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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Still Hunters and Gatherers!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I sit here today and wonder; will the human collective consciousness ever evolve from a consciousness of hunting and gathering? The Neanderthalic instincts of hunting and gathering are still well and truly alive today. How many wars are created and countries decimated or invaded to gather up wealth and power through hunting down a quarry for what it possesses?

I am not being critically judgmental here, having the instincts of a Neanderthal isn't bad or good, negative or positive; it's just simply an existence or a consciousness mentality to exist by or not. All I am saying is that we haven't consciously evolved much from a Neanderthalic conscious mentality. Look at it this way, how many of us hunt down knowledge to gather? How many of us hunt down wealth and power for personal possession and accumulation? What do devout religious parishioners do? Hunt down would be parishioners to gather in a flock, this is also no different to multinationals who hunt down anything they are able to gain wealth and power from.

Our mentality today is still primarily ruled by Neanerthalic instincts of accumulation or acquisition through hunting which is another form of searching; the difference today is we often do it for a desire rather than a need!!

A good example of this is devised from a couple of questions as follow. Is the accumulation or gathering knowledge a desire or a need? Seen as knowledge is highly destructive, especially to our environment, and is set up to primarily assist Neandertholic mentalities like multinationals to become wealthier and more powerful, is knowledge a need or a desire unlike awareness? Don't make the mistake and think knowledge and awareness are the same, there not as I will explain.

Everything is separated through knowledge where awareness actually brings everything together as one. We can only accumulate knowledge through acknowledgment of what we are aware of; this takes us to label everything different, however, awareness isn't an accumulation to start with, its just an awareness void of a need to comprehend everything through numerous labels for acknowledgment. Within this kind of mentality, there is simply no separation.

Yes, this isn't easy to comprehend and acknowledge when we are conditioned to be primarily of a Neanderthalic consciousness. Look at it this way; we still look at awareness as being accumulated through knowledge but knowledge of what?  This is the point. There is absolutely nothing new about the knowledge we are using today or the knowledge we will be using, it all comes from the same source and has always existed. When you consider, for a small example, that spectacles and a high tensile steel hammer have been found to be thousands of years old, there is simply nothing new about the knowledge we use today and will use tomorrow. All knowledge simply comes from a single source, a source that is whole in nature unlike knowledge which is naturally divided in nature.   

This singular source is known by many names, God, oneness, the zero point, pure awareness and so on. Taoism doesn't have a name for this point of origin; it's just simply being of the Tao, of God if you like. This very source is the source of all knowledge void of separation, only through hunting down and accumulating knowledge is this source then separated and only through this separation can we experience conflict. This is why there is no conflicts within a pure aware state of consciousness, there is simply no separation, only through hunting and gathering is there separation therefore conflict.

It's really a bit of a con when we are made to believe we need knowledge to become aware. As what has been predicted by numerous sources, the Mayan calendars are a good example of this, we are entering into a major conscious change, I think this means we will no longer need to accumulate knowledge to become aware, we will simply enter a state of consciousness and become aware void of using any kind of Neanderthalic consciousness of hunting and gathering. This kind of consciousness will in the end be of no use to us. 

This universe/dimension is naturally of extreme motions; this energy will of course quite naturally influence any consciousness to be the same within this sphere.

If you take any notice of what any of the great wise and aware people have written, they didn't want to change this sphere or even change what this sphere has created within  it's influence, all they wanted to do is influence this sphere to be more moderate, more balanced, within  this sphere of influence. People like Rumi, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Muhammad and Gandhi and so on, are to me the wise and aware. When you read what they actually wrote, you will find they never tried to force change, only to influence a needed change to occur. Notice a needed change as to a desired change especially on a personal level.      

Confucius, for example, was displeased when he passed away, not because he didn't change he's environment, he's sphere of influence, he wasn't pleased because he thought he didn't influence the sphere he was apart of enough to make a real long lasting difference. I think you will also find this with Jesus, in actuality, this was probably the case with many others as well.

The hunter and gatherer will always force a change to occur instead of simply being influential, this is after all is it's nature within a highly motional universe/dimension. However, if we reread the great writings of the wise and aware while thinking in influence instead of change, we would find new messages to be had within these wise and aware writings. The message is of moderation and balance while within a sphere of excessive motions. We are simply not just the hunter and gatherer, we are all much more than this, of course only the true wise aware will want to know this and influence change in moderation and balance, leaving excessive/extreme motions out of their own sphere of activity.  

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Do Influences Around Us Make Us Wiser?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a very interesting rebuttal in regards to my quote. "It is wise to be influential, it is unwise to be predominantly influential for there is no wisdom in one's own influence".

The quote is referring to it's wise to be influential, why be aware and wise without sharing it? The last part of the quote is also referring to it's unwise to be egotistical in sharing in one's own influences, "My own influence is the be and end all". How many ideologies have taken this view? "This is all the knowledge you need which of course negates all other ideologies". This view in my mind isn't true, where is the wisdom in just knowing of one view when the world around us is of numerous influences? 

Predominantly knowing about one ideology only tells us of a certain influence within our environment, would a truly wise person then ignore all other influences within their environment? Not to me.

The rebuttal I received in relation to this quote was extended and quite analytical, to them, my quote was totally grammatically incorrect so made no sense at all. The following is part of the reply I received from this person.

Firstly, influences do not make you wise. In fact, the more you are influenced, the less integrity and strength of character you have. You should never, never, never be influences by anyone or anything.  You should analyze everything  yourself until you arrive at your own conclusions.

My own experiences have indeed made me wiser which are mainly based on other people's influence on me, for example, school teachers influenced me so I could read a write for starters. I also certainly don't believe in analysing everything myself, this is an indication of the ego being in control. Vast amounts of knowledge usually turn into egotism not wisdom unless we are aware of this. Many people  thinks that wisdom can only come from knowledge and not from other people's influence upon us. I can myself analyse too much because of the knowledge I have, but because I'm aware and not just knowledgeable, I am often aware of how my analytical reasoning can, and most often does, influence me to incorrectly egotistically judge and analyse.

