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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Collective Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The collective, family: Our direct family is a collective as the human species is, would a caring parent turn their backs on the illness of the rest of their family if they too are ill?  No, you can heal yourself from your own illness but will this heal the rest of your family, the collective? The point is we are all in this together, we are all family, a collective, if we keep ignoring the illnesses within the rest of the family, such illnesses will again infect or affect us in some way. OK, we have selfishly healed ourselves while ignoring the rest of the collective, this just isn’t going to work and obviously isn’t working.

There is an emphasis on healing yourself first and obviously foremost, you can’t heal the world so you heal yourself, where has the oneness gone in this, there isn’t any, it’s  still about me above all else. This mentality is only adding to the illness the collective is being infected with.

To heal properly, we obviously need to firstly become aware of what causes such illness within the collective. The answer is always ignorance or an unawareness of how diseases occur and spread throughout the collective, lack of hygiene is certainly a major contributing factor here. I’m however not talking about physical diseases here but diseases of the mind that effect the mentality.

Now to heal, one must be aware and caring otherwise the healing process just won’t work, this includes being aware and caring of oneself. The main emphasis at the moment seems to on oneself, especially in Western cultures, a lot of spiritual aware people are even using this for financial gain. Tricking people into healing themselves over and above the collective seems to be the main drawing card here, this is basically like teaching parents to heal themselves over and above all other family members, like I said, what caring parent would do such a thing?  The problem is, we are taught not to care by staying ignorant to other people’s illnesses within the collective, in the family. Don’t make the mistake in thinking we are not all family, we are, we are all in this together.

It’s however wise to keep yourself free of these diseases as much as possible, how is a seriously ill parent going to heal their family? You must try to keep yourself healthy but not at the cost of your family, we need to all heal together or not at all for the healing process to be sustainable.

Signs of illness: Any unbecoming behaviour is always a sign of an illness within the collective, the family, this is easily recognisable by observing the kind of tendency being expressed, either it be destructive or constructive. Blowing up innocent people and beheading them is a certain sign of a serious illness within the family, it’s highly destructive. Now it’s too easy to judge these people as being just bad in some way while ignoring a serious illness within them and the collective, it’s also too easy to just focus on oneself and ignore the rest of the plight within the family. By just focusing on ourselves is allowing these diseases to spread to epidemic proportions. We are only seeing these disease within the collective as something bad to be ignored for our own sakes, I’m good, they are bad, this kind of attitude isn’t obviously helping. What we need to do is treat everyone of the collective as a family member, not just something bad. Start looking at these people as being ill instead of bad is a good start to a healing process that is sustainable.

Individually we can’t heal these people, don’t even try, as a collective we can heal these people but how? Again, stop judging these people as just being bad as opposed to you being good, this kind of judgmental segregation isn’t going to help anyone including yourself, certainly not in the long run.

Healing process: The main healing process take one to be aware, by voicing your own awareness as much as possible will assist in this collective healing process. It only takes ignorance to become ill,  it makes sense it will take simple awareness to heal such illnesses like physically being more hygienic, but most importantly, without going to the extreme.

What’s the best way to stop illnesses?  The physical immune system needs a certain amount of infection to stay healthy, the collective immune system is no different. To me, we have had centuries of building up on our collective immune system, the problem is now is our ignorance to this immune system that actually does exist within the collective as it does within our own physical bodies, we are basically overdosing on these inflections, we are over doing a good thing I feel.

The healing process basically takes us to be aware, sticking our heads in the sand (ignoring) the plight of the rest of our family isn’t going to be sustainable because the immune system, over all, is obviously failing. Yes, we can strengthen our own personal immune system but don’t be fooled, this is not going to help the collective, this is obvious, we need to be more aware of this. 

Where has the oneness in the world gone?  When you go into other more aware  realities, each entity treats the other as family, we don’t do this within this reality, we treat each other as something undesirable and ignore their illnesses, we actually deserve what we get for doing this. This kind of mentality is a part of the illness, remembering, illness is always brought about by being ignorant, unaware.

Being aware of true oneness, our truer whole family, will help us to heal. This is funny however, I have parted ways with certain family members of mine, I realise I can’t individually heal them on my own, especially when there unaware of their own illness. I was also aware I needed to stay reasonably healthy. You must realise, if one person is ill, this illness will effect us in some way, basically we are all sick with the same illness to one degree or another, the worse thing you can  do is try to separate yourself from this as this only leads to segregation not oneness. The funny thing is, if we were all aware of our true nature, our true oneness to each other, illnesses wouldn’t and couldn’t exist within such an aware collective state. Awareness is certainly the key to healing the collective so speak out and share.           

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Utilising Higher Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem I need to explain myself a little more in relation to my last post titled, A Collective Psychological Illness.  If the collective has an illness, this doesn’t mean all of us have this illness, what it means is the collective isn’t completely well. As individuals, if we have immunised ourselves from mental diseases, like the controlling factors of the ego for example, we are not ill ourselves but the collective is.  What do I mean by immunising ourselves from such illnesses such as the controlling ego for example?

