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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Avoiding Self-Deception

Written by Mathew Naismith

Within a reality obviously controlled by the ego, the order of the day is going to be self-deception, this is because the ego in control naturally creates self-deception through simply being itself, it's self only of what serves itself. Most often what doesn't serve the controlling ego is often deemed negative or toxic and most often ostracized, within this, self-deception of the existence of what doesn't serve our egos is ignored or destroyed, usually something deemed as negative by the ego.    

Yes, even an empath, a person who has the ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual, is expressive of pure ego when feeling bad or toxic vibrations. It might not be their own ego they are feeling but its still ego, an ego that separates one from the other. What ego wants to be a part of a toxic vibration? A consciousness less expressive of the ego doesn't have this problem of feeling toxic vibrations, for in this state no other vibration is of serving the ego.

I became aware of this years ego, that all I was doing is serving the ego when, on a continuous basis, I would intuitively experience unbecoming experiences from other people and their experiences. Don't get me wrong here; the ego has a part to play when we intuitively are made aware of certain circumstances, however, what a lot of us do is allow the ego to take control to serve itself through deception. The deception is to deem all that doesn't serve our own egos as negative and/or toxic, this is to separate our egos from anything that doesn't serve our egos desires. How many different and separate spiritual groups are formed today to simply separate the ego from what isn't serving the ego? The ego is simply feeding off itself to serve itself through other like minded people.

Now, what will be the immediate reaction of an ego of self-serving and self-deception be in regards to the truth here? People like me are simply deemed toxic only because we have told the truth, the last thing a self-serving ego desires is the truth in how it actually is. This is why a self-serving ego is self-deceptive; the ego denounces any truth that doesn't directly serve the ego!!

I have had people, who are supposed to be in the know, ask me why I become involved in things that are not of my own, basically, becoming involved in the environment around me that is not of my own vibrations. People like me are simply not controlled by the ego, in saying this, I have observed my own ego in action to the point of an ego in control, the difference is, being aware of this. It's all to do with being aware of when the ego is in control, which isn't easy, especially when the ego becomes self-deceptive to the point of becoming aware of only what serves itself.

People like me couldn't think of anything more destructive than to separate ourselves from what isn't of our own vibrations, to do so would be more of this ego controlled reality, not less. Yes, even a deemed toxic person like me are asked to join these groups in person. I simply make an appearance now and again.

Destruction can only exist within a reality that is separated by various vibrations, try being destructive in a reality where all is one, not of one kind of vibration but the embracement of all vibrations as simply vibrations period. What a lot of us seem to not understand or even comprehend, is it's the separation of vibrations that causes destruction and the creation of bad, negative or even toxic vibrations. It's within this separation of energy that causes one energy to become destructive to what another energy has created. You can't destroy energy itself, only of what energy creates. Energy in motion is ego so anything that energy creates is of the ego. Destruction simply relates to an ego in control, and yes, this includes energy sources like the sun.

More and more people are becoming more of an ego controlled reality, not less. The trick is, to be aware of the ego in control, of course this seems virtually impossible when the ego in control is self-deceptive to the bitter end. It's simply all about awareness; of course a true sense of awareness takes a lot of truth to be acknowledged, which is the last thing the ego desires. Simply being aware of this can help a great deal in overcoming our, the egos, created dilemmas. Yes, even in India self-deception is being embraced over and above the truth.

In deception while ignoring the negatives, of course the world is improving, this within itself is obvious in the ego self-serving itself. To be excessively positive is self-deceptive which goes right along with the present created reality!!

All that is needed is truth within our awareness, not deception within our awareness........

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Being Empathic, a Dispeller of Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a very good friend of mine called Tanuja posted a post in relation to, if there is no enemy within their truly is no enemy outside. My response was as follow; “Very true, the enemy is always within.

When someone upsets me are they really upsetting me or am I upsetting myself?  It's always the latter of course so that is why one must look within.