Knowledge allows one to analyse, awareness then allows one to analyse free of egotism, wisdom then tells us this is but the tip of the iceberg, no knowledge is the be and end all as everything is always evolving as the environment around us tells us. It is wise to be influential and being aware that knowledge is always evolving, what is known today wont' be known tomorrow as this knowing is always changing.

I think we can put too much emphasis on knowledge and being educated especially to the point when the ego takes complete control of us. A brain predominantly based purely on analytics most often replaces our intuition and our natural instincts. At this point, we will only analyse our environment purely based on analytics and the knowledge we have at hand at that point. In this case, we are foregoing any influence of our own intuition and natural instincts giving us a totally different perspective of all things.

As of this post, a lot of my posts come from other people's influences upon me, if I only relied on my own insights and the influences I have had in my life, my posts wouldn't be worth reading. It would be like dogmatically following a certain ideology to the bitter end no matter what. My own wisdom tells me this action would be daft, an action of no relevance towards a constructive outcome.

As we become spiritually aware, we will become open to other influences beyond human perceptions, should we then ignore these influences because our analytical analysis can't perceive beyond human perceptions? We must remember, human knowledge is limited to it's own human perceptions, further knowing can only be obtained through perceiving beyond these human perceptions that at first make no sense. This takes one to be aware of perceptions and knowledge beyond our own human perceptions and analytics. This is fundamentally why knowledge isn't the same as awareness or that knowledge can bring on awareness or wisdom, it can actually be limited to it's own perceptions, you don't get this with awareness because you are aware of this for starters.

If I analysed all the quotes I have read through human perceptions and knowing, very few of the quotes I read would make sense, in actuality, a lot of the quotes I have read seem to come from a perceptions beyond human analytics and perception.

Can we become too analytical? Most definitely as all analytics are based purely on human perceptions which are limited, sorry ego.......Analytics are based purely on comprehension, if the analytical mind doesn't comprehend it, it just can't exist or it makes no sense.

Should everything we are open to make sense?  I hope not, if this was the case I wouldn't be evolving. Fire didn't make sense to cavemen, did they then put the fire out because their analytical minds couldn't work out how fire actually existed? What they relied on was intuition and their natural instincts, their egos didn't need to know any more than this.

I think it's wise to be aware that knowledge alone will not bring on wisdom, if this was the case, we wouldn't be as destructive as we are now, it would be quite the opposite. Wisdom can't destroy, especially what it relies on for it's existence, but knowledge used on it's own can and most often is highly destructive. It would certainly seem our knowledge is ignoring the influences around us otherwise we would indeed change  our ways. To me it makes no sense in ignoring the influences we have around us but that is what a lot of us are obviously doing.

This is purely based on that knowledge gives us wisdom and the influences around us don't. In a sense this seems correct, we have all this influence around us but we are no wiser!! In actuality, a lot of us are wiser specifically because of the influences around us. The only people who seem to lack wisdom are the people who wholly rely purely on human knowledge and perceptions to obtain wisdom. I would myself rather rely on the influences of  people and other sources around me to make me more aware of wisdom, human analytical perceptions just don't do it for me, they are way too limited but each to their own.  

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Immortal Wisdom Within All Things

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything within it's entirety is of this wisdom, this wisdom is basically the sprit within all things with no exceptions. We might think we become detached from this but we never truly become detached from this spirit, when we say we are becoming reconnected, we are not really reconnecting at all because we are always of the spirit of wisdom, the inner wisdom. In a mortal reality, we are actually only really remembering we are of this wisdom, there is no true reconnection.

A feeling of a reconnection can only be felt through mortal realities, we do indeed feel like we are reconnecting with ourselves, however, this feeling isn't incorrect, in a mortal reality we are reconnecting with this spirit only because we feel we have become disconnected. Saying that we are reconnecting is quite appropriate while existing in a mortal reality, however, it's wise to remember we were never really disconnected. Being disconnected is simply to do with being unaware, once we become aware, we only then realise we were never really disconnected.

It would seem wisdom comes from the immortal self, I had a person point this out just recently as bellow.                     

The immortal self is the source of wisdom. Perhaps that's something we can agree on.

The seven spirits before the throne of God listed in the bible are:

1. The Spirit of the Lord
2. The Spirit of Wisdom.
3. The Spirit of Understanding.
4. The Spirit of Counsel.
5. The Spirit of Might.
6. The Spirit of Knowledge.
7. The Spirit of Fear of the Lord.

I always find it fascinating that there are 7 Chakras within Buddhism and that the number 7 has such special meaning.

My Rely

It is amazing how it all seems to collate. 

The paradox is, in relation to wisdom and knowledge in mortal realities, knowledge and awareness seem to produce wisdom, this is correct, however, in immortal  realities knowledge and awareness come from wisdom. 

Wisdom depicted as being directly under the lord is correct, wisdom is a direct expression of the lord where knowledge isn't. Knowledge and awareness are expressions of mortal beings, this is why knowledge is directly associated with mortal expressions. 

I don't think wisdom can actually be expressed until a conscientiousness is of mortal expressions. The way we express wisdom is through mortal expressions like awareness and knowledge. 

An expression of wisdom in a mortal existence then becomes awareness and knowledge but only in part. By only expressing part of this wisdom, we run the risk of becoming destructive and chaotic. This is why we can't blame God for everything that happens to us, we actually cause this by only expressing wisdom as knowledge and awareness. Trying to gain wisdom from knowledge and awareness is a risky business, it can create a reality hell bent on chaos. How aware and knowledgeable are we today? We are still creating chaos because we  are still not expressive of wisdom itself. 

Wisdom can't be expressed as it's not of mortal realities, it's too high a vibration to be expressed in mortal realities, this wisdom is then only expressed as awareness and knowledge, not wisdom itself. You are already of the immortal being therefore you are already of wisdom, everything else only becomes a part of this wisdom when in mortal realities. 

What would happen if we were of this wisdom? Realities of mortal existence wouldn't and couldn't exist, this wisdom would cancel them out. Imagine if this God's consciousness enveloped us all, we wouldn't be in a mortal reality any longer, this is true wisdom that can only exist in an immortal reality. This is why in a mortal reality we don't actually ever express wisdom, once a true state of wisdom is reached, we would no longer be in a mortal reality. 

