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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Ego, Intuition and Desire

Written by Mathew Naismith

The ego is exceptionally versatile and adaptable, with the ability to be conditioned to just about any circumstance or environment. I suppose this is why humans are able to adapt to various environments, as depicted in human history. Ego is simply a conscious aware of one's own existence or being or even importance. One example of this is being aware of our own importance to our children, each other or society as a whole, of course egotism, which is an exaggerated opinion of our own personal importance, is something else.

As often depicted in human history, the ego can be conditioned to numerous environments, including environments such as spiritual/religious, material, conflictive, harmonious, loving, hateful, and so on. The ego can also be conditioned to an environment of intuition or desire. As the ego can't be conditioned to conflict and harmony, love and hate, simultaneously, the ego can either be conditioned to be more intuitive or desiring. It is interesting why the ego can't be conditioned to an environment of intuition and desire simultaneously.

Often intuition is thought to be a feeling we get that something is presumed to be the case, an assumption purely based on feelings. When you actually condition your ego to become less desiring therefore more intuitive, intuitiveness takes on a different meaning. Intuitiveness is no longer just a feeling but an awareness. The less desiring we become, the more aware we become.

Desire is more to do with an ego conditioned to egotism. Yes, as we can condition our egos to desire, we can condition our egos to an environment of egotism. Actually, both desire and egotism go hand in hand, one not being able to exist without the other. To become egotistical takes desire as to desire takes egotism. Even if we desire to help human kind, the desire of even being seen to help creates egotism, an exaggerated importance. How many people today desire to be seen helping human consciousness?

Intuition on the other hand has nothing to do with desire. Try truly becoming aware without the things we don't desire to become aware of or feel. Intuition has no preference or desire; this means anything from hate to love, conflict to harmony, negative to positive, and so on, the ego can intuitively become aware of. In other words the honest truth is presented to the ego through intuition, not a desired truth, a dishonest truth. What ego conditioned to desire wishes to become truly aware or intuitive? It can't occur because our desires take control of the ego, conditioning the ego to desires rather than intuition.

If I endangered my own life to help others and was called a hero, I would tell these people where to go. My own ego would detest being called a hero, now, how many people would do this? An ego conditioned to desire will always react differently to an ego conditioned to intuition. Intuition, an awareness of my own ego, instinctively tells me that I wouldn't like be called a hero, even before becoming a hero. Of course an ego conditioned to desire would relish in being called a hero.

When I lived in the bush/forest as a younger person, I had a feeling when I was going to come across a snake, every time without exception. As we did as children, we walked around the bush in our bare feet so this intuition was highly beneficial for my well being. My intuition didn't tell me where the snake was going to be, only that I was going to come a cross a snake that day. If I expressed less desire, would have my feelings become more of an awareness?  An awareness, as opposed to just a feeling, would have also told me where I was going to come a cross a snake in the bush.

You can desire one moment and become intuitive in the next moment, remembering that the more we desire, the less intuitive we become.  When we desire, this is often in the absence of intuition and visa-versa. We will often only perceive through desire what we will experience, not what we will actually experience.
The following doesn't totally endorse what I have stated here but they are an interesting read, in my mind anyway.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Intuition, a More Conscious Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Is our intuition more consciously conscious and aware than our human consciousness? Is our dream state more consciously conscious than our awakened state? Considering the dreams I have experienced myself, this could well be the case. In relation to intuition, I have not myself experienced any significant expansion of consciousness intuitively but I have read of a number of cases where you could definitely say intuitiveness is more aware therefore more conscious.

In saying that I have not significantly experienced an expanded conscious state intuitively is not entirely true, I have made a number of correct predictions in my life. This on it's own doesn't qualify for me to say that intuitiveness is more consciously expanded to what we know to be a conscious, an awakened and aware state, however, in conjunction with other people's experiences, I would be comfortable to say intuitiveness is far more consciously aware than what we normally deem as being consciously aware.

Of course in saying all this, intuition isn't known for it's reasoning or observation therefore consciousness, I of course don't agree to this view altogether. I wrote the following on a forum.    


Consciousness: An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation, also meaning, Having knowledge of, a knowingness.

Cognition; is the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.

When we have a gut feeling or intuitive insights, we are not being cognitive, we are simply expressing intuitive insights, of course intuition isn't suppose to be of observation as well as reasoning. I think intuitive observation is made on a different plain or dimension to the physical plane/dimension.

This is consciousness even if our human consciousness is unaware of this, in actuality intuitive states are probably more aware and even more conscious than our human state of consciousness.

What about the collective consciousness, is this not more conscious than our human state of consciousness? The human state is often referred to as a dream state for very good reasons, it's only aware of what it's aware of through observation and reasoning which limits it's consciousness. Is human consciousness truly conscious or is our intuitive state more conscious than our human consciousness?

