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Friday, 31 January 2014

Spirituality & Delusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This keeps coming up at present; are spiritually aware people, religious or not, actually experiencing delusional episodes when experiencing heightened awareness of some kind. It is common to feel one is God like at times especially early on in one’s spiritual development, are experiences & feelings like this delusional?  All I can do is smile when I’m confronted with such questions.  

The two following links are definitely worth looking at even if you don’t suffer from bipolar or similar symptoms as they show anyone who has experienced a heightened awareness why they have not experienced actual delusional episodes. The first link is a vid which goes into how people with bipolar break down the barriers of the ego which is why they experience such heightened awareness  

The next link is a written account of someone who experienced a heightened awareness while experiencing bipolar episodes.  

Such heightened awareness or delusional episodes should actually be supported in my mind but because of the controlling factors of the ego of a number of scientist & physicians heightened awareness is put down as a delusional episode of some kind. If the controlling ego is unable to understand & explain certain experiences, one of the best ways to protect the ego is through denial & one of the best way to do this is diagnose what they don’t understand as delusional. I actually feel for these people because there controlling factors of the ego have stopped them from being aware of more than they can consciously understand. This sounds funny, how can anyone become aware of something they don’t understand but the real question should be how can we allow our ignorance to hinder expanding on our awareness? The controlling ego will always go with the first question however an ego not in control will always go with the last question which to me makes more logical & common sense to me. There are scientists & physicians alike who ask the last question, these are the people who excel above their peers I believe.

Now getting back to delusional episodes; I was asked recently about people in comas, do they actually lose time while in a coma? I answered yes & no, yes because in time it is obvious we lose time but no because we are actually in another dimension so in this dimension we are no longer losing time within our inner consciousness because we are not really conscious here. Our body is here within this consciousness but our inner conscious mind isn’t.  Any experience we remember while in a coma is usually again put down as some kind of delusional episode. Dreams & OBE’s are another good example of experiencing other dimensions, are dreams & OBE’s delusional if we experience a heightened awareness? According to people with a controlling ego the answer of course is going to be a yes but to an ego that isn’t controlling the answer of course would be a no.

This is another reason why we have so many different perceptions to what’s what, it all depends on how controlling the ego is to how we perceive & how aware we will actually be. What I am saying here is it’s how controlling the ego is to what perception & awareness we will have, the controlling factors of the ego dictate how we will perceive & how aware we will be. No wonder we perceive so differently to each other!!  

Bipolar for an example lessons the effects of such controlling factors of the ego therefore attachments which is shown in the vid in the first link. So when we lesson the effects of the controlling factors of the ego & experience a heightened awareness people with controlling egos are obviously going to put such people down mainly because they have little understanding of anything beyond what their egos want them to know. One should always show empathy towards such people for they know not what they do, really!!