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Friday, 1 February 2019

Human Conscious Evolution

What is needed right now is
evolving human consciousness.
Without that, science, technology,
development, everything will
go waste.
~Jaggi Vasudev~

                                                         Written by Mathew Naismith

As our ability to communicate with each other has evolved, so has our consciousness!!

Very questionable as the more we came in contact with each to communicate in our various ways; we also came into conflict with each other more. There are over 6,500 spoken languages at present which means 6,500 differences in human consciousness. We off course always create conflict to what is different to ourselves, the more differences we have, the more conflicts eventuate from these differences. Of course if we all spoke the same language, it would seem that we would find other differences to each other that would cause conflict.

Our own culture has determined what language or languages we will communicate through, it is also our culture that determines our conscious conditioning. Why is it easier for some people to learn new languages than other people? As you learn the language, you also become conscious of the culture behind the language. Of course if you are not interested in learning about the culture behind the language, it is most likely you won't remember the language in question. I have observed this occurring quite a number of times with people learning a new language.

How many wealthy people are interested in knowing about the poor? Being poor to the wealthy is like being of another culture, in actuality another species in certain circumstances. The multinationals simply see the commoners, the poorer people to themselves, as sheep or cattle, to be used and abused at will. They are simply seen as another species by the wealthy. How many New Age spiritually aware people look at our present human consciousness as being of a different species than their own species? They are of a positive consciousness, all else from this is of a negative/toxic consciousness. Do not a lot of atheists/materialists see religious/spiritual people as another species/culture to their own and visa-versa? To be self-honest here, of course they do, even while speaking the same language but a language of conscious dissimilarities.

You see, even while speaking the same language there is a difference of cultural values and understandings.

Can you see what is occurring here? It is not the differences in our languages that is causing us to conflict with each other, it is the unwillingness to learn about the culture behind the language. Because I have experienced number of interactions with people from India, I found the Indian people, at most, have the willingness to learn about the culture behind the language they are learning to communicate in. How many wealthy people want to learn about the poor man's culture? How many New Age spiritual people want to learn about the very same culture they have critically judged negative/toxic? And a lot of New Age spiritually people think they are the new evolved consciousness, this is while critically separating one consciousness from another!!

When you sit back and observe the differences in consciousness therefore culture in the absence of bias or disdain, you start to see the big picture. Observing the big picture simply means the observation of as many cultures as plausible or possible, no matter of the linguistic disparities.

This is the new conscious change, bypassing the language barriers and conflicts to focus on the culture. It is of course a lot easier these days to bypass language barriers. Try to remember, the language used was created from the culture we follow, how different did we find the language associated with the computer age/culture? It is a different language because it is a different cultural change. Simply, the computer age, as of the numerous ages the human species has experienced, has its own language and consciousness. How many languages or ways to express oneself was around during the age of the Neanderthals? This relates to how many cultures were evident during that age.

What I am saying is that our numerous cultures have created various and numerous languages, a sign that human consciousness was evolving, however, instead of these differences presently being a sign of an evolving consciousness, we see a regression of consciousness. Conflict is always a sign of a regressive consciousness no mater how technologically we have advance through conflict. Yes, a lot of our technological advancements have been through wars and conflicts, a sign that a consciousness is in regression in my mind.

The new conscious change isn't to follow the same old consciousness mentality of one against the other, like with positive against negative, wealthy against poor or spiritual people against all else. It is the union of all of what is, not what we would, in accordance with our own culture, desire it to be. To be self- honest here, we all, as well as myself, follow a particular culture, at no time, within my own consciousness, does this mean all other cultures are irrelevant or something to be disdained or avoided because it is negative. Yes, a certain culture will appear, a culture that accepts all cultures to be worthy within their own right for without our differences, human consciousness would have stagnated or simply withered away.

By all means, embrace our differences.

In regards to the following, I simply liked what was stated, at no time am I promoting this particular kind of schooling.  

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Rocks and Sticks

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do tend to look at our environment in a different way than most people; this in turn creates peculiar/strange perceptions, perceptions seemingly not of the present conscious mentality.
What will be will be of course.

Rocks and sticks refer to a human conscious mentality that has been, for thousands of years, using rocks and sticks to defend what they have claimed to be theirs. This also includes claiming ownership of someone else's ownership!! 

So what has rocks and sticks got to do with today's mentality? Bombs have simply replaced rocks while missiles have replaced sticks, same mentality changed by human consciousness becoming more knowledgeable, of course this is different to becoming more aware and especially wise. So does a consciousness becoming more knowledgeable denote a consciousness evolving, especially considering that the mentality of the consciousness has not changed/evolved itself?