Before I answer this we must answer another question first, what is so mentally ill about a controlling ego, how does the ego make us psychologically ill at the collective and individual levels?  The ego is delusional, it’s not who we are as a whole and we certainly can’t take these possessions accumulated by the egos with us after we die, the ego is only transitory but it makes us believe it's not.  

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. [1] As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

Delusions can be quite debilitating psychologically and the more delusional we become the more debilitating and even harmful we can become, war is a good example of how debilitating and even harmful delusions can be.  The ego is a delusion, it’s not who we are as a whole and it’s certainly something that is quite transitory, something we are unable to keep from life to life unless it’s through Karma.  Why do we have karma?  It’s to assist us to overcome such potentially debilitating harmful illnesses brought on by the ego.  The thing with karma is we can’t take personal possessions from life to life, we can take the illness with us but that is all, everything else the ego created is left behind.

Now I have defined what psychological illness the ego is at the collective and individual level, we can now answer the initial question of what I mean by immunising ourselves.  These are tools given to us by psychotherapists like Jesus and Buddha for instance and are tools from a higher consciousness, tools like religion/spirituality itself, praying, chanting, singing, meditation and so on.  These are all tools that we could use to immunise ourselves against the psychological illness of the collective like the ego for example, I also call these tools vaccines!! 

These tools come from a higher consciousness and have been adapted for lower conscious use, what happened though was we allowed ourselves to become too ill with the ego first thus in turn such immunisations just didn’t take, just like when we are immunised as humans against certain diseases, sometimes they don’t take and we fall ill.

It would seem we are not utilising this higher conscious immunising vaccines to their full potential mainly because we are too sick to do so, mostly from the disease ego.  This mental disease I call ego has reduced the full effects of the higher conscious immunising vaccines. I think it’s up to the people who these immunising vaccines worked for to help others that these vaccines didn’t work for to become well again.  

 So how do we coax egotistically ill people to become well again when they refuse to take such vaccines? Be our true selves and be as free from the sicknesses like the ego as much as possible, hopefully our actions will take effect in time. 

A Collective Psychological Illness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have touched on this topic about the collective being mentally ill before in past posts but my recent post titled, Saviours and Prophets, our Psycho Therapists, has brought this up again.  I can’t insert these replies to my last post into this post as they are way too big for a single post.  I also don’t like cutting other people’s replies down to fit within one of my posts so instead I have only used portions of my replies with additional material.

Our great psychotherapist teachers of the past, like Jesus and Buddha for example, saw an obvious illness that needed attention within the human race, what if we listened to Jesus or Buddha for example, all our problems we have now wouldn’t have occurred I believe.   It might be a strange way of looking at it but to me they are indeed our psychotherapist teachers, it is obvious they tried to influence the way we were thinking to save ourselves from ourselves!!

Because we didn’t listen to such teachers, we have become even more mentally ill at the collective level, today human depravation shows this quite clearly.  I feel a lot of empathy for the collective because it doesn’t realise how ill it is, mental illness can be like living in hell but at the same time not knowing how ill we really are while living in this hell. Yes it’s a strange way in looking at the collective at the human level but to me it’s obvious that the collective is psychologically ill and if left, like any psychologically ill individual, all hell will break loose obviously and obviously that is what has happened.

I see the collective as an individual and by doing so can see it’s illnesses like it’s fixation to the ego for example, any such fixation will of course cause problems in any individual.  How am I actually looking at these fixations? Addiction, obsession, complex, paranoia, neurosis, psychosis and so on can all have a detrimental effect on our psyche individually and collectively. All these symptoms are of a fixation of one kind or another, so how do we fix such illnesses?    

Firstly what I find so strange is we don’t collectively see the collective as an individual that needs psychotherapy to help it cease such degenerative behaviour.  We are so much into separateness, which is driven by the ego; we are blinded by such ego. The ego just doesn’t allow us to see how individual the collective is at the psychological level.  Once we start to look at the collective as one individual we then can see it as one mind and once we do this we are then able to use psychotherapy to fix our illnesses at the collective level.

We already have the tools to fix such illnesses at the collective level, religion, meditating, praying, chanting, singing and so on are tools that we can use effectively to heal our mental illnesses at the collective level.  There is problem in using these tools however, a problem we have produced ourselves as of any of our problems are, we allow the ego to influence the way we use these tools.

Another tool we can use is political ideological principles like communism for example, communism, as a whole, is supposed to dissipate ego human tendencies but again this hasn’t worked because once again ideological principles like this were influenced by the ego in some way.  Actually we can use any ideological principle that will dissipate our illnesses.  The point is, could we give the learning skills of an actual psychotherapist to a mentally ill patient and expect the patient to heal themselves?  No of course not but basically this is what is happening at the collective level, we have these tools but because we are ill we can’t of course heal ourselves.

So does this mean we can’t help ourselves individually and collectively? Not exactly, if we are aware of our own mental illnesses, at the individual and collective level, this will help us to resolve our illnesses.  If we are aware of our illnesses, these tools will assist us but if were not aware of our illnesses, we haven’t got a chance in helping ourselves obviously.

We might not have an actual Jesus or Buddha for an example to help us with our therapy but we do have people in the world who are aware of our illnesses at the collective level who aren’t as ill as the rest of us are but of course as always we need to be aware of this!!