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Sunday, 12 November 2017

3rd Dimensional Influences

Written by Mathew Naismith

In recent times, certain dream interpretations of mine have been referring that I am reluctant to change my present way of existing, I am reluctant to break old associations which is retarding my progress.

To break old associations often takes one to change one's own present environment, being that associations often pertain to a particular environment. A good example of this is environments conducive to materialism; often this kind of environment is conducive to materialistic people/associations. This is the same with 3rd dimensions, 3rd dimensions are conducive to certain ways of thinking and perceiving creating a limited consciousness, a consciousness limited to 3rd dimensional aspects.

3rd dimensionally, I have in recent times made some huge environmental changes, in turn changing who I am associating with. Association isn't just pertaining to people, it's probably more pertaining to a particular environment, giving that environments are conducive to certain associations with people. You also associate just as much, if not more, with a particular environment as you do with the people of an environment. Disregarding other people and other simular biological forms to ourselves, how often do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable within a particular environment? Your association isn't just with other simular biological forms; it's also with the environment you are presently experiencing as a whole.

We also often 3rd dimensionally associate association with other forms on a 3rd dimensional level, in turn disregarding our association outside of a 3rd dimensional aspect. Giving that we are predominantly influenced by a 3rd dimension, and that we are often, from birth, conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects, it is quite understandable why we often perceive in this kind of limited fashion.

Now, my dream interpretations refer to me being reluctant to break old associations which are retarding my progress. 3rd dimensionally looking at this, in other words looking at this through a 3rd dimensional conditioned mind, we would perceive that I need to change my environment even more, probably to an environment not predominantly influenced by a 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions.

I look at it this way. Experiencing my present environment, which is 3rd dimensional, is a change from my natural state which seem to be beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions. However, my 3rd dimensional mind sees my change to a 3rd dimension from my natural state as retarding my progress. Having no desire or need to change from my present 3rd dimensional environment, is seen by my 3rd dimensional mind as a retardation.

Only within a 3rd dimension can progression be perceived as everything within a 3rd dimension is measured/judged. Outside a third dimensional aspect, there are no levels because there is nothing to measure as one against the other; everything is perceived as connected and as one no matter how it's expressed, there is simply nothing to progress to. What higher vibrational ego wants to be associated with judged lower vibrational levels within a 3rd dimension? Because the 3rd dimension is based on up and down, back and forth, right and left, in other words measurements based on time aspects, we perceive in levels which is 3rd and 4th dimensional.

The 3rd dimensional mind will now see these dimensions as levels therefore depict and perceive that people like me are speaking of levels. The 3rd dimensional mind sees these levels as being higher or lower than the others, this is why we often make the huge mistake in stating that we are entering or are of a higher vibration or level of existence. It's a mistake to think like this because this perception of levels is 3rd/4th dimensional. It's also 4th dimensional because we are now perceiving there is a higher self, a higher consciousness other than a 3rd dimensional consciousness. In a sense many of us have always perceived like this showing that this reality was never just of 3rd dimensional aspect but a 4th. In saying this, it is obvious that we were dominated and conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions.   

Let's hypothetically say there are twelve dimensions from one to twelve, 3rd and 4th dimensionally we perceive these different conscious existences as levels while within a 3rd/4th dimension. Outside of 3rd/4th dimension there is no perception of levels, only a different conscious experience that is connected to all other conscious experiences, all other existences. There simply is no separation therefore no levels between these consciousnesses, these levels of existences, only a perception of levels while experiencing a 3rd/4th dimension.

As of a lot of what I write, this is going to be very difficult for our 3rd/4th dimensional mind to understand and probably even comprehend. Be patient and understanding of our 3rd/4th dimensional mind, it has a lot of conditioning to overcome to evolve, and yes, we all within a 3rd/4th dimension have a 3rd dimensional mind to deal with.

For further studies/reading on this subject, I think the following is a good read, I ironically came across the following while writing this post.      

Sunday, 21 August 2016

We Are Not The Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's incredible becoming aware of the difference between each person or groups of people, not just at the human level but at the soul level as well, in actuality, there is more of a difference between consciousness's at the soul level than at the human level. Yes, to certain groups of souls, levels exist within human consciousness and soul consciousness, however, to certain groups of souls who are aware they are not the soul, levels can only exist within consciousness's that believe they are the soul consciousness or even human consciousness. This means these souls can comprehend vast amounts of perceptions because there consciousness is not limited to levels.