There are wise people but they are never expressive of wisdom itself, knowing and being aware of this wisdom is good enough and that is all we can do in a mortal reality of motion.

Wisdom is of the immortal self, it's infinite where awareness and knowledge isn't infinite, actually awareness and knowledge have no direction until directed by wisdom. Awareness and knowledge are mortal, how may times has human knowledge been changed because it wasn't quite correct, you can't say the same about wisdom. Who's awareness and knowledge is absolutely correct? Again you can't say this about wisdom, actually most wisdom put into words collate with each other, how much of atheistic knowledge and awareness collate with religious knowledge and awareness?

Knowledge and awareness, influenced by wisdom, tell us that God exists in certain realities but wisdom also tells us it doesn't exist in other realities, it's neither one or the other. However, knowledge and awareness, expressed without wisdom, tell us there is no paradox only because a certain knowledge and awareness is correct over all other forms of knowledge and awareness. There is however an obvious paradox in a mortal reality, this depends on the reality a consciousness is experiencing, no one form of awareness and knowledge is of absolute truth within a mortal reality.

An immortal reality on the other hand works quite differently, this is  mainly due to there being no infinite amounts of knowledge and awareness telling us of different perspectives, there is only one perspective brought about by wisdom as opposed to knowledge and awareness.

In an atheistic reality, there is no God, this is correct because there is no higher consciousness within an immortal reality, religion however tells us something quite different within a mortal reality, they are both correct.     

Certain knowledge and awareness (religion) tells us this wisdom is of a God, other forms of knowledge and awareness (spirituality) tell us something quite different, which perspective is correct? Wisdom tells us that both perspectives are correct depending on the consciousness we are experiencing/expressing, there is no true paradox because wisdom tells us it's one of the same. However, knowledge and awareness, used without wisdom, tell us there is a paradox, there is or isn't a God, you can't have a God existing and not have a God existing at the same time but there is, this depends on the perspective. Wisdom tells us we are talking about the same thing but in a different way, depending on the knowledge and awareness we are using and if this knowledge and awareness is being influenced by wisdom.

The many different perspectives of knowledge and awareness certainly complicates the simple, using knowledge and awareness, without wisdom, will complicate life creating chaos, this is obvious. Wisdom is simple, this is why it simplifies these different perspectives and can indeed simplify our reality making it far less chaotic.    

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pure Simple Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

Definition: The Dictionaries simply define wisdom as an  accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment, in other words, according to dictionaries, wisdom is brought about by becoming aware (enlightened). I'm going to state here that this isn't actually true as we are quite clearly showing today, we are more aware than ever but we are just as much, if not more, destructive as ever. I don't actually know of any wise people in human history that were destructive, yes, aware people have been destructive but not the wise. This might seem strange at first until we consider the fundamental differences between wisdom and awareness/knowledge.

What is the essential component of awareness and knowledge, in other words what does awareness and knowledge need the most to even exist in the first place? Motion, and the more motivated this conscious motion is, the more aware and knowledgeable a consciousness (person) becomes. I'm actually going to state here that this isn't the same with wisdom.

Wisdom doesn't need motion to exist, actually, the less a consciousness is of motions, the wiser a consciousness becomes. A wise person will consider the destructive effects of motion brought about by awareness and knowledge, on the other hand, an aware/knowledgeable person void of wisdom will only consider the gains from expressing such motions, warring is a prime example of this and so is materialism.

Any consciousness void of wisdom, will only focus on what these expressions of motion will give them no matter what the cost........sounds very familiar doesn't it!!! Wisdom on the other hand focuses on the holistic, in other words wisdom just doesn't focus on the gains but the cost of these gains as well. A wise person will usually avoid any destructive motions, they will instead focus on constructive motions, motions that serve the collective.

Influx of awareness: We are becoming more aware and knowledgeable on a much larger scale, formal education and the internet are prime examples of this. When you consider that awareness and knowledge take motion, and the more aware and knowledgeable we become the more motions we will express, you start to understand how we have become imbalanced within the collective consciousness itself.  It's all about motion these days, we have become too focused on motions and not focused enough on being motionless, this kind of imbalance is going to quite automatically cause more destruction. The more about awareness and knowledge we become,  the more motion we will express, it's inevitable such extreme motions are going to cause more destruction. This can be avoided if we learn to use this awareness and knowledge coupled (balanced out) with wisdom.

Why does awareness and knowledge work so well when used in unison with wisdom?

This is simple, awareness and knowledge are about motion, the more aware and knowledgeable we become, the more motions we express, the internet is a prime example of this. We have obviously become highly expressive of these motions because of our standards of awareness and knowledge these days, these standards have certainly risen significantly in the past couple of decades. In the mean time some of us have become more destructive, cyber bullying is a prime example of this, this was inevitable.  Any consciousness becoming more aware and knowledge, will at times, express this kind of consciousness in a destructive way, this is so normal it's not funny.

Wisdom on the other hand is more about a motionless state of consciousness, when a wise person expresses themselves, it's usually expressed in a subtle way. This is what I call whispering as opposed to shouting. A consciousness that is aware and knowledgeable but void of wisdom will naturally shout and of course cause more destruction, however, a consciousness influenced by wisdom will more likely whisper, this whispering is usually constructive.         

We also on the other hand have people who are more about motionlessness these days as well, this naturally gives them wisdom, you will notice this kind of consciousness will  more likely be constructive within it's motions. Praying, chanting, meditating, etc. are prime examples of us learning to be less about motions and more about motionlessness. The more we balance out motions with motionlessness, the more wiser we are becoming, this is all due to wisdom being of motionlessness. Wisdom is also to do with the immortal self, this figures because the immortal self is also more of being motionless.

Wisdom; has nothing to do with awareness and knowledge, this seems this way because, to become wise in a reality of motion, we first need to become aware/knowing especially of our immortal motionless consciousness. This isn't the case when you are already in this  immortal motionless conscious state.

