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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why Be Fooled Into Masochism

Written by Mathew Naismith

"If you treat people like cattle, they will eventually behave like cattle. If you treat people like angels, they will indeed become angels"....Mathew

Masochism in this case refers to self-mutilation for self-pleasure, the destruction of our natural environment is a good example of this, another example is being involved in the loss of other people's faith in humanity while we sit within our own personal peace and tranquility. Masochism certainly seems to refer to individuality rather than the collective, an individual consciousness rather than a collective consciousness but the question is, are we being fooled into masochism?

Masochism certainly refers to self-pleasure, this also includes spiritually aware people sitting within their own created environment while mostly and deliberately ignoring what is judged to be negative or bad by them. It's wise to be aware to what we are doing, the problem with me is, and it does seem to be a problem with a lot of people, I'm for truth, justice and the Australian way, or more precisely, truth, justice and the collective way. I observe myself rather than judged myself, through this,  I become aware that I can become fooled into being but another masochist quite unbeknownst to me.

It's obvious that the world is self-mutilating itself and has been for many years and it's not getting any better. We have been utterly fooled into self-mutilation, mainly to serve the desires of the few. The average person has also been fooled into participating in this self-mutilation through self-pleasure and desires. What makes us feel good must be good so we participate. Now the main reason I think we do this is to detract from what we have judged as being negative, anything that makes us angry or sad is opposed by our pleasures and desires being met, however, while this is occurring, we are being fooled in to being masochists, mostly quite unbeknownst to ourselves.

I'm going to now use a bit of Christian analogy here even though a lot of spiritually aware people have judged that Christian ideologies are fear based, this of course couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Fear for starters can enlighten us to what our present actions will create, a lot of what is mentioned in the bible is occurring right now in the present. To also have fear of fear is being fearful, let's be honest here. I know a lot of clergy have instilled this fear within there parishioners but a true Christian doesn't fear fear to start with, therefore, they don't have a fear of fearing unlike many new age spiritually aware people do.

You face fear face on, it's like facing the devil face on. Now is the devil a fear based analogy? What is the devil, what would the devil be into other than fear? Masochism, what is presently occurring right under our noses and what are we also participating in? Masochism, the devil has arrived through us but don't be fooled that the devil has horns and would be quite noticeable, in fact the devil is wearing sheep's clothing, it's disguised. The devil, like God consciousness , is a consciousness, a consciousness we take on that creates the reality we presently exist in. Basically, we have summoned the devil's consciousness by participating in masochism, quite unbeknownst to a lot of us, we have certainly been fooled. I should also state I'm not what you would call a Christian, I really don't have a label for myself and why should I!!

Now coming face to face reminds me of the time I came face to face with nine entities who were well and truly into masochism, to dispel them, all I did was laugh at them. The reason why this worked was simple, I didn't fear fearing and I wasn't of a masochist consciousness, I was of a consciousness that was anything but a masochist. You could say I was of the Buddha or Jesus consciousness. Yes I know, a lot of Christians don't kike putting Buddha and Jesus within the same category but what is is what is...

You see this devils consciousness (masochistic consciousness) is masochistic for a very good reason, it's wants to purge itself of being anything of God's consciousness, the problem for any consciousness that is masochistic, is that everything has the spirit of this God's consciousness within it no matter what. Any person or entity who is of this masochistic consciousness, doesn't like being reminded of who they truly are, they want to stay ignorant to any connection to God's consciousness what's so ever.

When I smiled at these entitles, I smiled with the awareness that they are of this God's consciousness no matter how much of a masochist they become. How many people today want to purge themselves of this connection to this God's consciousness? Are things getting better in the world or worse through this purging? You could call this God's consciousness what ever you like, we all still come from the same source, energy is a prime example, everything we can become aware of is energy, energy = the spirit within all things. A consciousness can purge itself of this energy as much it likes through self-mutilation (masochism) but in the end we are what we are, one consciousness split up by an unawareness of who we truly are.   

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Christian Values Giving the World its Freedom

Written by Mathew Naismith  

I’m having a discussing at the moment with two obvious hard line atheists mainly about consciousness, their reactions are typical of any extremist, this is scary because atheism is becoming more and more popular.  I should point out that not all atheists are this extreme within their actions and views as not all Muslims are extremists.   