The human psyche isn't conscious because of the limitations of human consciousness, this of course is governed by it's awareness which is highly limited. What would occur if we detached ourselves from our present human awareness? We would simply free ourselves, our consciousness, from these limitations, we would in turn be more aware not less aware. A number of spiritual practices prove this is the case.

So when I usually make reference to consciousness, it's not of human consciousness I speak of but a much more conscious consciousness. I am often aware of my consciousness observing myself observing myself in certain states of consciousness, the funny thing is my ego doesn't always like what is being observed, it's a laugh really.

I think the human psyche and it's consciousness isn't as conscious as it thinks it is.


Is our conscious more consciously aware than our subconscious? The following explains why it's not and in actuality it's our subconscious that is more consciously aware.     

Extract: What I find highly intriguing though, is the fact that our subconscious mind has access to a much faster and more detailed library of knowledge than our conscious mind does. Studies show that our subconscious senses at a higher resolution (Small Difference in Sensation, 1884) and at a higher sampling rate (Mere Exposure Effect, 1980) than we are aware of.

Within 1-2 seconds intuition can tell you if a person might be lying to you, if a chess game might be lost or if a situation might become dangerous. It tells you in the form of a gut-feeling, delivering the final conclusions of a long debate without revealing any of the rational behind it. It relies on your unconscious picking up on cues in the environment, on discovering micro-expressions on someone’s face, on comparing situations to hundreds and thousands similar ones housed in your memory and even digs into genetically and biologically hard-coded instincts. 


Now consider a consciousness outside human influence, outside human conscious limitations of the brain, now consider the intuition from a mind outside these human limitations. What we call our conscious state is far less consciously aware than we could ever imagine, of course this is going to be hard to imagine for a consciousness with so many limitations and so consciously unaware.

When spiritual people say they have become enlightened, they mean to say they are more consciously alive and aware than ever before, of course enlightened means becoming more consciously aware than before. You could also say enlightenment is also an awakening, an awakening from a conscious state that is in actuality anything but consciously aware.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let the Children Play

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got the most strangest message this morning, “Let the children play”, the children is in reference to ourselves, the human race, so what does this mean, let the children play? The feeling I get hasn’t got to do with the human self as such but the inner child, let the inner child come out and play.

We have strangulated the inner child so much we have forgotten how to express such inner feelings and thoughts; this I feel is mainly due to allowing ourselves, as adults, to be drawn into the destructive traits of the ego like judgment and ridicule. Yes, children judge and ridicule each other more than ever but I’m talking about the inner child who has no such judgment to contend with.  Children of course will always pick up on what adults do unless they allow the inner child to come out and play.    

The following I found to be very well illustrated in how to bring forth the inner child within.

In the situation I’m in, if I didn’t allow this inner child out to play, my relationship with my wife would be in dire straits. Allowing the inner child to play can indeed assist in keeping relationships together, my wife and I so often act like children at times, pushing and shoving each other in public for example or whistling each other as you would a dog, “ come on girl, you can do it” and so on. Yes most people would take offence to this only because they have no idea how to allow the inner child out to play, we can indeed take life too seriously as adults.  

I’m also lucky that I have certain friends who are the same, they get out there and make utter fools of themselves but they are indeed enjoying life living as the inner child, sadly enough most of these people are female, blokes try too hard to be real blokes (macho) instead of just allowing it all to just hang out, in other words allowing the inner child out to play.

The inner child also has more in relation to non-duality than duality; there is no or little judgment within the inner child, I feel this allows us to be more connected to the collective, take away judgment and what do you have? It’s not duality; once you take judgment out of the equation, you really no longer have duality especially in its present form under the influence of judgment.   

The inner child also assists us in intuition and synchronicity, this is due to the inner child not taking life too seriously by not allowing attachments as fixation to rule our whole lives, once this occurs we strangulate the inner child again. Any kind of fixation will hinder our intuition, this is like a child going through a traumatic experience, it can indeed hinder a child’s fun loving openness hindering any intuition and synchronicity that could occur in one’s life.

So in all bringing forth the inner child out to play has huge benefits, not doing so can have disastrous effects upon our existence individually and collectively. It’s interesting getting such messages, it’s a sign to move on from our present mentality I feel.            

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Answer before the Question!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had all intentions of not writing today, but like any intentions we have, they soon go astray when we allow ourselves to be governed by the flow of life. The following was inspired by a person of the name of Kriti, this post is based on answers being always in existence and how intuition, and even synchronicity, is wholly based on answers before questions can be humanly formed.

 I was inspired to write this via +Mathew Naismith's post. I have included a copy of his original post in the blog.

He says a wonderful statement urging us all to seek answers without asking questions, for once. I do understand what he is trying to say here. It doesn't literally mean 'stop asking' but simply tells you to not focus on the question too much. 'Seek correctly'.
It is an overwhelming feeling when you are simply seeking something and a lightbulbs switches on. You feel 'the knowing' and then realise the question. It happens. It is an understanding almost like that received from a guru.