There is no motion in this state because there is no awareness and knowledge a consciousness needs to strive for,  we might think here this is because this motionless state of consciousness is pure awareness, no motion is needed to become aware. In one sense this is true, however, for a consciousness to become aware of their own awareness is an expression of a motion, you are no longer in a true motionless state of consciousness once this awareness is expressed/known to a consciousness as any expression depicts motion.

This motionless state of consciousness is pure wisdom which awareness and knowledge are created from. In our present state of conscious motions, this wisdom is depicted as pure awareness, this perception isn't incorrect because of the state of consciousness we are presently in. If however we were in this immortal motionless state of consciousness, there is no motion therefore no awareness and knowledge but pure wisdom.

It's interesting in how awareness and knowledge are created from wisdom, to us it's a paradox because to create awareness and wisdom in the first place, takes a consciousness to become  unaware. You can only express awareness and knowledge, which creates motions, if a consciousness is unaware of it's own expressions of consciousness itself. How unaware are we of our own immortality for example? To become aware of our own immortality, we express numerous motions by gaining awareness and knowledge. A consciousness then gets themselves into trouble when they express this awareness and knowledge without balancing these expressions with wisdom. The paradox is, to become aware of balancing out awareness and knowledge  takes awareness and knowledge to do so in the first place in a reality of motion. 

This is why we exist in a reality of motion, everything around us is an expression of awareness and knowledge, this however changes when a consciousness becomes fully aware that there is no awareness and knowledge in a true motionless state, only pure wisdom. Yes, to us presently existing in a reality of motion, this motionless state is going to seem like pure awareness, like I said, this perception isn't incorrect, it's just not totally correct as we will find out eventually.        


Monday, 27 October 2014

The Truth?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I’ve been in discussion about time and how some people deem everything of time of being an illusion and others don’t, like myself, which one is of truth, they both can’t be right can they??  The point is, everyone has their own reason why one truth is more of truth above all other truths therefore, one truth has to be right over another making all other truths wrong in some way.  This isn’t quite correct in my mind.

I think the reason for this has to do with us trying to find the truth especially through knowledge, actually trying to find the truth by any means can be distortive of truth itself.  The reason for this is we are usually searching for truths that are in line with our own consciousness, our own truths that we can simply consciously understand, in other words we are looking for truths within knowledge that are going to fit within our own conscious understanding.  How many of us, when we take on a certain truth, deny any other truth being more correct above our own consciousness understanding?  By searching for truths through knowledge, we are only going to be accepting and aware of knowledge that fits within our own truths or our own conscious understanding. If we can’t consciously understand knowledge from another consciousness, we are not going to accept the truths from this consciousness as being the truth even when they are in there own way.

I personally don’t think we should be searching for the truth especially through knowledge, so what other way can we become knowledgeable of ourselves and our environment if it’s not through truths?  We don’t have to become knowledgeable through searching for truths thus distorting the truth even more, this is defined as becoming knowledgeable through truths, the other way is becoming wise through awareness.  

I think the fundamental difference between searching for the truth and acquiring awareness is, one is trying to find the truth that suits our present conscious understanding and the other is acquiring awareness to expand on our understanding especially of other kinds of consciousness’s.  One has no intention of accepting any other truth from any other consciousness and the other is open to all other forms of consciousness’s and their understandings.   

Truth = a conscious understanding
Awareness = is open to all conscious understandings

Trying to become knowledgeable through truths isn’t obviously going to make us very aware because we shut ourselves off to all other knowledge and awareness from other consciousness’s, this is done as soon as we take on, that our truth is above all other truths, this of course distorts the truth to our way of  consciously understanding.

Becoming wise through awareness has the opposite effect; we are only acquiring awareness not searching for awareness. In the very act of acquiring, we are not searching for a specific truth to suite our present conscious understating, thus negating all other conscious understandings, we are only acquiring what is at any given moment in time. This act allows us to be more accepting of other conscious understandings. You will also notice there is no push and pull effect with acquiring awareness to searching for awareness, there is no action reaction but just simply acquiring.

So what are these different conscious understandings? A devout religious person isn’t going to be able or want to understand how a devout science minded person’s conscious understanding is all about, so any knowledge from a devout science minded person isn’t going to be of the truth and visa-versa.  Whose knowledge is wrong and whose knowledge is right?  Neither is wrong even when the said knowledge is in opposition to another.

This would mean, if the scientist has knowledge that a God’s consciousness doesn’t exist that is correct but when a religious person has knowledge that a God’s consciousness does exist that is also correct, they can’t be both correct or can they?

What gives us a wrong or right response, one truth being more of truth over all other truths?  This can only occur if we are searching for the truth especially through knowledge, acquiring awareness doesn’t give us this dilemma.  This is due to ourselves accepting that all conscious understandings have their own consciousness giving such consciousness a different perspective of ourselves and our environment, this however doesn’t answer the question, does a God consciousness exist?

What is making us answer this question or any other question like this? The search for truth above acquiring awareness, which in the very act of searching, distorts the truth; this question can only be answered as we become more aware and not through the searching of truths.  

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Knowledge, Wisdom and Divine Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think the following link, quite well I thought, shows the difference between knowledge and wisdom, the link shows a teacher’s and there students response in exploring the difference between knowledge and wisdom .  

This might not seem important to know but at times it’s handy to know what was written as knowledge and what was written as wisdom. The reason this is handy is so we don’t misconstrued what is written in the first place.  I feel a lot of old text in particular has been misconstrued because of the way they were read and deciphered, were these texts written as knowledge, wisdom or even divine wisdom?  This will define how we read these texts to get a better understanding for ourselves.

Before I go on I think it’s wise if we give a brief dictionary definition of knowledge and wisdom here as I feel this will assist us in understanding more the difference between wisdom and knowledge.

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.

I believe there is of course another definition that also needs to be considered here, that is eternal divine wisdom. Because human knowledge is time based, in other words created through time, human knowledge is limited to time as indeed so is any wisdom gained from time however divine wisdom isn’t limited to time, it is timelessness so it has no limitations unlike human wisdom.  There is also something else to be considered here, I believe a lot of old and new texts and writings are written from wisdom that isn’t limited by time, in other words it’s of divine in nature. I think the bible, kabbalah, Mayan text and so on are of this limitless divine wisdom, the problem is we can mistakenly read this as being of knowledge only and not of wisdom and certainly not divine wisdom.  

