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Monday, 3 February 2014

Meditation- A Natural Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I have been in conversation with others on the subject of objective & subjective thinking, it was said that thinking had little to do with time but I begged to differ. My view on this, which didn’t go down well, is time relates to fragmented subjective thinking however timelessness relates to collective objective thinking. I don’t personally however like to separate thinking processes into objective & subjective as it refers one thinking process being more right over the others, there is no true right & wrong in my mind but this is what this particular subject was all about.  What would this have to do with mediation being a natural process?

Firstly because there are no true right or wrongs thinking right & wrongs thinking isn’t wrong or right either, this brings us to how humans function by there being a right & wrong. We can’t do anything unless there is a right or wrong value like going to the toilet or walking the dog for instance or even sleeping to keep our mind & body functioning, no matter what we do there is a right or wrong value. Mediation takes a lot of these right & wrong values away especially when we are meditating, they become a natural process instead of a right or wrong. Is the right thing to do to take the dog out for a walk or would we just do it without actually consciously thinking if there wasn’t a right or wrong value?

It has been said to me a number of times, “If there is no right or wrong value we can do as we please then?”  You actually wouldn’t do as you please mainly because once you take out a wrong &/or a right out of the equation the opposite no longer exists for example; if we took wrong out of the equation would it then be right to take the dog out for a walk? It’s impossible for there to be a right without a wrong set value. What this means is walking the dog becomes a natural occurrence however, this is where time comes onto it, when we clock ourselves to walk the dog the right & wrong value comes back into the equation quite automatically mainly because it’s no longer a natural process to do.  Once we bring time & clock ourselves we fragment our lives & at the same time fragment values into there being a right & wrong again which gives us right & wrong set values. Walking the dog now becomes a set value instead of a natural process. Meditation I feel brings us back into the natural process without set values being applied, no wonder we can feel quite invigorated after meditating.

This brings us to meditating itself, don’t we purposely set times in our lives to meditate & meditate for certain time periods, this is a set right or wrong value surly? Yes it is but because most of us no longer hold the ability to meditate naturally without consciously thinking about it we need to start somewhere to bring back this quite natural process of existing. We live in time with a timed (clocked) existence so this natural process of meditating is at times hard to do without clocking it however no matter how we meditate either it be natural or clocked it’s better than not meditating at all.  The most important thing is while we are in meditation we are no longer conscious to time & the associated right or wrongs of our daily clocked lives, or we shouldn’t be.

Time fragments everything quite automatically but when we are actually in meditation time has a far lesser value therefor right & wrongs have a far less value. Is there anything wrong with living & thinking in time? Again whatever happens either it be perceived by us as being bad or good there is no real bad or good within time while we are thinking in timeless modes of thought like when we are meditating.  Meditation I feel brings us closer to timelessness & balances out the effect of time on ourselves.