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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Being One with the Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would first like to mention that the following discussion wasn’t altogether friendly, sadly enough, but it did bring forth a few views that I think should be noted. 

This discussion is about power and control but it’s also about how two different perspectives can come up with two totally different answers, how we live is certainly all to do with the way we perceive.  Now a lot of us are becoming spiritually aware, we are using different perspectives, instead of just using a human perspective we are now also using a spiritual perceptive, this at times can give us opposing views to others and even ourselves,  I think we all need to be aware of this. Another thing I think we need to be aware of is, the more aware we become the more we are changing, this can make it quite difficult in relating to others who aren’t changing.  Try to be patient with these people who are obviously finding it hard to change, we must remember, we are the one’s changing and they are the ones who are truly having a hard time of it with the changes and with us changing.  

Mathew - again we will, I suppose, have to agree to disagree. You make many judgments about power. I understand your disagreement with how many use it; but that does not make power itself evil. I understand that you do not like control; however, as Sunil also stated power and control are different things. By your standards the Divine is evil and wrong and controlling - which I do not find to be true; this being because the divine is powerful - by what you are saying then the Divine is controlling and evil because of being powerful. Seeking power is also different than being powerful - most that are seeking power are also not actually seeking power, but they are seeking control. You mention Hitler - he was not powerful; but he was very controlling. He was controlling because he was not powerful. The same with the Middle East - as a matter of fact where we see control there is not power; but the opposite a sense of being powerless. By your definition then I would say most spiritual teachings are also wrong? Repeatedly we find the Divine and Spiritual teachings ask us to stand in true power of the Divine and be powerful Divine beings - be as the Divine which is powerful. However, they also mention that we are not to seek power for the sake of controlling others. Here again it is not the power but the control that would be sought; which again control comes from where people are powerless.

You also mention about chaos not being spiritual; and yet that is exactly how the universe was created, out of chaos. Chaos does have many aspects to it that you associate with power; however, it is different from power. The divine does not see all of these things as "right" or "wrong" but each with it's own value. This is also how I choose to see things. Yes, there are people that use them for things that are not pleasant; but that does not make the particular thing that way. I have not changed things around to "fit" anything.

Sunil - thank you for re-stating my point and expanding on it, that these are different things.

G'day Jesse
I'm not sure why you are putting words in my mouth; I didn't say power was just plain evil. In regards to judging power, I don't have to judge, it's a clear observation that power can be extremely destructive, and as I also said, it can be constructive, power is very ambiguous, for me too ambiguous to be used in conjunction with spirituality, there was no mention of evil.

So I'm saying, within your own personal perception, that the divine has to be evil, again were did I mention that power is plain evil, please point it out. You are using the word evil way too much; I think you better look within and not externally.

Why does the divine have to be powerful or empowered? In a human sense this consciousness is powerful but in a spiritualist sense it's not, the reason for this is simple, once you begin to perceive in a spiritual sense as well, all notions of power and control no longer come into thought, this is due to becoming aware that you are one with the divine rather than being humanly separate to the divine.

The biggest problem between you and I is, you seem to be looking at power in a human sense and I’m looking at power in a spiritual sense. Of cause the human self will perceive that a higher consciousness is all powerful, the reason for this is that humans keep themselves separated from this higher self by thinking this exact way, all other higher consciousness has to be all powerful when in fact we are all a part of that higher self. Because humans find it hard to perceive they are of this divineness, a lower form of consciousness, they perceive this divineness has to be all powerful only because this divine consciousness is more aware. Can you see how it’s only a perception that we are not of this divine nature and by thinking this way we are keeping ourselves ignorant and permanently in chaos?

Jesus never wanted to be idolized, you know why? He saw no separation between himself and the rest of the people of the world, what was in him was also in all of us, he wanted us to stop idolising and see ourselves in our true nature, the divine nature. Idolising any power in any higher consciousness is going to keep us right where we are, ignorant to our true nature and in chaos. How many people who have been all about power and control created even more chaos? Jesus was obviously not about power but about oneness, about the oneness of the divine in all of us.

Yes the universe was created out of chaos but it wasn’t just destructive within this chaos was it?

It is quite clear you don’t want to see where I am coming from, I can see where you are coming from but it is obvious you don’t want to see where I am coming from.

One more thing, I also could use other people on here to prove my point but what would be the point unless I wanted to give the ego even more control over my truer self, seriously think on what you have written here!! Don’t worry, I still at times react in the exact same way which of course only creates even more chaos in our lives.

Peace Jesse…..

PS In a human sense power and control are different things but in a spiritual sense there not, there is no separation of anything within the divine, this is why the divine consciousness doesn't judge. You are humanly separating everything which in a human perspective is quite normal; this is why humans judge so much, they are into separation not oneness with the divine.

