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Monday, 27 July 2015

Living in Harmony Within the Natural Flow of Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Motion: This universe, this reality, is all about motion, a continuous flow of evolving cycles, our minds are also of this natural motion no matter what it creates either it be harmonious or inharmonious. All motion and motionless consciousness is natural to it’s environment no matter how it’s expressed, however, a controlling ego deceptively judged otherwise creating even more disharmony within the natural flow of a reality, this could however be overcome by simply being aware.

We might say aware of what, what kind of awareness would basically neutralise these reactions?

Look at the universe, this reality, as a pebbled creek bed, each pebble represents a separate consciousness, a separate person or being. Now imagine a rock within this stream, do the pebbles within this stream cause the natural flowing water to churn more than a rock would?  The rock of course is more rigid and will not go along with the flow of water as easily as the pebbles do, the rock of course churns the water up more because it’s more resistant. The only time a rigid rock moves,  is when the water becomes that forceful the rock has to move, the rock, unlike the pebbles, needed more force to get it to go with the natural flow.

Universe (reality) = a creek (water stream)
Separate consciousness (humans) =  pebbles and rocks within this creek bed
Size of pebbles and rocks = a more controlling ego

We are basically these pebbles within a reality, this creak, some pebbles are bigger than others and need more force to move them with the natural flow were others need very little force because they are much smaller. You could look at the bigger the pebbles and rocks are, the more representative this is of a controlling ego. This is all due to the bigger the obstruction is to the natural flow. The bigger the obstruction is to this natural flow, the more churned up the water becomes. Now relate this churned up water to chaos, what actually creates a reality of chaos which represents this churned up water within the stream? A controlling ego, the bigger the obstruction, the more chaos this creates. This is like a creek, the bigger the rock is, the more churned up the water becomes.

Now let’s look at a water stream with no obstructions what so ever, in other words no ego in control, the flow of water runs without any hindrance what so ever, basically the water runs in total harmony with itself, this is until the water becomes fast flowing. Now look at this fast flowing water as expressed emotions, in other words this fast flowing water now represents our emotions, the water becomes stirred up again. The fast flowing water once again represents a controlling ego, instead of flowing gently, it’s now chaotic within it’s flow. We are no different, we express ourselves in the same way as a stream of water does.

Fast flowing water = a controlling ego.

Motion of influence: This universe (reality) is all about motion as a creek bed is, its all about evolving cycles, this however doesn’t mean we need to create even more motion (chaos), actually we are capable of influencing these evolving cycles but we should never try influence these evolving cycles to the point of becoming motionless. This would be like fast flowing water within a creek, it’s forceful and full of motion and intentions. It’s like water representing a controlling ego forcing the rocks, another controlling ego, to do what it wants (desires) within a reality of motion. The creek bed, as our universe does, represents motion with its own natural flow, once a controlling ego forces it’s own motion onto other motions, all we will do is create even more chaos within this motion.

Harmonious motion = ego
Disharmonious motion = a controlling ego

All motion is representative of the ego, the flowing water if you like within the creek bed. This natural harmonious flow denotes ego but fast flowing represents a controlling ego. We naturally exist in a reality of ego which represents all motions, once this motion becomes an obstacle to others forms of motion, the water becomes churned creating chaos within  itself.  Yes, even creating chaos is natural because again chaos is representative of motion, do we however want to create more chaos or less?  More chaos is obviously going to lead to something different to lessening the chaos within our reality, this is due to the controlling ego being naturally destructive and disruptive to other forms of motion,  as the rock is to the natural flow of water  in a creek bed.  

Lessening the motions: Thinking less means less motion but we should never force our minds to think any less than it is naturally supposed too, however, it’s not how much the mind thinks but how it thinks that creates more motion therefore more chaos. For example, emotions represents more motion and  a controlling ego, the more emotions we express, the more of the controlling the ego becomes. This is like the faster the water is flowing in the creek bed, the more forceful it is to other forms of motion, like a rock for instance, the rock creates more chaos within the water by trying to be motionless within  a natural flow of motion.

What I am saying here, don’t have intentions of becoming motionless within a reality of motion, all you will be doing is creating even more chaos, in other words avoid becoming a motionless rock within these realities of motion. Go with the natural flow without judging what is or isn’t worthy of expressing either it be of motion or motionless. Yes, by all means be expressive of your emotions, like the water is in a creek bed when it’s harmoniously flowing, but be harmonious within your emotions not forceful.  

Harmonious emotions = ego
Disharmonious emotions = a controlling ego

All we need to do in a reality of motion is become more harmonious with this motion, we should never try to force this motion to become motionless. If the rock doesn’t want to move with gently flowing water, let it be, doing otherwise will only cause more chaos and do we truly need more of that?  Just go with the flow without judging what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, it’s as simple as that.