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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Exposing Hate Groups

Written by Mathew Naismith 

It is not the quantity of numbers that will win the day in the end; it is the quality of numbers.

Firstly, hate groups are obvious in the way they work by dividing, divide and conquer. 

My own projected honest truth is not well liked on the net, in actuality it is quite hated and/or despised by many, however, by a few, my own projected open honesty is revered. Some of my written material was used in a College in the US.  I have also been unsuccessfully coaxed into placing my written material on an academia site backed by a well known university in England. On an atheist owned, run and backed social site, my written material was too obviously despised. You see, bias desired truths are always at war with honest truth, but honest truth is never at war with desired truth. Look at it this way; are virtuous people at war with unvirtuous people? No, virtuous people are simply being virtuous but unvirtuous people see this as an attack on their desired truths. When I look at the people who despise me on the net, all I see is how close to the truth I am, sadly enough.

Open honest unbiased truth is not just being ostracised or banished these days, it is being destroyed. Look at the people who are trying to banish hate groups and stop bullying on the net, this is while they are not stopping but fully supporting well known hate groups going into countries like Palestine and Yemen!! On top of this, you have hate groups who hate anything negative, so they simply ignore the obvious honest truth in favour of desired truths.

While on, I was accused of not liking my views put to the question. This is while I was harassed and bullied into asking to be removed from being a member of youme, as I seriously questioned the falsities and hypocrisies of atheistic ideologies. Because I could see what was going on youme, I purposely posted a post questioning atheistic ideologies. Often, deceptive manipulative people will use deflective tactics, in this case with me, accusing me of not liking my views questioned, when in all honesty these people didn't like their views questioned, obviously.

I am a huge threat to these people because I copied certain parts of my conversation with them. Never play all your cards at once with people like this. I am not at war with people like this, just simply openly expressing honest truths rather than a desired truth in accordance with my own ideologies, isms or beliefs. What hate groups hate the most is anyone who they hate isn't also a part of a hate group in opposition to their own hate group. What occurs in this case is they deceptively make themselves believe that they are also hated, when someone is simply being expressive of honest truth or virtuous attributes.

The average atheist is simply being expressive of atheism, as religious people are simply being expressive of their religion. Hate groups of these ideologies and other ideologies are not just simply being expressive but forceful of their expressions, especially when they perceive that another group is in direct opposition, at war, with their own group. Yes, make no mistake, desired truth is at war with honest truth, the trick is, don't be coaxed in just being another hate group, even of hate groups as a whole. Simply look at hate groups as being lost within their own creation, no more, no less.

Yes, my writing's are not of an academic quality, but what I write about often is it would seem.......     

Monday, 26 August 2019

Inner Happiness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale helped a lot of people, often in the worse environments. There happiness wasn't reliant on their external environment, at the same time not judging their environment to be negative or positive, just an environment that needed assistance. A more neutral consciousness seemed to have been expressed here.  

Often today, people will judge the environment around them negative or positive. Of course today if the environment is negative or toxic, we avoid assisting the people in need it would seem to retain our own externally acquired happiness and positiveness. Yemen and Palestine are prime examples. The consciousness of people like Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale seems to be absent in the present human consciousness!!

In my last post titled, A True Malevolent Menace, I wrote about a dream I had recently, where a malevolent force was too entrenched in a consciousness for me to assist anyone on the receiving end of this malicious menace. This is after trying to expose a social site run, operated and supported by a hate group. Of course hate groups are often inline with radicalism; the process of only accepting desired truths that are in favour of the group's intentions, while hating/opposing any honest truth that doesn't support a group's intention. For an example of this, extremist religious groups but in this case I am talking about an extremist atheist hate group.

At present, these hate groups are trying a new deceptive tactic on purpose, to deceive everyone in how nice they are, while their true intentions are obviously malicious in intent. I know because my dreams like this don't lie.

