. What happens when we die? We take on an apparition of our physical self, this apparition has always existed though. What I am saying is apparition existed before the physical self was created, in a sense, our physical form was created from an apparition, in other words from a form of consciousness. To me, all physical phenomena was created from apparitions, not the other way around like with ghosts for instance.

We think ghostly apparitions only occur after we pass on (die), this is because we are only looking at ghostly apparitions through a 3rd dimensional aspect, the emphasis in on you need to first have a physical form to create an apparition after we pass on, to me this isn't the case, this is wholly due to everything being created from a consciousness. What's consciousness before it's expressed as a physical phenomena, in other words what's consciousness before it's put into motion? When you observe this state, it very much like a ghostly apparition, in this state it is able to do anything as it's not confined to any set boundaries, this includes travelling through time and space.

Now within a reality based purely on a chain reaction, this is going to be inconceivable, what chain reaction is there within a apparition? You can see how this universe, that is based on chain reactions, has conditioned us to perceive predominantly through 3rd dimensional aspects.

We might now think that we are unable to experience other realities based on aspects not of a chain reaction within this 3rd dimensional reality, this isn't the case especially when we start to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. What we can't do is influence this kind of reality with a different aspect from another reality or dimension not of a chain reaction without expressing this as a chain reaction in some way. In other realities, dimensions and universes not based on chain reactions, their existence is quite different to ours, at times massively different, too massively different to incorporate within this reality.

Indeed, we need to look beyond the perceptions of chain reactions to make a real difference, this however doesn't mean we are going to change the physical aspects of realities based on chain reactions, all this means is we can experience more of the apparition of these realities instead of just experiencing the 3rd dimensional aspects. We also can't change this 3rd dimensional physical phenomena from a chain reaction to another form of existence, we can however change the way a chain reaction is behaving. I think people like Rumi, Confucius, Buddha and Jesus, where a good example of this, they tried to change the way the chain reaction was behaving.

It sounds as if I'm saying that the chain reaction is alive!! Most definitely and in my mind if we want to make a real difference, we need to perceive in the same way.                  

Monday, 12 October 2015

A Reality of Chain Reactions

Written by Mathew Naismith

Chain Reaction: At first this seemed like a strange spiritual orientated topic for me to write about, what's chain reactions got to do with spiritual practices?  In actuality it has everything to do with the way we express ourselves as each expression causes some kind of reaction, as soon as we express ourselves, we cause a reaction. This however doesn't mean all our actions and reactions are going to cause a chain reaction, a continuation of an initial action or reaction.

The universe itself was created from a chain reaction of matter and anti-matter coming together, everything existing within this chain reaction is influenced by some sort of chain reaction. The sun was created from a chain reaction and like everything created from a chain reaction has an end of cycle, a temporal existence, this however doesn't mean the consciousness behind these chain reactions are temporal, in actuality this consciousness infinite.

Take Jesus and Buddha for instance, they caused a chain reaction and of course the initial source of this reaction always dies out, in this case, this was Jesus and Buddha who physically died when their cycle finished. The initial reaction within a chain reaction always has a start and end of cycle as does the chain reaction itself, however, the consciousness that created these chain reactions to begin with is infinite as consciousness itself isn't governed by cycles until this consciousness is expressed. In other words it's an expression of a consciousness that creates a chain reaction,  I think this universe is a prime example of this. Man himself creates through the same actions, materialism is a chain reaction and so are wars and conflicts, the reaction between black and white can create a chain reaction.

This is no different to how the universe was created, everything that exists within a chain reaction automatically reacts in the same way no matter how small or large the  reaction is that is being created. What's basically being said here is, you can't manifest for a change unless it's through a chain reaction within a reality created from a chain reaction, this means you can't just sit there and pray, chant or meditate for a change to occur unless this consciousness is expressed, once this consciousness is actually expressed, it naturally starts up a chain reaction.