There is quite a big difference between a human perspective and a spiritual perspective, the spiritual perspective can’t see power within itself or anything else because it sees no separation but humans do, this is the human perspective which I think keeps us from our connectedness to the divine within. We are indeed going to go through some rough times while becoming spiritually aware, the main reason for this is we are mixing the human perspective with the spiritual perspective, this can be quite daunting to us but it can be even more daunting for others around us, I think this is worth being aware of.  Becoming aware of the differences between humans perspectives and spiritual perspectives will help with the process of becoming spiritually aware I believe, it’s really all to do with becoming awareness itself and this to the human self is quite daunting.  Just be caring and patient with the human self and all will be fine in the long run.  

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Is Power Constructive Within Spirituality?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting conversation that has gone off on a slightly different tangent, it started off with the question, “Are You Standing In Your Authentic Power and Grace?’, and is at present on the topic of power.  My stand is that power is about control when in spirituality we should be releasing control not gaining thus lessening the effects of chaos upon us which is brought about through a continues action reaction process.  The opposite stand is that feeling and being powerful in oneself is good and positive.  

Sunil’s Reply
I believe 'power' is all about soul-strength-its a vitality of the soul -our inner strength.

G'day sunil
Feeling powerful is in reaction to when we are not feeling powerful, it's an action reaction, cause and effect, push and pull effect, if we were always powerful, we wouldn't know if we were powerful or not without a difference telling us that we are powerful.  This means we always need something less powerful to make us feel powerful which brings in judgment to what is or isn't less or more powerful.

This is actually saying, when we are feeling power and control over what we are interacting with, we are not truly powerful at this point, it's only because of our continuous reactions to other things around us that make us feel powerful when actually were obviously not. If one needs to react to actions to actually be powerful, it's obviously were not powerful at all, yes it feels that way only because of the influences of the ego.

A continuous action reaction only causes chaos and gives a feeling of being powerful because we feel we have more control. Power is all about control, to me a true spiritualist would not be controlling in any sense. You could say when a spiritualist focuses, that is them trying to take control when in fact they are trying to release control not become more controlling or even powerful. 

A lot of people in my mind make this mistake when they are trying to focus while meditating, praying, chanting or whatever, they think they are trying to become more controlling not less. When we focus in any spiritual practice, it should always be about releasing control not gaining it. Gaining control and power is all about the ego, we don’t want power and control over the ego, we want to release the ego of it’s controlling effects, that is all. In other words stop or ease the action reaction within our lives and in turn releasing the effects of chaos upon us individually and collectively.

GramaKeshava Reply
Thank you very much Mr Mathew Naismith !
I agree War Lords use " Power " to acquire ,require , usurp , devoid of any concerns of their action ! Their intention is not sober, but gobbler ! In spiriritual philosophy , POWER is considered , as endowed by God, just to help all needy ! Here this Power works as a postman to deliver the money orders, parcels etc intended to the addresee , The Power , though has the desire to to misappropriate , dares not do it for fear, whereas War Lords do not have any such qualms, like wild hungry beasts let loose in the crowded market ! Can we condone it as it is the power; just we cannot help !
Thank you for raising new arena for discussion !

G'day GramaKeshava
An interesting way in putting it, I love your collation here.

Do we condone all sense of power because power in certain circumstances can produce a destructive mentality thus creating even more chaos?  We certainly can’t just say power is just negative or positive, this is why I try to avoid such words however at times that can’t be avoided when appropriate to the meaning of a discussion like this one. 

Is feeling powerful authentic to actually being powerful within oneself?   I don’t think so, if I was truly powerful I wouldn’t need anything less powerful to compare myself with to feel powerful, I would just be powerful within myself however, I wouldn’t know of myself being this powerful because I am no longer needing to compare and judged what is or isn’t more or less powerful to feel powerful in the first place. 

I don’t look at anything being any less important or worthy than anything else therefore how would I feel powerful in the first place. To me when the ego is controlling, this has no less value or importance than if I was totally and wholly spiritual within my whole being, to do this I would have to be in judgment thus of the controlling ego . 

Are humans more powerful than an ant? It is obvious we are within our physical stature alone so we have judged we have more value, this in my mind gives us a false impression we are more powerful than an ant, this is all about human mentality not spiritual mentality. Spiritual mentality to me is about one having no less value than another no matter what it is. Yes it’s very hard to think this way because we are conditioned to only perceive through human mentalities not spiritual mentalities.   We are obviously more powerful than an ant because we have humanly judged so, now use a spiritual mentality, we will find this isn’t the case at all, we truly have no more value than an ant. 

The word power to me just doesn’t belong in spirituality but that’s just my opinion.       