I had an encounter recently with a person from our past live's, he was upsetting me as I was of him. The pain was within us from our past life encounters. We are indeed our own enemies. “

When we feel pain we are indeed doing this ourselves, we can blame others but in reality we are doing this to ourselves. My friend from a past life is trying to hurt me as much as he can; there are two reasons why this is hurting me. 

1: I still feel I owe him something from past hurt from a past life occurrence, I did hurt him so.

2: I’ve had a fairly tuff life and I’ve been kicked around a bit because of this, I’m just refusing to be kicked around anymore and seeing other people kicked around by people like my friend.  

Number one, do I really still owe my friend? No of course not but my ego says I do. When you have hurt another, either in your present life or a past life, we can feel remorse and guilty but what is guilt pertaining to? If we feel guilty for doing wrong it’s the ego telling us to feel guilt and to redeem ourselves in some way however if someone was to feel no gilt, this would more pertain to egotism rather than to the ego.  The ego is telling us to feel guilty but egotism isn’t, egotism just doesn’t truly care about others.  The problem with feeling guilty is it’s still about ourselves, it’s the enemy within. No matter how you want to look at the ego, it’s still relating to ourselves.

If the ego wasn’t controlling my emotions and thoughts, would I still feel remorse/guilty? No but I would feel empathy, empathy isn’t about judging a right or wrong but an understanding in a situation without judgement.  I understand my friends’ trauma from a past life but my ego keeps telling me to feel guilty especially when I’m not in one of my quiet states of consciousness.  

The second reason why I feel hurt is in relation to number one in a sense,   I’ve been kicked around a bit, this has given me the intolerance of others who still wish to kick me or anyone else like me around, my friend is doing just that so I’m reacting.  This is the enemy within, if I didn’t have that enemy within I wouldn’t see my friend as the enemy so I wouldn’t become hurt.  Because I don’t feel a great amount of guilt, I don’t feel I owe my friend anything from a past life encounter we had but I have still allowed him to be the enemy within me as he has of himself.  Would it be better if I expressed guilt?  No, this still allows the enemy to still live within. Guilt no matter what is an expression of oneself not others.

Being kicked around has allowed the enemy to live within, my friend has hurt from a past life, he has himself also allowed the enemy within.  I react to people who are hurtful but is this all to do with allowing the enemy within?  Not exactly especially when we become of empathy rather than of guilt or sympathy.  

When we are showing empathy we are showing an understanding without judgement, this at times allows us to become an empath, being able to feel other people’s emotional and physical states.  We will react on this but it’s how we react that defines if we have allowed the enemy within ourselves or not.  

To a certain extent, I have allowed the enemy within myself by allowing myself to feel guilt through the ego; I have also however displayed empathy as well by being able to be empathic. By being able to realise our connection in the a past life, while in a hostile situation, is a sign of being empathic, in other words no matter how much the enemy was within me I could still show empathy towards my friend.  By being able to show empathy instead of guilt, I have to an extent, dispelled the enemy within from my past and present lives. It is so easy to feel guilt but we should be aware as soon as we feel guilt we have allowed the enemy within ourselves again. 

This has given a brief disruption of such an enemy within, anything that allows us to react without empathy I would myself view as the enemy within, the more we express empathy, the less the ego controls us, so when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you!!  

Friday, 15 August 2014

Exorcising Judgement and Empath’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

Exorcising, banishing, expelling judgement isn’t an easy process for most of us to achieve mainly because most of us are brought up to judge.  I was brought up with atheistic racialist influences, this gave me judgement towards anything not of these ideologies, anything not of these ideologies would then have to be wrong.  You could then turn this around and judge such an atheistic racialist negative in some way but we are still in judgement and in negative judgement of something else that is in opposition to our own ideologies, in this case an atheistic racialist view/ideology.