Levels and Ego: How many people believe that souls and humans, have to go through various conscious levels to become aware, it's like we start off at the first level infancy, then go onto childhood and then adolescence and finally adulthood. Each stage is awareness building. Souls to a lot of people work in a simular fashion, what is above is also below, however the concept of what is above is also below isn't the case when a soul is able to perceive beyond these levels.

The reason for this entirely lies in how the soul perceives. Imagine for one moment if we are aware of being aware that we are, from the start, of this creative consciousness, God's consciousness or of the collective consciousness as a whole or what ever you want to call it. Any soul that can perceive this, will obviously be able to perceive beyond these levels we limit ourselves to. Now imagine how hard it is for certain souls to comprehend this or even want to comprehend this, certain souls just don't want to comprehend perceiving beyond levels for a very good reason.

A point to be made here; how many children today express a more mature wiser expression without going through various level of experience? One reason for this lays in how children today are allowed to freely express themselves without having to go through various levels to do so. Perceiving in levels are obviously limiting, we need to realise this.    

I know there are a lot of people who will totally disagree with me when I say that the soul is ego, there are  people who even believe that the soul doesn't have an ego period. No person who doesn't, in some way, want to comprehend a lot of what I write about, won't like what I write. Once again, this is for a very good reason.

A lot of people also firmly believe that all souls have to go through these levels to evolve and become more aware through each level of experience, it's sort of likened to maturing from a immature unaware state to a more mature aware state. This isn't the case for all souls, some souls choose to go through these levels one by one and other don't. We then might presume that any soul that chooses to go through these levels, is controlled by the ego to do so, being that its the ego that wants to go through these levels when it clearly doesn't have to.

The soul can be controlled by the ego but it's not the controlling ego that chooses to experience existences level by level, could you imagine a controlling ego wanting to go from level to level when it can have it all in an instance void of levels!! The soul chooses to experience this kind of existence or not because one kind of existence isn't more worthy to experience than the another, all experiences are worthy at the soul level for certain souls but not all souls see that all existences are worthy, this too is a part of the experience. However, all existences are worthy at the God like level of consciousness, a state of consciousness where levels just don't exist, basically, the God like consciousness being of the consciousness of collective consciousness as a whole. Imagine a consciousness with no levels to give a consciousness judgment period!!

True Writing: What I mostly write about isn't for the souls who chose to exist by levels, basically, my writings are really only for those souls who are able to comprehend perceptions beyond these levels. At no point do I want to try to convince souls, existing by levels, that they don't have to experience existences through levels, in actuality, no soul that is primarily existing by levels, are able or have the desire to comprehend my writings, they shouldn't even try, especially at the human level of understanding.

However, there is a reason why people like me turn up when the shit hits the fan, meaning, when human consciousness becomes too destructive. Basically, we try to put balance back into a consciousness, a prime example of this was in ancient Egypt. We are not here to force balance, we are here to encourage balance and wisdom, however, if the collective human consciousness chooses otherwise, so be it because as I said, no existence is more worthy than another, just maybe a little wiser way to go at times.

It is important what we reflect especially in how we express ourselves through writing for instance. We must write true to ourselves, meaning, we must write for ourselves, not for other people because being true makes all the difference. We might think how can people like me bring balance when we don't attract the people who need that balance most of all!! If we are true in what we write, our expressions will reflect this trueness onto the collective consciousness bringing it balance, however like I said, if the collective consciousness chooses to ignore this in the end, so be it.

The way we express love is vitally important as well, at the moment love is being over used and abused in a simular fashion to religion at times. So often have I discover that the love that some people express is fake, especially unconditional love. Often this so called unconditional love, has more conditions attached to it, not less. It's vitally important to be true to bring balance into a consciousness, I cannot express this enough.           

So in all, is it important that we become aware we are not the soul but of the soul? Not for everyone, we must go along with what the soul path and journey is but at the same time realising that the soul might need to be balanced as well to create a balanced reality. We are not our soul but we are of the soul, realising this helps bring balance back to the human and soul consciousness. Any true sense of balance and trueness, especially in our own expressions, naturally creates peace and harmony, and yes love, however,  true sense of love only comes from a true sense of expression, this is the same with all of what we express. In the age of false prophets/people. Try to be as true to yourself as possible, this is all you need to do.......    

Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Better Way of Living

Written by Mathew Naismith

- I was left with a fully dislocated elbow since I was six years old, I am now 51, whoops 52, years old and I don't take pain killers. I have also, through my life, taken on jobs that able people thought too hard to do.

- My mother recently passed away under dubious circumstances, this hit me quite hard, no one deserves to be abused in my mind, even the abusers. This didn't hit me as hard as it could have because I feel and know that my mother is living more of a life than ever.

The point is, because of my beliefs and faiths, life wasn't as hard as it could have been.

Think on this, if I labelled and measured every point and circumstance in my life, could I have accomplished the outlook I have today? Absolutely not as each label and measurement of our lives only creates and further adds to misery, in actuality, what misery. If I was to measure what level of misery I went through, would I still have the outlook I have today? The answer to this question is obvious.

In all, it's wise to desist in using labels, scales and levels as much as possible, in my mind anyway.        

End of post...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

3rd Dimensional - Levels, Scales and Labels

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are supposed to be shifting into a new consciousness, this means we will shift from human consciousness to what is often called a higher consciousness, a consciousness with higher vibrations. This is interesting because only in a fear based consciousness will a consciousness measure itself and everything else according to levels, scales and labels. This is due to a consciousness not wanting to be of  a lower consciousness, they instead desire to be of a higher consciousness, a higher level of vibration, the strange thing is, no actual deemed higher consciousness desires to be of this higher consciousness, in actuality, such a consciousness will often express itself as a deemed lower consciousness. Basically, this kind of consciousness humbles itself but of course such a consciousness doesn't deem itself humbling itself either, this is a 3rd dimensional perception.

What is called a 3rd dimension is in actuality a reality based on fear, human history alone shows us this as does natural history as such. We might think, in deemed higher dimensions, that dimensions are also measured in this way but there not, only in a fear based reality, or a reality of some kind of fear, will measure existences like this.

I should point out, a higher vibration just means that a consciousness is more aware and wiser than consciousness's that aren't as aware and wise. This isn't a level, it's an observation and the reason for this is simple, there are no labelling from one to ten for example of awareness and wisdom. This kind of consciousness isn't based on fear of being of a lowly level of a kind, it's based on the obvious void of labelling.

However, it is quite understandable that within a 3rd dimension, a fear based reality, that consciousness's need levels, scales and labels to comprehend anything beyond a fear based reality. We have however made this into a problem for ourselves, we just can't stop measuring everything, in actuality, western spirituality is more about levels, scales and labels more than ever. Basically, we have become too fixated to this kind of consciousness to truly comprehend any other more aware and wiser consciousness, we have basically limited ourselves to a fear based consciousness.

I am now going to share a piece of a conversation I had with another person in relation to this topic.         


I don't believe that any vibrations, or people for that matter are less worthy. I don't believe any are more worthy.

I lean towards ....what does there have to be a scale to begin with? If there is a scale, people will judge.

People have done enough damage with their constant judging.

My Reply
Yep, I'm hearing you. All this is of the 3rd dimension, but, again these dimensions are but scales and levels. Because the 3rd D is lesser value than the 4th D, we assume the 3rd D is lowlier than the 4th D, however, when you observe this, no dimension is assumed to be above the other in any way.

Is a reality based on fear of a lesser value than a reality based on love? Most people on here would say it is, this is obvious in the way this reality is downed so much. It's a reality based on fear and it's supposed to be based on fear, only the wise and aware souls will still express a true sense of unconditional love and understanding in such a reality.

Is now the wiser and aware of a higher level or more worthy than the less wise and aware? No, only in a reality based on fear will a consciousness judge in these terms. We are still judging in levels, scales and labels at the same time we have presumed we are not of this dimension but are unconditionally loving and of the light. Any consciousness that is downing this reality, isn't truly unconditionally loving as they obviously have conditions to their love.

Do I love this reality? Yes, for what it is, not for what it isn't, this is the difference. It would seem most western spiritually aware people have a disdain for this reality for what it isn't. It is what it is, once a consciousness realises this, a sense of harmony and stillness becomes one. Do I like what is occurring in this reality, especially at present? No, I'm not supposed to but other souls are supposed to. I am supposed to react but in accordance with a more balanced view and understanding. I don't always accomplish this myself as this too is supposed to be a part of my reaction. If I am a part and expressional of this fear based reality, how could I not love this reality as it's a part of me!!