Take an atheist for example, they will read the bible, Koran, Torah and so forth as being of knowledge only and a lot of believers will read these texts as wisdom but there are others who read these same texts as being of divine wisdom, a wisdom not limited by time itself.  So could anyone pick up these texts and just read them as being of divine wisdom?  I believe most definitely not, not to decipher them correctly anyway, one needs to first be able to think in timelessness because let’s face it, we are reading something of timelessness not of time; this isn’t of man’s knowledge or even wisdom but divine wisdom we are talking about here.  No wonder atheists have no idea, it’s really not their fault as they can’t read anything beyond of time!!

The following links just might help you think out of time and really open your mind up to what you are actually reading. Once you start to think out of time, and even space, a whole new world of understanding will flurry into your world, it will feel like a totally different more vibrant dimension.  

Note: You will have to choose which link suits you best as they give quite a different view on the matter of thinking beyond time.

Why do people meditate?  I feel it is to break away from thinking in time because while we are thinking in time we are thinking chaotically to one extent or another but once we meditate, time has no relevance, the chaos within our thoughts disappear. This is the reason why we don’t think we think when in mediation, it’s of timeless thought, it’s also more about wisdom than knowledge I believe.  I also believe meditation is one of the better ways to learn to think out of time in everyday life.     

Note: Please don’t take anything I have written here as gospel, it’s really my own personal view on this topic that’s all…

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Key is Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: There is a little confusion in what I call programs.  I refer to programs as being of belief system, ideological views and concepts that we use to train/program our minds turning what I deem as universal awareness into knowledge, giving our mind a better understanding of this universal awareness/consciousness. Religion and scientific studies are but an example of these programs we use to make ourselves more aware.

I had an interesting reply to my last post titled A Positive Reaction; there is no need for programs in a oneness state because the mind is completely still. I couldn’t agree more, any true oneness state denotes complete thoughtlessness therefore there is no need for programs or reprogramming in this state. There is one problem however, if we were meant to be thoughtless why would we have a brain that needs programming, we would actually be brainless if that was the case but where not?

The brain is programed through us becoming aware and the more aware we are the more this awareness denotes our brain being programed. The brain is as dumb as a door nail without awareness which the brain turns into knowledge but once we turn this awareness into knowledge that is where I feel we go off course.    

To me all awareness comes from the same source either it be scientifically aware, spiritually aware, medically aware or whatever, all awareness comes from the same source which makes it universal.  What changes this awareness within our brains is the program we use to turn this awareness into knowledge.  

Once you become at one in certain states of consciousness you are aware of everything there is to be aware of, at this stage, believe it or not, this awareness isn’t knowledge, it’s our ideological programs that turn this awareness into knowledge. For example, religion is a program and so is any scientific studies, these are all ideological views programing our minds to decipher this universal awareness  to what we have been culturally brought up to believe.  For an example; my wife and I went on a cruise to some of the Coral Sea islands recently, on some of these islands cannibalism was practiced until these people where reprogrammed by religion, they of course no longer practice cannibalism.  

Science endeavours are no different, once we knew the world was flat now it’s not through furthering our awareness which increased our knowledge that the world was no longer known to be flat.

Our awareness and consequence knowledge has furthered our awareness and knowledge and the more aware we become the more knowledgeable our minds are becoming, this all takes programming our minds in certain ways.  There are two main problems in programming our minds however, one is there are numerous programs out there that program our minds differently to other programs. For example, the multitude of different and sometimes opposing religions shows this.   This denotes a fragmented consciousness which is what gives us the chaos we have today, different cultures and social status are also of this fragmentation.   

The second problem is the lack of wisdom.  You can obtain all the knowledge in the world and still have no idea in how to use this knowledge wisely, the way we live today is a prime example of this.

This brings us to why so many spiritually aware people defuse the effects of such programming through going straight to the source of all knowledge and awareness without seemingly using any program to do so.  This program, and yes it’s still a program, takes us directly to oneness states of consciousness. The reason this is still a program is we are aware and knowing that we are in this oneness state of this consciousness.  If our minds knew nothing of this oneness state we wouldn’t know we were experiencing this oneness state, we just wouldn’t be aware of it.

In this awareness state of oneness there I no programs because there is no knowledge to build such a program because again there is no need of such programs in this oneness state, awareness is all there is.  While in this oneness state wouldn’t we be aware of this oneness state without actually having to know it? Yes but to get to this state of oneness in the first place we still need a program to inform our minds about this oneness state, the mind still needs to become further aware through a program.   Once you are there you realise you no longer need a program however if you are still finding it difficult to reach this oneness state this still takes a program to do so.  Yes I know our egos want us to believe we never needed a program to reach this state but my egoless self says otherwise.  

We have a brain which needs programming no matter what we become aware of, that is unavoidable unless we become detached from our minds but even then to become detached it still takes a program to do this in the first place.  

The key is balance between our mind and mindlessness and what gives us this key is wisdom. Believe it or not wisdom doesn’t even exist outside of the mind but it is the key to mindlessness or thoughtlessness/stillness.  All that reside in this universal awareness is pure awareness; wisdom isn’t even present however wisdom is the key to this universal awareness for beings in a state of mindfulness.   Again our egos want us to believe that wisdom resides outside of the conscious mind but to me it doesn’t because all what wisdom is, is the key between the mind and this universal awareness and to use this wisdom correctly the mind needs to be programmed to do so.  

It all comes down to a program but to program our minds wisely. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Divine Mentality

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem our mentality through history has changed very little, we are pretty much doing the same onto others as we did thousands of years ago, warring & slavery of one kind or another are good prime examples of this.  You would think by now we would have taken on, as a collective, some of what divine mentality is all about!!  

Yes sure we are not burning people at the stake, chopping off hands and feet in most countries or flogging people in public but this has little to do with how our mentality has evolved from these barbaric practices.  There are many people today, if they could, would be doing just what they did thousands of years ego which shows how our mentally has changed very little over time.  If we are still slaughtering each other for power and greed our mentality hasn’t changed that much at all over how many thousands of years however all's not lost!! 