This radical hate group and the groups social site is also supported by the EU it would seem. Also, it would seem any blog I write to do with this social site and its initial supporting members is now being hampered by Google. Of course this hate group maybe hacking my blogs either through Google and/ or externally. As my dream portrayed, this malevolent menace/consciousness is well entrenched in today's human consciousness.

However, as my dream portrayed, quite a large number of people are untouchable to this malicious menace. Our material being maybe at risk but our immaterial being, the soul, is not at risk if we stay true. Staying true is simply to do with honest truth, while one's consciousness is in the absence of desired truths. By judging everything around you as being negative and positive, instead of staying neutral to this environment, is a sign that one is seeking external happiness, not internal happiness. Judge what is negative and stay away from the negative to stay happy/positive yourself!!

My own internal happiness has nothing to do with a material environment, but an immaterial environment. Yes, my material being and ego could search for external happiness by judging what is and isn't negative if I allowed it, but my material being/ego is too aware of my immaterial/spiritual being for that to occur it would seem. And it would seem in accordance with my dream, so are a lot of other people.

In relation to my material being, my immaterial being has precedence, for if my soul is menaced and infiltrated by malevolent malicious menace, internal happiness will no longer exist. In this case, the only happiness one can then find would be external. Ask yourselves, what kind of force has control over the present external happiness? It is a hate group trying to outlaw any group that opposes true hate groups. 

As my dream also portrayed, I must now withdraw into an environment that is untouchable to this malevolent malicious menace. It is now going to do no good in exposing this malevolent malicious menace to a people who don't want to know. A people tricked in being only interested in finding and keeping personal external/material happiness. However, my journey is just beginning with the people who have stayed true to themselves and the people around them.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make the horse drink from the water unless there is a need by the horse to do so. The need hasn't arrived yet it would seem, to be truly internally and eternally happy.........!!           

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Human Perspective vs Spiritual Perspectives

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an awkward discussion to share which will, I think, show how different perspectives look at fear, love, hate heaven and hell quite on a different level of understanding.

Actually I decided not to share such a discussion as this discussion
became too inept/tactless in my mind, it would seem others can express their perspectives but as soon as anyone else points out different perspectives, this isn't taken well by certain people, it would seem only their own perspectives speak the truth. It would be nice if some people could see past their own fixations to their own belief systems at times, how else will we take on new conscious changes!!
Some people believe fear is the opposite to love not hate, this is one perspective, other people like myself believe fear can't be the opposite of love. The main argument against love being the opposite of hate is you cannot express love and fear at the same time, but what about a partner who has their partner, they love dearly, about to depart this life, are they not expressive of love and fear when fearing of losing there beloved partner?

The following was stated to me as another argument for fear being the opposite of love, I imagine a place that must contain all the love that could exist in any space .... perhaps 'heaven' or perhaps a divine spiritual realm ... would such a place contain any 'fear' ? Why is that ?”

Such a place would not contain fear because fear isn't a tool that is needed in such an aware conscious state, we don't exist in such an aware state of consciousness so fear is a tool we can use to become aware but only if we face our fears.

Now what happens when we don't face our fears? Fear becomes the opposite of love mainly because fear becomes something negative instead of something positive or neutral.

It would seem the only time fear is the opposite of love, is when we only look at fear as something negative instead of something positive or neutral,however, this view relates wholly to the human perspective of fear, not the spiritual aspect of fear.

If love is positive and fear is negative, fear has to be the opposite of love, to me this is a human perspective, what if you now looked at fear as something positive or neutral, it instantly changes the aspect of fear altogether because fear is no longer the opposite of love. Try changing hate in the same manner, it doesn't work for a very good reason, to me this is a spiritual perspective.

I find the human perspective on fear quite funny actually, as usual the human perspective blinds one to the truth that fear can be what ever we want it to be.

One more example; I love my wife to bits, could I not also at the exact same time feel fear in losing her? Now can I hate and love my wife at the same time? No because you cannot mix fire and water together as you cannot mix hate and love together, yes at times fear doesn't or can't mix with love, this doesn't make fear eternally the opposite of love.

