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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Illusion of illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

Reedited: I had to put a further supplement in at the end of the post to explain myself a little clearer as a number of people didn’t quite get the gist of what I’m trying to say here.

I thought I would share with you a conversation between me & another bloke on various subjects to do with spirituality; Robbiesan is quite an accomplished spiritually aware person in my mind.    

Hi Mathew. You know, the other night I had to LOL. I imagined a ping pong match with you and I. Serve: "Absolute truth!" return "No Absolute truth". But, at this point we were just having fun. Eventually laughed and threw the paddles in the air, and sat down for a beer. 

Yeah, that's it. There is so much that is possible. I too learned "mind bad" and "ego bad", which would eventually conflict with other sources of information that say to include all Self and do your best to understand and live it. There are simply too many stories of selves who do the impossible, simply meaning—defying conventional beliefs. That is why I am so adamant about weeding my own garden, and looking at each believe to see if it allows more of me to be, or becomes limiting. After spending many years unlearning (thanks Yoda!!) know what I mean.

From my own inner journey, I had such struggle because while I was trying to love and accept myself, I still held subconscious beliefs that were reverse polarity. Once I changed that, meaning "ego, you are not a bad thing at all.." well, that changed. Feeling much better. That is why it's so important to walk our own paths, and choose what really resonates with us, but yet, look deeper, to be sure of which aspects of us are considering something a truth.

I picked up a great book, which is exactly about all of this.
A Seth Book: The Nature of Personal Reality. <-- You really gotta read this. Right up your alley Mat.

I just picked up recently, like last week. It goes into so much more detail, but confirms what I have come to understand. Nothing is actually real. What we call real is but an illusion. We are creating with each thought and feeling, each choice. Conscious is one thing, shadow (ego) is another, spirit yet another, however all part of the same package. Great book. I really do recommend reading this to everyone, especially you Mathew to assist you upon your path.

And, hey it's all good brother. My approach is simply checking things out, experimenting, confirming. If any beliefs need to change, then I do so accordingly. I really am a "if it makes sense and resonates to the core of my being, I will pursue it." Just that. Once upon a time I was more of a stubborn little sod, but now prefer to hold beliefs that I can experience and confirm, and also of course, what is allowing to be all of me. Keeping it simple, which sometimes does not lend itself to all out intellectual conversations.

PS I talk to the Universe every day. I ask for stuff. I state stuff. I give thanks. In the case of the ego, I say "Universe, I release my old beliefs about ego being bad. I fully embrace my ego and allow it to be configured as my true self. We are at One. (meaning aspects at One, rather than divided, stuggling)" Stuff like that: what I do choose to experience. Try it. The Universe is awareness as well, and can work with you directly once properly open to it. Here's another example I was experimenting with. I say "I look no older that a very healthy 30yrs." Recently met some people who I hadn't seen for over 10years (I am turning 45 shortly) and they were amazed, literally saying "OMG, you don't look like you aged a day!! What's your secret." I kinda joked a bit, but truth is I simply choose to believe it.


G'day Robbiesan it & yes the beer as well.[wink]

Unlearning takes a lot of reprogramming & defragging & many hours work. I was told numerous times in my early teens not to read or study too much in any one ideology, I now know why & it still took many hours of hard work to unlearn. I think some people need a lot of help in unlearning from what they have learnt over the years.

Someone else told me about the Seth book a while ago. Yes I’m allowed to read now because I have my own mind set not someone else’s, no defragging needed.  

I’m not into saying what we are experiencing is an illusion, every time I think illusions a big fat no comes into my head. The illusion is thinking this is all we are, what we are experiencing is only a small part of ourselves, we are not physical being but on the other hand we are.  Everything is of pure consciousness & because this pure consciousness isn’t of time everything has always existed including what we are experiencing in physical life however it’s only always existed in pure conscious form not in physical form. We are now experiencing pure consciousness in physical form & to do this we needed time.  Time has always existed as well but as pure consciousness like everything else.

The illusion is we are not just this physical form, we are pure consciousness however the experiences we are getting in physical form have always existed as pure consciousness, they have always existed because pure consciousness isn’t of time & if it’s not of time everything we could imagine has always existed but only in pure conscious form until now.   It would seem by experiencing this pure consciousness in physical form has given us the idea these physical experiences are delusional but it’s not.  

This sounds lame but I keep getting a big fat no all the time when the question of illusions enters my thoughts.

Yes I change my views & beliefs, my blogs a good example of this. Life of knowledge is like stepping stones, you start from point (A) & go from there not missing any steps along the way otherwise you will become unbalanced & possibly fall. One bit of knowledge always leads to another & to another & so on it goes making each stone you have passed over null & void towards your journey but if you miss a stone all hell break loose.         

Being truly connected peacefully can keep one looking & feeling young, I’m fifty yrs old & most people don’t think I am fifty, well most of the times anyway. At times I feel a hundred & fifty only because I’m playing the game which I don’t mind doing believe it or not.


Ps I’m amazed at how many blokes these days hug each other, even some of the oldies are doing this out in public, things are a-changing.

The reply form Robbiesan is going to be interesting to say the least. 



The issue of illusions is complex. IMHO there are no illusions, only things that are not what we think they are at first.  For example, the proposition that time is an illusion is very widespread. In terms of this post, one could argue that time is an illusion, but it is a real illusion. The illusion really exists.  A better way to put it would be to say, Time is not what we think iut is. 

Precisely cosmic rapture, it’s a bit of a paradox, time exists but time is also an illusion because it’s not all we are so the illusion exists but only in time. Time indeed is not what we think it is just because we think this is all there is, we tend to look at time as just a measurement but it’s much more, to what it is I’m not sure but what I understand is nothing can be created without time.

Someone else had trouble understanding this so I put it another way: Everything is pure consciousness & because this pure consciousness isn't of time everything has always existed however not in a physical way just in pure consciousness.

This is like our own consciousness, we can think something but it doesn't become physical until we put it into action.

This is what we are doing in physical realities like this one, we are putting the pure consciousness's thought into physical form instead of just thinking about it but it doesn't make it an illusion in my mind. 

To pure consciousness time is the creator like our physical bodies create our thoughts, it’s not they actually create our thoughts but our thoughts become created by our physicality just like time creates the pure consciousness’s thoughts. The thing is just because pure consciousness is being created in physical form doesn’t make it all it is, that is the illusion!!

Not many people actually understood this post but you got it spot on.