I'm not trying to run away from anything, even though at times a feel like doing so, this is why I don't judge this reality too harshly for it is what it is, predominantly fear based as it's meant to be.


Observe the people who are attracted to what I write, these people are often not expressional of fear because they are not predominantly influenced by a reality of fear. Basically, these people have become unconditioned, to one degree or another, to a reality of fear. However, observe the people who don't like what I write, the reactions are quite different because they are still conditioned in accordance to a reality of fear. I'm often measured (judged) and then slammed or ostracised, this once again occurred just recently, this reaction however is understandable. How would anyone conditioned to a fear based reality comprehend what I write, at times I don't, most likely because I am also predominantly influenced by this fear based reality at times myself.

This fear based reality is supposed to be limiting, this is until a consciousness learns enough from these kinds of reality to overcome the influence and the conditioning of these kinds of realities. The question is now, if we cut out the limiting influences of consciousness as a whole, is such a  consciousness still whole? This would be like cutting out the yin within ourselves and still calling ourselves whole, limiting realties are a part of the whole as limitless realities are.

It was said to me that labelling yourself as a higher vibration is not based on fear, then why label yourself in the first place as being of a higher vibration if you don't fear being of  lowly vibration? Also, levels, scales and labels are all based on a fear based reality, they were created from a fear base perspective, this is obvious, one has to be higher or lower than another. A lot of us are unable to perceive void of these levels, scales and labels, this is because we have all been conditioned, to one degree or another, to perceive in this limited way and it is limiting. Imagine a reality void of labels, now imagine how you would perceive without these labels to perceive by. The more you imagine this, the more of a reality it becomes, this is due to the more you comprehend and existence void of labels, the more you comprehend the perceptions that come from fearless realities.

Human consciousness is obvious within it's conditioning, it's primarily built upon fear so any perception that is predominately of this fear, will be based on fear. Levels, scales and labels are a creation of this fear, it's wise to be aware of this if we want to evolve from limiting human conscious perceptions and perspectives.

Note: I do apologise for lacking penmanship, an ability to write more subtly, my writings style is more clinical and isn't for everyone.           

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Written by Mathew Naismith

We are going to have different perspectives of what represents the elite, this is of course due to our different perceptions which are usually brought about by our conditioning and life experiences. Conditioning also includes how we have acquired awareness, knowledge and even wisdom. I will also refer to two main kinds of the elite, the finite elite and the infinite elite.

Levels of Existence: In the physical finite existence, the elite are usually the ones who control the rest of the populous in some way. Multinationals, industrialists, power brokers and politicians are an example of who can be called an elite class of people within a finite existence, in actuality, everything these elite accumulate is finite, an accumulation of transitory wealth.

In a non-physically based infinite existence, we often relate the elite to the wise, spiritual, gurus and the divine to name a few. Everything the elite acquire is usually infinite, an accumulation of anything that stays with us even after our demise.

I'm actually going to say that neither of these groups I've mentioned are the elite, the elite is represented by the everyday consciousness that is neither specifically spiritual nor materialistic, of the finite or the infinite. It's a consciousness that is neither one or the other.

Within a finite existence, we most often relate the elite to being powerful in some sense, power over their environment which includes power over simular conscious forms. The finite elite do not see themselves as being simular to other deemed lower vibrations, this most often leads these people to use these deemed lower vibrational people as cattle, meaning, using conscious forms to fulfil their own desires and lusts.

Within finite existence (physical existence), lower vibrations are seen as lower class people, people with very little power over the finite environment. Within infinite existence (spiritual existence), lower vibrations are seen to be anything relating to the finite void of infinite perceptions and awareness. Within this perception, all of the infinite are elite as they too are more controlling of their environment, which one is truly more correct? Of course one perspective is above the other in some way as in a higher vibration.

In both cases of finite and infinite existence, power over their environment in some way relates to a higher vibration, the more control you have over the environment, the more powerful therefore more of a higher vibration one is deemed to be. Only in a finite existence can a consciousness deem one vibration being higher than another, this is due to there being  no levels within a true infinite state of consciousness. no true higher or lower vibration. Levels of existence are only perceived within a finite existence.

Finite Perspective: Perspectives relate to measuring, usually measuring one against another. It would seem measuring what is and isn't of a higher vibration, a higher stature in anyway, deems what is and isn't of the elite. The elite also relates to a consciousness of a higher vibration. It would seem to be of a higher vibration, a consciousness has to be controlling over their environment, this includes being in control over themselves and most likely over others.