Consciousness: Now the thing to consider here is the initial consciousness behind each chain reaction, at the moment, many people are talking about and expressing love on the net but how genuine is this love because if it's not genuine, it won't cause a significant chain reaction that will make a substantial long lasting difference. I've been on the bitter end of this love, it's sad as it's not as genuine as it seems at first, it's certainly not in the same league as Jesus or Buddha for example. In this case, it's not going to make much of a difference as these chain reactions only have a short cycle.

The hate in the world has created a huge long lasting chain reaction that has lasted thousands of years, why has it lasted so long?

A consciousness that is genuine, will create a chain reaction that will last and be predominantly influential over all other smaller less genuine chain reactions, the hate in the world has always been genuine, look at what we have done to each other in human history, this hate is genuine and so should be our love if we want it to become predominantly influential especially over hate.

One way to test if your love is genuine is put yourself into a situation that would usually make you feel anything but love towards others. If in this case you are unable to feel any sort of love towards these people, your love is most likely not genuine. Ostracising people is another indication of a non-genuine love, think on this, did Jesus or Buddha ostracise anyone?  I actually don't mind hanging around the people I refer to as unbecoming, they certainly test how genuine  my love is, did Buddha detest the egotistic self therefore ostracise and not face the egotistic self?  He confronted it face on, this is why people like this have caused a significant chain reaction, if we truly want to make a significant difference, we must do the same.

There are realities that are not influenced by chain reactions, yes, these realities are peacefully existing in utter bliss because within a reality not created from chain  reactions there is very little motion. For example, within these realities you don't have to express consciousness of love for love to exist, it's already exists, however, we are not presently existing in such a reality, our reality is purely based on chain reactions so for a significant change to take affect, this change needs to be expressed. The more genuine we are within our expressions, the more these changes will take affect.

Are there universes that weren't created through a chain reaction?

I believe there is, a  universe doesn't have to be of a planetary nature or even existing as something physical, a universe actually denotes a creation of a kind either it be planetary, physical or non-physical or what ever. The universe we are presently experiencing was created by a chain reaction, this means everything within this reality that exists will require a chain reaction to exist within this kind of reality, this isn't the same in realities not created by a chain reaction.  

To me, these universes and realities are alive, they were created by a consciousness for starters, this means each reality and universe has it's own influential persona or character in a sense. Take atheists for example, no form of God's consciousness exists for them, their reality is governed by a certain facade or perspective that doesn't include any form of God, this in turn creates quite a different reality compared to a devout Christian for example.

Personas: Now it might seem lame or ridiculous to say that realities and universes have personas very simular to humans, where did our personas actually come from? Certainly not out of thin air. I am aware that in other existences, not of this universe or reality, conscious forms have a totally different personas than we do within this reality/universe. Let's just look at our own solar system, no planet or orbiting planetary form has the same exact characteristics as other planetary forms, they all have their own personal characteristics which is influenced by the universes creation itself.

I would also say that beings in other galaxies would have a different character to ourselves, this is due to each galaxy and solar system being also influenced by a certain kind of persona or character. This persona then becomes a part of all  living things being created within such a reality.

To a lot of people who don't perceive that realities and universes are a living conscious form, this is going to be hard to except that solar systems, galaxies and universes, have a kind of persona or character that every living conscious thing created under these influences also enact out, this is inevitable. If it's not seen as being alive in some way, how can it have a persona or a character of it's own!! However, once we perceive that everything is alive in some way, as it's all created by a consciousness anyway, it's easy to see that the universe has it's own persona and that each galaxy and solar system and even planet has it's own derivative character.

When you take other universes into consideration here, it's easy to see that each universe/reality has it's own persona or character and that conscious forms created within these realities also take on a form of this character in some way.

The reality we are  presently experiencing has been brought about by a chain reaction, this gives this reality/universe it's own persona/character which then influences all conscious forms created within this particular persona/character. Basically what I am saying is, our personas are derivatives of  the universes/realities persona which then creates our own unique realities and personas based on chain reactions.