There have been many prophets & enlightened people teaching us some of what divine mentality is so we can save ourselves. This hasn’t failed completely but we still have the minority who only have some kind of awareness of divine mentality.

 What is divine mentality?

The teachings of people like Jesus and Buddha are a prime example of divine mentality as of other prophets & alike. We have had the opportunity time and time again to expand past our antiquated mentality collectively but have chosen, on mass, to proceed with our archaic designs.  I believe divine mentality is any mentality and awareness beyond our present archaic mentality, the strange thing is human history shows time and time again how groups of people and individuals in the past became aware enough to overcome this archaic mentality.  We usually call these people wise.

Now we can say that it’s knowledge that gives these people wisdom but to me that’s not quite correct, you can know all of what is to know and still not know how to use this knowledge, this is where awareness comes into it.  Our heightened awareness tells us all of what we know or will ever know comes from the same source however if we are stuck in an archaic mentality we can’t be aware past the knowing of this archaic mentality  and we will presume all of what we know comes from human knowledge.

Awareness of more than we know gives us wisdom I feel, this goes along with a quote I wrote recently; “Knowledge is knowing what we are aware of, wisdom is being aware of what we don't know!! “

Divine mentality comes about by being aware of what we don’t know which of course is what is defined as wisdom.  I inserted this quote on the thinkers community and it was a big hit, no one argued it’s definition.  If we have no realisation of being aware of what we don’t know this denotes the archaic mentality I’m writing about here today however if you have some sense of correctness of this quote you are starting to delve into the divine mentality I feel.  

I believe everything come from an intelligent divine consciousness, all we need to do is remember who and what everything is and truly believe it.  In the mean time we should try not to idolise in others what we are. People like Jesus and Buddha never wanted to be idolised but listened too to take on some of their divine mentality so we may help ourselves.  

We are all divine beings but we will only become aware of this if we take on divine mentality!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Awareness Brings Us Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: I have appended a further supplement at the end of this post to further explain the difference between human knowledge & universal awareness.

This post is for anyone who, at any time, is finding it difficult coping with their newly found awareness. We are used to being aware mindfully but most of us aren’t used to being aware through our feelings and it’s these feeling that can be quite daunting at times. Universal awareness isn’t about knowledge or even knowing, even though our egos would love us to believe this, it’s about our non-thinking quietened side of ourselves, the feeling instead of thinking side to ourselves. 

We are made to believe one can’t be aware unless one is knowing and the more knowing we are the wiser and more aware we would obviously have to be. However our present situation doesn’t support this view, we are more knowing than ever but we are still enacting on the same intellectual behavioural pattern as we did thousands of years ago. This is obviously becoming a problem when feeling this growing and ever expanding awareness instead of just knowing of this awareness.

There are more spiritually aware people, especially in the western thinking community of the world, feeling awareness instead of just knowing of this awareness which is causing our psyche headaches because of the psychological readjustment needed.  We are now feeling this knowing instead of just knowing this knowing which I define as universal awareness.  It’s a huge ask of our psyche’s to handle without trauma of some kind. What seems to be happening is we are becoming this awareness itself but we are questioning that we would have to mentally know before becoming aware of such things. We have mentally judged awareness as being knowledge; you can’t possibly have one without the other. This sounds awfully like the ego talking here to me!! 

We should also take into consideration that when becoming spiritually aware, while our mentality is influenced by the controlling factors of the ego, can cause a lot of psychological trauma, this is inevitable unless we are trained spiritualist’s which most of us aren’t.  Praying, chanting and meditation are but a few spiritual practices one can practice in to alleviate such psychological traumas however most of us are unaware of these psychological traumas before they occur and it’s the sudden impact of such trauma that elevates these traumas to a higher level of effect.   I have seen this many times in others over time especially in the young.

I have a nephew who takes illicit drugs, the reason he gave for taking such drugs is to alleviate the mental pain and anguish of such a chaotic destructive world. My nephew is but one of millions of young people taking drugs for this same exact reason. 

Unbeknownst to most of us, we are now feeling more of this awareness than ever before, we are now feeling this awareness before we mentally know of this awareness; of course the psyche is going to have a hard time of it.  The best way to handle this is become aware of why we feel the way we do at times and have an understanding in why our psyche is going to feel traumatised for no apparent knowable reason.

Human knowledge can only go as far as the mind can consciously understand, human knowledge is needed to become aware but only to a certain extent, mainly because of it’s conscious short falls. The ego tries to make up for these short falls by making us believe this is it, there is nothing beyond our human knowing like a universal consciousness for instance.

I believe once one connects fully to this universal awareness only then we realise human knowledge can actually, at times, hinder our progression towards universal awareness, and at best, assist us in our endeavours towards furthering our awareness. Human knowledge, at no time, should be considered the be and end all nor should we think we need human knowledge to become aware.

I’ve worked with various people with many different kinds of disabilities, the most unknowledgeable people can be the most aware people but of course able people’s egos don’t want to acknowledge this sadly enough. Awareness is light but man’s knowledge can so often dull this light to the extent we think it’s never existed.  

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spirituality-Awareness and Knowledge

Written by Mathew Naismith

One of our biggest mistakes as a species was replacing awareness with knowledge that got us thinking knowledge brings on awareness!!  Knowledge has given us degradation where’s awareness wouldn’t have done this because with awareness comes wisdom. It is obvious knowledge doesn’t always bring on wisdom.

“Knowledge has to be searched out where’s awareness is just remembered!!”

Would it not take awareness to search out knowledge? Yes, we have always done this but the problem is now we think knowledge brings us awareness when it’s awareness in the first place that allows us to search out this knowledge. Awareness, no matter what it is pertaining too, is the forerunner of knowledge. Yes knowledge can bring on further awareness but it’s awareness in the first place that induces us to seek out this knowledge, knowledge doesn’t & can’t induce us to seek out awareness without being aware in the first place.

With thinking that knowledge brings on awareness and wisdom, has given us degradation onto ourselves, each other & the rest of our environment, if knowledge was supposed to bring on awareness and knowledge, why are we so destructive and hurtful still? Is a true spiritually wise and aware person destructive, egotistical and hurtful and what is the difference between the actions of a knowledgeable person to a person who is more aware than knowledgeable?  The answer to the first question is obvious but what about the second question, what does define our actions?  