Within the finite existence, it's the more powerfully controlling who are deemed as the elite, this is quite incorrect because due to the fact that these elite do not actually have control, the people they use as cattle do. The reason for this is simple, where would the elite be without their cattle? The cattle, the average human being, supply the elite with everything including their power over their environment, these elite wouldn't be elite or of a deemed higher vibration (stature) if it wasn't for the cattle. Also, no true elite would have to use a deemed lower vibration to become elite, if they were truly elite, they would have acquired their elite stature without a deemed lower vibration helping them to attain this deemed higher vibrational stature.

As of all consciousness, it's the less controlling who you could deem have the control within a finite existence, therefore, it's the conscious forms who are less controlling who actually have control but only over those who deem themselves being elite over other forms of consciousness. The so called elite have actually put the less controlling in power, these less controlling conscious forms didn't acquire this power, it was given to them by the so called finite elite.

Infinite Perspective: I used the word perspective in regards to the infinite because a lot of people, while existing in a finite existence, measure one against the other to deem (judge) one vibration being higher than another, usually their own. Also, to measure one against another takes one consciousness to be of a lower value (stature) in some way, again it's the elite, higher vibrational people, who are using the average person to measure themselves against, however, this action in turn gives these people with a deemed lower vibration power over the infinite elite. How much of a higher vibration would these people see themselves being without these deemed lower vibrational people? Who really has the power over whom? It actually goes both ways accept  a true elite consciousness doesn't use other forms of consciousness to become controlling or elite, of a higher stature, in anyway.  

In both the finite and infinite elite, it's the deemed lower vibrations that give these so called elite people their stature of being more powerful and controlling than the average person or conscious form.

If you comprehend what I was stating here, it's possible you might not like what I have stated. We so often put ourselves on a higher stature when consciousness as a whole is a collective entity, therefore, one is of the same, there is no true higher or lower vibration or stature for one exists because of the other!!......                       

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked to elaborate on my last post about dimensions, I'm reluctant because the post I wrote about dimensions wasn't that well written, it also took me 4 hours to write, this is because I sort of turned everything upside down. Most concepts tell us that consciousness  starts off at the 1st or 3rd dimension and go from there until we become one with the creator, I'm actually advocating that all consciousness starts off at the twelfth dimension and can, but not necessarily, end up at the 1st dimension. Instead of a consciousness from the twelfth dimension progressing or ascending from this dimension, it seemingly regresses or descends from this state.

Ascension: Something to consider here,  there is no ego what so ever in the twelfth dimension, would not a consciousness, with no ego, express itself in a more humble way if the need arose? A consciousness with a controlling ego on the other hand would actually act and perceive the opposite way, it would always want to ascend, this is why we think all consciousness is ascending from a lower level to a higher level of the twelfth dimension, or another way of putting it, to be one with God's consciousness.

The point is, all of what is, has come from one source, in my perception, everything came from the twelfth dimension, or if you like, the light. No matter what dimension a consciousness is experiencing, it's initial beginning was from the twelfth dimension, this only becomes unapparent when a consciousness experiences dimensions that keeps a consciousness unaware of it's initial beginnings. Even a consciousness experiencing the 1st dimension was initially created from the twelfth dimension, it matters not how unaware a consciousness becomes of this, all consciousness, to me, was created from the twelfth dimension, not the 1st or 3rd dimension.

Consciousness does not have to ascend or descend from any dimension, any consciousness at any time can just stay within a certain dimension, this is until a consciousness expresses an intention to experience another dimension other than what it's experiencing in the present. There is however no true perception of ascending or descending in the twelfth dimension, even in other dimension of wisdom there is no perception of this, this can only be perceived of a consciousness that isn't wised up to their being no true ascending and descending. If there is no ascending or descending of a consciousness, there is no levels of consciousness.

We have twelve dimensions, to a 3rd dimensional mentality these are perceived as levels, this is quite normal perception for this mentality of the 3rd dimension to have, this however isn't the same in dimensions of a wiser consciousness. There are no levels for a consciousness with no or little ego, only experiences to be had.

Levels: Each dimension actually makes up a whole consciousness, even the twelfth dimension isn't a whole consciousness without the other eleven dimensions. If these other eleven dimensions had no purpose, they couldn't exist even as an illusion. I cannot imagine a twelfth dimensional consciousness even creating an illusion for no purpose what so ever, everything has it's reason for existing in some way.

