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Monday, 27 January 2014

Feeling Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The feeling of timelessness, as you could imagine, is a feeling of oneness, freedom, love, immortality & so forth. When we feel unconditional love what we are doing is feeling timelessness itself, we have begun to detach from time into timelessness which of course is going to give us different thoughts & understandings, we are not going to reason on the same level as we did while attached to time/mortality. Don’t expect too many people to understand you once you start to become detached from time for the main reason of the differences between the reasoning processes. In this state of timelessness you don’t just reason differently from people attached to time but reason far less mainly because our reasoning processes have changed to incorporate more of the bigger picture.

In time we have separate parts of consciousness ambling about usually not knowing where they fit in like a jigsaw puzzle & even if they do fit in we still don’t see the bigger picture only what we fit into.  In timelessness this bigger picture is visible & complete only because we can see the cover of the box that the jigsaw came in. In time we seem to need to reason more because of the fragmented picture plus because we can’t see the big picture our reasoning & understanding is going to be somewhat different than if we were reasoning in timelessness, it is really timeless thoughts that I am talking about here.

At this point in writing this post I had to look for poems on the net to do with timeless thoughts.

I also came across a blog that seemed familiar in some way & of course it was. In my early times when I first used the net just over two & a half years ago I came across this same bloke. I was impressed with he’s work back then as I am now.    

If we looked at the whole jigsaw we can see these pieces on their own or in clumps ambling & scuttling about sometimes in desperation in finding their place usually settling with other pieces that fit together but aren’t still a part of the rest of the jigsaw or bigger picture.  How many jobs have we had through life that we actually fitted into & felt I’m a part of the bigger picture? This is still only a small portion of the bigger picture we are still seeing even if we do fit in.  Man himself is only a part of the of the jigsaw (bigger picture), what about the rest of creation in time, how do we fit within this without changing the picture itself to suite our perception of what the bigger picture is portraying? We don’t fit in because all we are doing is seeing the smaller picture (jigsaw), even if man in his entirety could somehow fit in with all the other pieces of man it’s still only the smaller picture we are seeing. This is where timelessness comes into it, you can’t but help see the bigger picture that is on the cover of the box that the jigsaw came in & by doing this one can see what the bigger picture is supposed to look like.  Is this saying our perception of the jigsaw is wrong in some way? No it’s not even though our perception of the jigsaw is somewhat fragmented. Will the species of man ever find themselves within the bigger picture? If man keeps trying to control everything & keeps changing the smaller picture to suite himself he will never be a part of the bigger picture & so what if he doesn’t, does it really matter!! Even though man is fragmented within he’s smaller part of the picture he’s still a part of the bigger picture but like a jigsaw these pieces just don’t fit within the rest of the jigsaw (bigger picture) & that won’t change unless he starts to think outside of time into timelessness.