Conglomerates/corporations rule over everything within this reality, the people in charge are either very knowledgeable &/or have people under them who are knowledgeable.  These same people are not or don’t want to be aware of their destructive ways but a wise & aware person would be aware and take appropriate action to arrest any such problem that is going to hurt others or the environment. There is obviously a huge difference within the reasoning of a knowledgeable person to a wise and aware person, what is the driving force of these different reasoning processes? It comes down once again to ego, one being controlled by the ego & the other not being controlled by the ego.  A controlling ego gives us destructiveness and an ego not in control gives us constructiveness. It is obvious between multinationals and spiritually wise people who is controlled by the ego & who isn’t and who thinks knowledge brings on awareness and who doesn’t.  The reasoning process between these people can be quite massive and either massively destructive or constructive.

It is clear that awareness brings forth knowledge, this has occurred since the dawn of man but what seems to be happening now is  knowledge has overridden awareness and wisdom when awareness and wisdom should have still been an important part of gaining, and most importantly, implementing this knowledge so it won’t impact on us and our environment destructively. Yes, knowledge and awareness/wisdom still go hand in hand with some people today who aren’t spiritually inclined however it is obvious they aren’t the ones who have a say in the way multinationals use knowledge. 

While writing this post, I went on the net to do a little research on the difference between knowledge and awareness, there is no set conclusive agreed perception of the differences between these two, some say they are the same others say they are quite different in the way they make us think and act.  Some knowledgeable people say knowledge induces awareness which brings us wisdom however human history, especially recent human history, doesn’t show this to be true obviously mainly because of our destructive ways.  We also have other people who are knowledgeable who say they enhance each other and that one can’t function properly and efficiently without the other which human history does show. If we are not aware enough, human history is there to show us our short falls and I think history has done that here by showing us the differences between knowledge and awareness. 

I will now leave you with Wikipedia’s interpretation of awareness & knowledge; it’s interesting to note the contrasts & similarities between knowledge & awareness.  To me it seems awareness can be functional when used on it’s own but knowledge needs awareness to know and to know how to implement such knowing constructively.  I should also point out, I feel there is a difference between knowing & knowledge, knowledge is understanding, knowing is being aware of these understandings without needing to actually understand and become knowledgeable of what we are aware of!!

Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human's or an animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); it can be more or less formal or systematic.[1] In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology; the philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as "justified true belief." However, no single agreed upon definition of knowledge exists, though there are numerous theories to explain it.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Knowledge & Wisdom Explained

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is wisdom & knowledge one of the same or are they quite different? The link below I found to be a very good source of info answering this & many others questions about wisdom & knowledge.  Is knowledge needed to gain wisdom or can wisdom be gained in other ways? This is a difficult question because knowledge is of time & wisdom isn’t as the link below explains further.

Extract: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” - T. S. Eliot. Knowledge is gathered from learning and education while most say that wisdom is gathered from day to day experiences and is a state of being wise. Knowledge is merely having clarity of facts and truths while wisdom is the practical ability to make consistently good decisions in life.

In the comparison chart I found it interesting finding timelessness & experience under wisdom. Under knowledge it sounds awfully like control where’s under wisdom it sounds like it’s releasing control, spirituality is about releasing control not enforcing it I believe. What dominates our reality at present? Time & knowledge & as long as these stay prominently dominant we will probably never find peace collectively however at the individual level we can.   

We should remind ourselves if we are spiritually aware that the reasoning process of a knowledgeable person can & should be somewhat different to a wise &/or a spiritually aware person. It would seem knowledgeable people will dominate through control where’s spiritually aware people are of releasing control. Knowledgeable people are of time where’s spiritually aware people aren’t. Can we mix the two together?  Not usually successfully, the dominance of knowledge & time will always try to control so it’s always a battle.  Is this why so many of us have such a battle while becoming spiritually aware? It would certainly seem that way to me.

Meditating, praying, chanting singing can give us a disconnection from time & knowledge thus control, no wonder we feel so much better while conducting in such spiritual practices!!

This post, believe it or not, was inspired by a confrontation on a spiritual site dominated by people who are quite knowledgeable & very controlling. The confrontation was brought about my post titled A Wise Man Wise, because some people couldn’t get the gist of the story they quite destructively criticized it. The difference between people who didn’t get the gist of the story was quite amazing, some people were quite obviously constructive within their criticism & advice but others where more aggressive. The continues use of high caps was obvious; it’s a form of yelling & yes control. What do we do when our kids are out of control & how do some of us take control back? We yell!!

So what is this saying about this post being inspired by unbecoming behaviour? It’s saying goods things can always come from unbecoming experiences, it’s a part of becoming aware for all of us.  Experience can bring forth our wisdom from within!! 

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Six Stages of Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting article on awareness & believe it or not it didn’t come from a source that is spiritually based.    

Extract: “(The following was spoken at a seminar:)

Today is about examining data in a whole new way.   I am going to provide you with a new framework for viewing this data, a scaffolding on which to drape this data, that is probably built a little differently than the framework you already have.  The information is absolutely vital and critical to your future, but it will be worthless if we examine it in the same way that it has been presented to us by what I’ll term ‘our popular culture.

So your first opportunity today will be the opportunity to change your thinking.”

This will explain why some people can only perceive to a certain awareness point & others can perceive to any point of understanding which gives them a broader range of awareness to think by allowing for a less bias opinions.   After reading or actually going through each step you should begin to understand why other people who can’t reason past a certain point won’t accept people’s reasoning who are more aware. As I have always said, awareness isn’t portrayed by how much knowledge you know but how you understand the knowledge you have acquired.    

The following link is interesting as well, it defines the important relationship between awareness, knowledge & understanding. Unless you experience what you have read or studied it is unlikely you will actually be aware of what you know, you will most likely have less understanding than people who have actually experience the same knowledge.  This brings us back to the six stages of awareness I believe as it will help bridge this gap between awareness & knowledge within ourselves.   