Illusions indeed have a purpose. Many people in the 3rd dimension have no perception of  other dimensions,  this is why many people can't  imagine a creative energy source of some kind existing, in this case of a creator, we are talking about the twelfth dimension, you can understand why so many people can't perceive a creator or a point of a conscious creation of some kind existing from a 3rd dimensional state.

The only way to experience a true 3rd dimensional state, is to perceive in levels, however, these levels are determined by what a 3rd dimensional consciousness is aware of, if it's not aware of other dimensions existing, it's even unable to perceive these dimensions as levels. The 3rd dimension is all about measuring, if it can't measure it, it doesn't exist, this isn't the same in dimensions that are conductive towards wisdom. When their is no purpose to measure, there are no levels, this includes the twelve dimensions.

When a conscious becomes aware of these twelve dimension in the 3rd dimension, it automatically perceives these dimensions as levels, this is quite normal. This is when we perceive we have to be ascending from the 3rd to the twelfth dimension. Perceiving these dimensions as levels is actually a good thing because we will perceive to be ascending, you certainly don't want to descend to the 2nd or 1st dimension unless that is your intentions. Perceiving levels actually assist us in going to a more aware state of consciousness, people who can't perceive these dimensions, especially as levels, will most likely stay in the 3rd dimension or even go onto the 2nd dimension, depending on the intentions and mentality.

The ego actually serves us well here in helping us to perceive levels, the ego wants to ascend not descend however!!    

Mentality: We could change this 3rd dimension into a 2nd dimension or we could change this dimension into a 5th dimension, in actuality, both are likely to occur, this however doesn't mean we will all experience a 2nd and 5th dimension at the same time. What will occur is a persons/souls consciousness will only perceive, thus experience, a 5th or 2nd dimension. No consciousness but the twelfth can experience more than one actual dimension at one time, this is due to the mentality that is a part of each dimension.

Each dimension has it's own unique mentality, could you imagine a destructive mentality existing the 11th dimension?  It couldn't occur as each dimension has it's own kind of mentality. Could you imagine a highly constructive 11th dimensional mentality existing in a 2nd dimension of utter destruction? Any consciousness existing in the 2nd dimension would become instantly constructive, such consciousness's would then no longer be of the 2nd dimension for only a destructive conscious can exist in such a dimension.

A destructive mentality cannot exist in a highly constructive dimension but a constructive mentality can exist in a highly destructive dimension. Destructive mentalities cannot enter into a constructive dimension and influence the consciousness's experiencing such dimensions, this is due to the influence of constructive mentalities. This is wholly due to there being way too much love and understanding in a constructive dimension for a destructive consciousness to have any influence what so ever upon such a consciousness.
The opposite however can occur, how many people have been influenced by Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi for example?  Am I advocating that these people were from another highly constructive dimension? They might not have directly come from these dimensions but they, in my mind, were well connected to dimensions more constructive than the 3rd dimension.  This is due to wisdom not being a strong attribute of this dimension, if it was, this dimension would no longer be of a 3rd dimension, it would become a more constructive dimension driven by a more constructive mentality. To me, these people obviously had a more constructive mentality.

Religion/spirituality: The role of spirituality/religion are apparent to me, they help keep us connected to the twelfth dimension, when we no longer use religion/spirituality, we loose our connection and become basically lost even at the soul level. Even the belief in a God of man or of many God's and Goddess's, assist us with this connection, these beliefs certainly didn't occur by accident, you could say they were preordained to assist us no matter what dimension we are experiencing.

This connection however becomes more difficult to attain or acquire in a destructive dimension like the 3rd dimension but especially in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. You could imagine the disconnection experienced in the 2dn and 1st dimensions, it would be insurmountable. A well connected consciousness however would of course be able to stay connected even in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. These dimensions of utter destructing can create the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but only if these consciousness's/souls stayed connected.

The 2nd and 1st dimensions, or any dimension, are not levels, they are experiences. Levels usually go from the lower level to the higher, this isn't the case in relation to dimensions, you actually do quite the opposite so it's not actually a level we scale up, it's mentalities we experiences as we go through each dimension. These experiences are not bettering a soul or consciousness either, they are just experiences, yes, they can produce the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but this isn't an attainment/achievement, it's a privilege.