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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Spiritual Assimilation

Written by Mathew Naismith

The talk on this post on SB has become quite interesting: 

As we become more aware especially of how aware our soul is the less spontaneity we will experience & the less individual we feel, this can be quite daunting to some. Recently, through the assistance of some of my internet friends, I found out how much I was in deliberate ignorance of my soul’s awareness which in turn allowed me to make some fundamental mistakes in my judgment & in what I have been writing. Here I was talking about a consciousness that doesn’t coincide with what this new or the previous consciousness was about, I was talking about, at times, of a quite different consciousness without knowing about it because I wanted spontaneity & individualism which of course relates to the ego which I also loved, in other words I ignored my own knowing through my souls awareness however some of it did obviously seep through & this was the problem.

If I was to ignore my souls awareness all together being of the ego wouldn’t have mattered however here I was writing about spiritual awareness without knowing of my souls awareness to any great extent except for a few experiences over time. What I did to a person that was right in her domain  was tell her there is more than what she was writing about but this more I was sprouting about has no relevance to this new consciousness  but what she was writing about is & in turn she became quite offended which of course is fair enough.   Because I wasn’t aware enough of my soul & what I knew through my soul’s awareness I was way off the beaten track, I wasn’t assimilating very well at all. If I stayed ignorant all would have been fine but I wasn’t totally.

I knew that my writings weren’t’ for everyone including my blog but I didn’t until now realise how few people my writings are going to make sense too.  Here I was focussing on assimilating in this consciousness but at the same time writing & talking about different consciousness’s all at the same time without really knowing about it because I just write what I’m told to write, I should have been more humanly aware of my own souls awareness more instead I was still trying to ignore it while writing about other consciousness’s quite different from this one. Of course writing about other consciousness’s is fine, many spiritually aware people do this on a regular basis but because I was ignorant of my souls awareness too much I confused this consciousness with other consciousness’s.

Most of what I’ve written is in accord with this reality however at times I have over stepped the mark & wondered off talking about other consciousness’s & not being aware of it because of my ignorance. The person I offended was talking about this new consciousness & what we will be learning in this consciousness like unconditional love & understanding but I was talking way past that which has nothing to do with this consciousness because we are just not there yet individually & collectively so what was the point in doing so on my part!!

What I need to do now is stop trying to confuse people with a consciousness that is probably way past their soul’s awareness thus understanding & try to stick to what’s relevant for this consciousness plus I need to assimilate more with in this consciousness by becoming more aware of my souls awareness because in this comes not just knowing but wisdom in knowing how to use that inner knowing in the first place. “All it takes to wake up is a little bit of wisdom!!”

Sorry Tawmeeleus