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Monday, 1 June 2015

Music-A Better Understanding of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's a good idea to be aware of different perspectives of consciousness, this will allow one to become heightened or more aware within their own consciousness. This post is but one of many perspectives on consciousness that should never be taken as right or wrong, it's just another perceptive, or in this case, a new dance step.

Conscious changes are a sign that we are still evolving, in one sense it's a good thing but if you are having problems with such changes, these changes can seem like a nightmare. If you are evolving, you are going through a conscious change, in other words you are becoming more aware of consciousness itself, this awareness can be quite discomforting to us if we are not prepared. This I think is due to our vibrations, try listening to classical music after listening to heavy metal music, one's harmonious and the other quite chaotic, not everyone is going to be able to handle this, this is the same with consciousness.

We are going through a conscious change, we are coming from a chaotic heavy metal period of vibrations into a harmonious classical period of vibrations, some people are going to handle this better than some.  I can listen to classical music and straight away listen to heavy metal music, I appreciate each individual vibration for what it is, this is only because I can resonate with either vibration at any given time. My wife again is quite different to this, I don't always resonate with my wife's choice of music as she doesn't of mine, this conscious change that we are all going through is to me the same, some people will handle it better than others.

Instead of being predominantly influenced by a chaotic heavy metal music (vibration) to dance to, we will now be predominantly influenced by  classical music, our dance steps are going to be quite different for a lot of us. How easy is it at times to learn new dance steps?  If we are used to dancing to heavy metal music, any dance step that is conducive to this heavy metal music is going to be easier to learn than dancing to classical music. We are now, through this conscious change, expected to dance to classical music, of course the steps are going to be hard to learn, this is until we become aware enough of such dance steps. Being focused and aware of our new steps is going to be vitally important to us, this focused awareness allows us to dance to these new steps a lot easier, this is why I think it's important to be aware of different perspectives of consciousness, in other words different dance steps to the new classical tunes/music (consciousness).

I've noticed a lot of older people just don't want to know about this new consciousness, this is quite understandable, why at this stage in their lives should they have to learn new dance steps to new tunes?  There are also a lot of younger people who don't want to know either for one reason or another, this conscious change is going to be another matter for them, they will either learn these new dance steps or they won't. Learning new dance steps to a new tune isn't going to be easy for these people, we need to all be aware of this.  The thing is,  this conscious change is going to herald a different influence upon us all, a period predominantly  influenced by harmonious vibrations (music) that we will learn new steps to dance to. No, this isn't going to be easy for a lot of people, this is made even harder because they now have to learn to dance to a new tune as well.

Learning new dance steps is one thing, learning these new steps to a new kind of tune is something else, no conscious change is easy to go through but it's made worse when we are ill prepared through not being aware of such changes, in other words it's pointless sticking your head in the sand and hoping this new tune and it's new dance steps don't exist.  It's like being in a reality predominantly influenced by heavy metal music (chaos), it exists but we should also be aware that other kinds of music also exist. This is inline in being aware of the numerous perspectives of consciousness itself, being aware of other tunes that we can dance to.  

It is not easy being aware of other tunes/music while existing in a reality predominated by certain tunes/music, our focus is on the present tunes being played. I believe in our case it's been heavy metal music that created the chaos within such a reality. The way realities behave, I believe, are due to the music being played, this means no reality is the way it is by accident, it's created through certain vibrations being resonated, in our case it's been music that has been chaotic, this of course is going to create a chaotic existence.

So what is this heavy metal chaotic music that we have been dancing to?

This is interesting, the more motion we have the  more chaos we produce, look at how we dance to heavy metal music to classical music, heavy metal music is far more chaotic within the dance than dancing to classical music, classical music naturally produces more of a flow in the dance than just a thoughtless motion.

So what this is saying is this new consciousness is going to take more thought, it's not conducive to thoughtless dance steps like we have been experiencing. We are destroying this planet at an alarming rate, this  is conducive to the dance steps we are dancing to which is brought about by the tune/music that has predominated this reality.  We are basically dancing to tunes that are naturally going to produce  thoughtless dance steps.

You might perceive that this new conscious change is all about thinking less, in a sense it is but in another sense it's not. We are actually thinking less now within this chaotic reality at present, however, once we learn these new steps to the new conscious change, like any dance step once thoroughly learnt, we no longer think of such steps while dancing , these steps become automatic to us without thought. We must also look at the dance itself to each tune/music being played, some are naturally  conducive to flowing dances and other aren't.

Each reality is predominately influenced by a certain tune (vibration) that automatically creates certain dance steps, all we are doing in this present reality is dancing to tunes that influences us in a chaotic way. When we change the tune, we change the way we dance, in other words the way we act and react within a reality. It's not the reality that influences us, we influence the reality that in turn gives us a tune we can harmoniously dance to, we are indeed the reality we experience.