Let's now look at human consciousness in a different aspect to get a better idea of human consciousness at present. When you lose one of your five senses, let's say vision, the other four senses are often heightened, meaning, they become more sensitive to the environment. Have not our 3rd dimensional aspects become more heightened through the loss of our knowledge and awareness of the other aspects of our dimensional self? As quantum physics is discovering, we are not just 3rd dimensional or even primarily 3rd dimensional, we are far more it would seem. Being unaware of our other dimensional selves has simply heightened our 3rd dimensional aspects, 3rd dimensional senses thus negating all other senses.

And we are wondering why we still have the same old mentality of thousands of years ago!! The environment around us is forever evolving, however, human consciousness seems separate to this natural state of evolving in turn stagnating its evolutionary progression. We are like the crocodile, stuck in a cycle that will eventually end in human consciousness not evolving into another consciousness......             

Friday, 12 February 2016

Perceiving Beyond All Our Fixations

Written by Mathew Naismith

To evolve, everything has to move on, at times this also means the demise of an animal, like the dinosaurs, or the way we physically interact in life like the way we shop or travel. We no longer use a horse a cart like we used to for a very good reason. Trust me, when the horse and cart were being phased out, certain people kept on trying to use the horse and cart over and above motorised vehicles when it was no longer viable or sustainable to do so.

The magic word here is viable because when something obviously becomes unviable,  it becomes redundant and non-progressive towards evolving and if we have too much of an attachment to such practices, stagnation sets in and then most often a reversal of our situation occurs. 

Before I go on, I think we need to look at the definition of fixation to get a better understanding of how our own fixation most often hinders us from evolving.        

- An abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely

- An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone

- The activity of fastening something firmly in position

To move on just isn't to do with the way we physically conduct ourselves in life, it's also includes to mentally and spiritually evolve from our present situation. This at times also means letting go of our present fixations to what ever ideology, religion, philosophy, path, or what ever we have become fixated to. Have many of us actually taken notice of how nature evolves?  Nature doesn't fixate itself to anything and try to hold onto it no matter what, unless it's still viable and sustainable within the present environment. Everything of nature either adapts to the present environment or becomes redundant to the present environment thus dies out.

We however still today have crocodiles and alligators that have not yet evolved mainly because they are still viable and sustainable to their present environment. This also means that not all our ideologies, religions, philosophies or  paths we are presently following, are unviable and unsustainable.

How do we know when to move on to evolve or not?  Like the alligator and the crocodile, are our fixations still viable to our present environment?

Lets look at our present environment, it's quite noticeably chaotic and destructive, would not anything we have presently fixated ourselves to, conductive and viable to this present environment? In actuality, human history is full of chaos and destruction, this has created our present fixations, in other words, our present fixations were created from and due to this chaos and destruction, isn't it time to let all these fixation go? It would obviously seem not, like the dinosaur, anything trying to hang on till the bitter end, will perish in the end anyway if it no longer fits within the present environment.

I've recently been writing about perceiving beyond our present ideologies and philosophies, this hasn't gone down to well with a lot of people, it wasn't well received at all. A particular group of people stood out in particular, to my amazement, the ideology/philosophy they follow, obviously religiously, was the be and end all, it was better than Christianity and Islam for various reasons to start with but again in whose perception?  Just because an ideology/philosophy is the be and end all for us, this shouldn't mean it the same for everybody else but it would seem it is according to certain groups of people.

I had five different people, from the same belief system, state that their ideologies/philosophies wasn't a religion or an ideology for starters, I of course proved otherwise, only one of these people could see my view however, that's not a good percentage. Being this fixated to an ideology/philosophy isn't healthy, in actually, you can see how such ideologies/philosophies have been created by a reality of chaos and destruction. To create chaos and destruction, you need a consciousness that won't evolve, this means such consciousness won't become aware and wise beyond it's present environment, in this case chaos and destruction. It is obvious fixation are the cause of this chaos and destruction in the first place, this will of course create ideologies and philosophies that fit within this environment!!

We don't realise we no longer need these ideologies and philosophies that were created from such reality, we can move on from this and evolve, OR, yes, we can also stagnate and eventually deteriorate, one way takes wisdom to accomplish, the other a pure absence of wisdom!! 

In a true sense , we never really needed ideologies and philosophies in the first place, all what ideologies and philosophies represent is a desire, a desire to fixate ourselves to something rather than to nothing. As I have always stated in my writing, there is a big difference between living for a need and living for  a desire, one will create the reality we are presently experiencing, the other a reality few of us can imagine.  