If it wasn't for conquering my fears, what would I be aware of at present? Very little so fear isn't altogether negative but it can be when we don't face them, when I don't face them, this is when love can become the opposite of love. Only through human perspectives can fear become the opposite of love.

To give a different twist to this topic the following statement was made in this discussion,Fear of the unknown is, what I believe, we experience when we think about Heaven, if there is such a thing, and/or Hell, if there is such a thing. It is my belief, that heaven and hell is what we experience here on Earth. Just my 2 cents worth.
Come on guys, make something of that belief. Please. I am bored”

Heaven and hell are a perspective either created through human perspectives or spiritual aspects, heaven in a human perspective illustrates love and fearlessness and hell is illustrated as hate and fear. You can in this human perspective see how love is eternally seen as the opposite of fear.

The spiritual aspect to this is quite different, there is no true separation, all of what is, is pure consciousness until we bring in human perspectives in our case, this is when we start fearing fear through the separation of consciousness. In this conscious state we start separating love from hate, fear from love.

In a true spiritual sense, heaven and hell don't exist but because of our human perspectives, they do exist and through this perspective we do indeed truly create a heaven and hell on Earth and beyond.
Another perspective to look at, how many people within themselves have created hate in opposition to love? Too many to count, how many people have created fear in opposition to love? I might be a little presumptuous here but I would say zilch.

We create what we perceive, if we perceive fear is the opposite to love, that is what we will create and that is exactly what some people have created. This is exactly the same for hate and love, in a true spiritual aspect, there are no opposites, however, because we all live within an ignorant state of consciousness, we have created opposites.

Within this conscious state I will never accept hate as a state of consciousness to exist by in this lifetime, there is enough of that around anyway, I don't need to add to it. This however doesn't mean that other people shouldn't experience such states of consciousness and I accept that.

Let's now look at the words fear, love and hate in a vibrational sense of the word, words don't sound the way they do for no reason.

Say the word love, now say the word hate, the vibrations you get from saying these words are quite different to each other, now say the word fear, it's neither a pleasant vibration as love nor an unpleasant vibration as hate so where does this leave fear? To me this denotes a neutral vibration until we use it in a negative or positive way which is all down to how our perspectives, either it be human, spiritual or both, perceives such vibrations.

We need to detach ourselves from old teachings from an old consciousness to take on any new consciousness's, this I'm afraid does take one to let go of a lot of the old teachings that no longer serve a new consciousness. Like the Earth, we must keep evolving by riding ourselves or changing our old consciousness to see the new consciousness more clearly.


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fear, A Neutral State Of Affairs

Written by Mathew Naismith

I stumbled across a discussion recently in relation to love being an emotion or a choice driven by various thinking processes. In this discussion many people believe fear is the opposite of love not hate, love is just the absence of love, in other words hate doesn't exist. Because hate doesn't truly exist to these people, you can't reverse this and say hate is only the absence of love, my stance on this is stating that hate is defiantly opposing love as the following replies I gave will state why I think this to be the case.

G'day Charlotte 

Hate is produced by ignorance for only in ignorance can we destroy. 

Love is produced by awareness for only in awareness can we be constructive. 

Where does this leave fear? Right smackdang in the middle, fear can be a friend or an enemy, it can either keep us ignorant or make us aware or both, the choice is ours. Most of us seem to judge fear as just an enemy when it can make us aware beyond our present knowing.

OK, fear can produce the emotion hate but not necessarily. 

Happy endorphins can produce the emotion of love but not necessarily. 

One does not have to fear to hate nor does one have to be fearless to love. 

Now can love produce hate or hate produce love? The answer is obvious. 

Let's say I hate guinea pigs, is this because I fear them? Again the answer is obvious, now just say I love guinea pigs, is this because I am fearless of them? Again the answer is obvious. 

Now just say I love guinea pigs, can I at the same time hate them? Just say I feared guinea pigs, does this mean I hate them or just dislike being around them because of this fear?

G'day Tony 

"From my perspective, fear does not cause hate." 

This is exactly what I am saying as fearlessness doesn't cause love but they can. 

