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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unifying Fragmented Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was watching a movie recently and one of the actors said to another, “we can’t change the past”, I immediately thought, “of course we can”. You would think I would have to be a lunatic or delusional to believe the past can be changed, this says a lot about me doesn’t it however it’s the way we see the past that makes it what it is I believe!!  Perceiving the past differently can’t possibly change the physical attributes of the past or does it?

Everything in who we are is attributed to the past even at the soul level.  What would have happened if we actually perceived our past in a more positive sense than in a negative sense?  The future of human kind of course would have been a lot brighter as our past obviously influences our present and future.   

We judge everything according to our set ideological standards which are usually hindered because they only see what we want them to see; any other ideological view is soon discounted when they don’t fit in with these set standards of ours. This of course means we can only judge the past according to a view that is only influenced by one set and usually rigid perception giving us a distorted view obviously.  

You could ask for an example, how would perceiving past wars differently change the physical attributes of wars actually occurring?  Actually one can by redefining what war is.  Is it not a war trying to keep a roof over one’s head and food in the stomach, the great depression was one huge world war in many ways for a lot of people? Our whole life is a battle from the day we are born but of course this battle/war is worse for some people than others.  By redefining this one kind of occurrence we can now see war in a different way, perceiving war in a different way. How is looking at life as a war from the day we are born beneficially positive? Instead of separating one war from another and judging one against the other we now see the whole of human history as one huge war/battle, war itself loses it’s negativity.  War is redefined as being life itself, it is no longer defined as something as negative as war.

I should also point out here, multinationals are always at war, no matter how affluent you are you are always at war, this of course is because of our fragmented conscious reality. 

Once you realise that we are always at war, even when we are sitting in our own quietness, you look at war in quite a different way, it’s no big deal as it’s always been a part of life itself. The Earth has always been at war with itself and so have all the animals; it’s a natural process derived from a fragmented consciousness. Once consciousness is fragmented in anyway it’s always at war from there on, so if you perceive life as a battle from day dot we end up perceiving life as being no big deal in being at war.  Yes some wars are more destructive than others. When nature lets go of it’s full furry, it’s far more destructive than what man has ever been only because planets like Earth are again created from fragmented consciousness as we are.

When we separate actual physical conflicts to our everyday life, like what we perceive as just being wars, we become negative but if we lump the whole of existence in as being one gigantic war, what we perceive as negative war no longer seems that negative.  Yes, now we see life itself as being what it truly is, an ongoing war, but in a different sense than what we perceived war was in the beginning.  This is collectively collating this fragmented consciousness into a collective instead of separating consciousness even more in judgment.  War becomes life itself!!

PS And yes I am back from my second half of my holiday at a farm stay.