My Reply
True, the only way we can find the truth in duality is to ask questions, however, we must become aware that while in duality, we will also get numerous and varied answers from the same questions, it's a reality of duality after all.

The questions are created from the answers not the other way around; however, we have perceived quite the opposite in duality.

Duality means to divide, separate, so in this we look at the questions forming the answers instead of the answers being of the questions, this is how duality works, it separates and divides. We should also realise the answers don't even form the questions, if the answers have always existed so have the questions.

In duality, we separate the questions from the answers which make finding the truth a lot more difficult. This is where becoming aware of non-duality can help, we realise that the answer and the questions are not separated at all. We also realise the questions don't create the answers, the answers were already there.

Should we be asking so many questions?

The more questions we ask in duality, the more numerous and varied answers we will get, obviously this will only add to the chaos.

How does intuition work? It doesn't work by asking questions, the answers just materialise and only then can we form a question from the answer, for example, how did I know this, only then after receiving the answer do we ask questions, amazing isn't it?

Synchronicity works in a similar way, you intuitively receive the answer but you’re not sure of the answer, what then happens, you get conformation through synchronicity. This is brought about by not asking questions, too many questions keeps the mind ignorant not the other way around.

It's funny in duality how we have turned everything upside down and inside out and we wonder how we created chaos!! 

You are going to find this funny; I’m also into science and philosophy, the brain doing over time to create even more chaos and destruction.  I’m actually into the sciences and the kinds of philosophies that, as Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”, in other words seek for the truth correctly without adding more chaos and destruction to our lives.  

What do questions denote and what are we spiritually supposed to be doing?  Questions of course denote thinking when we are supposed to be thinking less not more.  

Why do they say for us to think less, in other words quieten the mind which also means stop asking so many questions? The more we quieten our minds, the less chaos and destruction we will create.

Hang on a bit, how many questions do I ask in my posts, is this not adding to the chaos and destruction?  As Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”.  I already know the answers before I ask the questions, or so I think!!  The point is I am aware that the answer always exists even before we can humanly perceive a question, do most scientists?  Again the answer is already there before the question, in other words it’s the answer that brings forth the question within a reality of duality, not the question bringing forth the answer. At times we will ask a question and receive an answer but I know the question never actually formulates the answer.

Why is it so important to be aware that all answers have always existed? Once we realise this, we tend to automatically rely more on our intuition than questions to give us answers, we are no longer relying on questions to give us the answers, remembering, too many incorrectly asked questions gives us various and numerous answers even to the same question which only adds to the chaos and destruction. Why are there so many religions and sects within these religions?  As Kriti stated once again, “Seek correctly”, they obviously didn’t seek correctly otherwise they would have come up with the same exact answer.

In all, we should be aware that intuition doesn’t rely on questions to give us answers; you could very well presume that intuition is of non-duality; to me this presumption is awfully close to the truth.  

Try to avoid asking question before you know the answer for within this state of awareness becomes harmony.         

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Analytical or Intuitive or Both?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Hopefully this going to be a short post on the difference between being analytical, channelling and our intuition.

I’m not sure about other people who channel, I do at times myself tend to analyse what I don’t quite understand what is being channelled through me however I very rarely research on what I’m going to write about before I write it. At times I will conduct a little research on the net while writing but rarely beforehand, this is to get a handle on what I’m writing about because sometimes I have no idea what I am writing about while I’m writing.  I suppose what I do is analyse what is being channelled through me at times, I actually at times doubt what is being channelled through me.  I will also at times conduct research for confirmation for my readers as well as for myself.

Recently someone said to me I’m analytical as opposed to being intuitive in the way I see different angles to certain topics.  I have had a number of people say to me in how I look at everything analytically; I’ve also had people say that I have conducted a lot of research on some of my posts before writing them.  There is a big difference between zoning out and analysing. Many times have I been around other people and I’ve just zoned out and others around me think I’m in deep thought.  When I’m zoned out it’s more to do with feelings than analysing a situation, my eyes will become fixated on something or my eyes will wonder quite amiably about sort of collating these said feelings so my mind can recognise and accept such feelings as being real. I suppose you could say by collating such feelings is being analytical.

I don’t however see a problem in being analytical, many spiritually aware people have read numerous books and gone to various workshops, this is being analytical. I do have to admit, I have read very few books on what I write about including topics on spiritual matters, I tend to rely more on actual experiences and even more on channelling these days.  

Many spiritually aware people have names and titles for their guides and entities they channel through, I don’t because it’s not necessary for me. To give anything a label is analytical which helps the mind to confirm what the mind is collating otherwise we might not mentally register such feelings but some people like myself don’t need to do this.  