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Power Doesn’t Really Exist

Written by Mathew Naismith

This might seem strange, power doesn’t exist but it’s obvious to us it does so does power really exist?  Let’s ask another question to help us answer this question, what gives something or someone power? Control, anything we rely on or want is catered for by something or someone who can supply us with our wants and needs, once this is supplied we are controlled, once we are controlled, we ourselves through our wants and needs have created such power but this doesn’t truly answer if power actually exists. 

I asked a question of my inner self as I often do, does the divine have power?  I was promptly answered back no, I wasn’t sure I understood so I asked this question a few more times and the answer was the same, no. This would also mean God’s consciousness or the sources conscious wasn’t of power as well even though to us it would seem that way.  It didn’t make sense until I realised, to have or to be powerful one would have to supply a need or a desire to others to seem powerful, in actual fact it was the needy and the desiring who would give such power, for without the needy or desiring, there is no such power.  Anything or anyone presuming to be powerful needs to supply a want or a need, they are not powerful unless they have control over a need or a want of other things.  It’s actually the act of a need or desire that gives anything or anyone control and power however God’s consciousness isn’t of power, nothing of the divine is of power but it’s supplying a need is it not so it has to be of power? I’m still getting a no…..

The divine isn’t about control, the divine doesn’t control anything unless it comes into the presence of ignorance but even then it’s not the divine taking control, any kind of consciousness in ignorance will deem the divine as being controlling and powerful, this is due to the essence of the divine, it’s of awareness. Anything that is more aware is going to seem powerful and even controlling however that is far from the truth.

A consciousness existing in ignorance will seek out this power to take control; it needs this because it lacks awareness so it makes up this lack of awareness through power and control.  Anyone who believes they are all powerful is living in ignorance so they make up this lack of awareness through this power and control; it’s an ephemeral flame instead of an eternal flame as explained in recent posts.  Are we not taught so often to take control of our lives, to be empowered? We of course only do this when we lack awareness.  Isn’t living in awareness and wisdom about taking control?  No, actually it’s about releasing power and control not gaining it. Think about this for a moment, we are releasing control and this inner power, we are no longer inhibiting this power and control within us through our ignorance, we are setting it free.  In a sense this is more powerful than anything we can do in ignorance however we are not gaining power and control within this but releasing it.  
So if the divine in all of us isn’t controlling and powerful, what is it? Pure natural energy, it’s pure because it’s not living in ignorance, it’s not tainted by ignorance, it’s pure awareness. What would this pure natural awareness want to control and have power over? In a sense it has all the power it wants, it has no need to be all powerful and controlling over anything living in ignorance but on the other hand anything living in ignorance would if it feels inadequate!!

Power and control are non-existing because they are of the ephemeral flame not of the eternal flame, so does this mean everything of this ephemeral flame is also non-existing and that everything in this reality is an illusion? No not exactly, power and control don’t exist because they are only perceptions however is walking a dog an illusion brought about by our perception of a dog and us walking? Consciousness creates dogs and us walking on something solid, they are a perception but not only a perception because they were created by consciousness, this same consciousness didn’t create power and control, it’s wholly a perception that we manifested into a reality.  

When we are looking at a dog we see a dog? Yes but when we look at power and control do we see power and control? We see it all around us but only metaphorically speaking, it’s wholly created through our perceptions. This is saying that a dog isn’t a metaphoric perception but power and control are!!  Because the dog was created directly from consciousness, it’s wholly of pure consciousness but can we say the same for power and control?  It’s representational of our own ignorance not representational of our awareness. The dog was created from awareness however at the human level we are unaware of this, we can’t say the same for power and control for they are wholly created by our ignorance.  The dog is of the eternal flame, even though it’s only consciousness and not an actual dog, but power and control are entirely of the ephemeral flame.  The dog, as we all are, is of the ephemeral flame created by the eternal flame, the eternal flame didn’t create power and control, our own ignorance did.

Why doesn’t this all powerful pure consciousness, Gods’ consciousness, take control of us at this crucial time? It doesn’t because it’s not about taking control, just because we are controlling we presume anything more aware and powerful in our own perception is also controlling. So what’s the good of this pure consciousness to us if it doesn’t take control to help us? As it always has, it gives us guidance which is quite noticeable right throughout human history without this consciousness taking control, it just can’t take control because it doesn’t exist when we are aware, only in ignorance does power and control exist.  This pure consciousness certainly isn’t ignorant.  

This post is going to go against a lot of taught practices of taking control and empowering ourselves, it’s actually about un-empowering  ourselves to release what we deem as power and control from within us.  You might think by meditating, for example, is about taking control but it’s not, it’s about releasing ourselves of our thoughts, our controlling ways.  It seems we are controlling our thoughts by meditating when all we are doing is changing the way we think, changing our mentality to something more constructive.  Spirituality to me should never be about power and control but a guide to a more constructive way to exist and just be.