Emotions are not always created by thoughts Tony, Ghosts/spirits don't interact by thoughts but by vibrations, yes thoughts are vibration but so is everything else, don't make the mistake in thinking everything without a brain isn't vibrating and isn't picking up on other vibration around it. 

I can't remember their names but two prominent neuroscientists believe everything including a rock has consciousness of one kind or another , emotions are not just of the mind but consciousness itself. 

Can you love and hate the something at the same time? No, the reason for this is they are opposing, now can you love and be fearful or fearless? Most defiantly, so how can fear be the opposite of love Tony? 

Let's take a man who belts up his wife, the wife loves her partner that much she is willing to put up with her fear, now can the some partner hate and love her husband at the same time? It's an impossibility Tony but that is what you are saying when stating fear is supposed to be the opposite of love. 

So if love is the opposite of fear, to be able to love a guinea pig, I would have to first be fearless of it when there is nothing to fear in the first place, this doesn't make sense Tony!! Now to love a guinea pig, I would have to have the absence of hate and to hate a guinea pig I would have to have the absence of love. This analogy makes more sense because love is the opposite of hate.

Do we over rate fear as something just negative? It would seem we do especially if it's supposed to be the opposite of love.

I thought the following was a good description of the positives attributes of fear but as long as one faces such fears, not just try to bury them.

Sorry if this offends anyone one but, to fear fearing only denotes ignorance especially if one is unable or not wanting to face such fears, being fearless of fears is quite the opposite to ignorance, it will open up new awareness in one's consciousness all the times if one is willing to face such fears. Could you imagine not going into unknown conscious states because you fear fearing and that fear is the opposite to love? If fear is the opposite of love, very few people would go into any unknown state of consciousness, what would be the point especially while existing in a conscious state full of hate and chaos? 

My fears have taught me so much about myself and the rest of consciousness, I actually love and appreciate my fears especially when I don't fear facing my fears, so what about the people who do fear fearing. These people will stay ignorant therefore destructive for only through ignorance can we destroy, the problem with this is there is no problem, it's just a different way to exist to not fear fearing.

What about the people who don't fear fearing but have to live in an existence dominated and totally influenced by people fear fearing? There is no problem in this because we don't fear existing in such an existence in the first place, if you do, you still fear fearing which is no big deal.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pure Love of the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Big WOW Factor: Like I have mentioned in previous posts the creative core (God) isn’t actually of love as we know it & neither is the core of the soul from when it was first created however because they are of complete & pure harmonious peacefulness they feel like benevolent unconditional love & for an emotional human that is exactly what they are because it’s what we perceive they are.

Because the creative & the soul core isn’t of attachments, which in the long run gives us chaos & conflicts, they would of course psychologically seem all loving to us humans living in this reality of attachments because of the contrast for example a person living in a third world country would see developed countries as a huge wow for them because of the contrast as the some would be for someone living in the desert & then finding themselves in a rain forest, it’s the contrast that’s the big wow however for the people living within these wow  circumstances it’s not as big a wow factor however most of us are aware of the wow factor we are living in to a certain extent or should be.  

Believe it or not while in the conscious state of our soul’s core we look at realities like this one with a big wow however it’s not the same if we were within the creative core itself, it would just be, as in no big deal. This is funny because looking through the eyes of our souls core centre is like it’s always greener on the other side of the fence, once you’re on the other side you realise what you had before so if you looked through the eyes of a human at the souls core you would see the wow factor being of the souls core not of human life, what are spiritually aware people doing while becoming aware? They see it as always being greener on the other side of the fence of course & looking from the souls core centre to realities like this one is no different.  

Recently I have been doing a bit of a flip flop like with the right brain left brain test with the dancing girl, at times with me she will be just flipping back & forth & that is exactly what she is doing, she’s not rotating at all, I’ve been flip flopping between seeing through the eyes of my cores soul then I will see the core soul through human eyes, yes it always seems greener on the other side of the fence no matter what side you are on.