The following is my response to these atheists, I didn’t insert the responses from these atheists because I found them rather highly irrational and it would have made this post a little too long for me. You also might find some of the information I’ve supplied here interesting, Christianised countries certainly have their merits that the whole free world should be thankful for.  

"Various agnostics and theists have criticised atheism for being an unscientific, or overly dogmatic and definitive position to hold, some with the argument that 'absence of evidence cannot be equated with evidence for absence'. The philosopher Alvin Plantinga argues that a failure of theistic arguments might conceivably be good grounds for agnosticism, but not for atheism, and points to the observation of an apparently "fine-tuned Universe" as more likely to be explained by theism than atheism.”

The following is an interesting read about the typical bad arguments of atheism.

Richard Dawkins has lost it: ignorant sexism gives atheists a bad name says atheists.

The main point is atheism wouldn't exist unless it wasn't for people having a belief in deities therefore atheism couldn't exist if deities were proven to exist. Can we say the same about religion? Think on this if I was you before answering yes.

The point is atheism is very shallow and narrow minded within it's concepts especially when compared to religion.  


The following was my reply to humanism being more about atheism than theism/spirituality; this point was made from a person who is supposed to be into straight science not philosophy.   

“Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism).”

Philosophy isn’t a science and it’s certainly not psychology even though psychology evolved from philosophy, we must remember here that modern day science evolved from philosophy, mysticism and alchemy.

Is the study of humanism predominantly scientific if it’s mainly based on philosophy and ethics? I don’t think so!!!

One of the biggest in-humanitarian countries in the world is atheistic (China) and the most humanitarian countries in the world are predominately Christian by far, doesn’t this alone say something? I don’t think it would to in-humanitarians somehow.

This is an interesting survey I must say; the top ten are all Christian orientated countries, atheistic counties didn’t even come close.


Go back a thousand years or so, what would the world be like now without Christian countries coming together in a common cause? Think on this, would there be any atheists around today?

Let’s now look at recent times; there was again a major threat to the free world in the mid to late 1900’s, what counties helped keep our freedom that atheists and alike enjoy today?

Now let’s look at the present times, what counties are again assisting atheists and like keep their freedom and their life style, remembering an atheistic minority country is actually assisting this peril?

How ignorant can hard line atheists get, they owe their freedom and their living conditions to Christian orientated countries, it’s a blessing not all atheists are this ignorant and thankless. No I’m not a Christian as such, I don’t praise a God or idolise Jesus but I am giving and caring and I do appreciate my life I have today.

Christianity has hard line extremist atheist on one side and religious extremists on the other side, these hard line atheists better hope these Christian countries hold out, if they don’t their atheism won’t be around much longer.


One of the traits of extremists is deception; these two atheists continually express this trait and other traits of extremism, this is a clear observation not judgement.

This kind of deception obviously comes too freely for you Dusty, a typical extremist trait, another trait of an extremist is irrationality, how often do you display this trait remembering abusive behaviour, deceit and deliberate intimidation are defined as irrational behaviour?

Let's look at the behaviour of Islamic extremists, they are abusive, intimating, deceitful and highly irrational, most extremists display these traits as you obviously do yourself. Thanks again for proving my point Dusty; it's good to see you are still participating.

I just can't believe how thankless these extremist atheist are in regards to soldiers who are and were Christians dying for their freedom and way of life, if it wasn't for people having beliefs Dusty you most probably wouldn't be here, try not to be so unethical and thankless but this after all is another sign of extremism, you surly couldn't deny that? Yes of course you could like any good extremist can.

I thank my lucky stars I had and have soldiers who are Christian dying for my freedom and way of life right throughout history; you can be as thankless all you like Dusty but not me. You can have your extremism my friend all to yourself.

Do we just be a let be, let everything run it’s own course? This would be nice, but like in WWII if they did this, I know I wouldn’t’ be around today and the world wouldn’t be as expressive of freedom as it is today, we certainly wouldn’t be talking about spirituality as we do today.

We have all got our part to play; all we can do is go with the flow of the moment, if you feel like taking action, you take action but at the same time remembering each action attracts a reaction.  

Life would indeed be passive without extremism of any kind, this is active intentions, passive intentions are people like you and I discussing passive ways to exist and just be.    

Extremist Traits:  I think it’s important to recognise the traits of extremism, not just in others but in ourselves as well; the following should assist in this.