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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Positive Reaction

Written by Mathew Naismith 

I received the above after I posted my last post titled Recreating a Sterile Environment, the following is my reaction to this. 

Reprogramming consciousness.

The problem I see with individualising our own programs is an even more fragmented consciousness than what we have now. Each culture now runs on their own program, splitting this up into smaller more individualised portions is only going to cause more problems.

People like Hitler have tried to force people to their own individual programs since the dawn of man, individual reprogramming isn't to me the answer, people like Hitler proved this.

Personal empowerment is of the controlling factors of the ego however collective empowerment is another matter. One is of desire the other of a need.

What I think we need to do is reprogram ourselves from thinking in modes of thoughts of desire to thinking for our needs which are much greater than they were when we lived in a more sterile environment.   This now means our needs will produce a lot more than our desires have, producing a more sterile environment at the same time.

What would we need to just clean up our physical environment, do you know what this alone would create? We didn’t mess up the world & ourselves for no reason.  What’s about to happen we couldn’t have possibly imagined through living by desires, in other words our desires couldn’t have possibly imagined such a positive reaction to our initial action of impurity.  

This brings us to action reaction, we have created an unsterile environment which is action but the reaction will be quite astounding to most people if we are aware enough to reprogram ourselves for living for a need of the collective again I believe.  This doesn’t mean we have to live in shanties which of course wouldn’t worry me because my ego doesn’t control me entirely.  This means when we sterilise our mess we will in turn create an amazing existence for all, action reaction.

In all, we really do need to be aware in how destructive desire can be!!