Dancing girl link just for fun, try to enjoy everything that is human as well as non-human (mystical):

Here is a relevant quote of mine I wrote up some time ago:  “There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....  

Creating Through Perceptions: Because the creative core & the core of our souls have no attachments this peaceful serenity is felt because that is exactly what they are of, love comes from this feeling of peaceful serenity & the more connected we are the more feeling of love we will experience to a point & once we cross this point all we want to do is be human again. Don’t get me wrong the love is always there but it’s more to do with what we perceive because at the cores soul level we can create anything & if its love you will perceive& create love through perceptions but also through this perceiving one can create anything & that is what creates in realties of time & space. So is this saying that love is an illusion because it’s just perceived? Perception’s are like thoughts & if thoughts vibrate therefore exist so would perceptions as perceiving is just another vibration of consciousness so no it’s not an illusion just a different vibration to experience.

So can hate be created as well seen as everything can be created at the cores soul level? Vibrations like hate can only be created like anything else through perceiving, once one perceives hate hate is created but hate is usually generated through many unbalanced chaotic attachments through living numerous lives not through the soul’s core for the main reason it’s of peaceful serenity, at this state of peaceful serenity it would be nearly impossible to perceive (create) hate but it can be done I believe but who would want too.   The reason one wouldn’t want to perceive such a vibration in the first place is one can obtain the perception of hate through living out many lives through various experiences, why rush a good thing!!

Like I have said before in past posts about being attacked by 9 entities at one time all I did is laugh at them because at that exact time I was connected to my souls core not that I humanly consciously realised it at that time. No being, entity or negative vibrative energy form is going to like being reminded of their soul’s core because it’s of pure peaceful serenity. Yes believe it or not the most devilish negative form in any universe or dimension derived from this peaceful serene state of the souls core centre& this is what makes life easier for me realising that everyone was initially of the same as me, a peaceful serene energy form.  Believe it or not if one looked at everything from the creative cores centre you wouldn’t notice any difference between hate & love because everything is of the now so everything, if they realise it or not in realities of time & space, is the same as only in realities of time & space does everything seem different.  It’s time & space that gives us contrasts & opposing differences but it’s through these differences where everything is created thus the creative core is able to experience itself through this process.

It is funny how little we know about our cores soul centre because if we knew more life would be a lot more peaceful & serene but I don’t think many of us are willing to allow themselves to be aware of such things as most people, if they know it or not, have attachments which were obtained through various lives & that is what makes it difficult for us to realise what & who we really are however some negative people & other negative forms of vibrative energy just don’t want too.

Looking at the cores soul from a human perspective is a huge wow factor that should be experienced by everyone wanting a better existence because just in the knowing of the souls core centre one can change their own perception & it’s through these perceptions that create, you change the perception you change existence & create the existence you perceive.  This all comes down to attachments & of course attachments denote desire which are all brought on by the nasty perceived ego. See what I mean about perceiving that the ego is nasty, we have created yet another mode of thought (reality) of negativity through our perception.  So is there anything wrong with the ego, desire, attachments judgment & so forth as they all seem to lead to chaos & conflict? There is nothing wrong or negative with these traits & emotions it’s the way we perceive them that makes them negative. 

Let’s take a look at the soul’s core, it is of peaceful serenity even though it is of the ego remembering that the ego & related attachments are creative. At this point of the soul’s core, even though we are of the ego otherwise we wouldn’t exist, we are still peaceful & serene it’s when we start to perceive more & start living out lives we start to become negative with the ego & related traits & emotions as we accumulate attachments especially negative attachments, it’s our perception that create negative as the negative weren’t there in the first place.  

It’s all to do in what we perceive in what we create & as I have said numerous times we are creators in our own right which is done through our perception & attachments. Becoming reconnected & remembering who we really are brings on a conscious awareness of oneself that gives us this huge wow factor, enjoy being & feeling of your own souls core centre as humanly as possible without going over the top, in this comes a huge wow factor that will never leave you, become truly aware of what you are reconnecting yourself to is so important here I couldn’t state it often enough.