In one way or another we analyse, if we see a difference of any kind like one day to another, we have made a deductive analysis or see the difference from an aware person to an unaware person, this is all deductive analysis so that our minds can register and collate what we are feeling.   To do well for the world we must allow our minds to become familiar with what we are feeling and to do this we must analyse but there is a fine balance in this, if we are too analytical we will miss the point and if we are not analytical enough, again we will miss the point.  We could say if we were totally intuitive without having to analyse this wouldn’t and couldn’t miss any point but it does, in being human, what would the point in being human then?  If you stop yourself in judging/analysing one day from another you have stopped a lot of our inbuilt human feelings from being expressed, how suppressive is that?  Could you imagine not looking at a butterfly as being beautiful, to acknowledge beauty you have made a deductive analysis believe it or not.   Yes our egos don’t want us to believe we are making a deductive analyses in relation to the butterfly because we think we are better than other people who deductively analyse!!  For starters, to see a difference between an analytical mind and an intuitive mind is a deduction, a true intuitive person will not and cannot become aware of such differences otherwise you are being analytical and not a true intuitive person!!

A true intuitive person will see no differences in anything because they intuitively know everything is of the same, it’s the mind that tells us one is different from another like an intuitive person is different from an analytical person or a butterfly is different from a ant.  No matter what our egos try to tell us, we all deductively reason in one sense or another, the trick is to find a balance between the two or become totally intuitive so you see and feel no differences between the two like an ant and a butterfly.

I like being expressively human so I will stick to trying to keep a balance between being analytical and intuitive. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Learning From the Source, Directly

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before we start we should remind ourselves that all things have always been, the knowledge we obtain has always been there & yes this is like what certain religions believe in it is written.  Destiny is written even if we decide to change our destiny it is still written, this is because the source (God) or source of knowledge is of no time however we are. This is why I think we misuse human written knowledge which of course relates more to the past because we are of time.

Instead of using knowledge to remember this ever existing knowledge directly from the source like a clairvoyant does we use it according to our controlling factors of the ego, the ego can see a human gain in it in some way either it to gain knowledge over others &/or financial /material gain.  In this all we are doing is gaining knowledge from human sources however if we before reading a book, for example, put our mind to knowing all knowledge has always been & all I am doing is remembering how to access this knowledge we would get a lot more from any said books because all what books are doing is reminding us of this knowledge. Human knowledge is all about the experiences we get from the knowledge which all comes from the source itself however the big difference is we break it up into time periods.  

When we come to realities of time we experience parts of this ever existing knowledge by turning it into experiences so if we looked at books as a reminder instead of gain it is obvious we will gain a lot more from each book.  Books of course are only one example, all media no matter how lame it might seem is from this timeless knowledge however we have distorted this knowledge through our egos & made it a lot harder to remember by & decipher so the human source you use will dictate how well you become reconnected with the sources knowing.  Is this saying books written many years ago will be a better source to become reconnected by because of they were hopefully written with less ego tendencies? Yes & no, again it depends if the book was written under ego control, a fair amount of books these days are written under this control &will make it harder to become reconnected to the sources knowledge because we are far more dominated by the controlling factors of the ego than ever.  This however does not mean all books written today are written under the influence of the controlling factors of the ego but are more likely so then let’s say a thousand years ago. Spiritual awareness is about awareness so be aware of this & listen to your gut/intuition when choosing a book to read to become reconnected.

Like I have said in past posts, I was told not to read especially anything to do with spiritual awareness of any kind & by the time I was in my mid-teens I was well & truly connected eventually receiving direct knowledge from the source itself. We should remember here this is what clairvoyants do, they become directly connected. By the time I was in my late teens I chose to become disconnected from this source as much as I could. My controlling ego wanted me to continue but I said no for the main reason I wanted to gain knowledge for a need not for my own personal desire.  Yes I could have become a clairvoyant but I didn’t have a need for that & this is the trick if one wishes to become truly reconnected. Read a book or gain knowledge for a need not for a desire & only then will you become truly reconnected. In the past three/four years I have begun to read/study upon anything connected to spiritual awareness to some degree choosing what my intuition tells me to read, this blog for example was intuitively influenced .

If we start reading a book to gain something from it even knowledge this is the controlling ego however if we start reading a book, intuitively chosen preferably, to remember the sources knowledge we will gain a lot more from it than we ever thought. Many times in the last three/four years have I been reading a book & had visions & insights even visions not seemingly related to the book I was reading.  Actually what started me off writing period was visions received through reading certain books my intuition told me to read.  Reading a book with the intentions of remembering not gaining first up will start to lead you in the right direction if you wish to become reconnected. Also don’t try to stick to books about spiritual awareness, read any book or read /study from any source that your intuition tells you too & most importantly don’t read a book to gain knowledge but to remember because this knowledge has always been there, we just forgot it was there always.