Friday, 27 December 2013

Learning From the Source, Directly

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before we start we should remind ourselves that all things have always been, the knowledge we obtain has always been there & yes this is like what certain religions believe in it is written.  Destiny is written even if we decide to change our destiny it is still written, this is because the source (God) or source of knowledge is of no time however we are. This is why I think we misuse human written knowledge which of course relates more to the past because we are of time.

Instead of using knowledge to remember this ever existing knowledge directly from the source like a clairvoyant does we use it according to our controlling factors of the ego, the ego can see a human gain in it in some way either it to gain knowledge over others &/or financial /material gain.  In this all we are doing is gaining knowledge from human sources however if we before reading a book, for example, put our mind to knowing all knowledge has always been & all I am doing is remembering how to access this knowledge we would get a lot more from any said books because all what books are doing is reminding us of this knowledge. Human knowledge is all about the experiences we get from the knowledge which all comes from the source itself however the big difference is we break it up into time periods.  

When we come to realities of time we experience parts of this ever existing knowledge by turning it into experiences so if we looked at books as a reminder instead of gain it is obvious we will gain a lot more from each book.  Books of course are only one example, all media no matter how lame it might seem is from this timeless knowledge however we have distorted this knowledge through our egos & made it a lot harder to remember by & decipher so the human source you use will dictate how well you become reconnected with the sources knowing.  Is this saying books written many years ago will be a better source to become reconnected by because of they were hopefully written with less ego tendencies? Yes & no, again it depends if the book was written under ego control, a fair amount of books these days are written under this control &will make it harder to become reconnected to the sources knowledge because we are far more dominated by the controlling factors of the ego than ever.  This however does not mean all books written today are written under the influence of the controlling factors of the ego but are more likely so then let’s say a thousand years ago. Spiritual awareness is about awareness so be aware of this & listen to your gut/intuition when choosing a book to read to become reconnected.

Like I have said in past posts, I was told not to read especially anything to do with spiritual awareness of any kind & by the time I was in my mid-teens I was well & truly connected eventually receiving direct knowledge from the source itself. We should remember here this is what clairvoyants do, they become directly connected. By the time I was in my late teens I chose to become disconnected from this source as much as I could. My controlling ego wanted me to continue but I said no for the main reason I wanted to gain knowledge for a need not for my own personal desire.  Yes I could have become a clairvoyant but I didn’t have a need for that & this is the trick if one wishes to become truly reconnected. Read a book or gain knowledge for a need not for a desire & only then will you become truly reconnected. In the past three/four years I have begun to read/study upon anything connected to spiritual awareness to some degree choosing what my intuition tells me to read, this blog for example was intuitively influenced .

If we start reading a book to gain something from it even knowledge this is the controlling ego however if we start reading a book, intuitively chosen preferably, to remember the sources knowledge we will gain a lot more from it than we ever thought. Many times in the last three/four years have I been reading a book & had visions & insights even visions not seemingly related to the book I was reading.  Actually what started me off writing period was visions received through reading certain books my intuition told me to read.  Reading a book with the intentions of remembering not gaining first up will start to lead you in the right direction if you wish to become reconnected. Also don’t try to stick to books about spiritual awareness, read any book or read /study from any source that your intuition tells you too & most importantly don’t read a book to gain knowledge but to remember because this knowledge has always been there, we just forgot it was there always. 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Spiritual Reasoning

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spiritual awareness is all about being aware not unaware which also includes our reasoning processes we all use at one time or another. There are two main reasoning processes that us human use, deductive & inductive & of course there are also other reasoning processes we use as well like adductive & reductive reasoning however on most parts we use the first two mentioned here.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deductive reasoning, also deductive logic or logical deduction or, informally, "top-down" logic,[1] is the process of reasoning from one or more general statements (premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion.

Inductive reasoning (as opposed to deductive reasoning) is reasoning in which the premises seek to supply strong evidence for (not absolute proof of) the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is supposed to be certain, the truth of an inductive argument is supposed to be probable, based upon the evidence given.

Recently I have been in conversation with a person who only deductively reasons, anyone not reasoning deductively seems to be wrong to this person no matter what.  I should say here that at times I will also use deductive reasoning myself. This would seem this kind of reasoning process is ego controlled remembering this reasoning process is all based on logics, we must think here where this logics is mostly obtained from!! Logics are learnt through books & study which denotes knowledge but what is this knowledge?  Knowledge is only what we can remember in most parts from books & study so the more knowledge we can obtain/remember the more we can sprout about which is in most feeding the controlling ego.   The other problem with only thinking deductively with most people is because it’s mostly learnt through books & other people’s study very little actual experience has be obtained through all this knowing, we are obviously only gaining knowledge to feed our egos because if we are not experiencing this knowledge what else are we doing with it?

Inductive reasoning is quite different for the main reason it’s not based on logics & for this reason it is more open to various other possibilities & reasoning processes believe it or not.  Inductive reasoning, especially for a spiritually aware person, is more about experiences & feelings which in most parts is impossible for a person who only deductively reasons to understand & accept.  Inductive reasoning for a spiritually aware person is obviously more about awareness than knowledge & once you take away this egotistically empowered knowledge you are left with pure awareness which of course isn’t egotistically controlled, this to me seems like spiritual reasoning in it’s purest form.  Spiritually aware people can make the same mistake like people who only deductively reason by accumulating knowledge & calling it awareness & as soon as we have done this we are back at the ego being in control again unless we are able to use this knowledge to obtain actual experiences & even then this could denote the ego being in control .  We should also remember our ego will tell us one thing when it’s quite something else, our egos will tell us we are not egotistically driven when we are, just something else to be aware of.  

At the human level of learning awareness & knowledge are seemingly the same, the more knowledge you have obtained/remembered the more aware one is going to obviously be which takes the brain to analyse however spirituality isn’t just about  the human self but of all of what is. It is also not all about thinking either.  When we sit within our own quietness what are we doing, are we accumulating knowledge or are we just being aware? Knowledge has nothing to do with being spiritually aware, humanly aware yes but not spiritually. We in fact need very little knowledge to become spiritually aware just aware of our intuitive instincts & feelings, in other words becoming more in tune with ourselves instead of the ego self.