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spirituality-Infancy to Adulthood

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: This is one of my old posts from my original blog. The reason I'm reposing this is because it's still relevant going by the responses I've recently had in relation to my recent posts.   

Introduction: The Spirituality-Infancy to Adulthood is in reference to our whole being of why we, as a collective race of beings, have endured & experienced so much on Earth in this conscious state? I also will discuss the final outcome; a change of consciousness which I predict will give us the answer to why we have endured so?

Why: So why have we endured so much on this Earth? Firstly we need to understand, to have suffered or endured so much is to have gained knowing/experience for our collective humanistic selves to advance further in conscious evolution, in other words we needed to gain experience for our ascension into the next level of consciousness. Our souls needed many different lives, not all bad, to have a clear understanding of our physical being to continue our personal & collective evolutionary path which, believe it or not, serves the collective.

We should remember, we all chose to live multiple lives in this realm, for better or worse, while we experience different living conditions. These lives give our soul the chaotic experience to go onto a better conscious level of understanding; it’s like a growing child, you need to go through trials & tribulations to be able to understand life as you grow up. The same goes with the human race, we are also at our infancy state learning the ropes so we can understand & cope with the big wide world coming up, a new conscious change.

Now this conscious change is supposed to be far less chaotic & more calm & loving so why didn’t we start with this consciousness & forget about our present chaotic consciousness? As I said before, we needed to start somewhere just like we have as individuals growing up from infancy, it’s all the same cycle no matter how small or big it is, it’s still follows a cycle from infancy to adulthood.

OK, let’s look at the universe from it’s infancy from the big bang, it’s always evolving & growing to adult hood until it passes on just like we do as humans, the same is with our holistic state of humanistic being on  Earth, it’s evolving to adult hood from its infancy stage.  

“What is above is below, the same law different consciousness!!”

Let’s look at the evolutional changes from infancy to adult hood to eventual death to infancy again.

Take an individual human being, it starts off being born then goes through puberty to adult hood & eventual death to live again in another body to start the process all over again to the infancy state again, yet another cycle has begun.

Take the universe for another example, from the big bang (infancy) to puberty, the formation of galaxy’s & solar systems to adult hood further growth within each solar system to eventual death of the universe & then it starts all over again I believe.

The same is with evolution of consciousness of the human race; we started off our conscious state as apes to early human to modern human with various degrees of conscious change, this was our infancy stage. Now we are entering our puberty and I believe the next conscious change will be in our adult hood stage then eventual demise of the human race & to infancy stage gain; it’s all a cycle no matter how you look at it.

However the human race doesn’t have to die off altogether, I predict it will change and change dramatically but it’s questionable if it will die off completely. It all comes down to what we label ourselves!!

“Once energy always energy, a change of consciousness doesn’t destroy energy it changes energy!!”

The point is we evolve as humans from infancy to puberty to adulthood to eventual death, the same is with all that is around us, it’s just a cycle of events of evolution & our human consciousness is no different.
Like I have said before in previous posts, the Mayans & other civilizations worked this out long ago that everything works to a cycle & we humans are no different, it’s just a cycle of life.

The Spoilt Brat Dilemma: The problem however is that we, as a collective holistic race, have over stepped our boundaries like a spoilt child would since our early infancy stage. This has made it hard excepting change & adapting from a less chaotic spoilt state to a more semi self-regulating responsible state into the next conscious change, adulthood.  We have made it hard on ourselves because of our rebellious spoilt brat attitude all these centuries like warring, manipulating, greediness, selfishness & being obnoxious to each other, unruly in other words. Doesn’t this sound so much like a spoilt child but that is what we are holistically and collectively.

I believe we are coming out of our infancy stage & entering into the next conscious state into puberty of love & understanding of all, in other words we are becoming more self-aware & responsible before our next conscious change to adulthood. The problem is, as always, some of us never came out of this spoilt state of consciousness and it’s these people who tend to dominate our consciousness.  

One of the biggest problems however is controlling these spoilt brats that like to do the negative things as above, do we allow them to get their own way until we all just perish into oblivion? No of course we don’t, it’s about time that the people entering the puberty stage put their foot down & say no more of this rot. Just by saying to yourself “I want no more of this negative behaviour from the infants” will help.

OK, these infants who we allow to rule us have nasty toys that hurt, this won’t matter to those who are entering or are in the puberty stage individually because of our love & understanding & responsibility to the human race. These people realise that these spoilt brats have got to come out of their infancy stage to puberty otherwise we will no longer evolve any further as a human race.