It would seem we are not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives, we are still judging what is wrong in opposition to our own views, is an atheistic racialist wrong and negative in some way? The ego of course would say yes in protection of it’s own views/ideologies, this happens quite a lot. We have a view that an atheistic racialist has to be wrong in some way especially if these views are in opposition to ours.

How would another person who isn’t controlled by the ego answer this question, is an atheistic racialist wrong or negative in some way within their views?  Without the ego telling us there is a right and wrong, the answer would be of course no, an atheistic racialist isn’t wrong and if there is no wrong how would there be a negative or even a positive if we haven’t judged so?  If we have judged someone else being negative, we must have also have judged ourselves as being positive as opposed to someone else being negative!!

We are still not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives while under the influence of the controlling ego, only while not controlled by the controlling factors of the ego can we exorcise judgment in our lives.  If we are still judging ourselves as being positive, we are also judging others of being negative because to have a positive you need a negative for a positive to be recognised. This seems awfully chaotic and we wonder why this reality is also chaotic, we created such a reality through our own judgmental attitude towards anything in opposition to our own ego views/ideologies.

So in this case we should be really exorcising the ego as the ego is the basis for judgement existing!!  The funny thing is judgement is a good indication of our ignorance which the ego relies solely on to exist, without judgment the ego can no longer take control, you take judgement away you take ignorance away and in turn exorcise ego from our lives.  I haven’t been an atheistic racialist since my early teens because I exorcised judgement out of my life to a certain extent, I no longer saw one ideological principle being right above all other principles. Exorcising judgment automatically takes the controlling effects of the ego out of our lives to the extent of our judgement of a right or wrong, positive or negative.  The more we exorcise judgment out of our lives, the less we judge a right or wrong, positive or negative and the less the ego is in control of our lives.

So for me is being an atheistic racialist wrong or negative? What’s left of my ego says it is but my inner self says no, it’s just another way of thinking through a particular ideology, yes it can be a destructive ideology but am I now going to judge destruction as a negative or positive thing, wrong or right?  If I did this the ego is obviously still in control……

What happens when we judge ourselves as positive? To judge ourselves as positive there has to be a negative and in turn we judge certain people as negative even though we have judged ourselves as being positive. How many times will a person who has judged themselves as being positive stay away from negative people? Would we stay away from the people we have judge negative if we didn’t judge ourselves as being so positive? The strange thing is in most cases not however, being spiritually aware can make us a little bit of an empath , being able to pick up on other people’s vibrations. So we pick up on other people’s vibrations, how do we usually judge them? We judge them negative which is a good indication the ego is still in control no matter how positive we have judged ourselves to be.  So many times have I heard spiritually aware people say they try to stay away from negative people, this is saying the controlling ego is still very prevalent in these people’s lives.

It’s tricky being an empath, we are picking up on vibrations we no longer resonate with so these people feel inharmonious to ourselves, it’s difficult not judging these people as being negative in some way to our own vibrations.  The ego is going to judge anything inharmonious to itself as being negative however the inner self doesn’t judge certain people as being negative who don’t resonate with itself for the main reason it doesn’t also judge itself as being positive.  Positive thinking is great but it’s always in opposition to anything judged as being negative, positive thinking is still all about a controlling ego being in control and in turn creating more chaos.   

If you truly want to exorcise judgement, ego, from your life, it all comes down to not judging yourself as being positive in the first place but a person of neither negative nor positive.  This all comes back to the push and pull effect, judging oneself as positive (pull) is always in opposition to a negative (push), the push and pull effect is of the controlling ego and of course judgment. This interaction between positive (pull) and negative (push) will always create chaos.  

Do we really want too or are able to exorcise judgement, the controlling factors of the ego, from our lives if we have to sacrifice our own judgement of ourselves as being positive?  Are we willing to sacrifice positive thoughts for neutral thoughts so we are then able to exorcise judgment from our lives for good? That is a question we must each answer ourselves individually even though we are a part of a collective.