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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Quelling Our Reactions, Our Motions.

Written by Mathew Naismith

Where most spiritual teachings, especially Eastern teachings, teach and guide us to express less motions through practices and awareness like meditation and oneness, we are expressing more motions and not just in the West.

I was thinking of winding back my interactions, my own motions, for a while, thinking that my readers and I need time out, my dreams stated otherwise last night. One dream seemed quite long on the subject of our excessive/extreme reactions. It is psychologically understandable that a consciousness that judges parts of humanity as negative and even toxic or demonic, will desire to feel better by any means. This includes means that express excessive/extreme motions in reaction.

Let's be honest, love and light and positive thinking is in counteraction, a reaction to what we perceive to be negative, toxic, demonic, etc. What would our reactions be if we didn't judge certain parts of humanity as being all these things? The odds are that we wouldn't be as expressive of excessiveness/extremes as we are now. What occurs when a white man judges a black man being negative in any sense to the white man? This kind of action usually creates a reaction of excessiveness/extremes. In all honesty, are not a lot of us doing the same by expressing a simular mentality towards a judged negative? This is exactly why I often state about staying away from the perceptions of negatives and positives as much as possible.

In truth, people like me compare the suns violence and destructiveness to man, we observe humanity comes nowhere near to the motions expressed by the sun. So if the sun isn't judged as being negative, toxic and demonic, etc, why are parts of humanity so critically judged in this way? In truth, our reactions wouldn't be as excessive/extreme as they are today, within this, we wouldn't judge humanity so critically. Humanity is what it is, neither perfect nor totally imperfect, just simply lost within its own creation in certain areas and circumstances. Yes, some of our programs, our isms and ideologies, are infected with the virus excessiveness/extremism as explained in my previous posts, however, we can rectify this.

The following interaction between Carolyn and me is on the topic materialism, how materialism is all about the feel good industry at the cost of humanity as a whole. I should state that when we become more aware, feeling good within ourselves and the feel of love and light comes naturally. Instead of materially/physically primarily focusing on love and light and positive thinking in excess and reaction, we spiritually focus on awareness and wisdom that naturally creates love and light and a positive/constructive reality. Imagine creating a more constructive reality that isn't based on excessive/extreme reactions, in other words on far less motions!! Let's be honest, the more motion we create, the more destructive we become, it's the natural law of motion/inertia.                   

Carolyn's Reply
Very interesting Mathew - as always. I wonder if a possible root of materialism is anything to do with Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest'. Could this subconsciously have been internalised and down the generations emerges in the form of acquiring as much as possible?

Good question Carolyn. Is it of natural law that the fittest will prevail over all else within a material world? I would have to say yes, I would be lying to myself if I said otherwise.

Is the natural law of spirituality also not of the survival of the fittest? In this case the survival of the most aware within a materialistic reality. In saying this, will the people solely of materialism prevail in the end?

Materialism seems to totally rely on how good we feel; of course how good we feel has become our primary objective, leaving awareness and wisdom way behind in being our primary objective. Awareness tells us to chastise (guide) our children for their own benefit in the long run. Feeling good tells us to not chastise our children for the sake of us feeling good within the present. Chastising children for their own good is also a negative it would seem these days!! 

Indeed Carolyn, in a material/physical world, the laws of the survival of the fittest are absolute, however, what is truly defined as being the fittest? I don't think materialistic feel good isms and ideologies (programs) define the fittest in my mind. Yes, within the present but the energy they use is soon used up as awareness is virtually non-existent. We need awareness to wisely know how to use energy within a physical material existence, this is clearly not occurring.   

As I have said in a previous post, we are a consciousness lost within its own creation, a creation based primarily on feeling good!!

I often find your queries quite compelling Carolyn, a sign of conscious maturity (awareness) in my mind. I often relate conscious maturity to conscious awareness; it's pleasant to see this within you.

Carolyn's Reply
Thank you Mathew! You are always inspiring!

Yes I agree in the survival of the most aware - perhaps the riches we seek are inner ones.
It is interesting what you say about children, as a primary school teacher I see more and more parents unwilling to guide their children, even young ones - it is as if nothing much matters - I notice the 'it doesn't matter' mentality all around these days.

Maybe if we could all sit with our own feelings in moments of stillness we could get to know ourselves better and begin to form healthy relationships with the environment and each other, and ourselves? Just mulling! :)

A very good example why I saver our friendship. Good one Carolyn, well explained as always.