Now how can we change people who don’t want to go onto puberty? It’s to do with the conscious change, they won’t have a choice as long as there are enough people who want to go into the puberty stage, we have got to want to change to evolve as this will change our entire vibrative frequency to something more positive in puberty. Of course the next holistic conscious puberty change has its own problems as well just like it does in our individualistic human selves but that is another story yet to evolve.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

To Evolve or not from 3rd Dimensional Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m trying to keep these posts short so I’ve only added Ros’s  (RealityOverScience)  & my own recent reply in this post. I have inserted the relevant link address to our discussion at the end of this post for further reading if anyone is interested.

The following reply from Ros was in reference to me stating; “I find it quite beneficial looking at oneness as the "I", nothing else exists beyond this "I" which we are all of. When I feel I’m becoming annoyed with another person it is just another “I” or part of the “I” I’m annoyed with which helps with acceptance & understanding”.

Thing is, we all have an inherent RESPONSIBILITY as part of, and on behalf of, all sentient life, to selfLESSly become Enlightened, because every ripple each person sends out there, billions a day, immediate with everything we do, including unexpressed thoughts and feelings, then not only effects/affects every other being, but then ripples through them to everyone else, who also send it on, and on and on and on it goes, like a sneeze that literally changes the world, an earthquake that alters the planet, and so on.

Eventually, it gets back around to YOU!

All those horrific things happening in the world, including the weather/WHETHER, are from collective *energies* that have been building toward those manifestations, so if you get to be self-ISH, and billions of other people choose that same route, that is one heckuva lot of STRESS being created, at every moment, from that collective IMBALANCE, and EVERYONE suffers the consequences of that.

Sentients are like little, but extremely powerful, energy machines, fuse-ing the world together. When someone looks away, trying not to be a responsible part of the real world, that in no way renders them immune to the real reality of it all! At every split second, they are still being effected/affected by, and continuing to effect/affect, the physics going on in the Universe!

If you go left, it pulls you right. If you go down, it pushes you up. If you think too much, it brings things into your life (physics from that collective) that make you feel, etc., etc., etc.,. Every inverse applies. So, if you assume you have more power in your life by looking away or hiding your head in the sand, you are only "deluding" yourself (a term used in lots of ancient texts of truth written in Sanskrit, among others).

There's NO freedom in denial, in other words.

You may be interested in the Sanskrit "aham," created from the first breath you take, and the last (or next). Look it up! There's a lot of beautiful stuff written about that, relative to your *I* attachment.

G’day Ros

I love these attachments Ros no matter what the consequences are, I feel we are becoming too serious with all this judgement towards anything related to the ego like attachments for example. I really do feel if we knew who we were we would laugh our heads off at our interactions in this reality & not just because of our attachments either. We are taking our judgement of attachments too seriously as well, it’s really no big deal however to change our reality we do need to think differently from just accepting these attachments the way they are mainly because they are quite destructive.

I don’t think judging attachments as being bad in some way is the way to go, this is but another fear based ideology to me.  

You mentioned reading about the Sanskrit "aham", the problem I have with that is to me it’s 3rd dimensional thinking, yes most of this 3rd dimensional stuff is still relevant however we must go on from this. I was talking a couple of people from India recently; they agree we must go forth as has any ideology from the past has done.  Take a look at Yoga for instance,   it came from Buddhism, Jainism & Hinduism, it evolved as does any effective ideology, the problem comes into being when we consistently rely on older ideologies to show us the way forward.  This is like relying on consumerist materialism to show us the way forward, it’s just not going to be fruitful in the long run.

How many times do we have to wait until certain older people in authority pass on before changes can be implemented to evolve further no matter what it is, old 3rd dimensional ideologies are the same.  We need to gradually implement newer ideologies that are going to take us forth from 3rd dimensional thinking.

We have a problem in the West they don’t have in the East, eastern ideologies are quite new to us Westerners but to the Easterners it’s basically been around since day dot & this is why they realise we need to move on & evolve.  We are treating these old ideologies as if they are new, but of course they are to us in the West, however if we looked back into our past lives we would find this isn’t really the case. All it takes like enlightenment is remembering who we are over all.

The biggest problem we have is ego here only because it’s a problem unbeknownst to us. Why are we grasping on desperately to old 3rd dimensional modes of thoughts?  Unbeknownst to a lot of us it’s the ego telling us to not let go because we have nothing else to replace it, this is represented by our insecurities.   If Sutras of Patanjali had this kind of fear Yoga probably wouldn’t be where it is today, we must learn from this.  

I would also like to add that the ego is only a problem to our human selves because of our ignorance to it, not seeing & understanding it’s pitfalls is the only problem we have with the ego.